Feature 136 2018

Ingmar Bergman's film Winter Light from 1963 is one of the most mythical and discussed film in Swedish history. In this documentary, director Kristian Petri uses unique archival footage to tell about the making of the film and together with two actors bringing Bergman and Vilgot Sjöman to life, he tells about creativity, friendship, power and fear.

Double Feature 1984

Director José Luis Garci has turned his camera inward on filmmakers and screenwriters to portray them as so self-absorbed in the creative process that there is no other world, no other human relationship that can compete. As José (Adolfo Marsillach) and Federico (Jesus Puente) work together on a new screenplay, their interactions with their family (José's teen daughters, Federico's wife) disappear under the all-consuming task of creation. The daughters give up and go off on their own, and the wife joins a convent while Federico barely notices. And when the producer is interrupted by profound grief at the sudden death of his older son, he almost automatically returns to thinking about the film project when the funeral has ended. Garci honors many great directors at the beginning of this film, and the film continues to play out as an elaboration on this homage -- an illustration both of the dedication and the cost of filmmaking, no judgments given.

LoveStuck: The Improvised Feature Project 2017

An improvised film; a man discovers he's emotionally stuck between his ex-girlfriend, his new girlfriend and his best friend; and in the course of a day he must follow his passion and become unstuck.

Grindhouse 2007

Two full-length feature horror movies written by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez put together as a two-film feature. Including fake movie trailers in between both movies.

First Feature 2018

Working underground in the year before the legalization of cinema in Saudi Arabia, a team of mostly women makes its first feature film. Anonymous accounts of their experience are brought together in a melancholic narration. In the spirit of first films, a filmmaker documents the production in Jeddah with his first video camera from childhood.

The Feature 2008

The Feature does not reconcile fact and fiction; instead, it blurs the definitions seemingly represented by the film’s two clearly demarcated registers: that of the archival footage and that of the new, theatrical material. In his guise as “Michel Auder,” living a fulsome and extravagant life, replete with beautiful women and a rock-cut pool overlooking Los Angeles, the art world is revealed as a sham, and his character exhibits a repulsive narcissism. And yet, when caught in quiet moments, something poignant emerges—a glimmer of truth that rebels against the entire endeavour. Or maybe, that’s what makes The Feature.

Creature Feature 2015

Creature Feature is five interwoven tales of terror that occur one foggy Halloween night in Georgia. A babysitter learns a new appreciation for fine art and hard lesson about the consequences of being irresponsible...and naughty!; a group of college kids stumble on the mother of all Scarecrows; two teenagers are forced to steal from the wrong cantankerous old hermit who has been known to occasionally howl at the moon; a murdered father comes back for vengeance against his gold-digging wife and traitorous children; and all of this Halloween fun is made possible by a London Gentleman known as..."Jack"

Marsha Jordan Triple Feature 2015

Busty blonde Southern belle Marsha was a queen of adult cinema from the early '60s all the way through the mid '70s, appearing in legendary tit loops like Breast Orgy and nasty sexploitation flicks such as Prison Girls. She matured nicely in front of the camera over the years, becoming quite the MILF while maintaining an astonishing, voluptuous figure. This 3-film collection includes the XXX version of the softcore western Dr. Carstairs 1869 Love Root-Elixir titled Sticky Fingers (1972, 77 min, Marsha Jordan, Kathy Hilton, Susan Gaines), Everybody Goes Ape (1970, 56 min), the bizarre sexual sci-fi of 2069 A Sensation Odyssey. (1969, 54 min), plus bonus scenes of Marsha's brutal in the never-released-on-video The House Near The Prado!

Late Night Double Feature 2016

During a late night taping of "Dr. Nasty's Cavalcade of Horror", bloody chaos takes place during the screening of two features ("Dinner for Monsters" and "Slit"). Samantha/Nurse Nasty is frustrated by how the show is being run by its womanizing director and its drunk and crazy host Dr. Nasty.

