Fresh 1994

Michael is a 12-year-old drug pusher who lives in a crowded house with his cousins and aunt. His father has become a street bum,but still meets with Fresh on occasion to play chess. Fresh is rather quiet in a crazy world. Fresh's sister is a junkie who sleeps with the dealers that Fresh sells for. As the story progresses Fresh realizes that he doesn't want to sell drugs anymore - he wants revenge.

Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh 2018

Adam Sandler takes his comical musical musings back out on the road, from comedy clubs to concert halls to one very unsuspecting subway station.

Fresh Guacamole 2012

In this follow-up to his stop-motion hit Western Spaghetti, director PES transforms familiar objects into Fresh Guacamole.

Fresh Meat 2012

A dysfunctional gang of criminals takes a middle class Maori family hostage and discovers too late that they are cannibals.

Fresh 1996

Cristy is a gambler in too deep with debt from Facundo and Aurora. When she found out that her debtor’s son has taken a liking for her daughter, Susie, she devised a scheme to get rid of her debt.

Fresh Dressed 2015

Fresh Dressed chronicles the history of Hip-Hop | Urban fashion and its rise from southern cotton plantations to the gangs of 1970s in the South Bronx, to corporate America, and everywhere in-between. Supported by rich archival materials and in depth interviews with individuals crucial to the evolution of a way of life--and the outsiders who studied and admired them--Fresh Dressed goes to the core of where style was born on the black and brown side of town.

Fresh Horses 1988

A Cincinnati college student breaks off his engagement to his wealthy fiancée after he falls in love with a backwoods Kentucky girl he meets at a party. She says she's 20, but he finds out she's 16 and married to an abusive husband.

Fresh 2009

FRESH is more than a movie, it’s a gateway to action. Our aim is to help grow FRESH food, ideas, and become active participants in an exciting, vibrant, and fast-growing movement.

Fresh Breeze 2009

Teresa Weißbach makes this film about a widower, who finds new life courage with the help of a young woman, to a remarkable romantic drama. In memory of his deceased wife, the Hamburg glove manufacturer Tobaben spends some days in her favorite hotel in Travemünde. There he meets Luzy. The lively young woman is a barmaid in the evening and a housekeeper during the day. She immediately locks him in the heart. He, on the other hand, thanks to her carefreeness finds new life courage, engages her from the spot as a shareholder and takes it easy to accept that the distinguished Hanseatic society promptly tears the mouths.

Fresh Bait 1995

With the ambition to start a boutique overseas but without the means to do so, Nathalie finds herself in a desperate situation, where she would do anything to acquire what she needs. Along with her boyfriend, Eric, and his friend Bruno, she concocts a plan where she seduces clueless men and accompanies them to their places, then allows Eric and Bruno to break in. But the three soon encounter trouble after one of their schemes ends in murder.

A Fresh Girl 2014

For her disabled father and to protect her family which is on the verge of breaking up, high school teen Cheong-ah maintains life by working at a gas station. The owner of the gas station Dong-pal pretends to comfort her, but in the end his desires overwhelm him and uses money to take away her virginity. Dong-pal starts obssessing with her in the name of love and from then onwards, Cheong-ah abandons herself and throws her physical self out there. Then one day, San-hae, the owner of a medium-sized business who parted with his family and lived a lonely life, sees Cheong-ah sitting under a lamp post with a blue rose in her hands. A strange emotion sweeps over him...

A Fresh Start 2014

Finishing his military service, Jihyeon goes back to college, only to face difficult family issues and rumors to abolish departments of college he is belonged to. At a literary club meeting, Jihyeon meets Hyerin, who shares his concerns, and have an impulsive sex after the meeting.

Fresh Air 2016

Last week I made a film of 49 of my T-shirts called Fresh Air. It was to be purely structural. For sound I recorded (in sync) the quiet ambience of my Val Verde neighborhood. Then I decided to add the sounds of a radio playing. I set up my Sound Devices and began to record NPR’s All Things Considered. It was 3:00pm on December 2. The regular news was interrupted by breaking news from San Bernardino. By the end of my recording 12 people were dead along with two suspects. My film is no longer purely structural.

