Footsteps 2006

A young man called Andrew is forced to endure a bitter encounter with a man known as the Cameraman, who enjoys filming beatings, murders and rapes in an abandoned underpass.

Footsteps 2008

Short documentary revealing how the sound effects were created for Maddin's film "Brand Upon the Brain".

Footsteps 1972

A football coach is hired by a small college to shape up its football team, and he finds himself in trouble with local gamblers who don't want the team to improve.

Footsteps 2003

Daisy Lowendahl (Bergen) is a best-selling suspense novelist who finds herself at her isolated beach house with a local young fan (Hall) who knows almost everything about her, and two men - one of whom may be trying to kill her, the other of whom could save her life, causing Daisy to be thrown into the middle of a real-life drama.


Ever since Douglas' Mother mysteriously vanished when he was 8 years old, his life has been controlled by panic, fear and desire. Now, two decades later, Douglas returns home to his small industrial town to take care of his dying father. In a bar one night he finds a mysterious wallet and in attempts to return it, enters a world of lust, deceit and murder; a world that holds the secret to his family's tortured past.

Footsteps 1974

Footsteps is in the manner of a game re-enacted, the game in making was between the camera and actor,the actor and cameraman, and one hundred feet of film. The film became expanded into positive and negative to change balances within it; black for perspective, then black to shadow the screen and make paradoxes with the idea of acting, and the act of seeing the screen. The music sets a mood then turns a space, remembers the positive then silences the flatness of the negative.

Inaudible footsteps 2015

Footsteps of horses and sheep. I run to the forest in a hurry. But I never reach to the forest of my destination. I'm remain in the original place, the place before the tale. After the destination (forest) disappears gradually, aimless footsteps are left on the stage. "Being on the way to somewhere" becomes a story of film in itself. The white light placed in the center of picture is continuously changing its role and prolongs the tail of the tale.

Whispering Footsteps 1943

A bank clerk's life becomes a nightmare because he fits the description of a maniac killer.

Fatal Footsteps 1926

Charley is obsessed with learning the Charleston, so he can enter and win a local contest, which promises a large prize and the hand in marriage of a beautiful woman.

Grandfather's Footsteps 1983

My Mother found an old cigar box full of glass negatives, stereoscopic views, mostly of the Somerset countryside taken by my great grandfather Henry Stiles Savory, who was a country clergyman. Later some more boxes of his negatives turned up at a country house sale. I printed them and made enlargements from some of them, and a few years later the idea came to me to use them in a film. 'In Grandfather's Footsteps the film-maker re-evokes the presence of her great-grandfather, Henry Stiles Savory, a Victorian clergyman, photographer and scientist. It's not a costume drama, bringing in his writings, and his personal effects - books, machines, photographs - Anne Rees-Mogg emphasizes her own links with him and his preoccupations. She achieves a real sense of timelessness.' - Jo Comino

In Her Mother's Footsteps 2006

Soon after Kate moves into the house she inherits from her father, she begins to see strange images of young women being murdered. At first it appears as if she's losing her mind, but Kate soon discovers that her visions may be hereditary. As this young mom begins to piece together the mystery behind her new haunted home, she realizes that not everything is as it seems. Each clue she gathers in solving this puzzle brings her - and her daughter - another step closer to danger!

In Emma's Footsteps 2018

After the martyrdom of Joseph Smith, Jr., his wife Emma Hale Smith was left with much to shoulder: salvaging Joseph’s estate, the safety of her family, her own grief, and growing isolation as danger and rumors increased. Through the eyes of one of her sons and Lucy Mack Smith, Emma’s struggles are shown with new light and understanding, revealing a courageous woman who stood as a pillar of strength for her family.

In Mozart's Footsteps 1938

This travelogue showcases Mozart's hometown of Salzburg, Austria, and features his music, showcasing the beauty of the city, despite the Nazi occupation seeming like a negative image of things to come.

Chris de Burgh And Band Footsteps - Live In Concert 2010

Filmed during his sell-out 2009 world tour, "Footsteps: Live In Concert" captures Chris, his band and his audience combining to create a memorable and vibrant performance. Shot at concerts in Europe and in South Africa, footage opens with the show's atmospherically-lit and sound-tracked 'Intro' and features an 18-song set, with material taken not only from Chris's extensive back catalogue of hits, but also from his latest internationally successful album 'Footsteps', a hand-picked selection by Chris of songs which have influenced his own career and writing. 1. Intro 2. Last Night 3. Sailing Away 4. Turn, Turn, Turn 5. Oh My Brave Hearts 6. Without You 7. The Mirror Of The Soul 8. Leather On My Shoes 9. Love Of The Heart Divine 10.Borderline 11.Transmission Ends 12.The Lady In Red 13.Africa 14.Making The Perfect Man 15.Say Goodbye To It All 16.Don't Pay The Ferryman 17.High On Emotion 18.The Snows Of New York 19.Footsteps

Footsteps in the Sand 2010

At the airport, Slavi tells his life's story to a young customs officer. As children, Nelly promises Slavi to marry him. The two teenagers are passionately in love with each other but after some time Nelly falls in love with another guy. Slavi takes up drinking and gets into trouble with the Bulgarian militia (police) because of his family background. This is when he decides to defect to the West. After staying at a refugee camp in Austria and another desperate love, he sets out to the United States. There Slavi makes some new friends who help him buy a truck. He hits the roads of America, where he comes across an Indian who sells him an arrow. The vender tells him this amulet will bring his love back. Eventually, Slavi comes back to Bulgaria, where communism has collapsed. His beloved Nelly lives alone with her daughter. One day Slavi meets her again...

Footsteps in the Snow 1966

Footsteps in the Snow is a new original documentary that recounts the coldest case in American history, which took 55 years to be solved - the 1957 abduction and murder of a 7-year-old girl.

Footsteps of My Father 2018

“Footsteps of My Father” uncovers an act of extraordinary courage by Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds, a devout Christian from Tennessee who risked his own life to save the lives of 200 Jewish G.I.s when they were prisoners of the Germans in WWII.

In The Footsteps of Alexander the Great 1998

In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great was a BBC documentary television series first shown in 1998. It was written and presented by British historian and broadcaster Michael Wood. Wood retraced the travels of Alexander the Great, from Vergina in Macedonia, where his father Philip II of Macedon died and Alexander was proclaimed king, through seventeen present-day countries to the borders of India and back to Mesopatamia, where he died. Whereas most of Wood's documentary series had titles beginning "In Search of...", the title of this series reflected a slightly different approach. The series was directed by David Wallace.

In Their Footsteps 2011

In Their Footsteps is a ten-part documentary depicting Australian families and war. The first episode aired in Australia on 8 May 2011 on the Nine Network. In each episode an Australian will retrace the steps of a close ancestor’s wartime experience.

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