Broken Night 2010

An insurance fraudster earns a living with fake car accidents. One day he gets involved in a real accident, and the dilemma begins.

Seoul Searching 2015

In the 1980s a group of foreign-born Korean teenagers who meet at a Seoul summer camp to learn what it means to be Korean. The three boys, from the U.S., Mexico, and Germany, then meet three girls who rock their world.

Migrations 1989

Based on the famous novel of Milos Crnjanski, the story follows Serbian migrations from the Austro-Hungarian Empire during the XVIII century.

Beautiful Sunday 2007

In Beautiful Sunday, there are no good guys or bad guys, only impulses and consequences. Faced with mounting hospital bills for his comatose wife, detective Kang (Park Yong Woo) arranges for a portion of the wares from a drug bust to end up in a rival gang’s hands in exchange for a cut of the profits. Kang is willing to do anything to get the money he needs, but the crossed gang is equally determined to recover their stolen goods. In another part of town, Min Woo (Nam Gung Min) and Su Yeon (Min Ji Hye, The Fox Family) meet in a bookstore, fall in love, and get married. What seems like a happy ending derails when Su Yeon discovers that her loving husband is the same man who raped her one night in a dark street. For these two desperate men who have erred in the name of love, crime only leads to more crime as they try to confront their wrongdoings. What happens when their paths cross one beautiful Sunday?

Seoul Station 2016

Suk-gyu is desperately looking for his runaway daughter. He spares neither money nor effort and after a while his search leads to results. One of his contacts claims to have found the girl. But joy is replaced by shock when he finds out that she works as a prostitute in the center of Seoul. Suk-gyu decides to pose as a client to get close to his daughter. But just before the long awaited and dreaded reunion, panic breaks out at nearby Seoul Station. The place is very popular with the homeless of the Korean capital. And one of them, who had died during the day, comes alive again and start attacking and eating another misfortunate. The undead cannibal epidemic spreads like wildfire. The authorities hermetically close off the city center and decide to wait out the end of the outbreak, until there’s no one left…

Seoul Mates 2014

Alice is a thirty year old Filipino trans woman who flew to Korea to chase after her boyfriend who she discovers is now living with his new girlfriend. Joon is a twenty five year old Korean musician who is being pressured by his traditional parents to find a more stable job and girlfriend. At a bridge in the middle of Seoul, the two brokenhearted souls fatedly cross paths.

Hari Terakhir Seorang Pengurus 2018

Nasir works for an over demanding boss. The story covers the day he tries to jump off from the office building with flashbacks of why he decided to take his own life.

Seoul Electric 2012

A North Asian metropolis. Electricity wires draped like thick webs adorn the streetscape. Expolsive sparks of colour electrify the frame. Filmed in Seoul in black and white. Colourised during processing using coloured torch light.

Finding Seoul 2014

Finding Seoul follows one individual as he attempts to find his birth parents. John Sanvidge was raised in upstate New York and brought up in an Irish and Italian household with his two siblings, who are also adopted. During his journey, he visits with his adoptive family to help them understand why he's made the decision to look now and travels to Seoul, South Korea all in an attempt to reconnect with a world he doesn't understand.

Motel Cactus 1997

Motel Cactus consists of four episodes, all of which take place in Room 407 of Motel Cactus, a love hotel in Seoul: (1.) A girl celebrates her birthday with her boyfriend, because it is the only place she feels entirely secure with him. (2.) A student has rented room 407 for several hours to shoot a scene with a girl for his video film, a college project. (3.) A salesman meets a woman in a bar. Both very drunk, they arrive in room 407. Afterwards he is back in the room, alone. (4.) He is soon joined by his old love from his college days. Both are vaguely hoping to rekindle their old relationship.

Migrations II 1989

Screening of the synonymous Milos Crnjanski's poetic novel about the tragedy of Serbian people who scattered their energy and bones from Dnepr to Lotaringia during XVII and XIX century. The great Serbian migration topic is given through the military campaign of major Vuk Isakovic (Avtandil Makharadze) at the head of Slavonian-Danube regiment, from spring of 1744. to spring of the next year. The second topic follows tragic but passionate relationship between Vuk's younger brother and his wife, which ends with her long-lasting disease and death.

Witch Castle 1968

A scamp Sang-hyeon who has crush on Hui-jeong shadows her to her house. He sneaks into her home and is surprised by a ghost. He stabbs the ghost who turns out Hui-jeong's mother. Hui-jeong gets married to Yeong-min and lives together with her father who has nobody to turn to. But Yeong-min's mother hates her daughter-in-law and mistreats her. She in the end kills Hui-jeong's father and attempts to kill Hui-jeong. Her dead mother appears to save Hui-jeong from the wicked mother-in-law.

Seoul Tour 2017

Two friends get more than they bargained for as they try to help a friend find his way home. What ensues is an unwilling night tour through the streets of Seoul(Korea) to help their friend, while testing the limits of their friendship.

