Georgia Rule 2007

Georgia Rule follows a rebellious, uncontrollable teenager who is hauled off by her dysfunctional mother to spend the summer with her grandmother. Her journey will lead all three women to revelations of buried family secrets and an understanding that - regardless what happens - the ties that bind can never be broken.

Rock & Rule 1983

A malevolent rock star kidnaps a female singer to force her to participate in the summoning of a demon and her band must help her stop him.

November Rule 2015

Up-and-coming sports shoe entrepreneur Steve, who is still reeling from the death of his dad, has made a "November rule" in order to keep his distance from the women who seem to be getting too serious about their relationship. Every November 1st, Steve makes up a whopping lie in order to break up with his current girlfriend. However, this year, when he gives the beautiful Leah her walking papers, he realizes his immature and arbitrary rule has just lost him the woman of his dreams. But whether he can win Leah back seems increasingly doubtful, especially after she starts dating pro sports star, James Avedon.

Monster High: Ghouls Rule 2012

Monster High: Ghouls Rule unearths an old conflict between "Normies" and monsters - and things are about to get scary! For years, students at Monster High were warned that Halloween was a night to stay inside and avoid conflict at all costs. But Frankie and her friends discover that ghouls and "Normies" once loved to spend the holiday together! The ghouls decide to turn back the clock and use the night to celebrate their individuality and show that it's okay to "Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster!"

The Slaughter Rule 2002

A young man finds solace with a young woman, his mother, and a high-school football coach who recruits him to quarterback a six-man team.

The Rule of Three 2012

Louis takes care of Vincent but expects that Marie manage it alone. The three of them spend an afternoon together and at the end of the day, they think the same thing: what's the point if I'm alone?


เรื่องราวความฝันของกลุ่มวัยรุ่นกลุ่มหนึ่ง ที่ไฝ่ฝันอยากจะเป็นนักคนตรี โดยมี ซื่อสัตย์(สตาร์บัค) เป็นมือกีต้าร์และหัวหน้าวง แข็ง (น้ำแข็งAF7) เล่นกีต้าร์ รั่ว(ไกด์ oic) ตีกลอง ไข่(บอม oic) เล่นเบส โดยมี ว่าว(แจ๊ส ชวนชื่น) เป็นนักร้องนำแต่การเข้าไปออดิชั่นครั้งแรกของพวกเขาดันไม่ประสบความสำเร็จ เพราะเหล่ากรรมการบอกว่าไม่แนวพอ ไม่เหมาะกับยุคนี้เป็นสาเหตุให้ว่าวลาออกจากวงไปตั้งวงใหม่

Mercy Rule 2014

Mercy Rule is a baseball adventure for the whole family, starring Kirk Cameron and his wife, Chelsea. Parents and kids alike will be inspired by the story of the Miller family as they learn life’s lessons of mercy, patience, sacrifice, legacy and trusting God. Co-starring Bas Rutten and comedian Tim Hawkins and written by bestselling author N.D. Wilson, Mercy Rule will teach your family what it means to be a "No Quit Family."

Rule Number Three 2011

Starring young British actors Nicholas Hoult and Imogen Poots, Rule Number Three is a Comedy in which a young couple communicate through a game of Scrabble. Matt and Rachel enjoy a quiet Sunday evening in the pub, deciding to pass the time by playing the world famous board game. Serendipitously, the opening exchanges express mutual affection, but after Matt's eyes wander away from Rachel's loving gaze and towards the figure of a barmaid, things take a turn for the worse. Stubbornly refusing to talk to each other, the couple continue to converse through the words on the board, and as the game gradually descends into a surreal slanging match, the young couple are guided towards a life-changing revelation. The letters will reveal all.

Rule No. 1 2003

A drama comedy about 'fish-out-of-water' Caroline and her sister Sarah, both in their mid-twenties. Caroline is forced to leave her unfaithful boyfriend, and the only place she can crash is with her sister with whom she does not get along. Sarah graciously offers Caroline a tiny room in her apartment and decides to help her find Mr Right. Caroline isn't sure she's cut out for the dating game, but Sarah assures her there's nothing to it. Caroline is sent on a series of grueling and comic dates with everything from nimble pickup artists, to adventure sports freaks and a karaokesinging stockbroker. But in the end what the two sisters really find is themselves.

Sedona's Rule 2010

Nicolas falls in love with Sedona, and he thinks she's the woman of his dreams. Sedona is way out of his league and has one condition. She requires a free pass every month to cheat on him. Being the hopeless romantic, Nicolas attempts to make her happy, and gives in to her demand. Their relationship becomes a roller coaster of great sexual highs, and dismal depressive lows. Neither of them realizes that their truly unique and dramatic arrangement has caught the attention of a watcher. This person is a serious voyeur, and is now filming their every move, with the intention of creating the perfect tragic ending. Nicolas must find the courage to stop the watcher, save Sedona, and maybe even grow a backbone.

6 Month Rule 2012

A womanizer teaches his clueless friend the rules about being single and avoiding emotional attachment.

The Rule 2014

See how the Benedictine monks of Newark Abbey, in the heart of one of America's most dangerous cities, are able to achieve amazing success with the most vulnerable population: inner city African American and Latino teenage males. While Newark, NJ, with a high poverty rate of 32%, has an abysmal high school graduation rate, St. Benedict's Prep has a near 100% COLLEGE ACCEPTANCE rate. The film details how their "recipe for success" follows the 6th century Rule of Saint Benedict and how this rule can serve as a model for whole cities nationwide.

The Rule of Lead 2014

To redeem his soul, the ghost of a killer is sent to lead a neglected teenage girl to save a group of street children from the abuse of a criminal organization.

