Strange Events 2017

In a world where monsters, ghosts and other dreadful creatures are a reality, nightmares can come true. And they will. An anthology that delves into the paranormal, the bizarre and the downright insane. No place is safe.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events 2004

Three wealthy children's parents are killed in a fire. When they are sent to a distant relative, they find out that he is plotting to kill them and seize their fortune. This movie is extremely alarming, an expression which here means "a thrilling misadventure involving three ingenious orphans and a villainous actor named Count Olaf (Jim Carrey) who wants their enormous fortune." It includes a suspicious fire, delicious pasta, Jim Carrey, poorly behaved looches, Billy Connolly, an incredibly deadly viper, Meryl Streep, and the voice of an imposter named Jude Law.

Events 1970

Sexuality without pretense gives the wallop to Events. A dramatic street story of young runaway flower-kids in the Greenwich Village of 1968, it raises ethical questions while the screen explodes with erotica."EVENTS is without question, the most far-out sexually experimental film made in the sixties or seventies."--Bruce Williamson, Playboy

Intervened Events 2014

The omnibus feature SUCESOS INTERVENIDOS consists of shorts by a who’s who of Argentine documentary and experimental-film giants, including Edgardo Cozarinsky and Gustavo Fontán but also Claudio Caldini, Andrés Di Tella and Gabriela Golder. Each one of them created a piece of a few minutes in length using archival footage from SUCESOS ARGENTINOS (“Argentine Events”), a popular newsreel series from 1938 to 1972 whose episodes have recently begun to be digitized by Buenos Aires’s “Pablo C. Ducrós Hicken” Film Museum.

Supernatural Events 2017

The film States possessed Supernatural abilities Project in particular, 2 Marine Carpentry and Kim Dong agent Components are granted on the assigned break the case with mystery, involving supernatural phenomena. In this task, they constantly face many dangers to penetrate not returned in 1934 to investigate the truth about the existence of dragons.

Train of Events 1949

A train disaster is told in four short stories to give character studies of the people involved, how it will affect them and how they deal with it.

Current Events 1989

Personal-essay documentary. Via the New York Times: "[Director Ralph] Arlyck uses film of his family and friends in upstate New York as well as bits from television news and fund-raising telethons to raise questions about the value of social activism and the way ordinary citizens can know what to be activists about in the first place."

Beach Events 1984

This film completes a trilogy of landscape/poetry films, which include “Waterworx” (1982) and “Landfall” (1983), and was shot near the family home on the Northumberland Strait in Prince Edward Island. In writing the text for “Beach Events,” I wanted to challenge the cinema's dominant present tense by imitating primitive “event” poetry, referring superficially to action present on the screen, but gradually slipping out of synchronization with its referent. This practice, together with reading a kind of sub-conscious, internal monologue (also based on the film's events, but only those past and future), helps the viewer transcend the spectacle of the present, and be aware of a larger temporal universe. In this film it informs a dialectic of internal and external nature, temporal presence and absence, the conscious and sub-conscious. (RH)

Winter's Weirdest Events

The natural world is full of the weird and the wonderful, but in wintertime - it just gets weirder. From snowboarding crows to polar bear parties, seemingly suicidal penguins, festive ice discs, the miracle revival of a man frozen solid and spooky twizzling turkeys, this Christmas serves up weird stories of the unexplained, unexpected and the unidentifiable from across the globe. Using state-of-the-art science, expert analysis and first-hand eyewitness accounts, we examine the evidence, test the theories and unravel some of the strangest stories our planet has to offer. Based in a remote hut for the winter, naturalist Chris Packham embarks on a fascinating journey to try to explain some of winter's weirdest events. With the help of leading scientists and engaging contributors, Chris reveals secrets from the natural world from bizarre science to animal oddities, crazy weather, medical marvels and remarkable natural phenomenon.

Crossroad of Events 1955

In Tehran, a young man struggles between keeping his integrity and joining a band of criminals to prosper for the woman he loves.

Investigation of Related Events 1993

The movie shows a young man's life dramatically changed after his friend is murdered. It is ironic - if to look with today's eyes - and nostalgia evoking portrait of marginal society and environment in the early 1990s with allusions to the western cinema - film noir related themes, surrealistic features, avantgard cinema stylization and formal aesthetics.

Chain of Events 1958

When a clerk tries to dodge paying a bus fare, it sparks a series of unforseen consequences

Of Great Events and Ordinary People 1979

In 1978, Ruiz was commissioned to make a television documentary about the French elections from the viewpoint of a Chilean exile in Paris’ eleventh arrondissement. But, contrary to the producers’ expectation, the Left lost. Ruiz seized on this anti-climax to make a documentary about nothing except itself – a film whose central subject is forever lost in digression and ‘dispersal’, harking back to his Chilean experiments of the ‘60s. Its political content is deliberately left negligible: it’s hard to tell at the end who did actually win the election, let alone why.

The Supernatural Events on Campus 2013

One evening, a student was walking alone at his campus, she saw a girl in school uniform walking in front of her, she try to call her, the girls turned her face, and what she saw is a strange old woman's face!. Since then, all student encounter a lot of strange events that might have something to do with the campus's history. What's happening actually?

Strange Events 2017

In a world where monsters, ghosts and other dreadful creatures are a reality, nightmares can come true. And they will. An anthology that delves into the paranormal, the bizarre and the downright insane. No place is safe.

Chunja's Happy Events

Chunja's Happy Events, also called Happy Events at Chunja's or Chunja's Special Day, was a Korean TV drama that aired from May 19, 2008 to November 13, 2008 on MBC.

Nature's Weirdest Events 2012

Chris Packham takes us to the scene of some of the weirdest natural phenomena on the planet, telling the real story of the events behind the headlines. Nature can be cute, scary and stunning, but as Chris Packham discovers in these two packed programs, it can also provide the most awesome, amazing and astonishing sights you’ll ever see – including a car cocooned by caterpillars in Holland; exploding toads in Germany; fish falling from the sky and a storm that turned Sydney crimson. Watching original footage and consulting eyewitnesses and scientists, Chris unravels the facts behind some of the most bizarre and mysterious natural wonders to ever appear on the planet – and explains what on earth was going on.

Nature's Great Events 2009

Documentary series looking at the most dramatic wildlife spectacles on our planet, showing how life responds to natural events which can dramatically transform entire landscapes.

Special Events Television Network

Special Events Television Network is the name of a defunct syndicated television package that broadcast tape delayed NASCAR races from 1984 to 1988. SETN aired races that didn't have live television deals at the time. The broadcasts were aired on tape delay because certain promoters still feared that live telecasts would hurt their gate. SETN also sold VHS videos of some races it carried, with additional footage not seen on TV. SETN was headed by Jim Wiglesworth out of Greensboro, North Carolina. SETN was underfunded, and since profits were slim, so were rights fees. Ultimately, the growing popularity of racing on ESPN as well as the overall lack of cash flow drove them out of the business. After SETN folded, one Pocono race a year was produced by Jim Wiglesworth on pay-per-view for Viewer's Choice from 1988 to 1990. They were not a huge success, as fans were reluctant to pay for what they could see last or next week for free. The Viewer's Choice shows were noteworthy in that they premiered viewer phone-in questions during the races.

Derren Brown: The Events 2009

In 2009, Derren produced four highly complex shows of 'misdirection'. Each event has its own theme, but Derren's aim is always the same: to confuse, to confound and, of course, to control.

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