Last Humans 2017

It's been 7 months since the outbreak, Joel and Jade now must survive the new cruel world. But it becomes more dangerous for them when they discover that they are being hunted......they must fight for their survival.

Humans vs Zombies 2011

Dark Comedy and Horror unite in this satirical thriller based on the "Live Action Role-Playing" game of the same name. Students on summer break are exposed to a deadly virus that is spread rapidly through direct human contact. The infected become enslaved by the invading "swarm" intelligence and driven by an insatiable appetite to consume human flesh. Returning home, the students spread the infection to their fellow classmates and other unsuspecting townspeople.

Humans 6,000,000 Dollars 1981

Mown down and crippled by a fleet of tuk-tuks, police officer Dono (Sardono) is given experimental bionic limbs and, along with his incompetent colleagues, sent to rescue a kidnapped nightclub singer.

Humans 2009

A team of several researchers travel to the Swiss Alps to investigate a scientific discovery on human evolution. The trip, however, turns into a deadly fight for survival when the team crash into a gully and find themselves falling prey to someone...or something.

Hunting Humans 2003

Meet Aric Blue. He's young. He's handsome. He's successful. He's also a serial killer. He picks his victims at random, stalking them and taking advantage of the patterns in their life to kill them. He's the ultimate serial killer. But when he finds his next victim already dead, a note on the body reading: "I'VE GOT YOUR PATTERN", Aric realizes he's being stalked by a serial killer every bit his equal. When two serial killers wage war, the rules are simple: Don't Get In The Way

Hunting Humans 1987

A guy whose brother was killed and a waitress whose sister was killed run afoul on a psycho killer who gets his jollies running people off the road with his big truck. Overcompensation much?

Humans and Elves 1985

Fatima returns from America after earning her doctorate, she meets Galal who works as a tourist agent. When she returns home, she finds Galal in her bedroom and warns her from marrying Osama her fiancé, he tells her that he is a demon who is in love with her. Fatima refuses Galal's request and orders him to stay away from her as she is the only person who can see him.

A World Beyond Humans? 2012

For the past fifteen years, the acceleration of technological progress has lead to unthinkable feats. Allowing amputees to walk again thanks to a bionic prosthesis or having a job interview with a robot is no longer science fiction. Technology is everywhere. It governs our social interactions and even intrudes into our bodies. But how far are we willing to let our machines go? It is this recurring issue, at the origin of many utopian works, that is addressed in this movie by Philippe Borrel.

Humans Need Not Apply 2014

Looks at the future of the integration of automation into economics, as well as the impact of this integration to the worldwide workforce.

Humans in Training

Four alien children are sent to Earth for a year of "how to be a human kid" training. One problem: they are awful at assimilating, constantly find themselves in bizarre situations, and make horrible decisions.

The Origin of Humans 2004

A brief history of mistakes and textbooks by Mike Riddle reveals claims by evolutionists featuring; Three case studies Neandertals: Who were they? Lucy and the australopithecines A new apeman: ramidus An evaluation of the mechanisms for change Natural selection Mutations Bonus Material Interviews with Darryl White (Federal Judge, retired), Frank Sherwin, M.A. Zoology, David Menton, Ph.D. Cell Biology Scenic video of God’s Creation

The War on Humans

Are humans the enemy? Should pigs and peas have constitutional rights? The War on Humans is a 31-minute documentary that critiques growing efforts to disparage the value of humans in the name of saving the planet. The documentary investigates the views of anti-human activists who want to grant legal rights to animals, plants, and "Mother Earth," and who want to reduce the human population by up to 90%. The video features Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Wesley J. Smith, author of a companion e-book with the same title.

The Gamers: Humans & Households 2013

Humans & Households follows a group of fantasy heroes on their day off as they sit down to enjoy a rousing role-playing game set in a mundane world of traffic lights, errant puppies, indoor plumbing, and other diabolical evils.

Humans vs Zombies: A Documentary 2011

Humans versus Zombies is a documentary style short film about 4 college students who are a team in the popular college campus game of Humans versus Zombies. The leader, Riley, the expert, Camden, the Bro, Dean and the Chick, Jennifer or JoJo all fight for their survival against the zombie horde, on a daily basis. At day four, the dysfunctional team has made their way through the game without losing a single team member, at the cost of other teams and players. In this short film, you will hear advice from veteran players and gain insight into the intensity of the game, which is anything but a game to some. This documentary short film may or may not be based on true events.

CoinCoin and the Extra-Humans 2018

A sequel to “Li’l Quinquin”. When a strange magma is found near Coincoin’s home town, the inhabitants suddenly start to behave strangely. Goofy detective Captain Van Der Weyden and his loyal assistant Carpentier set about investigating these alien attacks, discovering that an extra-terrestrial invasion has begun.

Decapitated: Human's Dust 2008

Human's Dust is a live performance DVD by the death metal band Decapitated from Poland. It contains the band's live performances and interviews from 2002 and 2004 from various locations. The DVD was released by Metal Mind Productions on June 9, 2008 in Europe and June 10, 2008 in the United States.

Humans 2015

In a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a 'Synth' - a highly-developed robotic servant that's so similar to a real human it's transforming the way we live.

Real Humans 2012

Set in a parallel universe, Real Humans imagines a world where robots have become so human that they're barely distinguishable from real humans and follows the resulting emotional effects on two families as well as the trials of a group of robots who have attained free will and want their freedom from human ownership.

Magic for Humans 2018

From baffling people on the street to orchestrating elaborate tricks, Justin Willman blends good-natured magic with grown-up laughs.

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