Inja 2002

A young Xhosa boy adopts a stray puppy, only to have his sadistic white farmer "boss" torment the pup which causes the dog to fear and resent the boy. This lays the foundation for training the dog to embody the farmer's racist beliefs.

Injustice 2002

Between 1969 and 1999 over 1000 died in police custody in Britain. In this controversial documentary four women fight to find out how their own loved ones died. Each family is met with a wall of official silence and the film documents how they unite and challenge this together. The documentary uses powerful exclusive footage filmed over a five year period and witnesses the families' pain and anger at the killings.

Injun 2013

When six raiders kill her husband, child and workers on her ranch, a white woman raised by the Commanche' claims an Indian blood rite.

Blind Injustice 2005

A blind woman finds herself the target of an attacker again after the person originally convicted of her rape is found to be innocent of the crime.

La Blue Girl 3: Lady Ninja 1996

Part 3 of this live action Hentai series begins with tasty ninja babe Yaku contacting her equally sexy cousins, Seia, Fuka and Maki, for help in her battle against the Shikima sex demons. After all three of her cousins have arrived, and wounded Bido warrior Miko has been nursed back to health (Fuka applies a special potion to the patient and uses her naked body to thoroughly rub it in), the girls make one last bid to defeat their evil, tentacled enemies.

Secret Ninja, Roaring Tiger 1982

Dragon Kong, a victor of a millionaire's martial-arts contest, is about to begin the most dangerous mission of his life. For his prize, the millionaire's ravishing daughter Susan, has been stolen - kidnapped by a Ninja sect headed by Tiger So, a legendary Ninjitsu super-foot. Why Tiger has taken Susan, Dragon can only guess, but as the shocking truth begins to dawn, and the final showdown approaches, the violence of the Ninja reaches its fatal peak.

Edogawa Rampo's Beast in the Shadows 1977

Multiple murders, red herrings and sadomasochistic sex are the order of the day in this ground-breaking mystery from Edogawa Rampo, Japan's foremost writer of suspense novels. The year is 1930 and the chance meeting of a novelist and one of his fans opens the door to a series of mysterious events culminating in the death of a wealthy industrialist who may have been leading a double life. Aoi Teruhiko and Kayama Yoshiko star along with 2 of Japan's most famous and highly respected actors, Otomo Ryutaro and Wakayama Tomisaburo. In a departure from the samurai genre in which he made his name this is director Kato Tai's masterpiece. A true work of cinema art comes to life in this deadly tale of love and betrayal!

Disaster Movie 2008

In DISASTER MOVIE, the filmmaking team behind the hits "Scary Movie," "Date Movie," "Epic Movie" and "Meet The Spartans" this time puts its unique, inimitable stamp on one of the biggest and most bloated movie genres of all time -- the disaster film.

Shootin' Injuns 1925

Shootin' Injuns is a 1925 short silent comedy film directed by Robert F. McGowan. It was the 38th Our Gang short subject released.

La Blue Girl: Revenge of the Shikima Realm 1995

Three complete stories of Ninja Sexcraft! The live action version of the anime hit. Miko has been training all her life for the inevitable day when the sex-starved Shikima Demons would invade to subjugate the women of Earth with their lascivious tentacles. Now the barriers are breaking down and the people of Earth are in peril. The demons won't stop until they have insinuated themselves into every orifice available. Will the Shikima demons make slaves of all of Miko's friends? How can Miko possibly defend against the wrath of an entire dimension?

The Last of the Unjust 2013

A place: Theresienstadt. A unique place of propaganda which Adolf Eichmann called the "model ghetto", designed to mislead the world and Jewish people regarding its real nature, to be the last step before the gas chamber. A man: Benjamin Murmelstein, last president of the Theresienstadt Jewish Council, a fallen hero condemned to exile, who was forced to negotiate day after day from 1938 until the end of the war with Eichmann, to whose trial Murmelstein wasn't even called to testify. Even though he was without a doubt the one who knew the Nazi executioner best. More than twenty-five years after Shoah, Claude Lanzmann's new film reveals a little-known yet fundamental aspect of the Holocaust, and sheds light on the origins of the "Final Solution" like never before.

Injecting Aluminum 2017

In the early 90s, a mysterious muscular disease with symptoms that included severe muscle and joint pain began to surface among multiple patients in France. In 1993, a team of doctors in Paris discovered that these patients had developed a new disease called Macrophagic Myofascitis, or MMF, which occurs when the aluminum hydroxide adjuvant from a vaccine remains embedded in the muscle tissue and causes an immune reaction. Featuring interviews with patients, doctors, scientists, and influential politicians, Injecting Aluminum calls in to question the public health policies around aluminum in vaccines and examines aluminum's devastating effects on the human body.

Injury Time 2010

Three Antwerp football fans are in Belgian Wallonia. After one of them is severely beaten up by a group of rival fans, Sid wants to leave immediately. But loose cannon Van Dessel is not planning on going home just yet.

Injun Trouble 1938

Porky leads a wagon train into "Injun Joe Territory," and finally comes up against the fearsome Superchief. But Sloppy Moe, a survivor of a previous Injun Joe attack, knows something about him he won't tell... until the very end.

Injun Trouble 1969

Cool Cat, a hipster feline, drives in his dune buggy across the U.S. Southwestern desert and encounters a wacky Indian tribe.

Injustice 2011

On the surface William Travers is a picture of success. An accomplished criminal barrister happily living with his wife in rural Suffolk. However, Travers is still recovering from a traumatic series of events that have shaken his belief in the legal system. Reluctantly, he is drawn into a case that involves his old friend Martin Newall who faces conspiracy and murder charges while at the same time being investigated by a vicious and vengeful detective DS Mark Wenborn.


Injustice is the 18th co-production of MediaCorp TV and ntv7. It was aired every Monday to Thursday, at 10:00pm on Malaysian Chinese language channel ntv7. This drama started airing on 23 August and ended on 4 October 2010. This will be the third Malaysian series to be screened on Channel U after The Thin Line and Addicted to Love when it debuts on 9 Nov 2012, weekdays at 6 pm.

Cowbois ac Injans

Cowbois ac Injans is a Welsh language television drama written by brother and sister Jon Tregenna and Catherine Tregenna which was broadcast on S4C. The series was made by Teledu Opus, which later became Rondo Productions. The title was a pun on the phrase "Cowboys and "Injuns"; "injun", a mis-pronunciation of "Indian" sounds similar to "injan", Welsh for "engine".

Twin Angels

Twin Angels is the English name given to a hentai anime series about twin sisters, and a boy who will determine the fate of the world. The title has been published in English under two names, Twin Dolls by Soft Cel Pictures and Twin Angels by Anime18. The series is also known as Seijyuu Den / Inju Seisen. The Japanese original was published by Daiei Co., and created by Ohji Miyako. This title was one of the early popular titles in hentai that arrived in North America.

Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident 2013

Detective Ha Eun-joong uncovers a shocking secret; Ha Myung-geun, the man he believed was his father, had actually kidnapped him as a child. Myung-geun had lost his own son in a building collapse, and as revenge against the man responsible, Jang Tae-ha, he abducted Tae-ha's son and raised him as his own. In the aftermath of revenge, Eun-joong searches for the truth and becomes caught between his two fathers and the woman he loves, Woo Ah-mi.

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