The Square 2017

A prestigious Stockholm museum's chief art curator finds himself in times of both professional and personal crisis as he attempts to set up a controversial new exhibit.

All Square 2018

A down-on-his-luck bookie befriends an ex-girlfriend’s son and gets the bright idea to take bets on his youth league baseball games; only to realize he’s killed what’s pure about the sport as the games turn ugly when money is on the line.

The Square 2013

The Square, a new film by Jehane Noujaim (Control Room; Rafea: Solar Mama), looks at the hard realities faced day-to-day by people working to build Egypt’s new democracy. Catapulting us into the action spread across 2011 and 2012, the film provides a kaleidoscopic, visceral experience of the struggle. Cairo’s Tahrir Square is the heart and soul of the film, which follows several young activists. Armed with values, determination, music, humor, an abundance of social media, and sheer obstinacy, they know that the thorny path to democracy only began with Hosni Mubarek’s fall. The life-and-death struggle between the people and the power of the state is still playing out.

Love per Square Foot 2018

Individually, bank employees Sanjay and Karina don't earn enough to be able to buy a home, so they decide to enter into a marriage of convenience.

The Square 2008

Ray, a construction worker trapped in an unhappy marriage, pursues an affair with his neighbor, Carla. Carla's husband, Greg, is a mobster who keeps large sums of drug money in their home. With this in mind, Carla comes up with a plan: She and Ray will steal Greg's money, burn down her house, convince Greg the money was lost in the fire and then run away together. Carla's scheme, however, doesn't go off as planned.

Hangover Square 1945

When composer George Harvey Bone wakes with no memory of the previous night and a bloody knife in his pocket, he worries that he has committed a crime. On the advice of Dr. Middleton, Bone agrees to relax, going to a music performance of singer Netta Longdon. Riveted by Netta, Bone agrees to write songs for her rather than his own concerto. However, Bone soon grows jealous of Netta and worries about controlling himself during his spells.

The Square Peg 1958

Norman Pitkin and Mr Grimsdale are council workmen mending the road outside an Army base when they come into conflict with the military. Shortly afterwards, they get drafted and fall into the clutches of the Sergeant they have just bested. They are sent to France to repair roads in front of the Allied advance but get captured. Pitkin takes advantage of a useful similarity to impersonate General Schreiber and manages to return a hero

Times Square 1980

Two ill-matched teenage girls form a punk band and soon have New York by its ears.

Washington Square 1997

Set in 1870's New York, a spinster heiress is courted by a much younger, penniless man, much to the chagrin of her over-protective father, and must decide whether to spend the rest of her life alone, or marry a man who is interested in her only because of her inheritence.

Love Square 2005

Miki has a good job and works in an office. She's been dating Ryosuke and they're happy together... except for the fact that Miki is also in a relationship with her college professor Tanaka. Tanaka is trying to break up with Miki because of his wife, but Miki won't hear of it. Ryosuke is also unfaithful, and he has a one-night stand with Chihiro, who also has a boyfriend. The plot thickens when both girls discover they are pregnant, and don't know who to name as father. This romantic drama about relationships is proof that love can also come in squares.

Aziz Ansari: Live at Madison Square Garden 2015

Ansari headlines the iconic Madison Square Garden and delivers his most hilarious and insightful stand-up yet. Filmed in front of a sold-out audience, Ansari's latest special is an uproarious document of the comic in top form -- covering topics ranging from the struggle of American immigrants to the food industry to relationships to gender inequality.

Gettin' Square 2003

Gettin' Square is about starting over, keeping clean and going straight. Barry Wirth is fresh out of prison and determined to stay on the straight and narrow. But like his mate Johnny 'Spit' Spiteri and reformed gangster turned restaurateur Dabba, he finds out the hard way that there are old scores and a few new ones that'll make getting square a lot harder than he thought.

Berkeley Square 1933

A young American man is transported back to London in the time of the American Revolution and meets his ancestors.

Square Shoulders 1929

Tad's dream is to attend a military academy so he can grow up to be a great soldier and a war hero, like his father. What he doesn't know is that his father, Slag, is actually a thief and a derelict. Slag robs a factory in order to get the money to send Tad to military school, then gets a job at the academy's horse stables to be close to his son, who doesn't know he's alive.

Lady Gaga - Presents The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden 2011

Lady Gaga Presents: The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden is a 2011 concert special documenting the February 21 and 22, 2011 shows of Lady Gaga's The Monster Ball Tour. Filmed at Madison Square Garden in Gaga's hometown of New York City, the two-hour special was produced by HBO and first broadcast on the channel on May 7, 2011, a day after Gaga's last date of The Monster Ball Tour. It was released on DVD and Blu-ray on November 21, 2011 and was directed by Laurieann Gibson, Gaga's main choreographer. Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour: At Madison Square Garden features concert footage as well as pre-concert and backstage content.

The Square Root 1969

Photographer Peter Christiansen, University of Miami student, does a picture story at an LSD party on the beach.

Berkeley Square 1998

Three young women from very different backgrounds meet, become friends and share experiences when they all gain positions as nannies in the wealthy households of London's exclusive Berkeley Square.

The Deuce 2017

The story of the legalization and subsequent rise of the porn industry in New York’s Times Square from the early ’70s through the mid ’80s, exploring the rough-and-tumble world that existed there until the rise of HIV, the violence of the cocaine epidemic and the renewed real estate market ended the bawdy turbulence of the area.

