Driving Miss Daisy 1989

The story of an old Jewish widow named Daisy Werthan and her relationship with her black chauffeur Hoke. From an initial mere work relationship grew in 25 years a strong friendship between the two very different characters in a time when those types of relationships where shunned upon. Oscar winning tragic comedy with a star-studded cast and based on a play of the same name by Alfred Uhry.

Driving Lessons 2006

A shy teenage boy trying to escape the influence of his domineering mother, has his world changed when he begins to work for a retired actress.

Driving 2014

Tensions build to an explosive breaking point for a group of automobile drivers in the big city in this quirky animated short.

Driving Miss Wealthy 2004

Leung plays Jennifer, the spoiled-rotten daughter of a millionaire. When Jennifer's father realizes that she's spending way too much money, he hires Kit (Lau) to pretend to be a Filipino chauffeur and chaperone her. Then, Jennifer's father decides that he's going to teach her the value of money and hard-work, so he pretends to be ill, leaving all the money to Pamela, his business partner. Pamela kicks Jennifer out into the street to live with Kit/Mario. The two learn to live together and work hard to get back on top.

Driving with My Wife's Lover 2007

After realizing that his wife has been cheating on him, mild-mannered stamp maker Tae-han leaves his small seaside town of Naksan determined to track down his wife's lover, a taxicab driver from Seoul named Joong-sik. During one of the most intense heat waves on record, he travels to the city, where he successfully finds his target and hires him for a long-distance cab ride back to Naksan. As they drive down the highway, Tae-han refrains from revealing his secret to his new rival, and an unlikely bond develops between the two men. When they are faced with a series of unexpected detours along the way, Tae-han finds ample time to reassess his devious plans as the similarities and differences between the two men begin to surface.

Driving to the Edge 2012

Between 2007 and 2011, 725 Quebecers aged 16 to 24 were killed in car accidents. Excessive speed and alcohol were involved in half of these deaths. To try to understand what is going on in these young drivers' heads when they get behind the wheel, host and documentary filmmaker Paul Arcand met with some of them. On one hand, he gives a voice to these young people who love driving fast. On the other hand, he provides a forum for two accident victims who were injured both physically and psychologically. Finally, the director meets the mother of little Bianca Leduc, who was killed by a drunk driver while she was in the care of her babysitter, and the parents of Michael Borduas, 23, who is severely disabled from an accident.

Driving School 2014

The newest tycoon Robert wants to gets his hands on the land where the driving school stands and build a modern shopping center in it's place instead. It is during this acquisition that lands him in an altercation with Instructor Jože, whose wife left him and Roberts daughter Lija. Lija is determined to go to driving school in spite of his father's prohibition. Besides the tense that portray the ruthlessness of our world, the story offers a range of warm and interesting human relationships seen as part of our everyday lives.

Moriyamachu Driving School 2016

Kiyotaka Sato (Shuhei Nomura) is a university student. He is sociable, but he looks like he doesn't have interest in those around him. During his summer vacation, Kiyotaka Sato plans to get his driver's license to impress schoolmate Matsuda (Yukino Kishii). At this time, a yakuza boss (Ken Mitsuishi) orders Todoroki (Kento Kaku) to get his driver’s license. Todoroki doesn't show his feelings outwardly. Later, Todoroki drives a car without a driver’s license and he hits Kiyotaka Sato. To cover up the accident, Kiyotaka Sato is placed in a car and taken to away. He arrives at an unofficial driving school. The driving school is run by the Uehara family. There, Kiyotaka Sato and Todoroki learn that they graduated from the same high school. They spend their summer at the driving school.

Driving School 1990

Basir owns a driving school. His wife, Seri Indah suspects he is cheating on her. Sally, Dato's Zaglol mistress takes driving lessons at Basir's driving school with Hilmi as the instructor. Hilmi has a girlfriend Faridah who works in the same place. Thinking that she as the woman her husband is having affair with is Faridah, Dato' Zaqlol's wife, Maimunah enrolls in the driving school and takes Helmi to the Genting Highlands. Faridah upset but Hilmi pacifies her. Sally who breaks off her relationships with Dato' Zaqlol, is almost killed by his hired thugs, but is saved by Hilmi. Basir meanwhile, tries to rape Faridah but she manages to kill him.

Dinner and Driving 1997

A newly married couple faces problems in the form of siblings, friends and exes.

The Devil Is Driving 1937

In the fine tradition of And Sudden Death, Columbia's The Devil is Driving tabulates the dangers of drunken driving in an exciting, unabashedly melodramatic fashion. In his first true portrayal of a "little creep," Elisha Cook Jr. stars as Tony, the spoiled-rotten son of the wealthy and influential Mr. Stevens.

