Newsies 1992

A week in the life of the exploited, child newspaper sellers in turn-of-the-century New York. When their publisher, Joseph Pulitzer, tries to squeeze a little more profit out of their labours, they organize a strike, only to be confronted with the Pulitzer's hard-ball tactics.

Six O'Clock News 1997

Filmmaker Ross McElwee trails characters whose stories have been fodder for television news and takes their tales of loss and longing further than the requisite sound bite. In the process, he examines how the medium works and exposes its limitations.

Good News: Newspaper Salesmen, Dead Dogs and Other People from Vienna 1990

This documentary, Ulrich Seidl's full-length film debut, examines the lives of the street newspaper sellers in Vienna, a mixture of men from Turkey, India, Pakistan, Egypt and Eastern Europe, standing out in all weathers, peddling the trivial Viennese tabloids. We see their lives on the street, their cramped living quarters, their minders, the 'training' days, and the inhumane process which keeps them working endless hour for little reward.

News from a Personal War 1999

Documentary about urban violence in Brazil, especially in Rio de Janeiro. Policemen, drug dealers, and shantytown dwellers get trapped into a daily war that knows no winners.

The Good News Parcel Company 2009

Join Colin Buchanan and his mate Nudge as together they sing, smash stuff and rip the wrapping off the most wonderful news of all – Jesus! Blast off with 10, 9, 8...God is Great, find out Ze Baddest Sickness in Ze World, hear the Global WarNing, take off with the Super Saviour and meet the crew of Are You Serving Cap’n Jesus?! Come and hear God’s Good News, wrapped up in over an hour of music and mayhem that will have you singing, dancing and laughing along. Special features include Behind the Scenes, Bloopers and a bonus song, Remember the Lord.

Campus Confidential 2005

School... there is the popular crowd. Teachers favor some students over others. Because of this, Violet decides to start a school paper, which exposes many embarrassing secrets of popular kids who think they run the campus.

Nemadis, the Years Without News 2000

Documentary depicting the filmmakers' efforts to find a nomadic Mauritanian family they had filmed six years earlier in order to show them the recorded footage.

Latest News from the Cosmos 2016

Nearly 30 years-old, Hélène still looks like a teenager. She is the author of powerful texts with corrosive humor. It is part, as she says herself, of a "badly calibrated lot, not entering anywhere". Her telepathic poetry speaks of her world and of ours. She accompanies a director who adapts her work to the theater, she talks with a mathematician ... Yet Helene can not talk or hold a pen, she has never learned to read or write. It when she turns 20 that her mother discovers that she can communicate by arranging letters on a sheet of paper. One of the many mysteries of the one that calls herself Babouillec ...

Lupin's News 2008

The suicide of a female teacher 15 years ago was actually a murder. A new investigation team, spearheaded by Mizorogi, is formed based on new information turned in to the police. Obsessed about cracking cases right up till the statute of limitation, Mizoguchi has a bitter thought about a 300 million yen case that has reached the statute of limitation... When he goes to investigate the male high school student(s) whom the woman had taught and other persons related to the deceased, he sees an unexpected connection with another case...

How's Your News? 1999

A Documentary chronicling the travels of a team of reporters and crew across America in a hand painted RV. Each of the reporters have a disability ranging from Down's Syndrome to spastic cerebal palsy and their own style for gathering news. The basic approach is "man on the street" reporting and the interactions are sometimes hysterical, sometimes confusing but always honest.

Murder Is News 1937

A radio reporter does a story on the infidelity and divorce of a wealthy and powerful businessman. The man invites the reporter to his mansion for a chat, but when he gets there, he finds that the businessman has been murdered--and that now he himself is on the killer's hit list.

Break the News 1938

Two small-time song-and-dance men come up with what they believe is a surefire publicity stunt, guaranteed to keep their names in the public eye--one of them will "disappear" in what looks like a murder, and the other will be convicted of the crime. Then the "dead man" will suddenly show up at his partner's murder trial. Unfortunately, things don't quite go as planned. For one thing, no one seems to much care that the "dead man" is missing, and for another thing he's mistaken for the leader of a Balkan revolutionary group and is kidnapped by the other side.

