The Ruins of Europe 2017

“I was Hamlet. I stood on the coast and spoke with the surf BLABLA. At my back, the ruins of Europe.” In free dive, in the manner of the Ophelia/Electra of Heiner Müller’s Hamletmachine (1977) which accompanies the story plot, we set out into the ruins of a Europe set adrift. Guided by Faustine du Couvent, a young Parisian woman with a dark and poetic energy, The Ruins of Europe is an eminently personal object that unfurls nervously, with the aid of archive television images, in order to draw the portrait of a society that is falling apart.

89 mm from Europe 1993

This movie shows the simplest difference between Europe and former Soviet Union. It is the eponymous 89 mm - Russian train tracks are 89 mm wider than tracks in European countries. And because of this fact, it is not easy to go through the Soviet border by train in Brest as the passengers in the film do.

Europe for Sale 2014

How would you feel if the state sold the mountain above your village to a big multinational, your country's beautiful islands, its beaches or your great monuments? Strangled by debt, governments and public administrations all over Europe act like any indebted family: they try not only to reduce costs, but attempt to replenish their coffers by putting their most valued family possessions on the market. More often than not, this includes part of the countries' historical and natural heritage: castles, islands, mountains, beaches, palaces, ancient arenas and archaeological sites. But who really owns these properties? Aren't they our common heritage, our history that will end up in private or corporate hands and will no longer be accessible to all? Or is the private sector more efficient in managing these properties? And if so, who decides on the best deal? Are there democratic proceedings for the sale of our common good? The people of Europe want accountability.

Europe, She Loves 2016

Europe on the verge of social and economic change. A close up into the shaken vision of four couples, daily struggles, fights, kids, sex and passion. A movie about the politics of love. Le cinéma politique fait l'amour.

Captain Tsubasa Movie 01: The great competition of Europe 1985

The first Captain Tsubasa movie is about a match between an "All Europe Boy Soccer Team" and an "All Japan Boy Soccer Team" and takes place at the end of the first TV series. When the Japanese team arrives in Europe they meet incredible players with skills and strength they never had to face before.

Tove and Tooti in Europe 2004

Tove and Tooti in Europe is a documentary charting the voyages through Europe of the world famous author Tove Jansson and graphic artist Tuulikki Pietilä during the years 1972-1993. It is a lyrical and sometimes hilarious film essay on the “old Europe”, experienced by travellers and observers, of times when people used to wander, share a joke, pause and, sometimes, even stop. Shot on Super 8 mm, the film takes us to Paris, Venice, London, Madrid and Dublin; Iceland, Ireland and Corsica.

Europe - Almost Unplugged 2009

Almost Unplugged is a live album by the Swedish hard rock band Europe. It was released on DVD on 19 August 2009.

A Spectre Is Haunting Europe 2013

Berlin, a summer in the age of neoliberalism: the spectre of the soviet avant-garde is haunting the city. A young Georgian contract-worker is surprised to find the ghost of the Russian revolutionary poet Vladimir Mayakovsky in his kitchen. At the same time, his friend Kasimir inherits a big fortune, but what shall he do with all this money? Framed by a travel through time leading to Flaubert's 19th Century und the shooting of a revisionist melodrama for German television, the film follows the adventures of these three characters in contemporary Berlin. A suprematist digital comedy about the transmission of emancipatory energies.


Playlist : 01. War Of Kings 02. Hole In My Pocket 03. Superstitious 04. Scream Of Anger 05. Last Look At Eden 06. Second Day 07. Firebox 08. Sign Of The Times 09. Praise You 10. The Beast 11. Ready Or Not 12. Girl From Lebanon 13. Nothin' To Ya 14. Let The Good Times Rock 15. Rock The Night 16. Days Of Rock 'N' Roll 17. The Final Countdown

Song For Europe 2018

On December 1st 1990, watched by the world’s media, construction worker Graham Fagg of Dover climbed through a hole in a chalk wall 40 metres below the seabed of the English Channel, shook the hand of Philippe Cozette of Calais and shouted, Vive la France! On June 23rd 2016, Britain voted to leave the European Union. Inspired by a message for motorists on Eurotunnel trains, Song for Europe is an underwater celebration of Britain’s connection to the mainland.

