Dance for a Woman 1975

Experimental performance piece in which Ulrike Rosenbach turns to the waltz "I Dance with You in the Sky" in a circle until she falls over, scene through a supervision perspective through mirror hanging from the ceiling.

All to Play For 2018

FC Pol Positiu are on a 2 year unbeaten streak in a league made up of players with mental illnesses. On their journeys as a unit and as individuals they contend with hospital admissions, the pressure of the game and what it means to be a team that accepts anyone, no matter who you are.

Looking for Another Woman 2006

A man puts an advertisement in the newspaper and turns out to be a psychopath who waits for his victims with an ax. Inspired by a Charles Bukowski story.

Coffee for All 2017

In Naples, Buenos Aires and New York, people reflect on the Neapolitan tradition of "suspended coffee" and how it changed their lives.

Looking for Matilde 2013

After learning kinetic art in France, Matilde Pérez (1916-2014) returned to Chile in 1961 to practice this trend but found herself ahead of her time. The testimonies of specialists and friends to Matilde generate a provocative speech about a culturally deficient country, narrated through the rescue of the work and the life story of an artist who questioned the established and was condemned to isolation.

Scramble for Fortune 1956

A young man and a woman are on a mission to protect a mysterious mirror that hides the secrets of a great fortune.

Lucky for us! 2017

Izidor is dreaming of becoming a real firefighter, despite not being taken seriously. Everything changes when he wins the lottery.

All For The Best 1997

The events occur during the Armenian-Azerbaijanian/Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Because of a corpse in a zinc coffin with an arguable address two families get excited. Having cut the lid off the coffin for identification of a dead soldier they find out that he is not Azerbaijanian but Armenian - former dweller of Baku.

D is for Division

1940. On the border between Latvia and the USSR, a woman is killed in front of her house as she tried to protect her son from the liberating attack of the Soviets. Almost 80 years later, the archive photo bearing witness to this news item and representing a collateral victim of the European Union’s founding conflict forms the starting point for a journey undertaken by Davis Sīmanis. He navigates from one side to the other of this border, which today represents another separation, one that is geographical but also cultural: between Europe and Russia.

Wait for Me 1980

The film is about village boy who became an enlisment officer and came back to Garabagh and fell in love with bey's daughter.

Eye for an Eye 1966

A group of middle-class friends, driving around São Paulo, choose one of the women as a bait to attract a victim, object of their alienation and moral aggressiveness.

Memories For Moderns 2013

A series of 13 videos made between 2000 and 2009 shown together for the first time. Starting with the “musical” writings of Pier Vittorio Tondelli, Ancarani retraces the changes that have come to Romagna’s ‘riviera’ in recent decades: immigration and petrochemical plants amidst timeless landscapes.

Still Looking for Morphine 2001

Ricky rides her motorcycle among real and imagined dangers, to arrive unscathed, but unalterably changed, at the end of summer. The unrelenting wind of the season disrupts a landscape of inaction, theft and drug use. The end of innocence has already begun and a new path, dark and hopeful, stands waiting like the ships beyond her window. It will be an act of violence that thrusts the girl into womanhood and leads her to a new life where, not without pain, everything is possible.

Lust for Gold 1974

The psychological drama of a mining town in the Apuseni mountains, where the lure of gold acquisition and pathology lead to cruelty, murder and madness.

Passport for a Corpse 1962

When a robbery goes wrong the only survivor tries to smuggle himself across the border by hiding in a coffin. When he gets out of the coffin he finds himself locked in a morgue freezer with three dead bodies. While trying to escape the morgue and his isolation he slowly starts going mad and hallucinating. Throughout the film he is haunted or menaced by a woman who may or may not be real. Unique and strange film that gets more and more weird as it goes along.

Film for Blind Poet 2012

Glauco Mattoso, a blind sadomasochistic poet, agrees to participate in a documentary about his own life, but the conditions he imposes raise difficulties to the work of the young director.

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was an MSNBC television program hosted by David Shuster that ended in 2009. The show is a panel show based around the discussion of news and trends in American politics among the panelists and anchor. It is a continuation of the show, Race for the White House, which was originally hosted by David Gregory and aired in the same time slot from March to November 2008. Shuster became the host of the show when Gregory became moderator of NBC's Meet the Press. The show had a rotating array of panelists, but Eugene Robinson, Michael Smerconish, Richard Wolffe, and Pat Buchanan had appeared on a frequent basis. Race for the White House and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue aired nightly at 6 PM Eastern on MSNBC.

Youth Wants to Know 1951

High school and college students have the opportunity to ask questions to major figures in the world of politics, business, and international affairs.

