Fossil 2014

Paul and Camilla’s marriage is in trouble. They head to a picturesque cottage in the South of France to work through their problems and try to inject some love back into their marriage. As their relationship unravels, the holiday is hijacked by an American and his French girlfriend. Looking for an excuse to pause the hostilities, Camilla invites them to stay at the cottage...

The Fossil 1975

This drama is adapted from a Japanese television mini-series. In the story, an industrialist learns of a medical condition which will greatly shorten his life. He is on a trip to Europe at the time, and a glimpse of a Japanese woman in that setting causes him to fantasize about her as the personification of his impending death. As his dialogue with his imagined mortality continues, he actually meets the living woman who is the template for his fantasy, and together they tour rural churches. Gradually he comes to some kind of peace about the diagnosis. When he returns to Japan, he is met with a series of challenges which profoundly test the lessons he has learned

Living Fossil 2014

Springtime along the Mid-Atlantic seaboard, hundreds of thousands of horseshoe crabs spawn on beaches under the glow of the full moon. LIVING FOSSIL is a brief glimpse of a 450 million year old ritual.

The Last Documentary Fossil 2018

In 2118 an alien named X surveys the Earth in his flying saucer. In this wasteland, where humans have long become extinct due to heavy pollution, he finds a bunch of rotting ‘image fossils’ (old, discarded films). X is puzzled by these images: Why are they building a machine that belches smoke? Why are there ribbon-cutting ceremonies? This is a sci-fi film in an alternate style.

Phillip the Fossil 2011

Centering around an aging party animal chasing the endless summer, Phillip The Fossil is an uncompromising and raw, portrait of everyday people who struggle in all their blemished glory for a life of meaning.

The Fossil Record 2006

If evolution is true there must be two lines of evidence: (1) the fossil record must produce vast numbers of transitional forms (2) there must be a mechanism to cause all these changes - Where are all the transitional forms between the Procambrian and Cambrian periods? - How well do some of the famous alleged fossil intermdiates such as the horse and archaeopteryx hold up to unbiased scientific investigations? - Do mutations and natural selection support evolution?

World's Best Dinosaur Fossil 2017

An extraordinary new discovery of a dinosaur fossil so pristine and complete, that it shows off the texture, patterns, and color of a prehistoric giant. Discover this brand new species that roamed during the late Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

Lumières fossiles 2015

In the Eastern Pyrenees, Jacqueline, age eighty-five, finds the paths which lead to the peak of Canigou. In this solitary walk, she observes, feels and remembers. The images of her past appear on her body, when the ascension of the mount was a family tradition. She witnesses a memory which little by little seems to infuse the mountain.

Dating Fossils and Rocks

In this DVD, Mr. Riddle shares the results of his much reading and research in the area of Carbon 14 dating, and explains the importance of Carbon 12 in conjunction with C-14. He explains in simple terms the molecular breakdown process. He also discusses other dating methods and the underlying assumptions the methods are based on, the correctness of which are brought into question. Mike is an interesting and dynamic speaker. His visual aids are excellent. Mike Riddle has degrees in mathematics and education. He's a former Marine, national decathlon champion, former technical specialist and manager for Microsoft, and teacher at ICR's graduate school.

Evidence of Rapid Fossilization 2014

Dr. Andrew Snelling graphically illustrates how fossils - the vestiges of once-living organisms - form rapidly, not over millions of years. To be preserved with the amazing detail we often see, animals and plants "locked" in the rock record had to be buried rapidly, and fossilization had to be rapid as well. Fossils are often found in huge numbers in what are called "graveyards," as demonstrated by many example across the world. These often massive fossil beds point unmistakably to the rapid burial of living things during the global Flood cataclysm described in Genesis!

Phosphor Dot Fossils 2008

Actual video clips of dozens of games in action, from 1971′s “Computer Space” through the dawn of the NES era, accompanied by fascinating game-by-game historical notes. A detailed menu system lets you search year-by-year to jump directly to whichever game you want to see. It’s a “video book” and a celebration of the sights and sounds of video gaming’s history all in one.

Fuck Fossils - A Future You Don't Want

Fuck Fossils is a Norwegian short film set in the year 2050, centered around 2 teenagers who are babysitting. It is an insight into what the human world is like in 2050.

Dinosaurs Alive 2007

See the earliest creatures of the Triassic Period to the monsters of the Cretaceous in a ‘life-sized’ IMAX ® presentation. Join renowned paleontologists as they discover new fossils and uncover evidence that dinosaur descendants are still among us. Realistic and scientifically-accurate computer generated animation brings dinosaurs back to life…in a big way!

Fossil Detectives 2008

Fossil Detectives is a 2008 BBC Television documentary series in which presenter Hermione Cockburn travels across Great Britain exploring fossil sites and discovering the latest scientific developments in geology and palaeontology. The show is a spin-off of Coast.

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