Cry Cry 2011

Eunjung and Qri star as a pair of delinquent thieves who wind up in a huge mess when the bag they lifted from a club turns out to have been stuffed with drugs. A flashback sequence reveals that Qri originally was Jiyeon, but after a run-in with a couple of gangsters, they mauled her face and she ends up with plastic surgery leaving her looking like Qri, and unrecognizable to the man played by Cha Seung Won, whom she once loved.

Men Don't Cry 2017

The armed conflicts of the 1990s not only visibly destroyed the land of the former Yugoslavia, but also left the deepest wounds in the memory of each of its belligerent nations. There are as many different interpretations of that bleak past as there are countries affected. It is therefore hard to expect absolute harmony when, less than two decades since the war ended, a diverse group of veterans gathers at a remote mountain hotel for a therapy session over several days. On the contrary, such a dangerously volatile situation can suddenly ignite by just one thoughtless word, or a seemingly dirty look. That’s because the former soldiers, obstinately holding on to their fundamental masculinity and their prejudices, refusing to expose the inhumanity of the atrocities perpetrated. However, this quietness is just about to be broken and hidden emotions are to be faced.

The Cry of the Owl 2009

A young woman becomes inexplicably attracted to a man who is stalking her. When her boyfriend goes missing, the stalker is the immediate suspect, until a game of jealousy and betrayal turns deadly.

Cry Wilderness 1987

A Bigfoot-type creature befriends Paul, a young student. His father is a park ranger trying to capture an escaped tiger. Everyone in town is on edge and wants the tiger killed. David tries to keep Bigfoot a secret.

Battle Cry 1975

During the military phase of the Meiji Restoration of 1868, Sentaro joins a local militia loyal to the Tokugawa Shogunate in order to fight Imperial troops. But Sentaro's friendship with a pickpocket, who switches sides whenever it suits his needs, leads to complications that could cost Sentaro his life as they infiltrate enemy lines.

A Cry in the Dark 1988

Based on the true story of Lindy Chamberlain: During a camping trip to Ayers Rock in outback Australia, she claims she witnessed a dingo taking her baby daughter, Azaria, from the family tent. Azaria's body is never found. After investigations and two public inquests, she is charged with murder. The case attracts a lot of attention, turning it into a media sideshow.

The Cry 1964

While a woman is in the hospital preparing to deliver her child, her husband has all day to reflect upon his wife and their relationship. As he tends to his job as a television repairman, Slavek fondly remembers how he first met Ivana and the days they spent getting to know one another. Slavek also grows increasingly aware of the environment that surrounds him and questions the society his new child will be entering. Loaded with a repeated plea for social change, this is the first feature from Czech writer/director Jaromil Jires.

Kiss and Cry 2017

Fifteen-year-old Sarah has returned to Colmar, where she has taken up high-performance figure skating and competition. The rivalry between the girls and the trainer's harsh words put her body to the test on the ice, while her adolescent desires distract her from her athletic ambitions.

Cry and Cry Again 1987

1958, Budapest. Gerencsér is a skilled worker at the abattoir, his wife left in 1956. They falls in love with the beautiful Mrs. Hász at the personnel management department, but they only date secretly because of a former relationship of Mária. They go on holiday and travel to the Mátra, just the two of them.

The Cry 2007

In New York, detective Alex Scott is investigating with his partner Sergio Perez the disappearance of several children. When they visit the Mexican witch Gloria, the woman advises that a powerful evil force is chasing the reincarnation of her son and drowning the other children to bring pain to their mothers.

China Cry: A True Story 1990

Drama set in the 1950s, based on a true story, about a young girl, Sung Neng Yee, who is brought as part of a wealthy Chinese family. She is eager to become part of Mao Tze Tung's "new society", but soon becomes disenchanted by the economic misery the changes bring to her family. Before long, the authorities become aware of Neng Yee's feelings and she is taken to a labour camp, overseen by the sadistic Colonel Cheng.

Boys Don't Cry 2000

One of the best Polish comedies of the late 1990's, "Boys Don't Cry" is a satirical look at the gangsters of Poland and some teens who accidentally get involved with them.

Dolls Can't Cry 2012

Trapped in her own doll-like existence, Faith dreams that one day she can be a real mother to her daughter Nell she abandoned seven years ago. But time has run out. Her sister Eris can no longer keep the child. Her boyfriend Mance won't play father to a rape child. The girl is to be adopted. Desperate to save her dream, Faith takes her daughter into her dollhouse fantasy world, where bad things never happen. But she can't keep reality out. Nell wants a real mother. Mance thinks she's going mad. Eris thinks it's all an act. As the dollhouse reveals itself as thin veil covering the terrors of her past, Faith has to face her pain or be condemned to a life of shame.

Men Don't Cry 1968

A group of sleepless nerds should be taken into sanitarium for hard-therapy. They are taken to a lonely island but no sanitarium is in sight. Suddenly turns out that the nurses have kidnapped the men and are about to give them the only useful medicine they need - fresh air and work. But the patients decide to disobey. There's only one solution - to escape. The film is absolute cult in Estonia.

Cry of the City 1948

Petty crook and cop-killer Martin Rome, in bad shape from wounds in the hospital prison ward, still refuses to help slimy lawyer Niles clear his client by confessing to another crime. Police Lt. Candella must check Niles' allegation; a friend of the Rome family, he walks a tightrope between sentiment and cynicism. When Martin fears Candella will implicate his girlfriend Teena, he'll do anything to protect her. How many others will he drag down to disaster with him?

Color Cry 1952

In 1944 Lye moved to New York City, initially to direct for the documentary newsreel The March of Time. He settled in the West Village, where he mixed with artists who later became the Abstract Expressionists, encouraged New York’s emerging filmmakers such as Francis Lee, taught with Hans Richter, and assisted Ian Hugo on Bells of Atlantis. Color Cry was based on a development of the “rayogram” or “shadow cast” process, using fabrics as stencils, with the images synchronized to a haunting blues song by Sonny Terry, which Lye imagined to be the anguished cry of a runaway slave. —Harvard Film Archive

Child's Cry 1986

A social worker (Lindsay Wagner) starts working with a shy, withdrawn 6 year old (Taliesin Jaffe) whom she believes is the victim of sexual abuse.

Cry Vengeance 1954

Ex-cop Vic Barron crossed the wrong mobsters; his wife and child were killed and he himself scarred, framed and imprisoned. On release, Vic has but one desire, revenge on still-hiding Tino Morelli.

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