Driving Miss Daisy 1989

The story of an old Jewish widow named Daisy Werthan and her relationship with her black chauffeur Hoke. From an initial mere work relationship grew in 25 years a strong friendship between the two very different characters in a time when those types of relationships where shunned upon. Oscar winning tragic comedy with a star-studded cast and based on a play of the same name by Alfred Uhry.

Driving Lessons 2006

A shy teenage boy trying to escape the influence of his domineering mother, has his world changed when he begins to work for a retired actress.

Who's Driving Doug 2016

A sheltered, intelligent college student Doug changes his life forever when he hires an underachieving driver Scott. In order to escape his oppressively loving mother, Doug agrees to go on a spontaneous road trip with Scott and his college crush Stephanie. At the height of the journey, a tragic series of events tests their bond and opens the road to self-discovery. Drugs, gambling, and romance await the three friends in this coming-of-age drama.

Crash Course 1988

Some students taking driver's ed during the summer. Among the students is Riko, a cocky guy; Chad, a guy from a privileged background, who's terrified to get behind the wheel; Vanessa, who's over protective mom who wouldn't allow her to take the course, who went behind her back; and Maria, a spoiled foreign student. Now the principal wants the students to pass so he tells the instructor, who's still not over his wife leaving and is not exactly up to the task, that it's important for the students to pass so he brought in a special instructor, who's very tough. And the principal also tells one of his teachers to let, one of the students Maslanski who's the school football star, pass the test he failed so that he can concentrate on driver's ed. But the teacher, seeing this as an opportunity to expose the principal as not doing his job and thus paving the way for him to be the new principal, makes Maslanski take a make up test

Confessions of a Driving Instructor 1976

Timothy Lea and his brother-in-law Sidney decide upon opening a driving school as their latest get-rich-quick scheme. Though he sincerely wants to teach, young Timmy finds that his female students are far more interested in keeping their eyes on him than on the road.

Dinner and Driving 1997

A newly married couple faces problems in the form of siblings, friends and exes.

Driving Miss Daisy 2014

It tells the affecting story of the decades-long relationship between a stubborn Southern matriarch and her compassionate chauffeur. An iconic tale of pride, changing times and the transformative power of friendship, the play has warmed the hearts of millions of theatregoers worldwide.

Driving Miss Wealthy 2004

Leung plays Jennifer, the spoiled-rotten daughter of a millionaire. When Jennifer's father realizes that she's spending way too much money, he hires Kit (Lau) to pretend to be a Filipino chauffeur and chaperone her. Then, Jennifer's father decides that he's going to teach her the value of money and hard-work, so he pretends to be ill, leaving all the money to Pamela, his business partner. Pamela kicks Jennifer out into the street to live with Kit/Mario. The two learn to live together and work hard to get back on top.

Drunk Driving 1939

In this Crime Does Not Pay series entry, John Jones is an up and coming businessman who drinks too much but denies he has a problem. One day he mixes drinking and driving, and the tragic consequences hit very close to home.

Driving While Black 2015

DRIVING WHILE BLACK is a dark comedy, rooted deeply in reality... but not a reality that everybody is familiar with. Dimitri delivers Pizzas for a living - but as a young black man he is faced with "extra" challenges while navigating the city.

Anime Self-Driving Cars 2018

Two racers pit their self-driving hyper-fast cars against each other. Some say victory is guaranteed if you can program your car to be smart. But what if you program you car to have a heart?

Driving Me Crazy 1988

Both up-roaringly funny and unerringly cautionary, Broomfield's behind-the-scenes document of the making of a musical becomes a ceremonious unmaking-of as egos, budgets and general calamity conspire to ruin the best efforts of all involved in the New York rehearsals for an extravagant, glitzy production.

Driving with My Wife's Lover 2007

After realizing that his wife has been cheating on him, mild-mannered stamp maker Tae-han leaves his small seaside town of Naksan determined to track down his wife's lover, a taxicab driver from Seoul named Joong-sik. During one of the most intense heat waves on record, he travels to the city, where he successfully finds his target and hires him for a long-distance cab ride back to Naksan. As they drive down the highway, Tae-han refrains from revealing his secret to his new rival, and an unlikely bond develops between the two men. When they are faced with a series of unexpected detours along the way, Tae-han finds ample time to reassess his devious plans as the similarities and differences between the two men begin to surface.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Driving Dave Crazy 2013

Ever wonder why Dave is always yelling, "Alvinnn!!!"? What does it take to really drive Dave CRAZY? Is it when Dave is about to say "I do" before the wedding and is then hijacked by Alvin? Is it when Alvin challenges Dave to a duel with water balloons for the hand of his teacher Miss Stone? Is it when Dave accidentally drinks the boys new shrinking potion and is suddenly the size of a peanut? Find out in this fun-filled musical adventure with your favorite troublemaker, Alvin!