Seoul Train 2004

Seoul Train is a 2005 documentary that deals with the dangerous journeys of North Korean defectors fleeing through or to China. These journeys are both dangerous and daring, since if caught, they face forced repatriation, torture and possible execution. Seoul Train has been broadcast on television around the world, including on the Emmy Award-winning PBS series Independent Lens. In January 2007, "Seoul Train" was awarded the Alfred I. duPont – Columbia University Silver Baton for excellence in broadcast journalism. In April 2007, "Seoul Train" was named runner-up in the National Journalism Awards. The film was produced, directed and filmed by Jim Butterworth, a technology entrepreneur in Colorado in the U.S., and Lisa Sleeth of Incite Productions. It was co-directed and edited by Aaron Lubarsky, an Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker in New York.

I Love Hong Kong 2011

After his business goes bust, Ng Shun (Tony Leung Ka Fei) and his family move back to his old apartment to stay with his father. He has not returned for 10 years because the apartment is too small for his family. Furthermore, the environment is unfamiliar to Shun's family. Coincidentally Shun's old childhood friend, Lung (Eric Tsang) returns too. Due to an old misunderstanding, Shun is distrustful of Lung. Will Lung regain Shun's trust again?

A Serbian Country Wedding 1911

In August 1911, Serbian producer Svetozar Botoric and Louis de Beery (former Pathé’s cinematographer) left Belgrade to film a country wedding. With the bridal procession of 300 guests bringing together all the social classes of the time, we follow the young married couple step by step : at home, then at the wedding luncheon beneath the old oak trees, and finally smiling at the party that presents a really beautiful account of Kolo, a traditional Serbian dance.

Kisah Seorang Biduan 1979

Dell, a struggling singer is left heartbroken after his lover gets married with someone else. With this he brings his broken heart to Kuala Lumpur and gambles his future to be a real big time recording singer. His road was a very bumpy one but in the end he managed to record an album and became famous. In all this fame his ex girlfriend comes back into his life.

Can Seo

Can Seo was a television series teaching Scottish Gaelic that started broadcasting in 1979 on BBC1 Scotland. The programme lasted for 20 weeks and a textbook and a cassette were produced to accompany the series. 'Can Seo' means 'Say This' in Scottish Gaelic.

Seó Spóirt

Seó Spóirt is an Irish language sports talk-show that is broadcast weekly on Friday evenings on TG4. Focusing on GAA and rugby union, the show runs each year from spring to autumn, covering the main competitions in both codes. Seó Spóirt is presented by former Kerry footballer Dara Ó Cinnéide, along with regular guest Seán Bán Breathnach. The show usually consists of a discussion of recent action and events from the worlds of GAA and rugby, with comment and analysis from different guests each week. Among the regular guests are Darragh Ó Sé, Coman Goggins, Liam Rushe, Pat Fleury, Páidí Ó Sé, Ger Loughnane, Kevin Cassidy, Dónal O'Grady, Ger Loughnane, Aodán Mac Gearailt, Tomás Ó Flatharta, John Allen, Ray Silke, Paul Galvin, Charlie Vernon and Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh. The show also includes interviews with players and managers, and other reports by Gemma Ní Chionnaith. Another regular feature is "Thar an Trasnán" competition, in which school-level football and hurling teams compete to see who can put the ball over the bar the most times. Seó Spóirt first went on air on February 2 2007. Mícheál Ó Dómhnaill hosted the first series, before making way for Dara Ó Cinnéide in 2009.

My Daughter Seo-young 2012

My Daughter Seo-young is a 2012 South Korean television series, starring Chun Ho-jin, Lee Bo-young, Lee Sang-yoon and Park Hae-jin. The family drama focuses on the broken relationship between Seo-young and her father, who later reunite with the help of her twin brother. It aired on KBS2 from September 15, 2012 to March 3, 2013 on Saturdays and Sundays at 19:55 for 50 episodes.

Ballad of Seo-dong 2005

This drama is loosely based on one of Korea's oldest folk songs. Suh Dong was the illegitimate son of the Baekje king and with the help of Princess Sun Hwa, the daughter of the king of the Silla, he went on to become the king of Baekje against all odds.

Hero Seorang Cinderella 2017

Hero Seorang Cinderella tells a story of a woman by the name of Nura Medina. Living with her cunning and malicious stepmother, Puan Sri Mawar, and her stepsister, Puteri, a vile and hateful yet gullible person, Medina has to endure endless verbal abuse and unjust treatment. Things took a turn in her life when she meets Tengku Ian, a charming, cheeky, and helpful young man, whose background and life is a mystery to her. Despite being someone who is careful with her emotions, Medina finds herself attracted to Tengku Ian without her fully realizing it.


