Traffic 2000

An exploration of the United States of America's war on drugs from multiple perspectives. For the new head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, the war becomes personal when he discovers his well-educated daughter is abusing cocaine within their comfortable suburban home. In Mexico, a flawed, but noble policeman agrees to testify against a powerful general in league with a cartel, and in San Diego, a drug kingpin's sheltered trophy wife must learn her husband's ruthless business after he is arrested, endangering her luxurious lifestyle.

Traffic Ramasamy 2018

Social activist Traffic Ramasamy takes on the corrupt and powerful in his quest for justice. Can he succeed to bring them down, especially when they are keen to finish him off for good?

Human Traffic 1999

All that exists now is clubs, drugs, pubs and parties. I've got 48 hours off from the world, man I'm gonna blow steam out of my head like a screaming kettle. I'm gonna talk cods hit to strangers all night. I'm gonna lose the plot on the dance floor, the free radicals inside me are freaking man! Tonight I'm Jip Travolta, I'm Peter Popper, I'm going to Never Never Land with my chosen family, man. We're going to get more spaced out than Neil Armstrong ever did. Anything could happen tonight, you know? This could be the best night of my life! I've got 73 quid in my back burner. I'm gonna wax the lot, man. The milky bars are on me! Yeah!

Traffic 2011

An emotional thriller based on a road trip from Kochi to Palakkad. Inspired from the real events that happened in Chennai.

Bangkok Traffic Love Story 2009

Mei Li is a 30 year old woman who has one bad habit of getting drunk at her friend’s weddings. All because weddings seem to remind her of her single, manless, lonely life. One night, Mei Li wakes up in the middle of the night and went up to the roof to drink beer alone, which became a big scandal that led her to meet Lung, a maintainance engineer of the BTS electric train system. Meeting this strange innocent man without being drunk stirs something within Mei Li for the first time in all of her 30 years.

Girls in the Night Traffic 1976

Three prostitutes living together in a large apartment and tells stories about their quirky cods. Then tricked into white slavery by the murky Turk Mustafa and taken to a harem in the Middle East! They use their cunning and seduction skills to try to escape.

Heavy Traffic 1973

An "underground" cartoonist contends with life in the inner city, where various unsavory characters serve as inspiration for his artwork.

Traffic 2014

The real truth behind the child protection system. Social workers, Judges, Lawyers and Guardians of the court all working together to secure the removal of children from their families and traffic them around the UK.

Traffic 2015

Pursuing a visual search regarding a reference that is common to other works, this audiovisual essay highlights the affinity between nature and labor. We are now able to see the ancestral tension between the organic and the artificial poetically dwell in the static shot, where the choreography of the birds, the rational metric of the constructors and the lapping of the water in the background coexist.


Traffic 2014 Telugu Movie

Traffic Troubles 1931

Mickey is driving a taxi. His first fare is a very large gentleman. Mickey stops traffic and gets a tongue-lashing from the officer. The cab runs into some bad road, bounces the fare down to almost nothing, then bounces the customer right out of the cab. Mickey pulls up to the curb and picks up his second passenger, Minnie. She plays her accordion while they ride. The cab gets a flat tire, and Mickey uses a pig to pump it up.

Traffic Stop 2017

Breaion King, a 26 year-old African-American school teacher from Austin, Texas,- is pulled over for a routine traffic stop that escalates into a violent arrest. Dashcam clips intercut with verite scenes tell a story of racism in law enforcement through the eyes of one of its victims.

Traffic Jam 1991

A hard working salaryman takes off five days from his busy job and sets off with his wife and two children to visit his parents in his hometown for the 1991 new year holidays. He decides that they will go by car to save on expenses. Unfortunately, the long drive from Tokyo to his hometown becomes a much longer journey than expected due to traffic, sickness and other misfortunes and by the time they arrive three days later, they only have time for a short but happy visit.

Traffic 1998

Young Jesus (Joaquim Oliviera) is taken on a vacation by his parents (Rita Blanco, Adriano Luz) to a deserted beach resort. They accidentally fall into overnight wealth after Jesus digs in the sand, uncovering a large drug stash. Others characters intersecting here include an alcoholic actress, a philandering banker, a general trafficking in arms, priests who close their church and head north as hitchhikers, politicians who watch an all-girl production of Julius Caesar, and beggars who recite a children's story in a huge heap of trash.

Traffic Warden 2005

A comic short – in fact, a bite-size romantic comedy – in which a serendipitous series of events leads a traffic warden (played by David Tennant) to find true love.

Balkan Traffic 2007

This documentary feature addresses the question of how gay men lived and could live their lives under 'real socialism'...