A Rule Of Dreams 1996

"Yoru no Okite" takes us to the sky (or to hell) to accompany the delirium of a man who is assassinated. A different take on a spirit who is adrift after being murdered. This restless spirit takes us on a surreal journey through death, the after life, and back to the land of the living again.

Rule Number One 2008

Rookie Sergeant Lee is injured in a shoot-out and is assigned to the dubious-sounding Miscellaneous Affairs Department (MAD). There, he is paired up with Inspector Wong, a jaded and alcoholic veteran who explains that MAD’s role is to answer supernatural calls. Wong explains MAD’s rule number one - there are no ghosts. For every seemingly inexplicable phenomenon, there is a corresponding scientific and rational explanation.

Yet to Rule 2018

A surrealist drama about a 40-year-old criminal court judge with a dying father, an unhappy marriage and petty cases to solve - shown as struggle between ANDI, the animal within, and K, his rational side.

Rule Britannia

Rule Brittania is a series of online documentary episodes produced by VICE Films. In 2011 the episode "Swansea Love Story" was a Webby Award Official Honoree.

Rule the World 2017

It tells the story of a woman who travels 400 years into the body of Dong Ge, the most beautiful woman in the land, yet she is born with a curse that can make or break a nation. Can a woman from the modern times learn to adapt to a new life and a new romance? Can she escape what's been written in history?

Rule the School

CBBC's Rule the School is a modern role-reversal, reality TV show for teenagers. The basis of the show was to take five talented school pupils and 10 school teachers and swap roles. The pupils became the teachers and the teachers became the pupils. The series first aired in 2002, with lessons including text-messaging, break-dancing, computer gaming, customising clothes, popstar skills and 'funky footballing'. The series was nominated for a BAFTA in 2003 when lessons included dance, rap and, slightly more conventionally, physical education. In 2004 the timetable included dance lessons, djing, skateboarding and fashion. The BAFTA nominated show ended in 2005 after four seasons, with lessons including Music, Dance, IT Factor, Taekwondo and Web Design. The Headteacher was Adelaide Lumor who also appeared in the 2007 Muller commercial 'Lid Lickers'. The show was presented by Jake Humphrey.

When Women Rule the World

When Women Rule the World is an announced reality television series originally announced to premiere on Fox Broadcasting in spring 2007, then pushed to June 2, 2008, then delayed again in April 2008. However, the show never aired in the United States. The show consisted of 12 women and 12 men sent to a "primitive location" where the men were forced to be subservient to the women. The women voted off one man per week. The final man left was awarded $250,000. Cast members include Carla Turco, Jacky Reres, Mike Babassi, Robbie Kaller. Hosted by Judi Shekoni. The show was broadcast in Finland on MTV3 and in Belgium on PLUG RTL. The United Kingdom's Channel 4 negotiated with Fox for a license to make a British version of the show, which aired for eight weeks starting on 4 September 2008. The UK version was filmed in the Dominican Republic and hosted by Steve Jones. The show consisted of eight women and ten men. Oliver Banks won the competition, beating G-Range in the final. His prize was £30,000.

Vanderpump Rules 2013

Follow the passionate, volatile and hot-and-bothered-staff at Lisa Vanderpump’s West Hollywood mainstay SUR. Lisa balances her motherly instincts and shrewd business sense to keep control over this wild group of employees as they pursue their dreams and each other while working at her “Sexy, Unique Restaurant.”

My Kitchen Rules 2010

My Kitchen Rules is an Australian competitive cooking game show broadcast on the Seven Network since 2010. The series is produced by the team who created the Seven reality show My Restaurant Rules, and was put into production based on the success of Network Ten's MasterChef Australia. My Kitchen Rules has just been renewed by the Seven Network for a fifth series.

Rules of Engagement 2007

Rules of Engagement is a comedy about the different phases of male/female relationships, as seen through the eyes of a newly engaged couple, Adam and Jennifer, a long-time married pair, Jeff and Audrey, and a single guy on the prowl, Russell. As they find out, the often confusing stages of a relationship can seem like being on a roller coaster. People can describe the ride to you, but to really know what it's like you have to experience it for yourself.

Road Rules 1995

Road Rules is an MTV reality show spun off from the network's flagship reality show, The Real World. The series, which was only MTV's second reality show, debuted on July 19, 1995, and ended on May 9, 2007. This allowed Road Rules a total of 14 seasons and 12 years on the air. The series followed six strangers, between the ages of 18 and 24, stripped of their money and restricted to a life in an RV, traveling from location to location. The strangers were guided by a set of clues and a missions to complete at each location. It was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2001. The ground-breaking series was a pioneer in travel/adventure/reward reality television. Road Rules was created by Jonathan Murray and Mary-Ellis Bunim of Bunim/Murray Productions. After Bunim died of cancer in early 2004, the show went into hiatus for three years. After season 14 ended, it was confirmed that Road Rules was no longer in production. The idea of Road Rules came to mind when Real World castmates Jon, Tami and Dominic traveled in an RV across the United States to get to their The Real World: Los Angeles house in the first two episodes of the second season. Bunim-Murray began working on the show soon after the third San Francisco season, and finally debuted in 1995.

8 Simple Rules 2002

What happens to a loving, rational Dad when his darling, pliable daughters morph into hormonally-challenged, incomprehensible teenagers? If he's Paul Hennessy, he reacts in ways even he finds crazy. Thank God he has a 13-year-old son who still speaks his language.

House Rules 2013

The Australia-wide competition following six state-based couples who renovate each others homes to receive the highest scores with the winner having their mortgage paid off.

Davis Rules 1991

Davis Rules is an American sitcom broadcast on ABC in 1991 and on CBS in 1992. The series was produced by Carsey-Werner Productions.

Angelo Rules 2009

Angelo is a problem child and, with his two best friends, causes a lot of trouble in the neighborhood.

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