The Heath Is Green 1951

After the end of World War II Lüder Lüdersen, the former owner of a feudal estate in the East, and his daughter Helga arrive as refugees in the Lüneburg Heath. While living a seemingly happy life on the estate of his cousin, Lüdersen hides a dark secret: he is a poacher.

Keith & Heath 2014

A story of two identical twins that are the best of friends...and puppets.

Heathers 1989

A girl who halfheartedly tries to be part of the "in crowd" of her school meets a rebel who teaches her a more devious way to play social politics: by killing the popular kids.

Heath Harmison: Raising Insanity

Heath is one of the brightest new comedians out there. His family-friendly style of comedy kills in clubs, colleges, and festivals including the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Heath Vs Wilson : The 10 Year Duel 2011

Harold Wilson and Edward Heath are two very different men equally overlooked by history, but they were the political titans of the era in which Britain changed for ever. For ten years they faced each other in the House of Commons, and swapped in and out of Number Ten. They fought four general elections, three of which were amongst the most exciting of the century.

Heath Franklin's Chopper - The (s)Hitlist 2013

Australia's Most Wanted comedian Chopper is fizzing at the bumhole to be back in on the road, and this time, he's brought a big pad of paper with your name on it.Some people have a shopping list. Some have a To-Do list. Chopper has a Shitlist. It's like Santa's naughty and nice list; but with more sack, and no one is getting toys.Restaurant serves your dinner cold. Put it on the Shitlist. The word ‘chillax’. Shitlist. Friend stabbed you. Shitlist. Just saw a romantic comedy you didn’t like... well maybe put yourself on the shitlist for that one, what did you expect? From the Ten Commandments to the Top 40 charts, history is littered with lists, but nobody's done a list like Chopper because sometimes when you get angry, you have to get organised.Think of it as like a bucket list for things that can get f**ked. Everybody has a shitlist. What’s on yours? Submit your entry to The Shitlist now by tweeting #Choppersshitlist and be part of the show Easily the best list since Schindler's.

Heath Franklin's Chopper - Harden the F#ck Up Australia 2010

Starring Heath Franklin as Chopper and Mini-Chopper as Mini-Chopper from TVs The Ronnie Johns Half Hour Sometimes life seems a bit tough, and you just feel like finding a quiet corner and having a cry. Well it's times like these that Chopper thinks you should take off your skirt, grow a moustache and harden the f**k up.

Heathen 2009

It has been a year since William's brother David went missing. The worst year of his life, one that has left him a broken man. The day Chloe moves into his bleak apartment block, it seems there is a chance for some happiness in his life, she makes him feel different, alive. When William suddenly starts receiving mysterious messages relating to his missing brother, his fragile world is turned upside down. William must try and follow these strange clues regarding his brother to find out who is responsible for his disappearance. With Chloe at his side he embarks on a dangerous journey to discover the truth.

Heathcliff 1999

The Musical adaptation of Emily Bronte's Classic novel "Wuthering Heights". When his childhood love abandons him for a man of higher social rank, Heathcliff seeks vengeance.

Heathens and Thieves 2012

Lawmen, drifters, and hired guns converge at a Northern California ranch believing its Chinese owners possess stolen gold. When two drifters hear rumors that a Chinese railroad worker has escaped with gold and now owns a remote ranch in the wilds of Northern California, the desperate men set a plan in motion to steal the gold for themselves. Saul, the youngest of the drifters, hopes to win the affections of Zhen and his beautiful wife, Kun Hua. Saul hires on as a farmhand, while his partner Bill lurks in the shadows and waits for the opportunity to strike. However, waves of worse men arrive seeking the stolen fortune, setting in motion a deadly multi-sided face-off of bluffs, gambles, and betrayals. Heathens & Thieves is a western crime drama set in an American era when the riches associated with the 1849 Gold Rush, the fallout of the Civil War, and the impact of Chinese immigration were fresh in people's minds.

Heather Ann

Cornish fisherman John Lewis is waiting for a stroke of luck which will give him the money to pay his debts and rid himself of his wife and his trawler Heather Ann. One day he nets a torpedo...

Heather and Yon 1944

Andy helps his newspaper reporter friend get the goods on a killer, but when the friend gets injured and can't continue the job, Andy confesses to the murder and tries to expose the killer. while in the jailhouse.