Fit Fresh

A "fake" advertisement which promotes something different in a "fake" world, to have a heathy life.

Fresh Air 1999

Fresh Air, which focuses on ordinary moments of everyday life, is an original hybrid of urban comedy and kitchen-sink drama. It is also a realistic depiction of relationships among lovers, friends, and family in the multi-cultural environment of a big city. The protagonists are three thirty-something housemates with artistic aspirations.

Fresh Air

Featuring a vehicle equipped with tanks of oxygen, Fresh Air was an interactive performance that allowed people on the streets of New York to breathe clean air free of charge. This guerilla act, done under the pseudonym George Smudge, was a comment on the declining air quality in 1970s New York.

Fresh Acconci

Artists McCarthy and Kelley re-stage classic 1970s performance pieces by Vito Acconci, with a decidedly ironic Southern California sensibility. States McCarthy: "[The piece] is a reference to art now, to a resurgence of the 1970s and an interest in youth in the art world. There are also references to Hollywood 8 movies and soft porn made in the Hollywood hills... In Fresh Acconci, the New York art scene is sandwiched with Hollywood. Two kinds of aesthetics overlap. The tape itself crosses lines of what is politically correct, exploitation and softening or obscuring the meaning."

Fresh Kill 1972

This film records the complete process of the destruction of Matta-Clark's truck (which he called "Herman Meydag") by a bulldozer in a rubbish dump. Part of 98.5, a compilation of films by Ed Baynard, George Schneemar and Charles Simons, this piece was shown in Documenta 5 in Kassel, Germany. Camera: Burt Spielvogel, Rudy Burkhardt. Producer: Holly Solomon, Burt Spielvogel.

Rock Fresh 2004

This unconventional documentary follows the struggles of five infamous graffiti artists as they make the transition from the street to the world of commercial success. Applying spray paint to some of the unlikeliest of places and materials -- including metallic city rooftops, sandy deserts, smelly sewers and wood-filled forests -- these maverick artists can't help but reveal their true, defiant colors, despite their professional ambitions.

Fresh Off the Boat 2015

A '90s-set single-camera comedy about a hip-hop-loving Asian kid growing up in suburban Orlando, being raised by an immigrant father obsessed with all things American and an immigrant mother often bewildered by white culture.

Fresh Meat 2011

A group of six students about to embark on the most exciting period of their lives so far: university!

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 1990

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is an American television sitcom that originally aired on NBC from September 10, 1990, to May 20, 1996. The show stars Will Smith as a fictionalized version of himself, a street-smart teenager from West Philadelphia who is sent to move in with his aunt and uncle in their wealthy Bel Air mansion, where his lifestyle often clashes with that of his relatives. The 148 episodes were broadcast over six seasons.

Fresh Pretty Cure! 2009

Fresh Pretty Cure! is a Japanese anime series and the sixth Pretty Cure installment by Izumi Todo. Produced by Toei Animation, the series was directed by Junji Shimizu and written by Atsushi Maekawa. Character designs were created by Hisashi Kagawa, who previously designed the characters in the anime Saikano, and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. The series aired on TV Asahi's ANN network between February 1, 2009 and January 31, 2010, replacing Yes! PreCure 5 Go Go! in its initial time slot, and was succeeded by HeartCatch PreCure!. This is the first Pretty Cure series to extend the target-audience demographic beyond young girls, as well as the first to introduce CG-animated end credits focused on dance routines. The series's main themes involve traditional playing-card suits, fruits and clovers; these symbols are associated with the cures, magical devices and attacks used by the series' characters.

