Sentiment 2003

The František Vláčil Collection was one of our most successful releases of the year, and we have been inundated with requests to make Sentiment, Tomáš Hejtmánek's documentary portrait of Vláčil, available outside of the box for those who had already purchased the Vláčil films separately. We are now delighted to announce that from Dec. 10 we are able to make Sentiment available ONLY THROUGH OUR WEBSITE at a very Special Price of £5.99 for those who desire it. Sentiment is Tomáš Hejtmánek's intimate documentary portrait of the great Czech director František Vláčil. The film was inspired by encounters with the filmmaker and told through taped interviews, reconstructions of meetings with Vláčil, visits to actual film locations (of Marketa Lazarova, The Valley of the Bees and Adelheid) and Vláčil-inspired film sequences. The result is one of the most unique and personal portraits of any artist – a collage of voices, sounds and images that evoke and celebrate Vláčil’s life and work.


Elliot, a 14-year-old boy has a massive internal struggle prior to the passing of his mother. Elliot talks about the courageous things his mother has done for him, and the sacrifices she's made.

Kid Sentiment 1968

Between fiction and documentary, Jacques Godbout's feature film takes a critical look at the Quebecois youth of the 1960s. Kid Sentiment, it is the adolescent who says no to tenderness because it is embarrassing. On the theme of amorous initiation, the camera becomes a witness of this lucid youth, funny, friendly to noise and eccentricity. Made with the participation of two members of the yeye singers group, the Sinners.

Human Sentiment Law 1988

Hsiung is an honest inspector who finds his career jeopardised by his mother, prostitute Fung's presence in the district he polices. The ambitious Hsiung finds himself torn between duty and love.

A Man of Sentiment 1933

A man and woman fall in love at first sight, but everyone in their universe tries to keep them apart except one old fool with a sentimental heart.

Death of Sentiment 1962

Greenaway's virtually unseen first film is described by the director as "a work of juvenalia" shot in four London cemeteries, focusing on "church yard furniture, crosses, flying angels, [and] typography on grave stones," with the occasional painting reference thrown in as well.

This Summer Feeling 2015

Sasha, a French woman of thirty, dies suddenly in Berlin. Her Fiancé, Lawrence, and her sister Zoé, must come to terms as the consequences of this shock set in.

The Sentiment of the Flesh 2010

During a medical exam, Helena, a student in anatomical drawing, meets Benoit, a young radiologist. Their mutual fascination for the human body incites them to start a passionate romance. Helena's capability to memorize every detail of Benoit's body and Benoit's irresistible curiosity to uncover the 'interior' secrets of Helena's body lead them to a dangerous journey with no limits...

Left Over - Intimate Politics 2013

Two couples, Chris Bailey and Judith Lazard, along with Paul Adler and Albertine Langlois, meet for dinner on the 9th of July 2006, the night of the Football World Cup Final between France and Italy. Their conversations wander from intimate subjects to substantial political comments in such an intricate manner that their personal lives and their perception of the ideological struggle, the battle for the leadership of the french left, are more and more difficult to differenciate. For six years, their political attitudes evolve with the changing image of themselves and each other.

Once More With Feeling 2009

A midlife crisis dramatic comedy about a man who pursues his old ambition to become a singer through karaoke.

Feelings 2003

Two seemingly happily married French couples are forced to contend with a number of issues.

Sentimental Education 2013

Sentimental Education centers on the unique relationship between Áurea, a lonely 40 year old teacher, and a young man she has just met by chance – one of these encounters which mythology and literature are full of. A delicate soul who finds itself attracted to a beauty that seems to demand, disturb and move her. That shakes her up entirely. During the days following their first conversation, she will expose all her feelings through classes in which he will let himself be carried away. Until an unusual episode from the past is revealed and changes everything.

Sentimental Journey 1946

An actress becomes taken with Hitty, a young orphan prone to dreaming. Julie soon finds out that she is ill and has only a short time to live. She decides to adopt the child so that her husband Bill will not be alone when she dies. Unfortunately, Bill is not charmed by Hitty.

Sentimentalnyy roman

Near the close of the Russian Civil War, in 1923, a young man begins studying journalism at a worker newspaper and has a series of romantic adventures which cause him to mature swiftly. He rescues a beautiful girl from an abusive family situation, only to lose her to a smooth-talking sharpster the first time he has to leave town on assignment. Another much nicer and more principled girl is really in love with him, but he doesn't know it. This bittersweet coming-of-age story was based on a novel by Vera Panova.

Sentimental Journey 2003

Super 8 narrative tone poem on dreams and interpersonal relationships.

Sentimental Tommy 1921

Grizel is the daughter of the Painted Lady, who believes that her lover will one day return. Grizel is ostracized by the other children of the town. Tommy and his sister come to the town. Tommy is friendly, but Elspeth keeps her distance. When the Painted Lady dies, Dr. Gemmell makes Grizel his housekeeper. Time passes and after the doctor dies, Grizel, who is now twenty-one years old, loves Tommy, who is an author in London. Tommy visits the town but cannot decide whether he loves Grizel. Grizel knows that Tommy does not love her, and after he returns to London her unhappiness leads to insanity. Tommy returns and marries Grizel, although he believes that she will hate him when she gets better. After two years under Tommy's care, she regains her sanity. After Tommy lets her know that he cared for her out of his love for her; not for pity, Grizel is happy.

The Sentimental Agent 1963

The Sentimental Agent is a television drama series spin-off from Man of the World. It was produced in the United Kingdom in 1963 by Associated Television and distributed by ITC Entertainment. It stars Carlos Thompson as Argentinian Carlos Varela, a successful import-export agent based in London. The series ran for 13 one-hour monochrome episodes. Some of the episodes were edited into a 1962 feature film Our Man in the Caribbean.

Sense and Sensibility 2008

Marianne Dashwood wears her heart on her sleeve when she falls in love with the charming but unsuitable John Willoughby, ignoring her sister Elinor's warning that her impulsive behavior leaves her open to gossip and innuendo. Elinor, sensitive to social convention, struggles to conceal her own romantic disappointment, even from those closest to her. Will the sisters learn that sense must mix with sensibility if they are to find personal happiness in a society where status and money govern the rules of love?

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