The Good News Tour 2007

The Good News Tour is an ongoing conference that is entirely about God. The message about God’s kindness is open to everyone who desires to listen. The Creator of The Universe has revealed Himself in many ways, but most clearly in the life of Jesus – God in the flesh. The Good News is entirely about God - that He is just like Jesus in character.

Local TV News Analysis 1980

Local TV News Analysis is the document of a collaborative project of Graham and Birnbaum, in which they investigate local television news, both in form and content. Three simultaneous realities of the news are revealed within one composite frame: the receivership of the family at home; the inside control room of the broadcast studio; and the local news itself.

ITV News

ITV News was the name given to the late news bulletins, airing on Bank Holidays and after extended Football coverage on the British television network ITV. Originally named The Late News, it aired in place of ITV News at Ten on Fridays. It is produced by ITN. The bulletin was introduced as a thirty-minute Friday night news programme on 18 January 2008, with the same studio and look as News at Ten, and was presented by Mark Austin and Julie Etchingham. However, in February 2008, the bulletin took on the same generic look used for the ITV News bulletins, and in March began being presented by one newscaster. On 25 February 2009, ITV announced that News at Ten would begin to air five nights a week, in order to give News at Ten a "consistent home at the heart of the schedule", as well as being due to a rise in ratings and the success of the pairing of the programme's newscasters. The final Friday night edition of The Late News was broadcast on 6 March 2009.

Omni News

Omni News is the name of national and local newscasts in various languages on the Omni Television system in Canada. In most cases, while the spoken language is as indicated below, graphics and headlines are shown only in English.

Your News

Your News was a weekly BBC News television programme made from user-generated content sent into the BBC by viewers and the public.

ITV News

ITV News is the branding of news programmes on the British television network ITV. Since 1955, ITV's news bulletins have been produced by Independent Television News. The channel's news coverage has won awards from the Royal Television Society, Emmy Awards and BAFTAs. Between 2004 and 2008, the ITV Evening News held the title of "RTS News Programme of the Year". The flagship ITV News at Ten has won numerous BAFTA awards, the most recent in June 2010. ITV News has the second-largest television news audience in the United Kingdom, second only to BBC News. However, its £43 million annual news budget is dwarfed by that of the publicly funded BBC, which spends £89.5 million annually on news-gathering, plus a further £23.1 million on its rolling news channel. From its inception in September 1955 until March 1999, all national news programmes on ITV carried the ITN brand. The ITN brand was dropped from all bulletins in 1999 and the ITV News brand was introduced. ITN remains the producer of all the national ITV News programmes.

Prime News

Prime News is a news program appearing on HLN, featuring "controversy, opinion, your point of view". The show airs Monday through Friday nights from 6PM to 7PM eastern, with a weekend highlight edition in which stories from the past week are recapped.

A News

A News is the name of local newscasts on the A television system in Canada. A News programming was produced in markets which were not directly served by a local CTV News service. The cable-only A Atlantic service in Atlantic Canada did not produce its own A News programming, but instead presently airs CTV News programming from CTV Atlantic, although the station did produce a local morning show, Breakfast Television and was subsequently re-branded to CTV Morning Live on August 29, 2011,. Due to the effects of the 2009 economic crisis The A station in Ottawa cancelled all A News programming in March 2009, but continued to produce a local morning show, A Morning which was also re-branded as CTV Morning Live on August 29, 2011. When A re-launched as CTV Two, on August 29, 2011, newscasts on the A stations were re-branded as CTV News and longer have separate identities, although the stations have retained the same editorial independence.

More4 News

More4 News was a daily news programme on the More4 digital television channel in the United Kingdom, airing Monday to Friday from 8.00pm to 8.30pm from 2005 to 2009.

Liquid News

Liquid News was the daily round up of entertainment news for BBC Three running from 30 May 2000 to 1 April 2004. It was originally a vehicle for presenter Christopher Price. Following his death on 21 April 2002, the show continued with a variety of presenters including Colin Paterson, Claudia Winkleman, Iain Lee, Jasmine Lowson, Paddy O'Connell, Jo Whiley, Joe Mace and Amanda Byram. The programme originally evolved from Zero 30, the previous entertainment programme on BBC News 24, also hosted by Price. Once this was dropped from the 24 hour news channel, controller of the then BBC Choice, Stuart Murphy, took the format and brought it to the channel where it soon became the flagship programme as part of a radical change to the schedules of both digital-only BBC channels BBC Choice and BBC Knowledge from June 2000 as they became more focused and targeted to specific audiences. The show continued on BBC Three which replaced BBC Choice in February 2003, but in April 2004 the show was axed. Murphy, who also went on to be controller of BBC Three, stated that the show would end as a way to "refresh the channel's output to best serve the audience". The news element of the channel was unaffected by the ending of the programme with 60 Seconds and The 7 O'Clock News already in existence serving as the replacement. Although The 7 O'Clock News was later axed in 2005, 60 Seconds remains on BBC Three to this present day.