Traffic Department 2013

Seven policemen, seven deadly sins, a murder case, secrets and the filth of everyday police work: Traffic Department transports the viewer into the darkest Warsaw streets.

Traffic Cops 2003

Cameras follow the officers of the Road Policing Units and Road Crime Teams of several UK law enforcement departments.

Traffic 2004

Traffic: The Miniseries is a three-part feature on the United States cable channel USA Network in 2004 featuring an ensemble cast portraying the complex world of drugs, their distribution, the associated violence, and the wide variety of people whose lives are touched by it all. The mini-series was partially shot in Kamloops, Ashcroft, and Cache Creek, B.C. standing in for Afghanistan. It was inspired by the 1989 television miniseries Traffik made by Channel 4 in Britain and the 2000 motion picture Traffic directed by Steven Soderbergh. The American version was nominated for three Emmy Awards. Traffic: The Miniseries was directed by Eric Bross and Stephen Hopkins and written by Ron Hutchinson. The cast is composed of principal actors Cliff Curtis, Martin Donovan, Balthazar Getty, Elias Koteas, Mary McCormack, Ritchie Coster, Nelson Lee, and Tony Musante, while the supporting cast includes Justin Chatwin, Jennifer Rae Westley, Katia Khatchadourian, Johanna Olson, and Brian George.

Sex Traffic 2004

The wrenching plight of two Bosnian sisters and their descent into the dark world of enforced prostitution. Their journey is intersected by a British journalist struggling to uncover a conspiracy by American peacekeepers and the machinations of an international charity organization.

Traffic Light 2011

Traffic Light is an American comedy television series that ran on Fox from February 8, 2011 to May 31, 2011. It is based on the Israeli TV show Ramzor, and was adapted to an American audience by Bob Fisher. The series aired Tuesdays at 9:30 pm following Raising Hope as a midseason replacement for Running Wilde. Fox announced its cancellation on May 10, 2011.

TOKYO Airport: Air Traffic Controller 2012

Fukada Kyoko plays the role of the main character, Shinoda Kaori, who works in the airport control tower as an air traffic controller. As a single small error of judgment can lead to a catastrophe, air traffic controllers must be on alert at all times. And this is why it is considered to be one of the most difficult occupations in the world. This drama will portray the teamwork and struggles between Shinoda and the other staff, dramas that arise at the airport and the secrets of airports... As well, along with real life stories that have occurred in the airport, it will portray how the aiport staff ensures the safety of people and the importance of protecting lives.

Traffic Blues 2009

Traffic Blues is a documentary series broadcast on RTÉ One. It follows various traffic officers from the Garda Síochána. The first series follows the Garda Traffic Corps in a six-part series. The series was filmed over six months, putting the Dublin Metropolitan division based in Dublin Castle, the Louth division taking in stations in Drogheda and Dundalk and the Donegal division focusing on Burnfoot and Letterkenny areas in the centre of attention. It is similar in format to the British programmes Traffic Cops or Road Wars. Six episodes were made for the series, which aired on Sundays at 20:30.

All New Traffic Cops

The action-packed documentary series following Yorkshire-based law enforcers, shows the day-to-day situations the police deal with, from theft, to drugs and high speed chases.

Human Trafficking 2005

Human Trafficking is a television miniseries about an American Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent going undercover to stop an organization from trafficking people, and shows the struggles of three trafficked women. It premiered in the United States on Lifetime Television on October 24 and 25, 2005 and was broadcast in Canada on Citytv on January 2 and 3, 2006. It stars Mira Sorvino, Donald Sutherland, Rémy Girard, and Robert Carlyle.

The Hunt For Britain's Sex Traffickers 2010

The Hunt For Britain's Sex Traffickers follows police officers from Bedfordshire, Gloucestershire, Devon and Cornwall as they break into the extensive criminal networks that traffic women into the UK.

Sex Slaves

Sex Slaves is a 2005 documentary by Ric Esther Bienstock which was created in association with CBC, Channel 4 and Canal D. It provides a firsthand account of international human trafficking by going to the countries such as Moldova and Ukraine where girls are recruited, then following the trail to the various countries and locales where they end up. Interviews with traffickers, experts, police vice-squads and former sex slaves, along with undercover footage, provide a glimpse into the frightening reality and scope of the problem. One husband's journey is documented as he attempts to rescue his pregnant wife who was sold by a trafficker who befriended them, to a notoriously powerful and violent pimp in Turkey. Sex Slaves won numerous awards, including a 2007 Emmy Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism, the Edward R. Murrow Award from the Overseas Press Club of America, a Gracie Award from American Women in Radio and Television, a British Broadcast Award for Best Documentary and a Royal Television Society Award from the UK, among others.

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