Monsters: Dark Continent 2014

Seven years on from the events of Monsters, and the ‘Infected Zones’ have spread worldwide. Humans have been knocked off the top of the food chain, with disparate communities struggling for survival. American soldiers are being sent abroad to protect US interests from the Monsters, but the war is far from being won.

Lost Continent 1951

It's Cesar Romero versus dinosaurs in this classic 1950s B movie, with Hillary Brooke as the jungle goddess love interest.

Atlantis: the Lost Continent 1961

A Greek Fisherman brings an Atlantean Princess back to her homeland which is the mythical city of Atlantis. He is enslaved for his trouble. The King is being manipulated by an evil sorcerer who is bent on using a natural resource of Atlantis to take over the world. The Atlanteans, or rather the slaves of Atlantis, are forced to mine a crystalline material which absorbs the suns rays. These crystals can then be used for warmth. The misuse of science has created weapons out of the crystals that can fire a heat ray to destroy whatever it touches.

Lost Continent 1955

Three directors collaborated on the Italian documentary Continente Perduto. The "lost continent" of the title is Asia, specifically Indonesia, here lovingly photographed in Ferraniacolor by Mario Craveri, Giannni Rafaldi and Franco Bernetti. Highlights include a Cantonese wedding aboard a floating junk, the annual wheat and rice harvest, the animal-sacrifice rites at the rim of a volcano, a ceremonial chariot race, and a bevy of Balinese dancers. Though there's no story to speak of, the film has the rhythm and pace of a "continuity" picture. Continente Perduto was the winner of a Special Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

Two English Girls 1971

At the beginning of the 20th century, Claude Roc, a young middle-class Frenchman meets in Paris Ann Brown, a young Englishwoman. They become friends and Ann invites him to spend holidays at the house where she lives with her mother and her sister Muriel, for whom she intends Claude. During these holidays, Claude, Ann and Muriel become very close and he gradually falls in love with Muriel. But both families lay down a one-year-long separation without any contact before agreeing to the marriage. So Claude goes back to Paris when he has many love affairs before sending Muriel a break-off letter...

The Seventh Continent 1966

A group of children discover the new continent of the world, uninhabited by adults. Soon, many other children are joining them in that new paradise, leaving their parents and other adults baffled on all remaining continents.

The Lost Continent 1968

An eclectic group of characters set sail on Captain Lansen’s leaky cargo ship in an attempt to escape their various troubles. When a violent storm strikes, the ship is swept into the Sargasso Sea and the passengers find themselves trapped on an island populated by man-eating seaweed, giant crabs and Spanish conquistadors who believe it’s still the 16th century.

The Seventh Continent 1989

Chronicles three years of a middle class family seemingly caught up in their daily routines, only troubled by minor incidents. Behind their apparent calm and repetitive existence however, they are actually planning something sinister.

L'Orage africain: un continent sous influence 2017

The President of an imaginary African country, suffering from seeing his country's rich natural resources exploited only by western corporations, decides to nationalize all means of production built on its territory by foreigners. As expected the foreigners decry this, claiming that it is they who have built these structures, to which the government responds, "yes, but on our soil." Fierce battles ensue where no holds are barred.

The Sixth Continent 1955

This 95-minute, full-color documentary was released in the U.S. as Sixth Continent. That continent is Africa -- or, more specifically, the coast of Ethiopia. Director Folco Quillici takes his cameras deep, deep into the waters near the coastal islands of Dalach, observing the passing parade of sea life on an up-close-and-personal basis. Particularly thrilling is a shark attack and its aftermath, with the cinematographers obviously in the thick of things. Gian Caspare Napolitano provides the narration, while the lush, evocative musical score is the handiwork of Roberto Nicolosi.

8th Continent 2018

In Lesvos island an old abandoned dump lies on a mountain with two big craters. The craters are overflown by thousands of life jackets from the refugee waves. A worker is the only inhabitant in this place that resembles an alien planet or a new continent.

The Continent 2014

A road movie that follows three young men yearning after their ideals.

