Def Comedy Jam 25 2017

In this special live event, giants of stand-up come together to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Russell Simmons's groundbreaking "Def Comedy Jam."

DEF 2003

A deaf boy dreams about being a rapper.

Def by Temptation 1990

An evil succubus is preying on libidinous black men in New York, and all that stands in her way is a minister-in-training, an aspiring actor, and a cop that specializes in cases involving the supernatural.

Hysteria: The Def Leppard Story 2001

A dramatization of the early years of the hard rock band, Def Leppard, the group faces both success and personal tragedies such as drummer, Rick Allen losing his arm in a car accident and guitarist Steve Clark's alcohol addiction.

Def Leppard - Viva! Hysteria 2013

A performance captured live over nine nights during the band's spring 2013 residency at The Joint located in the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas in which Def Leppard plays through the entirety of their most successful album, "Hysteria," in its entirety. Plus two additional hits, "Rock of Ages" and "Photograph" as an encore. Finally "Viva! HYSTERIA" showcases for the first time a career-defining album (excluding concept albums) performed live in its entirety - from start to finish - for a commercial audio/video release. "Viva! HYSTERIA"! is unlike any show Def Leppard has ever done or will ever do again.

Def Leppard - Historia 1988

Historia songs: Hello America, Let It Go, High 'N' Dry, Bringin' on the Heartbreak (Version I with Pete Willis), Photograph, Rock of Ages, Foolin', Too Late For Love, Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop), Bringin' on the Heartbreak (Version II with Phil Collen), Me and My Wine, Women, Animal, Pour Some Sugar On Me (U.K. Version), Hysteria, Armageddon It (Live), Pour Some Sugar On Me (U.S. Version), and Love Bites

Def Jam's How to Be a Player 1997

Dray is a young playboy whose only objective in life seems to be to have sex with as many girls as he can without getting caught by his girlfriend Lisa. Dray's sister Jenny and her friend Katrina plan to show him that the way he lives is wrong and organize a party in Malibu, inviting all of his girlfriends.

Def-Con 4 1985

Two men and a woman circle the globe in a satellite armed with a nuclear device. The third world war breaks out, and a few months later the satellite crashes. They survive the crash but one man gets killed by survivors and the other man gets caught. The woman stays by the remains of the the satellite but is soon caught by evil punks who have taken power.

YouTube Presents: Def Leppard 2012

Recorded live 6 June 2012 on the Sunset Strip at the House of Blues (W. Hollywood, CA), Def Leppard rip through 7 songs including "Rock of Ages", "Foolin'", "Animal", "Hysteria", "Bringin' on the Heartbreak", "Pour Some Sugar on Me", and "Let It Go".

Def Leppard: Visualize 1993

Visualize is a video release by Def Leppard. A compilation of promo videos, interviews, and concert footage.

Def Leppard: Video Archive 1995

Video Archive is a video release by Def Leppard. A compilation of promo videos, interviews, and concert footage.

All Def Comedy 2016

He launched a host of today’s comedy superstars in the ‘90s on the HBO series Russell Simmons’ Def Comedy Jam. Now, Russell Simmons returns to the network for All Def Comedy, taped before a live audience Sept. 7 at the Avalon Theatre in Los Angeles. Hosted by Tony Rock, with DJ Drama, the uncensored special features stand-up performances in a variety of styles from up-and-coming comics, discovered at ADD’s weekly comedy showcase: Chris Powell, Zainab Johnson, Kevin Tate, and Robert Powell, as well as HBO’s Def Comedy Jam veteran Tony Roberts.

Def Leppard - Live in Sheffield 1993

Joe Elliott (vocals) Vivian Campbell (guitar) Rick "Sav" Savage (bass) Rick Allen (drums) Phil Collen (guitar). Let's Get Rocked - Another Hit And Run - Too Late For Love - Hysteria - Make Love Like A Man - Foolin' - Rocket - Two Steps Behind - Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad - Armageddon It - Pour Some Sugar On Me - Rock Of Ages - Love Bites - Photograph recorded live at Sheffield Stadium, Sheffield, UK, June 6, 1993 In the early 80s Def Leppard started new standards in British heavy metal. Trendy power chords and 5000 vocal tracks in the chorus involved sopping metal hymns and arenas with topless teens. It is not easy to be a legend. No matter what you do, no matter how much you change and you deliver qualitative work you are always in the eye of the critics and are measured against the famous classics. "Def Leppard" are not an exception. The hard rock institution from Sheffield delivered with "Pyromania" and "Hysteria" two groundbreaking albums in the 80s - million seller.