North Square 2000

North Square is an award-winning British television drama series written by Peter Moffat and broadcast by Channel 4 at the end of 2000. Starring an ensemble cast, including Phil Davis, Rupert Penry-Jones, Helen McCrory and Kevin McKidd, the programme is set around the practice of a Leeds Legal Chambers. The series was filmed in and around the real life Park Square, Leeds. This is the area near the city where the majority of legal firms are concentrated. Despite gaining considerable critical acclaim the show failed to garner a substantial audience resulting in only the one series of ten episodes being produced. In Australia the series was broadcast in 2001 on ABC and repeated in 2004 after popular and critical acclaim. The full series was released on DVD for the first time by Acorn Media UK on 5 March 2012.

Square Pegs 2002

Square Pegs was a Hong Kong television series 2003. The program's title is an abbreviated reference to the English idiomatic phrase "square peg in a round hole." The series was the runaway success of 2003, commanding a viewership of 3.5 million or roughly half of Hong Kong's population during the last week of its broadcast, and breaking TVB's ten-year ratings record. It also went on to win four awards for its two lead actors in the TVB 36th Anniversary Awards, and made both Roger Kwok and Jessica Hsuan household names in the territory.

Union Square 1997

Union Square is a 1997 television sitcom that was broadcast on NBC for one season. It follows the story of a lawyer-turned-playwright in New York City, who attempts to gain inspiration from a host of characters populating the fictitious Union Square cafe in Manhattan, obviously inspired by the New York area of the same name. The show was originally supposed to be a vehicle for Cuban-American actress Mel Gorham. But after poor test screenings for the pilot, the producers decided to retool the show and replace Gorham with Constance Marie. The program replaced Fired Up on NBC's "Must See TV" night of programming; it was given an 8:30pm timeslot on Thursday evenings, a highly coveted spot due to its location between popular sitcoms Friends and Seinfeld. Like The Single Guy, Union Square attempted to capitalize on attractive singles in their 20s and 30s enjoying New York City life, which both Seinfeld and Friends had turned into successes. The show also featured guest appearances from actor David Krumholtz, who appeared on two episodes, as did actress Rhea Perlman.

Square One Television 1987

Square One Television is an American children's television program produced by the Children's Television Workshop to teach mathematics and abstract mathematical concepts to young viewers. Created and broadcast by PBS in the United States from January 26, 1987 to November 6, 1992, the show was intended to address the math crisis among American schoolchildren. After the last episode aired, the show went into reruns until May 6, 1994. The show was revived for the 1995–1996 PBS season as a teacher instruction program, Square One TV Math Talk. Square One was also shown on the U.S. cable television channel Noggin in syndication beginning in 1999, but was removed from its lineup along with other Sesame Workshop shows on May 26, 2003.

Square Pegs 1982

Square Pegs is an American comedy series that aired on CBS during the 1982–1983 season. The series follows Patty Greene and Lauren Hutchinson, two awkward teenage girls desperate to fit in at Weemawee High School.

It's a Square World

It's a Square World was a groundbreaking British comedy show starring Michael Bentine and produced by the BBC. It ran from 1960 till 1964. The series led Bentine to a BAFTA award in 1962 for Light Entertainment and a compilation show, screened by the BBC in 1963, won that year's Press Prize at the Rose d'Or Festival in Montreux. The shows were devised and written by Michael Bentine and John Law. Some sketches were released on an LP.

Foley Square 1985

Foley Square is a 1985-1986 United States comedic television series starring Margaret Colin which centers around an assistant district attorney in New York City. It was Colin's first starring role. Original episodes aired from December 11, 1985, to April 8, 1986.

4 Square

4 Square is a Canadian television show for adults and kids. The show consists of 4 different segments. Each segment has its own coloured backdrop, with the actors wearing the contrasting colour. The show is often divided up and only one segment is aired as filler.

Empire Square

Empire Square is an animated TV series written by Matt Morgan made with pixel graphics. It originated in the UK where it is broadcast on Channel 4 late at night on Fridays. Recently the United States music network Fuse TV shows full length half hour episodes as opposed to the two to four minute ones in the UK.

4 Square

4 Square is the British tournament game show that aired on BBC1 from 3 May 1988 and 31 October 1991. The original host was Michael Groth, but he was replaced by John Sachs from the second series. Two contestants competed in a series of rounds, trying to score points in each one.

Butternut Square

Butternut Square was a Canadian children's television series which aired on CBC Television between October 19, 1964 and February 10, 1967. The cast featured Ernie Coombs as Mr. Dressup and Fred Rogers as Mister Rogers, both of whom would follow with their own landmark television series.

Square One

Square One was a quiz programme that was produced by Granada Television and aired on the ITV network from 1980 until 1984, the original host was Nick Turnbull who hosted the first series then comedian Joe Brown became the host until it ended in 1984.

Circle Square

Circle Square was a Canadian children's television series that ran from 1974 to 1986. The series was produced by Crossroads Christian Communications in cooperation with the Circle Square network of summer camps for children of Christian parents. Mixing human actors — both youth and adult counselors — with puppets in a Sesame Street-like manner, the series was set at a Circle Square Library. Each episode taught a lesson in moral values and Christian faith. The series was syndicated to Canada and the United States, and usually aired in a weekend slot on stations that also aired Crossroads' 100 Huntley Street. 1984-1986 reruns of Circle Square were formerly shown Saturday mornings on the Trinity Broadcasting Network until late 2005 or early 2006. In 2003 a pilot for a new version of Circle Square called Circle Square Network was produced by Crossroads, but was never picked up. Episodes of the original Circle Square program can be viewed on the Circle Square Ranch website.

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