My Own Country 1998

After obtaining his medical degree from Madras Medical College, Dr. Abraham Verghese decides to re-locate to Johnson City, Tennessee. He eventually gets married to Rajani, who is an accomplished dancer, and has a boy, Steven. Since Abraham specializes in infectious diseases, he takes special interest in patients suffering from Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome(AIDS), and presents his work at the local gay/lesbian hang-outs and clubs, creating a public awareness of AIDS. Soon he has as many as 82 patients in his care at the local hospital. He gets engrossed in his work to the extent that he starts neglecting his very heavily pregnant wife Rajani, who eventually gives birth to Jacob. She threatens him with marriage counseling, while fearing that her husband may acquire AIDS through contact with his patients, while he himself has to deal with hospital administration who are concerned about funds and resources being utilized on patients who may never recover.

My Own Private Hell 2018

Desimar is the owner of Inferninho, a dark and run-down bar that is refuge of dreams and fantasies. Her dream is to leave everything behind and go away to any distant land, as far as possible from that place. Falling in love with Jarbas, the handsome sailor that arrives at the bar, dreaming of finding home, will completely change her life and the lives of the bar employees: Luizianne, the singer; Rabbit, the waiter; and Caixa-Preta, the cleaning lady.

Temptation of Eve: Her Own Technique 2007

A popular surgeon with a bright future and women falling at his feet, Ji Hoon is at the top of the world. Although married, he fantasizes of a woman with a butterfly tattooed on her pelvis - a vision from his reccurring dreams. During a business trip, he meets an attractive woman named Hae Young, who coldly refuses his advances. Not accustomed to such rejection, Ji Hoon smiles as he heads back home. A few days later, he receives an unexpected call from Hae Young, and begins a risky affair. But soon afterwards, his wife receives a mysterious package containing incriminating photos of her husband…

For Their Own Good 1993

A factory worker gets an ultimatum from her employer that she agree to be sterilized or be fired.

One's Own People 1968

Set against the backdrop of the political violence that rocked India, and West Bengal in particular, in the late 1960s, it tells the story of an aged widow in a village who goes to Calcutta to stay with relatives, but faces only exploitation. She moves to a slum, and finds her "own people" in a group of educated, unemployed youth, who are caught up inexorably in the prevalent violence.

A Place of One's Own 1945

An elderly couple move into an old, supposedly haunted abandoned house. A young girl comes to live with the pair as a companion for the wife. However, soon the girl is possessed by the spirit of another girl, a wealthy woman who had once lived in the house but who had been murdered there.

On Our Own 1988

Four children set out on their own after their mother's death to avoid being separated by foster care. Trying to find their Uncle Jack, they encounter adventure and danger. Before the story's touching yet humorous conclusion, they make some serious mistakes... and learn some important lessons.

God's Own Country 2014

Manu travels from Dubai to Kochi to attain his goal, without which he will be in trouble. Public prosecutor Mathew Tharakan and taxi driver Muhammed have their own intentions to be pursued as well. Vasudeva Sanal's God's Own Country narrates the story of what happens to the three as they try to reach their destination.

Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley 2007

This film features unreleased concert footage of Elvis Presley's afternoon performance at the 'Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show' held at the Fairgrounds in Tupelo, Mississippi on September 26, 1956. The professionally filmed black and white newsreel footage was synchronized with an amateur audio recording of the concert that had previously appeared on the 'Elvis Presley: A Golden Celebration' LP/CD box set.

Shino Can't Say Her Own Name 2018

Ooshima Shino is a 1st-grade high school student. She has difficulties pronouncing words that start with vowels in front of people. Because of her speech impediment, she does not get along with others. Shino meets Kayo who likes music, but she is tone-deaf. They decide to start a band and Shino begins to change.

No Man of Her Own 1950

A penniless pregnant woman takes over the identity of a rich woman killed in a train crash.

Own blood 1964

«Если что — нибудь случится, самое страшное, если тебя покалечат… Возвращайся ко мне, возвращайся!» — как заклинание, которое в силах уберечь любимого от смерти, произносит героиня фильма. Война свела, разлучила и снова свела сержанта Федотова и паромщицу Соню. Об их прекрасной, щедрой и трудной любви рассказывает этот фильм…

For Your Own Safety 2016

Jonas works at the hand baggage screening at an airport. He is obsessed with preventing the next terrorist attack. But neither his colleagues, nor his boss appreciate his commitment…

My Own Country 1984

A worker nicknamed Turing finds himself in a quandary when the printing press where he is hired as a casual is hit by a strike. As his wife badly needs medication after getting pregnant, he is forced to sign a waiver inhibiting him from joining any mass action in exchange for a wage advance from his employer. Left with no choice, he turns scab and is ostracized by his friends and colleagues. At the hospital where the wife undergoes treatment, she would not be released until all the bills have been fully paid. The situation further heads for the worse when the firm is finally shut down. Turing opts for a desperate move.

