Reality 2012

A dark comedy centering on the lives of a Neapolitan based family whose father, a fish merchant, is so infatuated with the reality TV show "Grande Fratello" (the Italian version of "Big Brother") he starts living his life as if he were on it.

Reality Bites 1994

A small circle of friends suffering from post-collegiate blues must confront the hard truth about life, love and the pursuit of gainful employment. As they struggle to map out survival guides for the future, the Gen-X quartet soon begins to realize that reality isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Reality 2014

A wanna-be director is given 48 hours by a producer to find the best groan of pain, worthy of an Oscar, as the only condition to back his film.

Total Reality 1997

David Bradley, stars as the roguish soldier Anthony Rand, who follows a ruthless general back through time in a last ditch attempt to save the universe.

Reality+ 2014

In a near future, the brain chip 'Reality+' acts on your sensory perceptions and allows you to see yourself with the perfect physique you've always dreamed of. All the people equipped with the chip can see your new appearance and you can see theirs. But the chip can only be activated for 12h a day...

Hollywood & Wine 2011

Diane Blaine has the face of a movie star. Unfortunately, fallen star/tabloid queen Jamie Stephens already made it famous. Hollywoods constant rejection due to what Diane refers to as "TJS" ("Too Jamie Stephens") has made her bitter, frustrated....and, yes, whiny. Co-worker/boyfriend Jack Sanders doesn't help matters. His idea of ambition is letting it ride. Now he's in major debt to a trigger-happy mobster who, interestingly enough, has a thing for Jamie Stephens. Jack's only way out? Convince Diane to be Jamie and wipe out the debt having one meal with a made man. It's literally the performance of her life. With Jack's on the line.

El reality 2018

Camilo is a young person "divinely" who wants to be a singer of popular music. In search of his dream, and because he knows that his talent is not enough to win, he pretends to be blind and poor in a singing reality show. Because of this, he hires the Cuca, a humble and charming family that for a "little money" opens the doors of his house, even though Constanza, the eldest daughter, disapproves of the lie. But as he gains popularity, Camilo discovers that life is not a reality and that, although love is blind, there is no worse blind than the one who does not want to see.

Vaastav: The Reality 1999

"The Reality" as described by the film's tagline, refers to the harsh realities of life in the Mumbai underworld. The film is said to be loosely based on the life of Mumbai underworld gangster Chota Rajan.

The Task 2011

Something diabolical is taking place on the set of "The Task" a new reality show in which players complete terrifying missions within the confines of an abandoned prison hoping to win a hefty cash prize. As six young students explore their new environment, malicious spirits make their presence known in the most gruesome ways imaginable, Unable to escape the labyrinthine prison, the contestants become unwitting pawns caught at the centre of a blood-soaked night of terror.

REALity 2018

We are surrounded by many things we can not explain. Things that makes us questioning our reality. Like in this short film where a guy meets up a girl at night.

Reality Check 2002

Four young women and three young men, totally strangers to each other, are sent to an isolated house with the crew members of a reality show to stay living together for three months without any means of communication with the exterior, and in the end, the winner will get a prize of US$ 100,000.00. When the cameraman is found dead in a barn, the group becomes hysterical, since nobody knows who is trustful.

Legendary Reality 2018

Legendary Reality is a science-fiction essay film that portrays the recollections of a solitary narrator imprisoned in his own mind. Using a non-linear structure that weaves together dreams and memory, Jon Rafman creates a stream-of-consciousness meditation on art, identity and time that draw on the work of Leonard Cohen. The film intercuts digitally processed found photos and 3D landscapes sourced from video games to tell the enigmatic voyage of one man's soul.

Lost Reality 2 2005

When nothing is sacred, everything is funny. More reality TV shows the networks wouldn't dare air from the warped minds at National Lampoon.

Beyond the Edge 2018

Contemporary Moscow. A talented gambler gathers a team of people with supernatural powers to win big at a casino. But they find a much stronger mystical rival.

David Bowie: A Reality Tour 2004

In a career chock full of "you've never seen him like this" moments, you've never seen David Bowie as you will in A Reality Tour. The rock legend and his ace band blaze through stunners from Bowie's Reality album plus dozens of his greatest hits.

11 Days 11 Nights: Part 1 - Fantasy Becomes Reality 1987

In 11 days, Michael is to marry Helen, but a chance meeting with a total stranger threatens to destroy all his plans. En route to work, Michael is seduced on the spot by a beautiful stranger. Unbeknownst to Michael, this gorgeous woman is a writer who's about to finish her book, SARAH AND HER 100 MEN. Guess who's the 100th man.

Stalked by a Reality Star 2018

When teenager Kendra lies about her age to get into a Hollywood party, she meets handsome reality TV star, Brad. But when she discovers that Brad is not as charming as he seems, Kendra rejects him, only to realize that he has become obsessed with her and will stop at nothing--including dating her widowed mother--to be near her.

Virtual Reality 2001

A fifteen year old girl Senka, comes from a wealthy family whose parents enroll in an elite school where she meets a drug dealer with whom he falls in love, and so it has hitherto completely unknown world. Senka is a young and inexperienced girl who, unwittingly, in his new world, the world of drug addiction and pulled his best friend.

