Kings With Straw Mats 1986

Filmmaker and poet Cohen gets close to one of India's greatest sacred celebrations, the Kumbh Mela. Taking place only once every 12 years, this gathering of holy men is surreal, passionate, and slightly mad.

The World Is Funny 2012

Simple people struggle through extraordinary circumstances. Sometimes the only answer to any problem is 'The world is funny so we have to laugh.

Matsumoto Tribe 2017

Confident that he’s the next great Japanese thespian, Matsumoto Fighter and his manager roam the streets of Shibuya to promote him. When he finds out that up-andcoming indie director Matsunaga Daishi is holding auditions for his latest film, Matsumoto pulls out all the stops to get in. Director Ninomiya Ken began this project as a Borat-esque mockumentary about the desperate measures aspiring actors take to break into show business. But when Fighter and his manager push the limits of their unsuspecting prey a little too far, fiction and reality begin to overlap in disturbing and surprisingly violent ways. Will Fighter finally get his big break, or will his dreams come crumbling down?

Matsi Khvitia 1966

It’s about a 13th-century Georgian legendary avenger, the noble robber Matsi Khvitia, who bravely fought against the princes’ arbitrary rule.

Outlaw-Matsu Returns Home 1973

“In Search of Unreturned Soldiers was about former soldiers of the Japanese army who chose not to return to Japan after the war. I found several of them who had remained in Thailand. Two years later, I invited one of them to make his first return visit to Japan and documented it in Outlaw-Matsu Returns Home. During the filming, my subject Fujita asked me to buy him a cleaver so that he could kill his ‘vicious brother.’ I was shocked, and asked him to wait a day so that I could plan how to film the scene. By the next morning, to my relief, Fujita had calmed down and changed his mind about killing his brother. But I couldn’t have had a sharper insight into the ethical questions provoked by this kind of documentary filmmaking.” —Shôhei Imamura

Matsuri 2016

A junior high school teacher named Sachie has been living alone. She is not respected by her students and also has trouble fitting into her workspace. One of her students, Hagiwara, has been winning one writing contest after another due to his eloquence. But, he starts to lose sight of himself after a transfer student from the city joins his class. Sachie, on the other hand has started attending a Japanese Taiko (drum) class offered at a nearby community center to get away from her empty life. Their frustrations collide at the school's festival.

The Horses of Fukushima 2013

Fukushima's Minami-soma has a ten-centuries-long tradition of holding the Soma Nomaoi ("chasing wild horses") festival to celebrate the horse's great contribution to human society. Following the meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in the wake of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami, local people were forced to flee the area. Rancher Shinichiro Tanaka returned to find his horses dead or starving, and refused to obey the government's orders to kill them. While many racehorses are slaughtered for horsemeat, his horses had been subjected to radiation and were inedible. Yoju Matsubayashi, whose "Fukushima: Memories of the Lost Landscape" is one of the most impressive documentaries made immediately after the disaster, spent the summer of 2011 helping Tanaka take care of his horses. In documenting their rehabilitation, he has produced a profound meditation on these animals who live as testaments to the tragic bargain human society made with nuclear power.

Matsumoto Seicho Special: Fingers 2006

Fukue Yumiko is a struggling actress who isn't afraid to lie, cheat, or exploit her own sexuality if it means her own success. But as she becomes a big star, one TV reporter decides that it's time someone uncovered her dark past and reveal just how far she was prepared to go for her own fame.

The Matsugane Potshot Affair 2007

When a gold ingot and a severed human head are discovered in a small provincial town, the rush to solve the curious case wavers between tragic and darkly humorous in this defiantly original film from Linda Linda Linda director Nobuhiro Yamashita.

Dedication to Matsuo Basho 1970

Matsuo Basho's haiku are internationally revered for their clarity, brevity and insight. Learn about this great haiku poet.

Pirate's Code: The Adventures of Mickey Matson 2014

Heroes Mickey and his best friend, Sully, are forced to take on a mission to save our country from the evil plans of Admiral Ironsides. The Admiral and his motley crew of modern day pirates have taken control of a large merchant ship with plans of deploying a new type of weapon that could destroy every electronic device on Earth. If Ironsides succeeds, it could be the end of the world as we know it.

The Adventures of Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Conspiracy 2012

When a mythical device from ancient times is rebuilt by a group of Confederates who feel the civil war never ended, Mickey Matson and his newfound friend, Sully, must follow a series of clues left by his dead grandfather to keep the evil men away from the three mystical objects that power the device. If he fails, it could mean not only the loss of his family's home, but maybe the demise of our country as we know it.

Memories of Matsuko 2006

While combing through the belongings of his recently deceased aunt, Matsuko, nephew Sho pieces together the crucial events that sank Matsuko's life into a despairing tragedy.

Purple Rain - Kaede Matsushima

During the Autumn season, MU Taikou feudal lord killed in the uprising SERUBEKU, KU Spirit was first launched in the purple rain! The killer was wounded in the fighting with the daughter of Purple Rain with the help of passersby, with extraordinary attention from the temple, where the woman used as sex slaves and human trafficking as well as participate in gambling den!

Hitoshi Matsumoto Presents Documental 2016

Ten comedians are pitted against each other in a closed room with the objective to make each other laugh. The last person to stay in the room without laughing wins and is awarded a 10 million yen prize and bragging rights as the funniest comedian.

Matsuko & Ariyoshi's Angry New Party


Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro!! 2014

Matsutarō Sakaguchi is a giant roughneck man with strength far beyond ordinary people. He never uttered words like "work hard," "strive," and "dream" like the typical shōnen manga protagonist, and he is stronger than anyone and peerless in sumo wrestling. His greatest weakness, however, is his own carefree personality.

The Ancient Magus' Bride: Those Awaiting a Star 2016

A prequel to the manga The Ancient Magus' Bride, this movie tells the story of how the dispossessed 15 year old girl Chise Hatori (Hatori Chise in Japanese) is bought by a monstrous sorcerer named Elias. However, things are not as dire as they seem. Elias informs Chise that she has a rare magical talent, and that he will therefor take her on as his apprentice... and in the future, as his bride.

Campione! 2012

Some people suddenly find religion, but for 16-year-old Kusanagi Godou, it's that REALLY old time religion that's found him! As the result of defeating the God of War in mortal combat, Godou's stuck with the unwanted position of Campione!, or God Slayer, whose duty is to fight Heretical Gods whenever they try to muscle in on the local turf. Not only is this likely to make Godou roadkill on the Highway to Heaven, it's also a job that comes with a lot of other problems. Like how to deal with the fact that his "enhanced status" is attracting a bevy of overly-worshippy female followers. After all, they're just there to aid him in his demi-godly duties, right? So why is it that their leader, the demonically manipulative sword-mistress Erica Blandelli, seems to have such a devilish interest in encouraging some VERY unorthodox activities? Get ready for immortal affairs, heavenly harems and lots of dueling deities taking pious in the face as the ultimate smash, bash and thrash of the Titans rocks both Heaven and Earth.

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