Make Your Own Bed 1944

Walter and Vivian live in the country and have a difficult time keeping servants. Walter hires an private detective who has been fired for arresting the District Attorney. They only way that Walter can get Jerry to work for him is to tell Jerry that his life is in danger; the neighbor is trying to take his wife; and that Nazi spies are everywhere. Jerry needs a cook for his 'cover' so he gets his fiancée Susan to work with him. To keep Jerry working, Walter sends the threatening letters to himself and hires actors to play the spies. It soon becomes apparent that Susan cannot cook and Jerry could not find a spy if he tripped over him.

A League of Their Own 2013

A League of Their Own is an Australian comedy panel game airs on Network Ten on 16 September 2013. It's hosted by Tommy Little and features Pat Cash and Eamon Sullivan as team captains.

A Place of Your Own

A Place of Your Own was a Canadian television series which aired on CBC Television from 1968 to 1971.

A Place of Our Own 1998

A Place of Our Own is a daily program about child care that airs on Public Broadcasting Service, produced in Los Angeles by KCET. It was hosted by Debi Gutierrez and has been recently hosted by Elizabeth Sanchez. The Spanish-language version is Los Niños en Su Casa, seen on PBS and on the Spanish-language public television network V-me. Their version is hosted by Alina Rosario. This program is produced by KCET in association with Sesame Workshop and 44 Blue Productions. The tagline is "You are your child's first teacher". Friday editions feature a "Week in Review", about the daily week, Monday-Thursday, similar to the review on Learn to Read. As is, people send letters to KCET, or email to Debi Gutierrez/Elizabeth Sanchez of A Place of Our Own or Alina Rosario of Los Niños en Su Casa.

A League of Their Own 1993

A League of Their Own is an American sitcom that aired from April 10, 1993 to April 24, 1993 with two additional episodes aired on August 13, 1993. based on the movie from 1992 starring Sam McMurray in his first leading role on a TV Show. Megan Cavanagh and Tracy Reiner reprised their roles from the movie.

The Houstons: On Our Own

The Houstons: On Our Own is an American reality documentary television series that premiered on October 24, 2012, on Lifetime. The series was announced on May 11, 2012, with the working title of The Houston Family Chronicles and was to have ten episodes. The Houstons: On Our Own chronicles the lives of Whitney Houston's family as they move on from her death. There will be no second season.

You're On Your Own

You're On Your Own was an American game show that aired on CBS from December 22, 1956 to March 16, 1957. Actor Steve Dunne was the emcee, with Hal Simms as the announcer and Joann Jordan was the commercial spokesperson for sponsor Hazel Bishop. You're On Your Own was broadcast from CBS Studio 59, also known as the Mansfield Theatre, in Manhattan.

Make Your Own Kind of Music 1971

Make Your Own Kind of Music was an American summer replacement television series starring The Carpenters that aired on NBC from July 20, 1971 to September 7, 1971. Some guest stars were Don Knotts, Herb Alpert, Al Hirt, Mark Lindsay, Patchett & Tarses, Helen Reddy, and the Doodletown Pipers. The key concept of the series was that each show starts off with the letter "A". The first show started off with "A is for Alpert", as Herb Alpert stood next to a big letter "A", and introduced the show. The cast would then go down the alphabet list, and when they got to "Z", the show would end.

Lawrence Leung's Choose Your Own Adventure 2009

Lawrence Leung's Choose Your Own Adventure is a six-part Australian television comedy series, starring and primarily written by Melbourne comedian Lawrence Leung and produced by Chaser Broadcasting. The series was filmed over nine weeks from May 2008 in Sydney, Melbourne and Los Angeles, it depicts Leung setting out to achieve the dreams he had as a ten-year-old boy living in the 1980s. It premiered at 9:30 pm on 25 March 2009 on ABC1.

Victoria Wood: Live in Your Own Home

Victoria Wood presents a seasonal special featuring stand up comedy, monologues and sketches in her own inimitable style. In this one-off 50 minute programme, this well loved comedian treats the viewers at home to hilarious sketches taken from the hit live show at London's Royal Albert Hall in 1994. Live In Your Own Home originally aired on the BBC and also features actors Julie Walters and Duncan Preston.

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