The Death of Stalin 2017

When tyrannical dictator Josef Stalin dies in 1953, his parasitic cronies square off in a frantic power struggle to become the next Soviet leader. Among the contenders are the dweebish Georgy Malenkov, the wily Nikita Khrushchev and Lavrenti Beria, the sadistic secret police chief.

Stalin 2006

The only mission in Stalin (Chiranjeevi)'s life is to help others and the make the world a better place. It turns out that Stalin served as a Major in the Indian Army. Although a war hero, he had quit the army after a rift with the Colonel (Mukesh Rishi) transfers him to administrative division from the battlefield as a disciplinary action. His family includes mother (Sharada Urvashi) as well as his sister (Khushboo), who is not in talking terms with their mother since she got married to a Punjabi. Stalin keeps helping a physically challenged girl Sumati to write her Intermediate examination and her suicide disturbs him. The death occurs as none of the people around her extend help. Then Stalin plans a chain system. The theme works on a principle that everyone should help others and in return they should not seek a mere thanks but tell those who get the help to help three more, with a condition that those who get help from them should also demand the same.

Tanks For Stalin 2018

A prototype of a new cutting edge tank is being taken on a secret mission to Moscow, to Comrade Stalin. Soon the cross-country run turns into a ruthless race. Followed by Nazis, the tanks' team defeats their pursuers and proves the great ability and vast superiority of the machine that is about to become a legendary T-34.

Stalin Sivadas 1999

Sivadas is a dedicated communist party member who gains the good will of poor and faces a strong opposition from other political parties.

Stalingrad 1993

"Stalingrad" follows the progress of a German Platoon through the brutal fighting of the Battle of Stalingrad. After having half their number wiped out and after being placed under the command of a sadistic Captain, the Lieutenant of the platoon leads his men to desert. The men of the platoon attempt to escape from the city which is now surrounded by the Soviet Army.

Stalin's Disciples 1986

A comical exploration of the 50's in the Israeli Kibutz movement, when socialist values were reexamined following the death of Stalin. With their mentor and iconic leader gone, the members of the Kibutz have to face a political and social reality without a leader to encourage and unite them.

Hitler, Stalin and I 2001

Heda Blochová was born in Prague into the Jewish family of the cofounder of the well-known Koh-i-noor factory. She married Rudolf Margolius, a lawyer. Soon after the wedding the young couple and the whole Margolius family were deported to the ghetto in Lodz. After spending a couple of years there, they were all taken to Oswiecim concentration camp. There the family was parted. Heda was lucky enough to be taken to a labour camp after a few months and was finally made to join the Death March. She managed to escape the guards and thus saved her life.

The Gift to Stalin 2008

A Jewish child deported to Kazakhstan is saved and adopted by Kasym, an old Kazakh railway-man. Kasym gives him a Kazakh name, Sabyr, that in Kazakh language means humble. The child grows up in the small Kazakh village along with other deportees Vera, a traitor's wife, and Ezhik a Polish doctor. The Soviet militia harasses the poor peasants and Vera suffered the harassment of a bully cop: Bulgabi. Finally Vera accepts the marriage proposal of Ezhik but the jealous Bulgabi tries to prevent the marriage. The result is a fight in which Ezhik shoots himself accidentally. The old Kasym decides that Sabyr is now old enough to go to seek his real parents. At the end Sabyr, now an adult, decides to return to the village, but the village no longer exists because it was destroyed by a Soviet nuclear test.

Stalin: Inside the Terror 2003

This program is an overview of the life and career of Joseph Stalin. It concentrates on describing and attempting to explain the origins of the policy of “terror” instigated by Stalin as leader of the USSR. There are interviews with surviving family members and experts all of whom attempt some sort of personality “analysis” of the dictator to explain his behaviour and policies. Another question that is examined is, given his record of “terror”, why was he so popular? Why did so many Russians mourn his death in 1953? This could be an overview and introduction to a study of both Stalin and USSR in the post revolution period.

Joseph Stalin: Red Terror 2004

Joseph Stalin ranks as one of the greatest tyrants of all time, responsible for the deaths of 20 million of his own countrymen. This portrait revisits the life of "Uncle Joe" via Soviet archival film and an astonishing collection of interviews. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the extent of Stalin's atrocities has been revealed, and he has taken his place alongside Hitler as one of the most reviled leaders of the 20th century.

Stalin: Reign of Terror

A college professor and loyal communist party member living comfortably in the Soviet Union, she became a victim of Stalin's infamous purges during his 'Reign of Terror'. Accused of being a terrorist traitor she was sentenced to ten years in one of the toughest Gulag concentration camps in Eastern Siberia. Facing a brutal future in one of the most desolate and unforgiving places on earth, her story became an inspirational testament to the triumph of the human spirit.

Stalin My Neighbour 2004

Annie wants to find her cat and forget her past. She walks the streets of the East End of London, in the footsteps of Josef Stalin and Mahatma Gandhi. Annie's obsessive journey through local history triggers an unravelling of her own life.

I Worked for Stalin

Gain an inside look into the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin's reign of terror through eyewitness testimonies, archival photographs and rare film footage, which reveal the real-life backstabbing and power plays among Stalin's inner circle. This documentary follows the stories of such high-ranking officials as Andrei Zhdanov, Nikita Khrushchev and Georgy Malenkov as they battled to secure their place in history by becoming Stalin's successor.

Stalin's Wife 2005

At the tender age of sixteen Nadezhda Alliluyev married Joseph Stalin, twenty three years her senior. Throughout their fourteen years of family life, Nadezhda stood by as Stalin transformed from the ordinary revolutionary into the unlimited dictator of Russia - a semi-god, whose portraits replaced Christian orthodox icons in the corners of peasant's huts. One morning she was found dead in her bed, revolver by her side. Up to this day, historians continue the heated debate as to whether she had killed herself or was murdered by Stalin. Tsukerman's film is an attempt to solve the riddles of the not-so-distant past, weaving stories within stories and blending commentary from remaining relatives, friends, and historians with rare archival footage. The film provides a fascinating overview of the early history of the USSR while simultaneously exploring the myriad questions surrounding this complex relationship.

Stalin's testament 1993

Немолодой, пьющий адвокат унаследовал от отца, бывшего охранника товарища Сталина саморучный текст "вождя народов" - неподписанное завещание. Его подзащитный, гений подделования почерков и документов, дописывает текст, указывая адвоката незаконным сыном "великого человека". Это открывает перед воспрявшим юристом неожиданные перспективы — он выдвигает свою кандидатуру в депутаты, и определенные слои населения его поддерживают. Но поддерживают его и бывшие "аппаратчики", а это — главное. После этого начинается кошмар, который, к сожалению, местами очень похож на реальность.

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