Found Footage 3D 2016

A group of filmmakers sets out to make the first 3D found footage horror movie, but find themselves IN the first 3D found footage horror movie when the evil entity from their film escapes into their behind-the-scenes footage.

Severed Footage 2013

Twelve severed feet in running shoes found on the shores of Western Canada have baffled Police. A videotape is leaked anonymously from the authorities. This paranormal thriller may solve the mystery of the severed feet.

The Upper Footage 2013

'THE UPPER FOOTAGE' is the first film experience of its kind. The film is an edited version of 393 minutes of recovered footage documenting a young girl's tragic overdose death and subsequent cover up by a group of affluent socialites. What started as a blackmail plot played out over YouTube, became Hollywood's biggest drug scandal, turned into a heavily controversial film property that was rumored to be held by some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Now, after playing itself out in the media for 3 years it is finally making its way to the public.

Hindenburg Disaster Newsreel Footage 1937

The airship Hindenburg, arriving from Europe, was being led to its mooring at Lakehurst, New Jersey when suddenly disaster struck. The hydrogen-filled zeppelin ignited, and was almost instantly transformed into an enormous fireball. In less than a minute, the entire ship had been consumed by flames. The Hindenburg explosion marked the end of the budding airship travel industry.

Found Footage Festival Volume 7: Live in Asheville 2014

This special 10th anniversary edition of the Found Footage Festival finds curators Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher in a nostalgic mood, delving deeper--perhaps too deep--into some of their favorite VHS finds from over years. But Volume 7 is also jam packed with newly unearthed treasures, featuring singing rabbis, petulant news anchors, coughing snake handlers, bodybuilding clowns, and two body parts never before seen in the festival! It's a celebration of a decade of Found. Record over and you'll die! Taped live at The Grey Eagle in Asheville, North Carolina.

Bumfights 3: The Felony Footage 2004

In September 2002, the Bumfights Krew was arrested on seven felony charges for paying homeless people to fight. Finally, thanks to some good lawyers, here is the footage that was seized from the arrests. Rufus, Bling Bling, Donnie and all your favorite characters are back in our most hardcore video yet! The prosecutors who tried to send us to prison called it shocking, criminal, and outrageous." We call it the funniest and most entertaining video of all time!

Asylum: the Lost Footage 2013

A group of amateur ghost hunters go missing as they journey into the bowels of an abandon Insane Asylum in a search for evidence of the 'Lady in White' said to haunt the grounds. The only evidence of their quest of no return are video cards discovered by workman as they demolish what's left of the vacant structures. Some of the footage was salvageable and reveals the missing ghost hunters fate as they traverse into the unknowns of the Asylum

Hollywood Out-takes and Rare Footage 1983

Out-takes (mostly from Warner Bros.), promotional shorts, movie premieres, public service pleas, wardrobe tests, documentary material, and archival footage make up this star-studded voyeuristic look at the Golden age of Hollywood during the 30s, 40, and 50.

The Black Woods Footage 2013

When a group of high school friends get back together to go on a camping/hiking trip, and stumble on a few strange things. They soon get the feeling they are not alone in the dark woods of the Appalachian Mountains. This is the footage that was found...

Corpse Party: Missing Footage 2012

An original video anime bundled with a limited-number edition of Corpse Party -The Anthology- Sachiko no Renai Yuugi Hysteric Birthday 2U (コープスパーティー -THE ANTHOLOGY- サチコの恋愛遊戯Hysteric Birthday 2U) spinoff game.

The Ghost Footage 2 2013

Jason Greenwood moves into a new apartment to start his life over again after the events of the last six years of paranormal activity, only to discover a new threat.

Footage 2016

An examination of repression, violence, misogyny, the mundane, etc.

The Ghost Footage 2011

Jason Greenwood films the haunting in his home in hopes to figure out what it wants. Three years later he starts to film his stories of the haunting and that turns out to be a bad idea.

Fieldwork Footage 1928

Under the tutelage of anthropologist Franz Boas (her former Columbia professor) and Harlem Renaissance arts patron Charlotte Osgood Mason, Zora Neale Hurston spent nearly two years, from 1927 to 1929, studying the folkloric customs, work songs, spirituals, and vernacular language of African American communities along the River Road and from New Orleans to Florida.

Sinister 2012

Found footage helps a true-crime novelist realize how and why a family was murdered in his new home, though his discoveries put his entire family in the path of a supernatural entity.

The Coffin Footage 2016

A young man slowly realizes that he has become the chosen target of an ominous supernatural presence. As he scrambles to stop it, he realizes there is more to this haunting than meets the eye.

Final Footage 2013

Found footage film where a group of aspiring filmmakers are stalked by a serial killer in a derelict apartment building. In the summer of 2010, police officers in Yuba City entered a derelict apartment building. Inside they found the bodies of seven young adults. Also found inside was a mini DV camera containing found footage of the victims before and during their attack.

Wound Footage 2003

The source material is a found footage super 8 film. The visual carrier was attacked in a multitude of ways. It was scratched, cut open and violated. I captured an attempt to screen it. There it burned and was destroyed by the projector. Sorry little film. With the video footage I provoked the encoding. As a result some pixels were dislocated. In the end I reshot the film from the monitor while I somehow angered the cables that connect the monitor with my computer. That all may sound very negative to you but the goal was an almost humanist one: Unification of the digital with the analogue world. They seem so far apart and yet they aren’t. By exposing every material’s weaknesses and injuries it was made one. It’s all visual sensations in the end. Rita Hayworth grindedly sings along.

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