Moriyamachu Driving School 2016

Kiyotaka Sato (Shuhei Nomura) is a university student. He is sociable, but he looks like he doesn't have interest in those around him. During his summer vacation, Kiyotaka Sato plans to get his driver's license to impress schoolmate Matsuda (Yukino Kishii). At this time, a yakuza boss (Ken Mitsuishi) orders Todoroki (Kento Kaku) to get his driver’s license. Todoroki doesn't show his feelings outwardly. Later, Todoroki drives a car without a driver’s license and he hits Kiyotaka Sato. To cover up the accident, Kiyotaka Sato is placed in a car and taken to away. He arrives at an unofficial driving school. The driving school is run by the Uehara family. There, Kiyotaka Sato and Todoroki learn that they graduated from the same high school. They spend their summer at the driving school.

Ultimate Driving Craft 2 - Day & Night

How many times do we see skids marks entering a bend? This DVD will explain in detail the police method of cornering that ensures the perfect entry speed into any bend anywhere in the world, everytime. Security advice to women driving alone at night who suspect they are being followed. Chris has taught anti - surveillance driving to the PM's drivers. Overtaking. Friendly follow, a precursor to police pursuit training, Night driving, 3 chapters of commentary driving which are loaded with information and much, much more. Cars used in filming: Honda Jazz, Vauxhall Insignia & BMW 730d Auto. This is a superb 160 minute driving double DVD for all drivers and great value for money. There is no doubt you be a better and safer driver for watching this DVD. You will have to view it many times to glean all the information. Also an ideal present for any driver, regardless of age or experience. This DVD builds on the foundations of Ultimate Driving Craft, our first DVD.

Stop Driving Us Crazy 1961

Because of a depletion of oxygen on his own planet, Rusty, a Martian, investigates life on Earth. Another reason why Earth was chosen is because of the intriguing Christian messages Rusty hears from there, such as all are children of God. Once there, he finds that of Earth's objects he most resembles cars and masquerades as one. He is dismayed to learn from other cars and from what he sees that cars are ruled by these strange two-legged creatures that often do not know how to treat each other while commandeering these cars. The crazy behavior of these two legged creatures in relation to driving cars is even more appalling after they have consumed alcohol. This crazy behavior does not match the Christian messages that Rusty had overheard before his arrival.

Driving School 1990

Basir owns a driving school. His wife, Seri Indah suspects he is cheating on her. Sally, Dato's Zaglol mistress takes driving lessons at Basir's driving school with Hilmi as the instructor. Hilmi has a girlfriend Faridah who works in the same place. Thinking that she as the woman her husband is having affair with is Faridah, Dato' Zaqlol's wife, Maimunah enrolls in the driving school and takes Helmi to the Genting Highlands. Faridah upset but Hilmi pacifies her. Sally who breaks off her relationships with Dato' Zaqlol, is almost killed by his hired thugs, but is saved by Hilmi. Basir meanwhile, tries to rape Faridah but she manages to kill him.

Driving with Greenland Dogs 1897

A Danish factor ("colony manager") in Greenland drives a sledge with the help of some Greenlandic sledge dogs in Fælledparken in Copenhagen as an illustration of his life in Greenland in this first film ever shot in Denmark (by Peter Elfelt).

Driving School

Driving School is a docusoap that was broadcast on BBC One in the summer of 1997, which followed a group of learner drivers around Bristol and South Wales. Made on a reduced budget but shown in primetime, it created one of the first reality TV stars in Maureen Rees. It was narrated by Quentin Willson, who would later present the similar Britain's Worst Driver.

Sterva 2017

Contemporary Moscow. Journalist Sonya Bagretsova reviews restaurants for a popular Internet magazine. A misanthrope who wants and needs no one, she has one weakness - alcohol - that lands her in a ridiculous predicament.

Driving Force

Driving Force was an American reality television program which premiered July 17, 2006, on A&E, ending on May 15, 2007. It was centered around John Force, a drag racer, and his drag racing daughters.

ODYSSEY: Driving Around the World

ODYSSEY: Driving Around the World is a documentary television series. It follows the 66,000-kilometre driving expedition of seven Americans, including travel writer Rolf Potts. They depart from San Francisco and head south through 26 countries of North America, South America, Australia, and Asia, and back home 15 months later. The team's experience include encounters with a Pol Pot survivor in Cambodia, a Buddhist orphanage in Myanmar, and the Dalai Lama in India. Guest appearances include actor Michael J. Fox and director James Cameron. Burgess Productions produced the series. ODYSSEY is the title of the documentary travel adventure series itself, with Driving Around the World as the subtitle for the first season.

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