Recording Heathen Earth 1980

The live in-studio recording of Throbbing Gristle's Heathen Earth, in February of 1980, in front of an invited audience at the studios of Industrial Records Ltd.

We Three Heathens 2015

Three atheists walk the Camino De Santiago in Spain, putting their friendship and good humour to the test. A first-person documentary account of spirituality, culture, and the physical toil of an 800 km walk on the world's most famous pilgrimage.

Hell at Heathridge 2013

Obsessed with obscure modern tragedies, wealthy Mr. Yates hires five college drama students to recreate a murder-suicide that occurred on their campus 20 years ago. As the actors prepare for the show of their lives, unfortunate events follow them and by the end they realize one thing . . . Evil is Real!

Guns in the Heather 1969

Walt Disney's 3-part made-for-TV feature, The Secret of Boyne Castle (1969), originally shown on "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color" (the new title for "Disneyland"), re-edited into feature film form for European theatrical release.

Heathers 2018

A pitch-black comedy anthology set in the present day, as our heroine Veronica Sawyer deals with a very different but equally vicious group of Heathers. Based on the 1988 cult classic film.

West Heath Yard 1999

A sitcom co-written by musician Edwin Collins, best known as frontman of the band Orange Juice. The action follows two faded 70's rock musicians Denny Lorimar and Jackson Gold running a near-bankrupt recording studio in London. They devise a number of make-it-big schemes, including trying to steer a shambolic group of 'indie' musicians to Britpop level stardom. A well-observed cult satire of the music industry and early 90's indie pop.

Heathcliff 1980

Heathcliff is an animated TV series that debuted on October 4, 1980. It was the first series based on the Heathcliff comic strip and was produced by Ruby-Spears Productions. It ran until September 18, 1982 with a total of 25 episodes, under two different names.

Heathcliff & the Catillac Cats 1984

Heathcliff is an animated television series that debuted on September 5, 1984. It was the second series based on the Heathcliff comic strip and was produced by DIC Entertainment. It ran in syndication until 1988 with a total of 86 episodes. The first show based on the comic strip was Heathcliff and Dingbat, which debuted in 1980 and was produced by Ruby-Spears. Mel Blanc provided the voice of Heathcliff in both series.

Gadget Boy & Heather 1995

Gadget Boy & Heather is an animated television series from DIC Entertainment. The series debuted in 1995 in first-run syndication in the United States and on M6 in France. This series is about "Gadget Boy", a bionic kid-detective with a personality similar to that of Inspector Gadget. He was conceived as a bionic "child" with the personality of a "perfect adult detective". Just as maladroit as the original Inspector Gadget, Gadget Boy was usually bailed out of situations by the more practical Heather, though he was also helped greatly by his myriad high-tech gadgets and extendable arms and legs. Gadget Boy's bionic implants were installed by Switzerland-based inventor Myron Dabble who has an unrequited crush on Heather. Gadget Boy and Heather receive their assignments from Italy-based Chief Stromboli, who, much like Chief Quimby, is a frequent, long-suffering victim of Gadget Boy's bungling. Gadget Boy is assisted by the beautiful and resourceful agent Heather, a very tall equivalent of sorts to Penny. He is also assisted by a robotic dog named G-9, who serves as the "Brain" of this series, which shows through his morphing capabilities to get the gang out of the stickiest situations.

White Heather Club

The White Heather Club was a BBC TV Scottish variety show that ran on and off from 7 May 1958 to 1968. It was an early evening BBC television programme. Until 1957 there was a silent period in BBC TV broadcasting, between 6pm and 7pm, called the Toddlers' Truce. When this ended, the BBC was unsure of what type of programme to broadcast. A topical news magazine programme Tonight was broadcast on some days, and The White Heather Club on others. In the 1958 the so-called "VERA" was invented. This was the BBC's first videotape recording device. "The White Heather Club" was recorded and is therefore one of the earliest TV programmes that can still be viewed today, although only six episodes survive in the BBC archives. It started at 6.20, and Jimmy Shand composed a melody "The Six Twenty Twostep" as the theme tune. This was usually followed by Andy Stewart singing "Come in, come in, it's nice to see you...." The show always ended with Andy Stewart and the cast singing, "Haste ye Back": Robert Wilson was an early presenter of the Club and recorded with them. The show was so successful that in the early '60s there was a company touring Scottish theatres, containing many of the performers. The show was filmed in Glasgow, at that time the only large TV studio in Scotland, and produced by Ian MacFayen.

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