Asterix and the Vikings 2006

Asterix and Obelix have been given a tough mission: Transform the chief's lazy nephew Justforkix into a warrior. When the Vikings abduct him and bring him back to their homeland, Asterix and Obelix must travel to Norway to rescue Justforkix.

Viking: The Berserkers 2014

The Hunger Games heads back to the Dark Ages when a group of five young Saxons is captured by a clan of fearsome Viking warriors and used as prey in a ritualistic manhunt. High on a potion that turns them "berserk" the brutal hunters are soon on the scent of the terrified youngsters in a desperate battle for survival from the ritualistic manhunt. Written and directed by Welsh film-maker Antony Smith.

Tarkan and the Blood of the Vikings 1971

Tarkan Versus the Vikings, Turkey’s answer to the Italian sword and sandal films, is more fun than the proverbial barrel of monkeys and just as crazed. Everything in this movie is energetic, outsized, colorful and wacky, from Tarkan’s mighty moustache to the Vikings’ red and blue fuzzy underoos. Tarkan doesn’t just walk around, like Hercules - he runs, he leaps, he literally bounces from place to place. The gigantic melees capture the frenetic flavor of old Errol Flynn movies, but up the ante of sex and violence to please ‘70s moviegoers. It’s like Conan the Barbarian done on $10,000 and amphetamines. - CSB

Vegas Vikings 2014

A group of fearless, compassionate individuals with Viking spirit set out to turn around the most dangerous neighborhood in Las Vegas, to help the children living there, reducing violent crime with a record 75%.

The Vikings Uncovered 2016

Dan Snow uncovers the lost Vikings in America with space archaeologist Dr Sarah Parcak. Sarah uses satellites 383 miles above the earth to spot ruins as small as 30cm buried beneath the surface. As Sarah searches for Viking sites from Britain to America, Dan explores how they voyaged thousands of miles when most ships never left the shoreline. He also tracks their expansion west, first as raiders and then as settlers and traders throughout Britain and beyond to Iceland and Greenland. In North America they excavate what could be the most westerly Viking settlement ever discovered.

Viking 2016

The early Middle Ages. A time of heavy swords and dark blood law. The ruling clan is in discord. The guilt for the accidental death of the brother has fallen on the Grand Duke. According to the law, revenge must be taken by the younger brother, a bastard. For the refusal to kill, he has to pay with eve- rything he had, because “for peace you need more swords than for a war”...

Escape 2012

Ten years after the Black Death devastated the country, a poor family sets out on a journey to search for better living conditions. In a deserted mountain pass, they are attacked by a gang of ruthless killer thieves. The only one spared is 19 year old Signe. She is taken prisoner, and the gang brings her back to their camp. Here, she soon learns that they have a fate worse than death in store for her, and realises that her only hope is to escape.

Viking Quest 2014

Erick, a young Viking warrior, joins forces with a rival clan in order to rescue a kidnapped princess from the great Midgard Serpent. It's a perilous task with a risk far greater than merely their own lives; by rescuing the princess, they might cause Ragnarök - the end of the world.

The Real Vikings 2013

Scandinavia s fiercest warriors uncovered. Sit back as we take an in-depth look at these ferocious sea warriors in this special from the HISTORY Channel. Consisting of three HISTORY specials: Foot Soldiers: The Vikings, The Vikings: Lost Worlds and Viking Terror This collection vividly depicts how these raiders, traders, explorers and settlers set sail from Denmark, Norway and Sweden and how they mercilessly plundered Europe. We ll follow a team of historical detectives who examine evidence from excavations and evaluate scientific studies and historical documents to see where the Vikings raided and what they left in their wake. In Viking Terror, Green Beret Terry Schappert reveals why the Vikings have earned the title The Hells Angels of the Middle Ages, and he ll test their weapons and tactics.

A Vikings Carol

A coming of age film that examines the reality that two sons face, seeing their aging father come to terms with his certain death. The three become closer as their Christmas reunion becomes joy filled. A turkey celebration prepairs them for the eventual send off of a galant Father to Vahalla.

Trees Grow on the Stones Too 1985

Vikings attack Kuksja's village, and end up bringing him along on their ship because they believe he is good luck. After proving himself in a battle against the dreaded Danes, chief Torir bestows upon him the name of Einar and takes him in as his son. Back home in Norway the men are received as heros, but new trouble arises when Kuksja falls in love with the beautiful Signy, who is already betroth to the vicious Sigurd.

The Barstad Vikings 1977

A local theatre company prepares for a production of Ivar Aasen's Ervingen.

The Long Ships 1964

In this elaborately mounted seafaring adventure, Rolfe is a Viking leader with the cunning and devious mind of a pirate. Rolfe tells others sailors of "The Mother of Voices," a mammoth bell made of gold and as tall as three men, but he adds enough incorrect details to throw them off the proper trail. However, Aly Mansuh, the leader of a group of ambitious Moors, sees through Rolfe's story, and soon the two are in a breakneck race to be the first to capture the precious bell.

The Viking Queen 1967

Set in ancient Britain, at a time when much of Europe was ruled with harsh tyranny by Rome, a tribe of Britons led by Selina, set out to defy the invaders and discard their yoke of bondage. The Roman commander, Justinian, is sent to quell the uprising, punishing the dissenters with brute force but when he becomes emotionally attached to Selina, he is torn between his duty to Rome and his love for the Viking Queen.

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