Ben 10: Alien Swarm

Ben 10: Alien Swarm is a 2009 Science fiction live-action film that premiered on Cartoon Network on November 25, 2009, based on the animated series Ben 10: Alien Force. It is the sequel to the 2007 live-action film Ben 10: Race Against Time. The film was confirmed to be executive produced and directed by Alex Winter once again and written by John Turman and James Krieg. The cast were revealed throughout the Ben 10 Week towards the end of March 2009 in special commercials. A teaser was shown during the premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It was released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc six days after the U.S. TV premiere of the film. The film also received a limited theatrical release in Australia. It takes place between the second and third seasons of Ben 10: Alien Force.


The ITV Formula One coverage was a British television programme dedicated to Formula One coverage that was broadcast by the British broadcaster ITV between 1997–2008. ITV gained the rights for Formula One coverage for 1997 in late 1995 from the BBC and focused on more in-depth coverage, conducting more interviews and better camera angles. The coverage was initially presented by Jim Rosenthal and veteran commentator Murray Walker and former racing driver Martin Brundle were the initial commentators before Walker's retirement after the 2001 United States Grand Prix and was succeeded by pit-lane reporter James Allen. Rosenthal left in 2005 and was succeeded by Steve Rider who presented the coverage until ITV ceased to broadcast Formula One after 2008. Formula One coverage returned to the BBC in 2009 for ITV to focus more extensive coverage of UEFA Champions League football matches. The programme was successful in collecting three consecutive BAFTA awards for sporting coverage but also garnered criticism for showing advertisements during their coverage.

Survivors: Nature's Indestructible Creatures 2012

It is estimated that 99 per cent of species have become extinct and there have been times when life's hold on Earth has been so precarious it seems it hangs on by a thread. This series focuses on the survivors - the old-timers - whose biographies stretch back millions of years and who show how it is possible to survive a mass extinction event which wipes out nearly all of its neighbours. The Natural History Museum's professor Richard Fortey discovers what allows the very few to carry on going - perhaps not for ever, but certainly far beyond the life expectancy of normal species. What makes a survivor when all around drop like flies? Professor Fortey travels across the globe to find the survivors of the most dramatic of these obstacles - the mass extinction events.

Good Job, Good Job 2009

Good Job, Good Job also known as Cheer Up on Love, Job Well Done, Well Done or Thumbs Up For A Job Well Done is a South Korean television series that aired on MBC, its first aired on March 14, 2009 and finished on August 2, 2009 and the first shown in South Korea.

Ugly Alert 2013

Gong Joon-soo is a man who's had a rough life and early on had to fend for himself. He takes the blame for a murder his younger sibling commits and serves time in prison. There he learns to sew and acquires a trade. With his newly acquired skills, Joon-soo goes to work for Na Do-hee at a fashion company. Do-hee has inherited her job because her grandfather built the company. But even though she inherited her position, she is serious about doing a good job and is something of a workaholic.

Tank Knights Portriss

Tank Knights Fortress is a Korean-Japanese co-produced animated series by SBS Productions, Dong Woo Animation and Daewon Media of South Korea in partnership with SUNRISE, NAS and Bandai Visual of Japan. This animated series being broadcast and shown in the Philippines and Taiwan. It also has an array of original merchandise such as on-line games, toy figures and audio CD soundtrack.

Maria Wern 2008

Crime Inspector Maria Wern returns to duty at the Police Department on the island of Gotland, and is immediately thrown into a murder investigation.

Dalek Tales 2011

Fan-make CGI short,created by Lee Adams,focused on Dalek Caan, It’s both a sequel to Victory of the Daleks and a prequel to The Stolen Earth & Journey’s End, and includes elements from The Daleks (as in the 1963-4 serial) as well..

Jazz Party

Jazz Party, also known as Art Ford's Jazz Party, was a TV series featuring jazz musicians on WNTA-TV in New York City, and which aired on Thursdays at 9pm ET from May 8, 1958 to December 25, 1958. The 90-minute shows, hosted by Art Ford, were distributed by the DuMont Television Network. The shows were also aired on Armed Forces Television. All episodes were filmed in a New Jersey studio, except for the final episode, which was recorded August 11, 1958 in New Orleans, and aired on December 25. Performers who appeared on the series included Billie Holiday, Coleman Hawkins, Buster Bailey, Vinnie Burke, Roy Eldridge, Abbey Lincoln, J. C. Higginbotham, Les Paul, Dick Hyman, Anita O'Day, Mary Osborne, Teddy Charles, Harry Sheppard, Maxine Sullivan, Alec Templeton, and many others.

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