Making News 1990

Making News is a television drama set in the world of journalism produced by Thames Television for the ITV network. A pilot was screened in 1989, followed by one series of six episodes in 1990. The leading cast members included Bill Nighy, Alphonsia Emmanuel, Paul Darrow, Annie Lambert and Tony Osoba.

365gay News

365gay News was the umbrella title of gay-themed news programming airing on the Logo television network. The programming was produced in partnership with CBS as a result of the former ownership of both networks by Viacom. It debuted in June 2005, when the channel began broadcasting. Initially, news items were presented as short segments between scheduled programs. Occasionally the channel would air full half-hour specials on stories of interest to the LGBT community, such as the Gay Games, yearly gay pride events, the October 2006 ruling in the same-sex marriage case in New Jersey, Lewis v. Harris, and the issues facing gay voters in the 2006 mid-term elections. In late 2007 CBS News on Logo went from broadcasting segments between scheduled programming to a weekly half-hour format. New programs were broadcast each Monday and repeated through the week. Jason Bellini was the lead anchor for CBS News on Logo until 2008. Other correspondents included Itay Hod and Chagmion Antoine. The Executive Producer until 2008 was Court Passant. The CBS News Up to the Minute set was utilized for the broadcast of the program. Beginning in January 2007, a news update podcast became available for download through the iTunes Store.

Breakfast News

Breakfast News was a breakfast news show which first aired on BBC1 on 2 October 1989. The programme was previously known as Breakfast Time. It was planned to launch on 4 September 1989 and again on the 18 September but was held back due to technical issues with its new studio The programme went through three main visual changes. The initial look lasted from launch in 4 September 1989 to 12 April 1993. The 13 April 1993 revamp saw the programme presented from the same set as the One, Six and Nine O'Clock News bulletins. A further and final revamp took place in June 1997 when 'BBC' was shorn from its title, and on-screen it became known as simply Breakfast News. It was during this final period that the tone began to shift, with the return of a sofa set, alongside more features, and more interaction between the presenting team. The final edition of Breakfast News aired on 15 September 2000, and on 2 October 2000 it relaunched as BBC Breakfast.

ITV News

ITV News is the name given to weekend news bulletins on the British television network ITV, produced by ITN. The bulletins feature British national and international news stories, as well as a round-up of the weekend's sports news. Since 2013, ITV News utilises the ITV News London set for Saturday evening bulletins with the only difference being a smaller desk. This is to allow the same presenter to be used for both bulletins which are broadcast together.

iWatch News

iWatch News was the flagship English evening news program of Radio Philippines Network in the Philippines. The news program replaced the network's longest-running English news program NewsWatch. It was originally anchored by former K-Lite disc jockey Carlo Tirona and recording artist Aryana Lim. Lim has since pursued other endeavors and has been replaced by former magazine editor, former RT disc jockey and actress Lexi Schulze. iWatch News targets the youth audience especially college students and young urban professionals. It differentiates itself from other newscasts by offering more reports and news features that appeal to the younger crowd. iWatch News aired for the last time on January 11, 2008.

News Central

News Central was the flagship English primetime newscast of Studio 23. The show features a focus on major stories from around the country. News Central aired its last episode on October 1, 2010.

Pilipinas News

Pilipinas News, roughly translated as Philippine News is the flagship English language late night news program broadcast by TV5 in the Philippines. It is currently anchored by Paolo Bediones, Cherie Mercado, and Jove Francisco. Simulcast on AksyonTV and on the radio through 92.3 News FM in Mega Manila. The program airs every Monday to Friday between 11:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays 12:00 a.m. to 12:30 a. m..

News Light

News Light is the flagship evening newscast of Light TV 33 News and Public Affairs. It aired daily from 7:30 to 8:30 in the evening.

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