Travel Ban 2018

A political comedy about being brown and immigrant in Trump's America seen through the eyes of comedians of Middle Eastern origin.

Time Travel Mater 2012

When a clock lands on Mater's engine, he travels back in time to 1909 where he meets Stanley, an ambitious young car on his way to California. With the help of Lightning McQueen, Mater alters history by convincing Stanley to stay and build Radiator Springs. Stanley meets Lizzie and they commemorate the opening of the new courthouse with their wedding.

Have Dreams, Will Travel 2007

West Texas, in the 1960's. A tale of two 12-year-olds who embark on an adventure to find new parents in order to escape their unhappy and emotionally unsatisfying family life.

Paraiso Travel 2009

PARAISO TRAVEL is the story of Marlon Cruz, a young Colombian man who, motivated by his girlfriend Reina leaves his comfortable life in Medellin and flees with her through Guatemala and Mexico, across the borders, illegally into the United States. Marlon's journey, which takes him through seedy strip clubs, dance halls, homeless hostels, ultimately takes him to a place he could have not predicted

Gulliver's Travel 2006

Family - Surgeon, Lemuel Gulliver, a softhearted colonial, is washed ashore an island called Sumatra (The Land of Lilliput), after a shipwreck. To his shock, Gulliver sees that the people are in inches what he is in feet. Yet for their six inch height, these little people are not short of problems that arise in the civilized world. A lunatic magician and a slimy minister influenced the Emperor of Lilliput to go to war with the neighboring kingdom of Blefscu.

Have Rocket, Will Travel 1959

The Stooges are janitors working at a space center who accidentally blast off to Venus. They encounter a talking unicorn, a giant fire breathing tarantula, and an alien computer who has destroyed all human life on the planet and creates three evil duplicates of the Stooges. When the boys return home triumphant, they are given a hero's welcome.

The Big Space Travel 1975

From the same studio that produced Richard Viktorov's diptych Moscow-Cassiopeia / Adolescents in the Universe comes this second teen-themed sci-fi adventure, in which three youngsters (one of them played by Mila Berlinskaya, who sings the film's theme song and went on to become a world-famous classical pianist) have to take command of a space flight when their adult captain comes down sick and is forced to quarantine himself. What sets The Great Space Voyage apart, however, is its explicit propaganda content: if you set your mind to something and persist at it, the film solemnly and sincerely reminds us, you can succeed no matter what the difficulty. (Not too dissimilar from North American-style self-empowerment!) Make sure to stick around for the end, where an actual Russian cosmonaut is on hand to deliver an inspirational message of encouragement.

The Art of Travel 2008

High school grad. Conner Layne is about to marry his first love, but when wedding plans fail, he goes solo on his honeymoon to Central America, finding adventure with a ragtag group of foreigners who attempt to cross the Darien Gap in record time.

Have Figure, Will Travel 1963

Carol and Susan are avid nudists, so when Carol's rich father takes a trip to South America, she and Susan decide to take his yacht on a cruise with an unsuspecting friend down the Atlantic coast to visit various cities and nudist camps.

Travel by Feet 2015

A wagon-full of passengers in a night train and an annoying companion in your compartment. What would you be willing to do in order to have a peaceful journey?

Light Travel 2005

Landscapes of Portugal and the travel of the light.

Travel Stop 2018

Shot at the World's Largest Truckstop in Walcott, Iowa, the film contemplates the interiors of a Midwestern highway rest stop, creating an essayistic portrait of a familiar site of travel and transience. With attention fixed on the ideological overtones pressed to the surface in the objects for sale, Travel Stop examines how identity is called upon, regressed, emptied, overburdened, or parceled when traversing the non-places along the US interstate. "That the world of things can open itself to reveal a secret life-indeed to reveal a set of actions and hence a narrativity and history outside the given field of perception-is a constant daydream that the miniature presents. This is the daydream of the microscope: the daydream of life inside life, of significance multiplied infinitely within significance." - Susan Stewart, On Longing

Travel Queeries 2009

Travel Queeries examines the culture, art and activism of radical queers in contemporary Europe.

Time Travel 2017

The film, an animation, unfolds in three acts: Act I, "Cyrano", wherein Cyrano makes all manner of boasts and compares his lady-love to the marvels of the universe; Act II, " Prometheus", in which pagan forces are compared with the supposed genteel nature of the 19th century; Act III, "Time Travel", wherein there is a hop-scotch of Time Travel! In which the viewer moves among various 'times', partially drawn entirely from imagination, partially from allusion to specific visual historic and pre-historic periods. It is not a straight-line progression, rather a flipping back and forth through glimpses of various ages, carried along by the surreal antics of its objects and characters.