The Devil Is Driving 1932

Orville "Gabby" Denton is an alcoholic drifter with a chronic gambling problem. Despite his flaws he is beloved by his family. Gabby's brother-in-law Beef gets Gabby work as a mechanic at the Metropolitan Garage. The shop is a front to a stolen car ring. His brother-in-law Beef, who is otherwise honest, is aware of this. One day, Gabby is sent to pick up Silver, Jenkins's girl friend, whose car has broken down. Both Gabby and Silver start a relationship, after which Silver leaves Jenkins.

Driving by Braille 2011

Sarah Corso thinks her relationship with Xander West is great--until he proposes. She loves him, and he makes her very happy, but her mother loved her father, too, until the psychotic break.

Psychic Driving 2015

In William E. Jones’ Psychic Driving, a 1979 television broadcast, in which the wife of a Canadian M.P. details her horrific ordeal during CIA-backed mind-control experiments, disintegrates into a psychedelic miasma of scan lines and video interference.

Drunk Driving 1939

In this Crime Does Not Pay series entry, John Jones is an up and coming businessman who drinks too much but denies he has a problem. One day he mixes drinking and driving, and the tragic consequences hit very close to home.

Driving Force 1988

In the near future Steve (Sam Jones) takes a job as a tow truck driver that has to battle a gang of baddies led by Nelson (Don Swayze).

Driving Blind 2014

Two brothers, Tod and Justin Purvis faced with a rare genetic disease that causes blindness (Choroideremia) decide to take the road trip of a lifetime around the United States and see everything possible before going blind. Exploring large cities and small towns, camping in national parks, pushing themselves to their limits while meeting strangers and making new friends, Driving Blind is the story of appreciating what you have, while you have it. The film is a portrait of what makes America beautiful, what really matters in life, and what we as human beings do with our short time here.

Driving Demons 2014

A 'found-footage' film, original too shrunk to print on 16mm, it was made as one of four films for a project called GRAVITY SPELLS, an album of film and new music by John Davis, my collaborator in sound. The title derives from a title in the footage: THESE DRIVING DEMONS START YOUNG, and proceeds to show soap box derby races. I made a soap box racer and drove it in the official derby when I was about nine years old. The footage goes on to show various race cars, races, collisions, road cars racing and strange mobile contraptions, including rocket cars and exploding motorcycles. And of course mad drivers. All in the 1920s.

The Driving Test 2005

Comical short film shows how fifty-year-old Diana Roos is doing her driving test for the twenty-sixth time. Very nervous and having the hiccups, Diana takes her seat next to the moustached examiner. But the latter is more engaged in the quarrel with his wife than in Diana. He keeps cursing into his mobile phone and is blind to the obstacles appearing in front of the car. With growing resolution, Diana disposes of all the hurdles on the way.

Driving Me Crazy 1988

Both up-roaringly funny and unerringly cautionary, Broomfield's behind-the-scenes document of the making of a musical becomes a ceremonious unmaking-of as egos, budgets and general calamity conspire to ruin the best efforts of all involved in the New York rehearsals for an extravagant, glitzy production.

Driving School

Driving School is a docusoap that was broadcast on BBC One in the summer of 1997, which followed a group of learner drivers around Bristol and South Wales. Made on a reduced budget but shown in primetime, it created one of the first reality TV stars in Maureen Rees. It was narrated by Quentin Willson, who would later present the similar Britain's Worst Driver.

Driving Force

Driving Force was an American reality television program which premiered July 17, 2006, on A&E, ending on May 15, 2007. It was centered around John Force, a drag racer, and his drag racing daughters.

ODYSSEY: Driving Around the World

ODYSSEY: Driving Around the World is a documentary television series. It follows the 66,000-kilometre driving expedition of seven Americans, including travel writer Rolf Potts. They depart from San Francisco and head south through 26 countries of North America, South America, Australia, and Asia, and back home 15 months later. The team's experience include encounters with a Pol Pot survivor in Cambodia, a Buddhist orphanage in Myanmar, and the Dalai Lama in India. Guest appearances include actor Michael J. Fox and director James Cameron. Burgess Productions produced the series. ODYSSEY is the title of the documentary travel adventure series itself, with Driving Around the World as the subtitle for the first season.

Sterva 2017

Contemporary Moscow. Journalist Sonya Bagretsova reviews restaurants for a popular Internet magazine. A misanthrope who wants and needs no one, she has one weakness - alcohol - that lands her in a ridiculous predicament.

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