After Reality 2013

In-between zones are where Zhou Tao situates his subtly off-kilter work that unravels at a soothingly sedated pace. As we observe dragon-boat rowers train in heavily vegetated areas of the city, we are transported in and out of reality and performance, winter and summer, Paris and Guangzhou.

La Isla: El Reality 2012

La Isla also known as La Isla: El Reality is a Mexican reality show that aired on August 20, 2012 It was produced by Be-Tv together with TV Azteca and is based on the Colombian Reality Desafío Caracol TV.. The program shows three groups of players: the first two are composed of Mexican characters, known as famosos and showbiz celebridades, and a third team players called The Desconocidos.

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars 2014

Quintessential reality star couples are forced to face their personal demons in an extreme relationship boot camp, hoping to fix their broken unions. Raw, unbridled truth ensues when they are pushed to their emotional and physical limits to see if their relationships are worth saving or they should pull the plug.

Reality Trip 2015

Reality Trip is a documentary series (seven one hour episodes), which takes five young Kiwi consumers to three different countries to see where the products they buy come from – computers, bananas, costume jewellery, clothes, and tea. They’re products most New Zealanders buy without thinking about their origins and who makes them.

Reality Binge 2008

Reality Binge, is a weekly Fox Reality Channel original series which features reality TV clips & reality commentary every week. The show is hosted by Eric Toms.

Welcome to Reality 2011

This dramatic series follows a group of troubled Mexican teens in their last year of school, coping with such challenges as drug abuse and sexual identity. In other words, growing up.

Wrestling Reality 2007

Wrestling Reality is a documentary television series airing on The Fight Network that follows the lives of a group of independent pro wrestlers in the Maritime provinces of Canada. The series consists of a half-hour documentary portion, as well as an hour of televised matches and shoot interviews. The sneak peek of the premiere episode was September 25, 2007, with the full series then airing in early November. The series tackles many issues that go on behind the scenes in the wrestling world including drug use, steroid use, and sex. The series gives the public a glimpse of what the lives of pro wrestlers are really like. The series was created by independent filmmaker Greg Hemmings.

Beyond Reality

Beyond Reality is a Canadian/American science fiction television series which originally aired between October 4, 1991 and March 20, 1993. The series is about two university parapsychologists who investigate reports of paranormal phenomena that occur in ordinary people's lives.

Reality Remix

Reality Remix was a daily, half-hour American television show that recaps what's occurring in the world of reality television. It was one of the original shows on the Fox Reality Channel. Reality Remix was hosted by former MTV veejay Lisa Kennedy Montgomery. However, it featured a number of correspondents. The current correspondents were: Mark Long, Amanda Avila, Todd Newton, Lynn Warren & Alex Ali, JD Roberto and Nathan "Nate" Gonzalez. There was also a round table interview segment with Erin Murphy, Anna David and B-side. The daily edition of Reality Remix aired Monday through Friday at 7:30/4:30 PM ET/PT. An hour-long Weekend Edition aired on Saturdays, and episodes were also available on the show website. The 500th episode aired on July 12, 2007. On May 24, 2008, Reality Remix aired its final episode.

Camp Reality

Camp Reality is a reality show that appeared on Fox Reality Channel. It was hosted by Burton Roberts. Contestants included former reality stars Toni Ferrari, Adam Larson, Scott Long, Michelle Deighton, Jonny Fairplay, Coral Smith, Brennan Swain, Tammie Sheffield, Rebecca Cardon, John "JP" Palyok, Nikki McKibbin, Pamela Day, and Ryan "Ryno" Opray.

Reality Obsessed 2008

Reality Obsessed is a Canadian half-hour documentary television series produced by Peace Point Entertainment Group that airs on TVtropolis. In each episode, host Murtz Jaffer attempts to demystify the underpinnings of reality television by trying to recreate events that took place on Big Brother, American Idol, The Apprentice and numerous other American reality television series past and present. The series has featured many reality television stars, including Brian Drolet from The Hills and Damage Control, Johnny Fairplay from Survivor, Dave Olsen from Beauty and the Geek, and Jason Peoples from Average Joe. Themes explored include natural talent, casting, simulated conflict, game play, team formation, strategy and relationships.

Reality Racing

Reality Racing is a competition-based reality television show that debuted May 19, 2007 on Spike TV, where it ranked first amongst male audiences aged 18 to 49, according to Spike's parent company Viacom. The show was described by one journalist as 'NASCAR meets American Idol,' but failed to achieve its first season advertising sales performance targets. The show aired alongside the shows Trucks! and Bullrun, and was an essential component of Spike's Powerblock.

Kill Reality 2005

Kill Reality is a 2005 series which ran on E! Entertainment television about the all-stars of reality television making a horror movie called The Scorned. During the filming of the movie the cast lived together in a house that quickly turned into the real house of horrors. The series ended when on the final episode Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton was removed from the house for defecating on Trish Schneider's bed while she was sleeping in it. E! was supposed to have aired The Scorned on September 24, 2005, however, the film was delayed and had its premiere on Halloween later that year.

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