Travel Light 2016

A small team of American filmmakers backpack 500 miles across Spain's Camino de Santiago in an attempt to capture the stories of the international pilgrims who make this sacred walk.

Travel Notes 1932

Photographer Walker Evans (1903-1975) went to the South Seas on a sailing ship in 1931 and 1932. Travel Notes (1932), is a 12 minute long series of scenes from the ocean trip, including a stop in Tahiti. Using 35mm motion picture film, Evans creates abstract compositions out of sails, rigging, and crew.

Travel Plans 2013

A deadpan short about traveling and staying at home.

Have Gun – Will Travel 1957

Have Gun – Will Travel is an American Western television series that aired on CBS from 1957 through 1963. It was rated number three or number four in the Nielsen ratings every year of its first four seasons. It was one of the few television shows to spawn a successful radio version. The radio series debuted November 23, 1958. The television show is presently shown on the Encore-Western channel. Have Gun – Will Travel was created by Sam Rolfe and Herb Meadow and produced by Frank Pierson, Don Ingalls, Robert Sparks, and Julian Claman. There were 225 episodes of the TV series, 24 written by Gene Roddenberry. Other contributors included Bruce Geller, Harry Julian Fink, Don Brinkley and Irving Wallace. Andrew McLaglen directed 101 episodes and 19 were directed by series star Richard Boone.

RTL Travel

RTL Travel is a travel television series which first aired on the Dutch Yorin television station with host Tom Rhodes, and later became a part of the RTL Nederland network.

Travelers 2016

Hundreds of years from now, the last surviving humans discover the means of sending consciousness back through time, directly into people in the 21st century. These "travelers" assume the lives of seemingly random people, while secretly working as teams to perform missions in order to save humanity from a terrible future.

Travel Guides 2015

A travel series that sends five ordinary British households to review some of the world’s most popular holiday destinations.

Travel Sick 2001

Travel Sick was a British hybrid comedy-travel television series that originally aired on Bravo from 2001 to 2002. It placed UK writer Grub Smith in a different region of the world in each episode. In each destination, he was asked to complete five undesirable challenges posed by the show's producers. If he failed a challenge, he was forced to perform something unpleasant called a "forfeit". The more he failed, the worse the "forfeit" at the end of the show became. The series has also aired on Comedy Central in the United States.

Rail Travel with Taiwan BENTO 2017

The members of the band Bullet Train travel the rails of beautiful Taiwan, eating their way through the country's delicious train station meals.

Time Travel Tondekeman

Time Travel Tondekeman is an anime series directed by Kunihiko Yuyama and Akira Sugino. It was written by Junki Takegami and produced by Animax network president Masao Takiyama. It was originally broadcast by Fuji Television in Japan between 19 October 1989 and 26 August 1990. Time Quest, as it was called outside Japan, was first aired in the Philippines in 1994 by IBC-13. It was rerun in ABC-5 in 1999. It also was aired in Indosiar, Indonesia during 1995, and it was rerun in Space Toon Indonesia since the year 2008.

Travel the Road

Travel the Road is an American reality television series that documents the lives of young missionaries Tim Scott and Will Decker through more than 25 different countries since 1998. Travel the Road is a two-fold ministry. Their mission statement says: "First, we actively preach the message of Christ Jesus to remote people groups who have never heard the gospel, or are currently cutoff from active mission work. Second, we document our expeditions and present them in a weekly television series to motivate the church to be active in missions." Decker and Scott undertake expeditions into the most remote areas of the world to bring the gospel. From the deserts of Ethiopia to the island villages of Papua New Guinea they travel from country to country with one backpack, a change of clothes, and the gospel. Along the adventure the world is seen like never before with spellbinding images of remote and distant lands that evoke thoughts of a time long ago.

Have Fork, Will Travel

Have Fork, Will Travel is a television show that premiered on September 4, 2007, and is broadcast on the Food Network. Host Zane Lamprey travels to various countries, exploring the native cuisine and culture. Visited countries include France, Jamaica, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Norway, and Russia. According Food Network executive Bob Tuschman, Lamprey's "everyman quality" appeals to a broad audience. However, that same quality drew criticism from food critic Anthony Bourdain.

Canadian Travel Show

The Canadian Travel Show, a television series first produced for Life Network in 1996, produced 106 episodes that aired in prime time across Canada from 1996 to 2001. In all, 106 half-hour episodes were produced by husband and wife team Matt Murphy and Linda Amor. The series explored the vast country, its people, landscapes, communities and nuances. It was later carried by Prime TV and the specialty channel's Canadian parent, Global Television. In its first two seasons, it regularly drew more than 225,000 viewers a week, a minor coup for a travel series on the newly burgeoning specialty television market in Canada. It ran in syndication until 2004 and was sold in several Asian countries.

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