Mind Your Own Business 1936

Nature reporter Orville Shanks retreats to the woods for material for his "Our Wild Friends" column and to volunteer for his favorite cause, the Boy Scouts. When Orville's editor, Crane, orders him to spice up his column, Orville's wife Melba writes a gossip column using animals as metaphors for people. Crane loves Melba's article and gives Orville a raise, and the column becomes a hit.

My Own Private Hell 2018

Desimar is the owner of Inferninho, a dark and run-down bar that is refuge of dreams and fantasies. Her dream is to leave everything behind and go away to any distant land, as far as possible from that place. Falling in love with Jarbas, the handsome sailor that arrives at the bar, dreaming of finding home, will completely change her life and the lives of the bar employees: Luizianne, the singer; Rabbit, the waiter; and Caixa-Preta, the cleaning lady.

My Own Private River 2011

Unused footage from Gus Van Sant's 1991 film My Own Private Idaho is re-contextualized in James Franco's tribute to River Phoenix.

Woman's Own 1999

A student is trying to build a career in theater using not his talent but looks and sexuality.

To Each His Own 2017

Takashi Aoyama has way to much work to do and pushes himself mentally too hard. He blacks out and collapses at a railroad station. When he is about to be hit by a train, he is saved by Yamamoto who speaks with an Osaka dialect. After his encounter with Yamamoto, Takashi recovers his bright personality and gets better results at work. One day, Takashi sees Yamamoto boarding a bus to the cemetery with a serious expression.

My Own Sky 2007

Ravi and Padmini share a strained relationship due to their teenage son Buddhi's intellectual handicap. Buddhi, a mildly autistic slow learner displays his flair for art but his parents, with their middle-class insecurities, neither recognize nor encourage his talent. Driven by Padmini's social insecurities and Ravi's guilt for dropping Buddhi as a baby, the parents chase an unreal dream of seeing their son as a normal good student who, like others, must become an engineer or a doctor.

Own Blues 2007

Amaro tells the story of a teenage saxophonist who lives in the capital and earns a living as a goldsmith. One day he meets Catherine, a woman unhappily married to a diplomat who soon falls for the musician.

Own Death 2008

A trip nearest to the boundaries of life and death: back and forth.

Grow Your Own 2007

An English community gets testy when a refugee family is granted a plot of land on which to grow vegetables.

Parrot Sang with Her Own Body 1981

The widower Choi is impotent. He adopts the infants Mun and Su-ryun and raises them. Mun graduates from college in Seoul but he can’t adjust to Seoul life so he returns to Choi’s home. Mun learns that Su-ryun is not his sister in blood and he falls in love with her.

Produce Your Own Damn Movie! 2011

When it comes to producing, no one speaks with more authority than Lloyd Kaufman creator of The Toxic Avenger and founder of the longest-running independent film studio, Troma Entertainment. Over the years he has discovered talents such as Trey Parker and Matt Stone (South Park, The Book of Mormon) and Vincent D'Onofrio (Law & Order: Criminal Intent) to name a few. Candid interviews, tips, tricks and tidbits scattered throughout the DVD give filmmakers practical tools for getting a movie shoot off the ground, keeping it afloat and seeing it through to the end - Lloyd Kaufman shows you how it's really done.

A Girl's Own Story 1984

A look at three young, teenage girls in the era of The Beatles. Pam lives with parents who haven't spoken directly to each other in two years, using communicating through their daughters. Gloria wants to play games with her boyfriend Graeme and ends up pregnant after a passionless introduction to sex. Stella becomes popular and puts her friendship with Pam on hold. Meanwhile, Pam's father and other predatory men lurk in the shadows around the girls.

Our Own 2004

It is August 1941. With the battle line far away in the east, three soldiers who have managed to escape from captivity find it difficult to hide: the territory is occupied by the enemy. The local woods are not safe: you can easily get embogged. Are the villagers loyal? Nobody can say. There is an old man who offers to help them. Is he reliable enough? He may kill them or report them to the local German authorities. Anything may happen, but one of them, the sniper, is his son who is his youngest, his dearest.

