Il Capo 2010

Monte Bettogli, Carrara: in the marble quarries men and machines dig the mountain. The Chief manages, coordinates and guides quarrymen and heavyduty machines using a language consisting solely of gestures and signs. Conducting his dangerous and sublime orchestra against the backdrop of the sheer slopes and peaks of the Apuane Alps, the Chief works in total noise, which creates a paradoxical silence.

Capo Nord 2003

Four young Napoleons try to find a way not have to worry where their next meal is coming from

Da Capo 1985

Interwoven with scenes that are meant to grab attention by their stunning composition, this biographical look at Finland's violinist Arto Arsi is not so much a narration of his childhood and early years, as an attempt to artistically show what was happening inside his psyche during that time. Literally sold to a master teacher, Sergei Rippas (Tarmo Manni) by his mother when he was still a child, the violin prodigy was forcefully and strictly raised to practice, practice, and perfect his technique. Once an adult, Arsi finds a way to escape the rigors of a U.S. tour and drowns his overworked self in drink, or seeks out one-night stands, or otherwise lets off steam. The tightly-wound spring that has been coiled since he was forced into his grueling training and work sessions -- shown through symbolic images -- eventually snaps in a healthy way, freeing Arsi at last to continue on, simply for the love of music.

Da Capo 2008

There’s one girl who drives motorcycle toughly on the street. She is working for a home-delivery service, she’s always thinking of her death. That’s why she chooses her dangerous job. One day, all of a sudden, she got a little strange phone call. A lady said “I want my boy dropped off to a wedding hall in 30 minute.” when she got there, the bridegroom in that wedding hall refused to take over the young boy. So here goes a long journey by their destiny. So the abandoned people are all in the same boat now and have to go together place where their invalid, exhausted and injured soul would be embraced by something else. What’s the answer gonna be?

The Smile of the Leader 2011

Using astounding footage from the Luce archives (newsreels, but also true films) Il sorriso del capo/The Smile of the Leader shows how propaganda works, presents everyday life in its most revealing details, and describes a country's "education". Marco Bechis explores the feeling of consensus: he tells us where it originates, what tools are used to spread it, how it is opposed. The thread running through the film is a voice, enigmatic until the end, narrating in the first person what it is like to grow up under fascism.

I Was a Capo 1960

A Polish concentration camp kapo gives his testimony, explains and justifies himself. Nothing other than his face, sometimes tense, sometimes vehement, a man whose destiny is fixed: life imprisonment.

Grayeagle 1977

A young Cheyenne warrior, who goes by the name Grayeagle, kidnaps the daughter of a grizzled frontier man John Colter who goes on an epic search for his daughter Beth, aided by a friendly native...

The Boss of It All 2006

An IT company hires an actor to serve as the company's president in order to help the business get sold to a cranky Icelander.

Capote 2005

A biopic of the writer, Truman Capote and his assignment for The New Yorker to write the non-fiction book, 'In Cold Blood'.

Horrible Bosses 2011

For Nick, Kurt and Dale, the only thing that would make the daily grind more tolerable would be to grind their intolerable bosses into dust. Quitting is not an option, so, with the benefit of a few-too-many drinks and some dubious advice from a hustling ex-con, the three friends devise a convoluted and seemingly foolproof plan to rid themselves of their respective employers... permanently.

Set It Up 2018

Two overworked assistants with nasty bosses try to get their supervisors out of their hair.

Fire Chief 1940

Donald and his nephews are the staff of a fire station. Huey, Dewey, and Louie, annoyed by Donald's snoring, ring the fire alarm. Soon, his bumbling sets the fire station itself on fire. They race off at the alarm, not realizing they are already at the destination, and the firefighting efforts go downhill from there.

El capo 2009

The Capo is a television series made by Fox Telecolombia and written by Gustavo Bolivar for RCN Television, based on its namesake book. This is the most expensive series ever produced in Colombia. The set has an underground bunker, and expensive props like a virgin made of gold. It is estimated that the series cost about 18 billion Colombian pesos. The series follows the story of the fictional drug lord Pedro Pablo León Jaramillo, a man who by necessity, chance and ambition has become the richest and most wanted drug trafficker in Colombia. Despite his immense wealth, Pedro Pablo has maintained a low profile over the course of his life and has kept his role as a drug cartel leader a secret from his friends and family. This strategy has allowed him to fly under the radar of the authorities for years, but has also inadvertently created a complex web of betrayals, loves and hates that grows beyond his control. As the truth is revealed, Pedro Pablo's world begins falling apart around him. The story became a personal obsession for Bolivar, written in first person, and was based on what he would do if he were "El capo." Bolivar's research for the series included a lengthy investigation, including direct contact with other drug traffickers in prison.

Corleone 2007

The story of Salvatore Riina, a mafioso boss from Corleone, Sicily.

El capo - El amo del túnel 2017

After a daring escape from prison, a powerful Mexican drug lord becomes the target of police and criminals alike in this drama inspired by 'El Chapo.'

D.C. II: Da Capo II 2007

The undying Sakura Trees return. Based on a PS2 sequel of the original DaCapo game, the story once again takes place on Hatsunejima, but is set 53 years after the events of D.C. and D.C.S.S.. Although some characters will probably look a bit familiar to the initiated eye, the cast is a new one. The new main protagonist is Yoshiyuki Sakurai, who lives next door to the Asakura sisters Yume and Otome, who are the granddaughters of Junichi and Nemu from the first season.

The Capones 2014

The spirit of the infamous gangster Al Capone still lives on in Chicago in the form of his drama-filled, lasagna-loving dysfunctional family, the Capones. Direct descendants of Al Capone himself are living a true mashup of the American Dream. With a notorious bloodline and larger-than-life personalities, this workplace docuseries follows the goodfellas as they run the family Italian restaurant and try to keep peace at the Capone mansion with the extended family all living under one roof. Each episode follows Dom Capone "The Boss" as he runs this unkempt crew at his Italian eatery with an iron fist. The only one who keeps this loud-mouthed and fiery boss in check is his mother, Dawn. As co-owner of the restaurant with her son, Dawn is the meddling mother who gets involved in everyone's business, whether they like it or not. Surrounding Dom and Dawn Capone are an unusual cast of characters even by reality show standards. Dom's current girlfriend "The Princess" and ex-girlfriend "Madness Cherry Lips", two crazy aunts and the unemployed friend "Sausage", drunken cousins, a pathological liar, flirty waitresses, an eccentric uncle "Toupee Lou", an Irishman, and of course, the neighborhood troublemakers "Meatball" and "Bart" and that just includes the staff. However dysfunctional this cast of characters can get, they always end the week with the traditional Sunday dinner where the drama is always spicier than the pepperoni. Despite all the arguing, yelling, jealousy and manipulation, the passion and love that holds this family together runs deep. No matter what happens, they always stick together and know that family comes first no matter what.

The Mystery of Al Capone's Vaults

The Mystery of Al Capone's Vaults is a two-hour live American television special that was broadcast one-time only in syndication on April 21, 1986. Hosted by Geraldo Rivera, the special centers around the opening of a secret vault once owned by noted gangster Al Capone. The program is now perhaps best known for the vault being ultimately empty except for debris.

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