The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration 2003

A bedtime story leads Littlefoot and his grandparents on a journey to a new land, where Littlefoot discovers someone who vanished before he was born: his father! Now Littlefoot must decide between two worlds. Will he leave to be with his friends in the Great Valley, or stay behind and start a new life with his father?


Disneynature Migration sweeps across the surface of the planet to witness the mysteries of migration. To answer the questions of why and how hundreds of thousands of animals, birds and insects leave their homes to travel up to thousands of miles before returning, we’ll follow several species as they make their miraculous journeys. Along the way, we’ll see how both man and nature may conspire against these creatures, making their remarkable treks even more impossible.

Winged Migration 2001

The cameras of Jacques Perrin fly with migratory birds: geese, storks, cranes. The film begins with spring in North America and the migration to the Arctic; the flight is a community event for each species. Once in the Arctic, it's family time: courtship, nests, eggs, fledglings, and first flight. Chicks must soon fly south. Bad weather, hunters, and pollution take their toll. Then, the cameras go

The Duck's Migration 2012

Two boys and close family friends, Jeremy and Alphonse, American and French, spend a few weeks together in Jeremy’s house in Brooklyn. Jeremy is confused about his understanding of the friendship, while obsessed with the ducks in the Prospect Park’s lake and finishing a school paper about their migration. Alphonse likes to ride bicycles and doesn’t want to leave town. The ducks inevitably leave, Alphonse goes back to Paris, and Jeremy stays in his house, but all of them depart to something new.

Migration (for Jack Nelson) 1976

Migration is an analysis of an image, a metaphorical exercise in perception and representation, illusion and reality, microcosm and macrocosm, nature and consciousness.

Migrations 1989

Based on the famous novel of Milos Crnjanski, the story follows Serbian migrations from the Austro-Hungarian Empire during the XVIII century.

Migration 2008

A small group of Native Americans struggle to survive in a bleak and unrelenting apocalypse brought about by global warming.

Migration of the Blubberoids 1989

"The whiteness of winter cannot bury the blubbery things that splash and frolic among the frozen memories of Heathen harvests, in a land haunted by lard and ancestral lip-smacking." The collision of an overly dramatic film score/soundtrack with the banal yet enigmatic images of snow covered streets leads to a dissonant effect; the expectation of one is not fulfilled by the other.

Migrations II 1989

Screening of the synonymous Milos Crnjanski's poetic novel about the tragedy of Serbian people who scattered their energy and bones from Dnepr to Lotaringia during XVII and XIX century. The great Serbian migration topic is given through the military campaign of major Vuk Isakovic (Avtandil Makharadze) at the head of Slavonian-Danube regiment, from spring of 1744. to spring of the next year. The second topic follows tragic but passionate relationship between Vuk's younger brother and his wife, which ends with her long-lasting disease and death.

Khan Asparukh - Part II - The Migration 1981

The second part of the great historical epic - "The Migration" - tells about the long journey to the land of the Bulgarians of today's Bulgaria. Here the young Khan Asparukh laid the foundations of the new state. The authors adhere to the established historical versions for this event. The film builds on the impressive mass scenes and the convincing served psychological characteristics of the main characters. The image of Asparoukh is a natural center of the story, in which many minor persons recreate the environment of the Khan. Romantic exalted, Asparukh is shown as capable leader of the people, consistently implement his own ideas.

The Migration of the Angel 2002

A metaphoric depiction of post-Soviet countries. The artificial environment of the USSR, built on an ideology that was not possible outside of theory has crumbled, but in its place the new cherished "freedom of democracy" remains merely the hollow words of concept. The film takes place in a vast building of a train station, resembling an aquarium. There the lost masses are ruled by chaos. The terror and misunderstandings of their country has been replaced by senseless and heartless bureaucracy. Having lost all hope, the travelers seek to abandon their country and find a new home, but the trains that come rushing through their station are not stopping. We meet people from all walks of life: a couple of lovers; a group of musicians; a priest; a thief; a banker carrying a briefcase of money; models walking idly on a podium; unhappy families; thieves, prostitutes. All seem trapped and cannot leave.

Desert Migration 2015

A meditation on the life of long-term HIV/AIDS survivors who have migrated to form a unique community in the beautiful but harsh landscape of Palm Springs.

Migration 2009

Almost eight years ago the family of Marcela Gómez separated. His parents and younger sister emigrated to the United States and lived in Cali, Colombia. While reconstructing the history of her family through the home movies they sent her in the mail, Marcela questioned the phenomenon of third world migration to the great powers and how these powers assume an immigrant.

The Wildebeest Migration: Nature's Greatest Journey 2012

Every year, on the steppes of the Serengeti, the most spectacular migration of animals on our planet: Around two million wildebeest, Burchell's zebra and Thomson's gazelles begin their tour of nearly 2,000 miles across the almost treeless savannah. For the first time, a documentary captures stunning footage in the midst of this demanding journey. The documentary starts at the beginning of the year, when more than two million animals gather in the shadow of the volcanoes on the southern edge of the Serengeti in order to birth their offspring. In just two weeks, the animal herd's population has increased by one third, and after only two days, the calves can already run as fast as the adults The young wildebeest in this phase of their life are the most vulnerable to attacks by lions, cheetahs, leopards or hyenas. The film then follows the survivors of these attacks through the next three months on their incredible journey, a trip so long that 200,000 wildebeest will not reach the end.

I.S. Migration 2010

Expanding a system; enhanced excerpt from "Internal System" with optical sound track and video raster in frame. 1974-2010

Migration 2008

The images in migration (empire) are underscored by the constant sound of running or dripping water. Aitken portrays the wild animals in the sterility of the motel rooms as sublime creatures in a diffuse, bright light. Their fur, feathers or eyes are shown in detailed close-ups. In migration (empire) a dynamic is generated that is at once meditative and powerful – and utterly entrancing. Language(s)

Migration 2008

One of a four-film series on the AIDS epidemic in India, this film examines the virus as Indian society's great class leveler, following its transmission through interweaving stories that link urban and rural India.

Great Migrations 2010

Great Migrations is a seven-episode nature documentary television miniseries that airs on the National Geographic Channel, featuring the great migrations of animals across the globe. The seven-part show is the largest programming event in the ten-year history of the channel and is part of the largest cross-platform initiative since the founding of the National Geographic Society. It was filmed in HD, and premiered on November 7, 2010 with accompanying coverage in the National Geographic magazine and an official companion book.

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