Element 2016

A young boy comes back from a field trip in the woods with something inside him. His mother must resort to supernatural means to save her son and herself.

The Element of Crime 1984

Fisher, an ex-detective, decides to take one final case when a mysterious serial killer claims the lives of several young girls. Fisher, unable to find the culprit, turns to Osbourne, a writer who was once respected for his contributions to the field of criminology. Fisher begins to use Osbourne's technique, which involves empathizing with serial killers; however, as the detective becomes increasingly engrossed in this method, things take a disturbing turn.

Five Element Ninjas 1982

A young martial artist seeks revenge on the ninja who kills his martial arts brothers and teacher.

Element 2016

Desperate to recall the memory of his dead wife, a financial advisor turns to hypnosis as a means to reshape the past.

Element 1973

Like female artists in other forms - Tina Mendotta, Carolee Schneeman, Versuchka, Charlotte Moorman, who covered their bodies with earth and paint and chocolate - Greenfield in Element reveals a femaleness both transgressive and erotic. She unites complex associations of death and birth in a daring visceral act as both film-maker and which becomes a rite uniting complex associations of death and birth.

Element 2013

Shot on a Bolex after years of resistance towards shooting film, towards becoming a filmmaker, towards shooting what interests me in my everyday life. Shot while on my way to or returning from work in Midtown, to dinner in Sunset Park, on my walk to get coffee and coconut buns in Chinese bakeries on 8th Ave, Brooklyn. Reflections. Shadowplay. Natural and in-camera superimpostions. Shooting into the light.

Trier's Element 1991

Behind-the-scenes documentary about Lars von Trier's latest movie Europa (1991). Also features unique footage of Trier and cast shooting a bit of footage for Trier's 30-year project "Dimension".

This Is My Element 2007

Element's 8th skateboarding video featuring Nyjah Huston, Chad Muska, Brent Atchley, Chad TimTim, Justin Schulte, Jimmy Lannon, Bam Margera, International Team, Mike Barker, Levi Brown, Mike Vallely, Bucky Lasek, Collin Provost, Tosh Townend, Darrell Stanton, and Tony Tave

The Elementary Particles 2006

Based on Michel Houellebecq's controversial novel, Atomised (aka The Elementary Particles) focuses on Michael and Bruno, two very different half-brothers and their disturbed sexuality. After a chaotic childhood with a hippie mother only caring for her affairs, Michael, a molecular biologist, is more interested in genes than women, while Bruno is obsessed with his sexual desires, but mostly finds his satisfaction with prostitutes. But Bruno's life changes when he gets to know the experienced Christiane. In the meantime, Michael meets Annabelle, the love of his youth, again.

The Human Element 2018

For 35 years, Boulder-based photographer James Balog (Chasing Ice) has broken new conceptual and artistic ground on one of the most important issues of our era: human modification of our planet’s natural systems. Now, feeling an urgent need to show how climate change is impacting his own country, Balog creates stunning images that reveal how environmental problems are affecting the lives of average Americans.

Element: YOGA For Energy

Filmed in a beautiful garden overlooking the Pacific Ocean, these yoga sessions are designed to give you a perfect balance of vitality and calm. The Energy program revitalizes and builds stamina with postures that are known to boost the nervous system, build strength and tone muscle. This invigorating sequence will reduce fatigue, improve productivity and leave you feeling focused and alert.

Element: YOGA for Relaxation

Filmed in a beautiful garden overlooking the Pacific Ocean, these yoga sessions are designed to give you a perfect balance of vitality and calm. The Relaxation program melts away tension in your muscles and your mind with a combination of soothing restorative asanas, deep relaxation techniques, flexibility enhancing postures and poses known to calm the natural fight or flight mechanism in the body. This peaceful sequence will help you gain flexibility, improve sleep and dissolve away stress leaving you with an overall feeling of wellness and contentment.

Element of Survival 2014

Beyond the sprawl of the urban jungle, 150 race teams meet to do battle in the heart of the Mojave Desert in southern California. The format is "run what ya brung" Unlimited 4 Wheel Drive Racing, and the stakes are higher than ever. Only 20% of the teams that take the green flag will make it to the end, the remainder being left strewn across the desert floor in the wake of one of the hardest off road races on the planet, the King of the Hammers. Follow teams in 'Element of Survival' as they set out to conquer harsh desert at speeds in excess of 100mph, as well as some of the hardest rock crawling North America has to offer, all in an effort to be crowned "King" at the setting of the sun.