God's Own Children 2017

In this cheeky comedy debut, two thieving boys take refuge at the local church in a small Irish town. When the parish priest leaves behind his briefcase, they embark on a self-appointed mission from God. But on their epic journey to the big city, the boys discover that the grown up world is a bit more complicated than it seems.

I Am My Own Woman 1992

The life story of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, born Lothar Berflede. Miss Charlotte survived the Nazi reign and the repression of the Communists as a transsexual woman and helped start the German gay liberation movement. Documentary with some dramatized scenes. Two actors play the young and middle aged Charlotte and she plays herself in the later years.

On Our Own 1988

Four children set out on their own after their mother's death to avoid being separated by foster care. Trying to find their Uncle Jack, they encounter adventure and danger. Before the story's touching yet humorous conclusion, they make some serious mistakes... and learn some important lessons.

One's Own People 1968

Set against the backdrop of the political violence that rocked India, and West Bengal in particular, in the late 1960s, it tells the story of an aged widow in a village who goes to Calcutta to stay with relatives, but faces only exploitation. She moves to a slum, and finds her "own people" in a group of educated, unemployed youth, who are caught up inexorably in the prevalent violence.

Get Your Own Back 1991

Get Your Own Back was a British children's game show, which ran from 26 September 1991 to 31 March 2003. It has been presented throughout by Dave Benson Phillips with the addition of Lisa Brockwell as a co-host from 2001 to the programme's end in 2003.

Bill: On His Own

Bill: On His Own is a 1983 biographical TV movie starring Mickey Rooney as Bill Sackter. It is the sequel to Bill. However, it was far less successful.

A Place of Our Own 1998

A Place of Our Own is a daily program about child care that airs on Public Broadcasting Service, produced in Los Angeles by KCET. It was hosted by Debi Gutierrez and has been recently hosted by Elizabeth Sanchez. The Spanish-language version is Los Niños en Su Casa, seen on PBS and on the Spanish-language public television network V-me. Their version is hosted by Alina Rosario. This program is produced by KCET in association with Sesame Workshop and 44 Blue Productions. The tagline is "You are your child's first teacher". Friday editions feature a "Week in Review", about the daily week, Monday-Thursday, similar to the review on Learn to Read. As is, people send letters to KCET, or email to Debi Gutierrez/Elizabeth Sanchez of A Place of Our Own or Alina Rosario of Los Niños en Su Casa.

A Place of Your Own

A Place of Your Own was a Canadian television series which aired on CBC Television from 1968 to 1971.

A League of Their Own 2013

A League of Their Own is an Australian comedy panel game airs on Network Ten on 16 September 2013. It's hosted by Tommy Little and features Pat Cash and Eamon Sullivan as team captains.

The Houstons: On Our Own

The Houstons: On Our Own is an American reality documentary television series that premiered on October 24, 2012, on Lifetime. The series was announced on May 11, 2012, with the working title of The Houston Family Chronicles and was to have ten episodes. The Houstons: On Our Own chronicles the lives of Whitney Houston's family as they move on from her death. There will be no second season.

You're On Your Own

You're On Your Own was an American game show that aired on CBS from December 22, 1956 to March 16, 1957. Actor Steve Dunne was the emcee, with Hal Simms as the announcer and Joann Jordan was the commercial spokesperson for sponsor Hazel Bishop. You're On Your Own was broadcast from CBS Studio 59, also known as the Mansfield Theatre, in Manhattan.

Lawrence Leung's Choose Your Own Adventure 2009

Lawrence Leung's Choose Your Own Adventure is a six-part Australian television comedy series, starring and primarily written by Melbourne comedian Lawrence Leung and produced by Chaser Broadcasting. The series was filmed over nine weeks from May 2008 in Sydney, Melbourne and Los Angeles, it depicts Leung setting out to achieve the dreams he had as a ten-year-old boy living in the 1980s. It premiered at 9:30 pm on 25 March 2009 on ABC1.

Victoria Wood: Live in Your Own Home

Victoria Wood presents a seasonal special featuring stand up comedy, monologues and sketches in her own inimitable style. In this one-off 50 minute programme, this well loved comedian treats the viewers at home to hilarious sketches taken from the hit live show at London's Royal Albert Hall in 1994. Live In Your Own Home originally aired on the BBC and also features actors Julie Walters and Duncan Preston.

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