The Olsen Gang 1968

The first of 14 Olsen Gang films presents us with Egon Olsen, head of the gang, and his friends Benny and Kjeld, who want to become the best known gang in Denmark and eventually Europe by stealing a famous Bavarian work of art currently displayed in a Copenhagen museum. Although Egon's plan works out fine, there is only trouble ahead for the little gang.

The Olsen Gang Never Surrenders 1979

Egon plans to exploit knowledge gained during his latest term of incarceration. By stealing the unmanipulated financial records of DanInvest he obtains the majority of the stocks in the department store Magasin du Nord, just in time for their closing sale. The attempt to get the red suitcase that will save the day they rob the main vault at the EEC headquarters in Brussels and end up hijacking a tank.

The Olsen Gang's last escapade 1974

The Olsen Gang has finally made it. They are in Mallorca, having fulfilled their dream. Almost, that is. They don't have any money, so Egon has to open a safe at a restaurant to get some. As usual, however, Egon ends up in prision. When they return to Denmark, he has a new plan.

The Olsen Gang Outta Sight 1977

Egon is starting to be a little forgetful; he forgot the zone number, so he fails to open the strongbox. When he gets out of Vridslose State Prison, Kjeld and Benny have become associates of Yvonne's cousin Georg from America. He is not just some old-fashioned strongbox thief that can't remember like Egon, but a young hip IT criminal, that thinks that everyone else is inferior. However, Egon doesn't take lightly to the Georg's patronizing so he sabotages Georg's computer and ruins his cup. This time Egon's ambitions reaches a new high, when he and his gang break in to the World Bank, and they get away with it. Of course, thanks to Yvonne, they aren't rich very long.

The Olsen Gang in a Fix 1969

A good looking female social welfare worker makes Egon Olsen forget about crimes for some time, but when an American gangster breaks into a local bank and the police think its Egon's work, he has to get back to work to prove he's innocent.

The Olsen Gang's Big Score 1972

After his usual stay behind bars, Egon has another cunning plan involving millions. They rob over 4 million from a money transport. The gang keeps a low profile and hide the money. But it's stolen by "Kongen" and "Knægten", who immediately start living it up - in the penthouse suite at the Sheraton. The suitcase with the money changes hands several times, before Kongen's daughter takes of with all the money.

The Olsen Gang jumps the fence 1981

As usual, Egon has an ingenious plan. And, as usual, it works just fine until one of the gang members makes some kind of funny error. This time, however, even Egon's life is in danger, for some international criminals try to get rid of him by throwing him into a container filled with acid.

The Olsen Gang - Final Mission 1998

Egon escapes from the psychiatric ward, where he has been incarcerated since the gang's last coup. Keld and Benny pick him up, and when Egon, as always, is planning the big heist, the Olsen Gang is once again on the move.

The Olsen gang runs amuck 1973

When Egon Olsen gets out of Vridlose State Prision once again, his friends Benny and Kjeld do not want to know about his new ingenious plan: they are actually WORKING in a shop! Thus, he has to think of something else to get his hands on the money of some international gangster.

The Olsen Gang Long Gone 1981

Criminal genius Egon Olsen presents his accomplices Benny and Keld with yet another infallible plan that can only end badly. The booty is a red suitcase containing values ​​worth five million. The sinister mastermind Bang-Johansen carries the suitcase. The Olsen Gang follows him to Paris, where they put their cunning and carefully organized plan into motion.

The Olsen Gang Sees Red 1976

Egon and the gang are hired to stage a robbery of an antique Chinese vase for an economically challenged baron. Naturally they fooled, which infuriates Egon. The gang tries to get back at the baron by switching the vase with a cheap Hong Kong copy. One attempt is made during the barons hunting party, where Egon ends up being bricked up in the catacombs. In another attempt, the gang has to coordinate breaking through several walls at The Royal Theater in Copenhagen with the "Elverhøj" overture.

The Olsen Gang Goes to War 1978

Some criminal EU ministers plan to turn Denmark into a gigantic fair ground and holiday paradise. Egon gets his hand at some important documents which could both make him rich and take care of Denmark's future.

The Olsen Gang in Jutland 1971

The Olsen gang in Jutland. Ones again Egon Olsen has a plan when he gets out of Vridslose State Prison. He has found out that the Germans left a large sum of money (in American dollars and gold bars) in one of their commando bunkers, when they were defeated in 1945; the only problem it's in Jutland. Egon, Benny and Kjeld "appropriate" a car and drives to Jutland along with Kjelds wife and child Yvonne and Borge. They look forward to fooling the the people in Jutland, but of course, things don't go quite as planed. It ends with Benny, Kjeld, Borge and Yvonne sitting in the train back to Copenhagen, were they are overtaken by Egon in his car on the road next to the track. This is the last time the Olsen gang goes to Jutland.

The Olsen Gang on the Track 1975

Egon and his two cronies managed to sneak a fortune with them to Spain. Here they live a life in a whirl of pleasures, but they are not truly happy. While Egon always has the money chained to him, Bøffen still manages to steal them. Egon ends up in jail once again, and when he comes out, he has a brilliant plan.

Olsen Gang Gets Polished 2010

Olsen-Banden skal udføre en betroet opgave for selveste Statsministeriet: H.C. Andersens originale fjerpen skal stjæles fra det Danske Export Museum, det gælder angiveligt Rigets sikkerhed og gode omdømme. Men Hallandsen har igen taget røven på Egon.Der er intet mindre end den danske nationalfølelse, Egons ære og 30 millioner på spil. Men Egon har en plan - han skal bruge en boremaskine, et glas honning, en flaske økologisk sveskejuice og en god bunke døde rotter.Christiansborg sættes på den anden ende, metroen forsinkes mere end sædvanligt og Dronningens gardere danser pludselig cancan.

When in Rome 2002

Teenage sisters Charli and Lola are on the verge of an experience beyond their wildest dreams! Pack your bags and jet off to Rome as the girls start their summer internship working for the legendary Derek Hanson - the totally cool international tycoon whose empire reaches from airlines to cutting-edge fashion. Amid the fabulous sights of this exciting city, the girls do their best to impress their boss, while still finding time to design their own line of very hip clothing, meet some very cute guys and turn their summer abroad into one awesome adventure they - and you - will never forget!

Familien Olsen 1940

Familien Olsen is a 1940 Danish family film directed by Lau Lauritzen, Jr. and Alice O'Fredericks.

Billboard Dad 1998

High above Hollywood Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are playing Matchmakers! One's a surfer. The other's a high diver. When these two sisters team up to find a new love for their newly single Dad, it's a fun-loving, eye-catching California adventure gone wild. Mary-Kate and Ashley star in this fabulously funny love-struck comedy filled with crazy schemes and cool surprises. Determined to find their Dad, Max, a new love, the girls paint a personal ad on a giant billboard in the heart of Hollywood. After a few disastrous dates, Max finally meets Brooke and it's love at first sight. There's just one hitch, her unruly skateboarding son is the girls' arch rival. Now, with the girls plotting every action-packed step of the way, they've got to find out if love really does conquer all. Full of outrageous events, mixed-up matches and lots of laughs, Billboard Dad tops the charts as Mary-Kate and Ashley's coolest mischief-making adventure ever!

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