Nick: The Feature Film 2011

It's Nick's very first feature-length adventure! Follow along during an average day in his life as he experiences adventure, excitement, thrills, danger, romance, mystery, and many other interesting words!

Super Readers Double Feature 2015

Red has no energy to join in the picnic fun, so it's Whyatt and the Super Readers to the rescue when they realize it could be her snacking that's causing the problem. The friends zoom into the story of Hansel and Gretel and meet the grouchy witch who they must convince to give up her gingerbread house for something more delicious and nutritious. Then the Super Readers meet up with Humpty Dumpty for some advice to help their friend Pig who is too afraid to get down from the top of his new slide.

HOUSED: The Feature

Will millennials find a way to survive the apocalypse? No, but they'll definitely tweet about it. When the zombie apocalypse hits the popular vlogger Katie's college party, a small group of survivors decide to record the events. They have to deal with zombie would-be-invaders, demonic influences, nighttime terrors, party crashers, and worst of all - each other.

Shawshank: The Redeeming Feature 2001

Film critic and presenter Mark Kermode explores the fascination and praise audiences, fans and critics have behind the classic The Shawshank Redemption (1994) and how its importance grew higher over the years despite being an overlooked film when it was released and not getting any Oscars victories when it was nominated as one of the Best Pictures of the Year.

Superheroine Double Feature

Two stories in this bondage anthology. In the first, a sorceress joins forces with a evil ninja to capture the world's mightiest woman. After forcing the superheroine to reveal all her strengths and weaknesses, the villains place Dynamic Damsel in a diabolical death trap - can the weakened heroine escape and bring the criminals to justice? In the second story line, Sapphire and Latex Lady are trapped in a time loop by the supervillain Time Warp.

420 Triple Feature 2012

Take a trip down memory lane with some of the most absurd 'educational' films about marijuana use. Stars Sonny Bono.

Creature Feature

Creature Feature was a TV horror movie series on WTOG in St. Petersburg, Florida, from 1973 to 1995. The films were hosted by Dick Bennick Sr. as Dr. Paul Bearer, who hosted a different cheap horror film every Saturday afternoon. Bennick created the character at WGHP in High Point, North Carolina for the station's Shock Theater in the mid-to-late 1960s after his previous persona, Count Shockula, proved less than satisfactory. The humorous Bearer character was a pun-spewing, bad-joke-telling host who spoke in a gravelly voice with a halting speech pattern. His usual attire was a long-tailed vintage tuxedo with his hair parted down the middle and slicked straight down the sides, with heavy mascara and grease paint. His skewed gaze, which Bennick perfected by turning his one artificial eye outward, only contributed to the atmosphere. He also twisted around some words and names to reflect the horror atmosphere—he frequently called the horror films "horrible old movies", and the city that WTOG's studios were based in "St. Creaturesburg". One typical joke started with a close up of a hammer in Paul's hand. He strikes a package of Wrigley's Spearmint gum several times with the hammer, then looks up at the camera and says "I'm just sitting here, beating my gums." Bearer also aired occasional novelty songs, such as Tom Lehrer's "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park," to which he would often lip-sync while pretending to accompany himself on a matte-black-painted baby grand piano.

Creature Double Feature

Creature Double Feature was a syndicated horror show, broadcast in the Boston and Philadelphia area during the 1970s and 1980s. It sometimes also aired under names like Sci-Fi Flix and Creature Feature. The movies broadcast were taken from the classic Universal Horror movies of the 1930s to 1950s, the Hammer Studios and American International Pictures films of the 1950s, Roger Corman's horror films of the 1960s, and Toho Studio's "giant monster" movies of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

Creature Features

Creature Features a classic horror film show broadcast in the New York Metropolitan Area, on WNEW, Channel 5. It was hosted by Lou Steele, who became familiar to Channel 5 viewers as the guy who started off the 10 o'clock News by asking: "It's 10 p.m.; do you know where your children are?"

Playboy TV Double Features

Playboy TV Double Features are a nightly block of two back-to-back adult movies that air on Playboy TV.

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