Seoige is an Irish television chat show. The show, hosted by sisters Gráinne and Sile Seoige, was broadcast live on weekdays at 16:30 on RTÉ One, with a hiatus in the summer months. Episodes were repeated at 08:20 the following weekday morning on the same channel. The programme was originally launched in 2006 as Seoige and O'Shea with Grainne Seoige and Joe O'Shea at the helm. It followed a similar format to ITV's This Morning programme. Moving between serious issues and lighter subjects, content included interviews, debates and musical performances. Viewers could call, text or e-mail the programme's studio to give their opinions on topics. The presenters chatted with four sets of guests, which consisted of interviewees, discussion groups and musical artists. The show was rebranded Seoige in August 2008 after Joe O'Shea announced he was leaving RTÉ to pursue a career in radio broadcasting. RTÉ announced on 21 April 2009 that the show would be cancelled and that the last show would air on Friday the 24 April 2009. A new series will not be commissioned for the autumn of 2009.

Seoul 1945 2006

Seoul 1945 is a 2006 South Korean television series starring Ryu Soo-young, Han Eun-jeong, So Yoo-jin, Kim Ho-jin, and Park Sang-myun. It aired on KBS1 from January 7 to September 10, 2006 on Saturdays and Sundays at 21:30 for 71 episodes. Set around 1945 right after Korea's liberation from Japanese colonial rule when the nation was engulfed by ideological turmoil, the story revolves around the rivalry between Suk-kyoung, a renowned pianist and daughter of a rich pro-Japanese politician, and Hae-kyung, a headstrong servant; both women love Woon-hyuk, whose ambition to become a lawyer gets thwarted due to his political ideology.

Pops In Seoul

Get ready for the most popular Korean music program that showcases the hottest K-pop musicians and songs! Each day of the week features exciting segments, including new music videos and a closer look at stars on Mondays in “So Hot Clips”; MC Eddy of JJCC completes viewer missions and reveals his personality on “MC TV” on Tuesdays; provide the latest K-pop news in “K-Pop Zone” on Wednesdays; showcase up-and-coming rookies in “Rookie Show” on Thursdays; and find out what songs are sweeping the charts in “K-Pop Top 10” on Fridays! Don’t miss watching the No. 1 source of K-pop music and K-pop stars with “Pops in Seoul,” which has been airing since 1998!

Detectives of Seonam Girls' High School 2014

There are a lot of dark secrets at Seonam Girls High School, but nothing is too difficult to solve for the school's Sherlockian group of private investigators. Mentored by their teacher Ha Yeon Joon, these beautiful and intelligent sleuths use investigatory finesse to solve hot-button cases, including abortion, bullying and suicide.

The Great Queen Seondeok 2009

Queen Seondeok is a 2009 South Korean historical drama, starring Lee Yo-won, Go Hyun-jung, Uhm Tae-woong, Park Ye-jin, Kim Nam-gil and Yoo Seung-ho. It chronicles the life of Queen Seondeok of Silla. It aired on MBC from May 25 to December 22, 2009 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 62 episodes. The viewership ratings for the show topped TV charts almost every week during its run, peaking at 44.7 percent. It swept the 2009 MBC Drama Awards; actress Go Hyun-jung's performance and subsequent grand prize win received near-universal acclaim.

The Ume Tree in the Midst of the Snow 1984

The third episode of 500 Years of Joseon Dynasty deals with the period of history spanning from the reign of King Munjong, the first son of Sejong, to the chaos of Yeonsangun's rule.

Glass Castle 2008

Glass Castle is a 2008 South Korean television series that aired on SBS from September 6, 2008 to March 1, 2009 on Saturdays and Sundays at 20:50 for 51 episodes. Yoon So-yi stars as an ambitious and tough reporter whose life and career take a turn after she falls for a charming and persistent suitor, and marries him. But her aspirations of becoming a great reporter are put on hold while she struggles with her new life as the daughter-in-law of a rich, influential but controlling chaebol family. On the sidelines is her mentor and friend, a head newscaster for whom she also develops uncertain feelings.

West Palace 1995

A drama based on a popular portrayal of the events during the time of Prince Gwanghae in early 17th Century Joseon. Queen Inmok is depicted as a virtuous lady who fell victim to palace politics and is subsequently banished to the West Palace. Her stepson, Prince Gwanghae, is bewitched by the scheming concubine Kim Gae Shi, and her ambitions and unsatiable thirst for power leads him to his downfall.

K-POP Extreme Survival 2012

Ji Seung Yeon fails her audition piece for an English music college by severely modernizing it, secretly returning home to South Korea in shame. Hiding out at her painfully shy friend's house, she joins him in auditioning to replace popular members of a boy band who are getting too old. Together, she and her friend make it through to a finalized group of eight competing for the few opening spots. No one but her friend and her uncle (director of the pop music company) and his assistant know she's a girl. The leader of the boy band, not in the know, starts questioning his orientation when finding himself progressively attracted to this "boy."

Witch's Castle 2015

Oh Dan-Byul lost her parents due to her own mistake. She marries Joon-Young, but her husband passes away. Meanwhile, her mother-in-law, Ho-Duk, divorces because of her husband's infidelity and her sister-in-law, Se-Sil, returns to South Korea after divorcing her Italian husband. Now, these three women live together while overcoming their own personal problems and becoming important to each other.


Variety show featuring South Korean boy band NCT and their life in the city at various locations around the world.

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