The Human Element 2016

The Human Element" takes place in 1944 Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, a young SS psychologist is charged with analyzing the Jewish prisoners of the camp, problems arise as he learns his first "patient" is a learned psychologist himself. They enter a heated debate on what it means to be a good doctor and a good human being.

Life 3D: Water, the Element of Life 2013

Immerse yourself in the true sense of the word into life, in true 3D. Water or abbreviated H2O, is actually a chemical compound of the elements oxygen and hydrogen. But this has really something! Water is in fact the most important element on our earth. Without water, the emergence of life on our planet would have been impossible. Sometime before several tens of millions of years it took the first great-fish out of the water to the land of the beginning he evolution. Just a few facts about the importance of this elixir of life: The element of water is in the mythologies and religions of most cultures of central importance and is considered the epitome of life.

Elementary 2012

A modern-day drama about a crime-solving duo that cracks the NYPD's most impossible cases. Following his fall from grace in London and a stint in rehab, eccentric Sherlock escapes to Manhattan where his wealthy father forces him to live with his worst nightmare - a sober companion, Dr. Watson.

The Riff Raff Element 1993

The Riff Raff Element is a 1990's British comedy-drama series written by Debbie Horsfield and directed by Jeremy Ancock, who also directed Dressing for Breakfast and episodes of The Bill and Bergerac. It was nominated for the British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series in 1994.

Element Hunters 2009

In the year 2029, chemical elements such as oxygen, carbon, gold, molybdenum, and cobalt were continually disappearing from Earth. These disappearing elements ultimately disrupted the environment and led to the destruction of various homes, cities, and even entire countries. Researchers discovered that the vanishing elements drained into a planet called Nega Earth, located in another dimension. Element dematerialization was occurring rapidly; thus, to save Earth, three special pre-teens picked by the space colony government formed the Element Hunters. Their job was to transport themselves to Nega-Earth to battle monsters called Q-EXes and retrieve lost elements. However, out of their own concerns, Ren, Chiara, and Homi, three average middle school students from Earth, banded together to also become Element Hunters. With the help of Professor Aimee Carr and Juno, they are able to help save their own planet.

Mysterious Ways 2000

Declan Dunn has a fascination with mystical phenomena that began when he was buried under an avalanche and given up for dead. After he miraculously survived, he committed his life to investigating miracles and the absolute proof of their existence. Now a professor of Anthropology at a leading Oregon university, Declan has the training, support staff and the opportunity to study the uncanny, inexplicable phenomena people call "miracles". With the help of Peggy, a skeptical psychiatrist, and Miranda, a research student, the three embark on a quest to explain what science cannot.

4 Elementos 2018

32 participants, divided into 8 teams, made up of two men and two women face air, water, earth and fire tests.

Erementar Gerad 2005

Elemental Gelade is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Mayumi Azuma. The fantasy adventure is a tale of a group of five who are on a journey to Edel Garden, the birthplace of mystical beings called Edel Raids who are described as "living weapons". The manga series has been adapted into an anime TV series produced by XEBEC, two light novels, two video games for the PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance and four drama CDs. The anime ended with 26 episodes, but the manga is still being serialized in the monthly Japanese manga magazine Monthly Comic Blade, published by Mag Garden. Prior to the original broadcast of the anime on TV Tokyo on April 5, 2005, both the manga and anime were licensed by Tokyopop and Geneon Entertainment, respectively for North American distribution. The announcement was made even after ADV announced they acquired licensing rights for both manga and anime a year before.

Blade Dance of Elementalers 2014

Only a pure maiden can have the privilege to contract with a spirit. Priestesses, who can summon spirits from Astral Zero, the world of spirits, and have full command of their power, are called elementalists. Kamito Kazehaya is the only male with this privilege, and due to what happened in the past he comes to Areisha Spirit Academy where priestesses are trained to become elementalists. He is then told that he is to transfer to the school, form a team with priestesses to compete in Blade Dance where the most powerful elementalist is chosen, and win.

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