Fresh Fields 1984

Fresh Fields is a British situation comedy written by John T. Chapman and produced by Thames Television for ITV between 7 March 1984 and 23 October 1986. A ratings success at the time, the show is well remembered for its opening titles featuring a silhouette of a person in a rocking chair. It stars Julia McKenzie and Anton Rodgers as Hester and William Fields, a devoted middle-class couple with an idyllic suburban lifestyle. William works while Hester keeps home. The crux of the show was that she was always looking to try new hobbies or find ways to improve her life, much of which exasperated her hard-working husband. The family home had a granny flat attached, in which Hester's mother Nancy lived. She was divorced from Hester's father Guy although remarried him as the series progressed. The couple had a daughter called Emma who frequently telephoned but never appeared. Her husband Peter did appear often. They later had a son — the Fields' first grandchild — whom they named Guy, after his great-grandfather. Perhaps, the best remembered supporting character was Sonia Barrett who would frequently pop round to borrow items to replace hers due to breakage, theft or mislaying. Hester was not perturbed by this, as the two were close friends, but it used to irritate William. Sonia had the show's only catchphrase — she would always knock on the back door of the Fields' home and then say It's only Sonia! as she walked in. This would sometimes lead to applause of recognition from the studio audience, a phenomenon more regularly seen within American sitcoms. Sonia's husband John appeared on occasion, as did William's secretary Miss Denham, played by Daphne Oxenford.

The Fresh Beat Band 2009

The Fresh Beat Band is a children's TV show with original pop songs produced for Nick Jr. The Fresh Beats are Shout, Twist, Marina, and Kiki, described as four best friends in a band who go to music school together and love to sing and dance. The show was filmed at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, California. All episodes follow the same basic structure: ⁕Each episode begins with a song that foreshadows a problem that the band will solve. ⁕The band works together to solve the problem. ⁕When the problem is solved they perform a song with the problem and solution incorporated into the lyrics. ⁕Each episode concludes with a version of The Fresh Beat Band's closing song, "Great Day". ⁕The main characters dance to choreography by Mandy Moore; Sean Cheesman; Chuck Maldonado; Scotty Nguyen; Dreya Weber; Mary Ann Kellogg; Nakul Mahajan; Mihran Kirakosian; Susan Austin and Fred Tallaksen.

Fresh Off the Boat 2012

Fresh Off the Boat is a genre-bending venture into subculture through the lens of food. Raw, wild, and heartfelt, Eddie Huang gets down in the underbellies of cities around the world in search of what's cooking in their back alleys and underground spots. He's hunting rabbits with biker gangs in Oakland, eating seafood and surfing in Taiwan, hitting low-rider BBQs in East LA, and dining on rice and beans with your drug dealer's grandmother in Miami.

Get Fresh

Get Fresh was a children's television programme that ran from 1986 to 1988 in the United Kingdom.

Fresh Gear

Fresh Gear is a television program on ZDTV then known as TechTV that showcased the latest in personal technology. It was hosted by Stephanie Siemiller and Chris Leary. The original hosts were Jim Louderback and Sumi Das. Fresh Gear started to air on ZDTV after its launch in May 1998. The show aired every Wednesday at 9:30 pm. It was cancelled after the May 2004 merger of G4 and TechTV into G4techTV. G4techTV continued to make episodes until the closure of the San Francisco studios. Fresh Gear was then aired in reruns until early December 2004. Though Fresh Gear is gone, G4techTV Canada has recreated the show as Gadgets & Gizmos. Product review segments were often co-hosted by the 'Lab Rats': Roger Chang, Hahn Choi, Andrew Hawn, Robert Heron, James Kim, Brett Larson and Martin Sargent. Another show that airs on another Comcast-owned channel known as Geared Up has a very similar format to Fresh Gear.

Fresh with Anna Olson

Fresh with Anna Olson is an award-winning cooking show presented by Anna Olson from her home in the Niagara region of Ontario. The series is a joint production between Food Network Canada and Peace Point Entertainment Group. The third season is currently airing on Food Network Canada. The premise of the show has presenter Anna Olson cooking three dishes for either a special occasion or a community event. On each episode, she will visit a local grocer in the Niagara region to pick out one or several key ingredients for her meal. On the official website, it states that she creates these meals while using her mantra, "eat fresh, eat local"; hence the show title.

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