The Eighth Continent: Zealandia 2017

Geologists in New Zealand created a stir earlier this year when they declared their discovery of the eighth continent of the world. Learn how was it formed and how something so massive could remain undetected until now.

The Last Continent 2007

In 2005, a small group of scientists and filmmakers agreed to leave everything behind for more than a year to sail to the Antarctic and live in isolation. Following in the path of the greatest explorers, expedition leader Jean Lemire and the crew of the Sedna IV dedicated themselves completely to measuring the threat posed by global warming in a place where Earth is particularly vulnerable. The resulting film, is a record of their incredible 430-day journey that inspires equal measures of fear and admiration. Alternating between captivating images of beauty and serenity, and spine-tingling sequences where the ship's crew finds itself on the edge of catastrophe, this is an expedition where danger and wonder are inextricably linked.

Alzire or the New Continent 1978

A theatrical group prepare Voltaire’s play “Alzire”. From this the ideas of Voltaire are examined as they relate to the present day political situation.

Escape to the Continent 2014

Following Brits considering a move abroad, as they take the opportunity to test drive what an alternative life could look like in a totally new, sunny clime.

Continent 7: Antarctica 2016

Take a journey to Antarctica to experience the world’s most extreme wilderness, to see the massive undertaking it is to support human life there, and to chronicle the world-changing science being done. Embed with missions on the ice, underneath it, and atop some of its peaks, as scientists and survival experts join forces to fight brutal conditions to help change the world.

Continental Classroom 1958

Continental Classroom is a series of college credit courses that ran on NBC from October 6, 1958 to 1963.

Café Continental

} Café Continental is a British television variety show on the BBC Television Service from 1947 to 1953. Broadcast live from the BBC's studios at Alexandra Palace, the programme opened with a "Maître d'hôtel" who welcomed the television audience to the "cafe" set and told them that "your table has been reserved, as always."

The Continental

The Continental was a 1952 CBS television series starring Renzo Cesana in the title role. The 15-minute program was shown on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:15pm, at the end of the night's prime time schedule. The series used a subjective camera, as Cesana spoke directly to women in the viewing audience in a suave manner, with each episode a different romantic rendezvous, accompanied by lounge music played on an electric organ. Occasionally, he would recite the lyrics to a song. In an era when advertisers and advertising agencies played major roles in program creation and sponsorship, the show began as a syndicated 15-minute radio show created, written and produced by agency owner Cesana on Los Angeles station KHJ in February 1951. It directly followed The Lonesome Gal, a nationally syndicated radio show in which host Jean King played records and spoke in a soothing monologue to male listeners. The Continental failed to attract an audience and was soon cancelled. Cesana convinced television station KNBH to air a video version, which went on the air twice weekly beginning in June 1951. The show was picked up briefly by the CBS network, where it debuted on January 22, 1952, and pitched its last woo on April 17, 1952.

Cafe Continental

Cafe Continental was an Australian television variety series which aired from 1958 to 1961 on ABC. Hosted by Czech-born entertainer Hal Wayne, it featured guests of a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds and aired fortnightly, alternating with Hal Lashwood's Alabama Jubilee, a minstrel series. The series featured a Café setting and was broadcast live. It is not confirmed how many episodes still exist, but at least seven episodes are held by the National Film and Sound Archive, and an additional episode may be held by National Archives of Australia. In an extant 1959 episode, the guests included Brazilian dancer Yvonne Huggman, clarinettist Reuben Solomon, Terry Carr and his dog, ventriloquist Dennis Spicer, singer Wilhelmina Bermingham, and dancers The Cossack Duo, while a 1960 episode featured Quintetto Di Toppano, dance duo Les Girls, French Apache dancers The Rivieras, a Croatian folk lore group, singer Theresa Leung Ping, and a one-man-juggling act named Chang.

Rise of the Continents 2013

The Earth’s continents are instantly recognizable. These iconic landmasses seem permanent and unchanging, yet they are merely the wreckage of a much larger long-lost supercontinent – Pangaea. In this stunning four part series Professor Iain Stewart uncovers the evidence for this ancient past. He reveals how the world around us is full of clues – in the rocks, the landscapes and even the animals. All of which tell us how the land we live on was created.

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