Classic Albums: Def Leppard - Hysteria 2002

This program takes a track by track look at the making of the album. We speak to Joe Elliott, Rick Allen, Phil Collen, and Rick Savage who lead us through the original multitrack tapes. Joe and Phil play acoustic versions of 'Pour Some Sugar On Me" and "Hysteria," and Sav and Phil demonstrate riffs and licks from the songs, and explain the genesis of the songwriting. Features songs: Animal, Rocket, Love Bites, Hysteria, Women, Armageddon It, and Pour Some Sugar On Me. In this episode of the CLASSIC ALBUMS series, the surviving members of Def Leppard discuss the making of HYSTERIA as they sort through and explain the original multi-track tapes. In addition, some impromptu acoustic performances and musical demonstrations further dissect this classic album

Def Leppard: Visualize - Video Archive 2001

Visualize / Video Archive is a DVD from Def Leppard. The DVD is a double feature which includes the original Visualize and Video Archive VHS releases combined onto a single disc. The DVD also includes brand new interviews with the band as extra features. The original footage was not remastered, however the soundtrack was remastered to enhanced stereo.

Def Leppard: Rock of Ages 2005

Tracks: 01 - Pour Some Sugar On Me 02 - Photograph 03 - Love Bites 04 - Let's Get Rocked 05 - Two Step Behind 06 - Animal 07 - Foolin' 08 - Rocket 09 - When Love & Hate Collide 10 - Armageddon It 11 - Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad 12 - Rock Of Ages 13 - Hysteria 14 - Bringin' On The Heartbreak 15 - Promises 16 - Women 17 - Slang 18 - Work It Out 19 - Now

Defiance 2008

Based on a true story, during World War II, four Jewish brothers escape their Nazi-occupied homeland of West Belarus in Poland and join the Soviet partisans to combat the Nazis. The brothers begin the rescue of roughly 1,200 Jews still trapped in the ghettos of Poland.

Defendor 2009

A crooked cop, a mob boss and the young girl they abuse are the denizens of a city's criminal underworld. It's a world that ordinary Arthur Poppington doesn't understand and doesn't belong in, but is committed to fighting when he changes into a vigilante super-hero of his own making, Defendor. With no power other than courage Defendor takes to the streets to protect the city's innocents.

Def Poetry 2002

Def Poetry, also known as Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry or Def Poetry Jam, which was co-founded by Bruce George, Danny Simmons and Deborah Pointer, is an HBO television series produced by hip-hop music entrepreneur Russell Simmons. The series presents performances by established spoken word poets, as well as up-and-coming ones. Well-known actors and musicians will often surprise the audience by showing up to recite their own original poems. The show is hosted by Mos Def. Def Poetry is a spin-off of Def Comedy Jam. As he did on Def Comedy, Simmons appears at the end of every episode to thank the audience. The series included historical legendary poets such as, The Last Poets, Nikki Giovanni, Amiri Baraka and Sonya Sanchez. It also featured poets, Saul Williams, Grammy Award Winning J. Ivy, Jessica Care-Moore and Lemon. Though technically not a poetry slam, Def Poetry has become heavily associated with the poetry slam movement, and utilizes many of poetry slam's best known poets, including National Poetry Slam champions such as Beau Sia, Taylor Mali, Big Poppa E, Mayda del Valle, Mike Mcgee, Alix Olson and Rives, among others. Even poets who are critical of the poetry slam, such as John S. Hall, have acknowledged slam's influence on the show. In a 2005 interview, Hall was quoted as saying,


DEF II was a programming strand on BBC Two, which aired at 6pm on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 May 1988 to 23 May 1994, to serve the teenage market. It was produced by Janet Street-Porter, and followed on from her influential youth TV show Network 7, on Channel 4. In fact, many of the presenters and staff on DEF II started their careers on Network 7 and had followed Street-Porter when she was "poached" by the BBC. It had an ident featuring a barcode which differed from the usual idents used on BBC Two.

Def Comedy Jam 1992

Def Comedy Jam is a HBO television series produced by Russell Simmons. The series had its original run from July 1, 1992 to January 1, 1997. The show returned on HBO's fall lineup in 2006. Def Comedy Jam helped to launch the careers of several African-American stand-up comedians.

Defiance 2013

Defiance is an American science fiction television show that takes place in the future on a radically transformed Earth containing new species arriving from space. In the show, Joshua Nolan works as the lawman for the town of Defiance, a community where humans and intelligent extraterrestrial species coexist. The show follows Nolan, his adopted alien daughter Irisa, and the town's new mayor Amanda Rosewater.

All Def Comedy 2017

All Def Comedy continues the HBO's legacy of promoting urban comedy. The original Def Comedy Jam helped launch the careers of a host of today’s comedy superstars, Dave Chappelle, Chris Tucker, Martin Lawrence, Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart, Cedric the Entertainer, Katt Williams, J.B. Smoove, Bill Bellamy, the late Bernie Mac and many more.

Russell Simmons' Def Comedy Jam All Stars 2001

Def Comedy Jam is an HBO television series produced by Russell Simmons. The series had its original run from July 1, 1992 to January 1, 1997. Simmons was inspired to make Def Comedy Jam by Jerry Lewis' movie The Nutty Professor. The show returned on HBO's fall lineup in 2006. Def Comedy Jam helped to launch the careers of several African-American stand-up comedians.

Defying Gravity 2009

Defying Gravity is a multi-nationally produced space travel television science fiction drama series which first aired on August 2, 2009 on ABC and CTV and was canceled in the autumn of 2009. Set in the year 2052, the series follows eight astronauts from four countries on a six-year space mission through the Solar System, during which they are monitored from Earth via a real-time communication system. The series was pitched to networks as "Grey's Anatomy in space". Thirteen episodes of the series were produced before it was cancelled, only eight of which were shown on ABC, though the full run was shown in other countries or online.

The Defiant Ones 2017

A four-part documentary series that tells the stories of Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre -- one the son of a Brooklyn longshoreman, the other straight out of Compton - -- and their improbable partnership and surprising leading roles in a series of transformative events in contemporary culture.

The Defenders 1961

The Defenders is an American courtroom drama series that ran on CBS from 1961–1965. It starred E. G. Marshall and Robert Reed as father-and-son defense attorneys who specialized in legally complex cases, with defendants such as neo-Nazis, conscientious objectors, civil rights demonstrators, a schoolteacher fired for being an atheist, an author accused of pornography, and a physician charged in a mercy killing. It was created by television writer Reginald Rose. The Museum of Broadcast Communications called it "perhaps the most socially conscious series the medium has ever seen", a show "singularly resonant with New Frontier liberalism." In 2002, The Defenders was ranked #31 on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time. and in 2013 TV Guide ranked it #8 in its list of The 60 Greatest Dramas of All Time.

The Defenders 2010

The Defenders is a drama about two colorful Las Vegas defense attorneys who go all-in when it comes to representing their clients. Nick and Pete are the local go-to guys with an eclectic client list who are still looking to hit their own jackpot.

Judd for the Defense 1967

Judd for the Defense is an American legal drama originally broadcast on the ABC network on Friday nights from September 8, 1967 to September 19, 1969.


Defectors was a Challenge TV game show that aired from 2001 to 2002. It was hosted by Richard Orford.


The Definitive is a show on MTV2. Episode list: ⁕Episode 2: Animation ⁕Tupac - "Do For Love" ⁕Pearl Jam - "Do the Evolution" ⁕Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Californication" ⁕Episode 43: Drag ⁕Aerosmith - "Dude" ⁕The Donnas - "Take It Off" ⁕Eminem - "Without Me" ⁕Foo Fighters - "Learn to Fly" ⁕Jane's Addiction - "Been Caught Stealing" ⁕Madonna - "Express Yourself" ⁕Marilyn Manson - "The Dope Show" ⁕Nirvana - "In Bloom" ⁕No Doubt - "Ex-Girlfriend" ⁕Queens of the Stone Age - "Monsters in the Parasol" ⁕U2 - "One" ⁕Episode 44: Winona ⁕Beck - "Devil's Haircut" ⁕Bright Eyes - "Bowl of Oranges" ⁕Counting Crows - "Mr. Jones" ⁕Foo Fighters - "Learn to Fly" ⁕Helmet - "Unsung" ⁕Pete Yorn - "Life on a Chain" ⁕The Replacements - "I'll Be You" ⁕Ryan Adams - "New York, New York" ⁕Soul Asylum - "Runaway Train" ⁕Tom Petty - "Into the Great Wide Open" ⁕The Wallflowers - "6th Avenue Heartache"

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