Cannonball Run Europe Great Escape 2005

The 2003 Cannonball Run lives with this real super-charged race across Europe featuring high speed machines and the constant pursuit of the police that would make Burt Reynolds proud. Leading a pack of 100 exotic cars, legendary Cannonball racer Tim "Maverick" Porter races across the countryside as wild teams trail him, including a pair of racers decked out in Telletubbie outfits.

Ghost Rider 3 Goes Crazy in Europe 2004

With the Swedish police on his tail the Ghost Rider takes to the streets for another insane mission. Reaching speeds of at 200mph, the authorities have little hope of catching him. Over three hours of pure adrenaline!

One Day in Europe 2005

One day in Europe shows stories set in four European countries. All of them involve thievery in some way or the other. The protagonists are strangers in the respective country. For none of them their stay turns out as planned.

Europe: Rock the Night 2004

Rock the Night: Collectors Edition is a DVD released by the Swedish hard rock band Europe. It features the music videos the band made from 1986 to 1992. The bonus material is live footage and interviews from Swedish TV. DVD format is DVD9. The DVD was released as Rock the World in North America. Videos: 1. The final countdown 2. Rock the night 3. Carrie 4. Cherokke 5. Superstitious 6. Open your heart 7. Let the good times rock 8. Prisoners on paradise 9. I'll cry for you 10. Halfway to heaven Bonus features: - Rock-SM - Final 1982: "In the Future to Come" and "The King Will Return" (Live) + Award ceremony at Tyrol, Stockholm. - Casablanca - 1983: Interview with the band in the studio. - Bagen / Rocksugen - 1984: "Scream of Anger", "Ninja", "Dreamer" and "Memories" (Live) at the club Studion in Stockholm. - Rapport - 1986: Tour report from Örebro, Sweden. - Ritz - 1988: Report from the US tour with Def Leppard.

Birth of Europe 2012

This 3 episode series details the epic story of the origin of Europe - a place with a surprisingly diverse nature stretching from the snowy far north to the coast of Africa. Defined by volcanoes, ice ages, the collision of continents and even asteroids, the legacy of human history masks its awe-inspiring geological past. Born in the early days of the Earth, Europe is constantly being affected by the powerful forces of Mother Nature. It was forged in the fire and crushed by the collision of continents, carved by water and fire.

Root Into Europe 1992

Root Into Europe is an ITV comedy-drama based on the character from William Donaldson's book The Henry Root Letters. Five episodes Written by Donaldson and Mark Chapman and produced by Aspect Film & TV for Central Independent Television, were first broadcast in May and June 1992. The series starred George Cole as Henry Root, and Pat Heywood as his wife, Muriel. Henry Root, a right-wing fish dealer who disapproves of the impending European Union, declares himself England's 'European regulator' in a letter to the British Prime Minister, then John Major. He takes his wife Muriel on a tour of Europe to represent English values to mainland Europe. His adventures are captured on a camcorder by his wife to be sent to the BBC upon his return for a future documentary, which one expects will never be made.

King of Europe Cup

The King of Europe Cup is a European professional wrestling tournament in the style of the "King of Indies" and "Super 8" tournaments of the United States. The inaugural event was hosted in Liverpool, England on the last weekend of April 2007 and was the brainchild of two UK wrestling veterans Alex Shane and Doug Williams. In what was considered a historic event in British wrestling history, the first event featured a tournament to crown the first KOE cup holder and involved 16 promotions and wrestlers from across the world. Just 5 days later, Germany's westside Xtreme wrestling hosted another weekend worth of shows and its own international tournament, known as the 16 Carat Gold Tournament.

Europe: A Natural History 2005

Europe: A Natural History is a four-part BBC nature documentary series which looks at the events which have shaped the natural history and wildlife of the European continent over the past three billion years. It debuted on UK television on BBC Four in February 2005, and was repeated on BBC Two in September the same year. The series was broadcast in some other territories as Wild Europe. The programmes featured extensive use of CGI to bring to life extinct species, and show how the European cities of today would have looked at various points in the past, when the climate was very different. Europe: A Natural History was a co-production between the BBC Natural History Unit and the public-service broadcasters of Germany and Austria, ZDF and ORF respectively. The executive producers were Walter Köhler, Mike Gunton and Reinhard Radke. The music was composed by Barnaby Taylor and performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra, and narration for the BBC broadcasts was provided by actor Sean Pertwee. The series forms part of the Natural History Unit's "Continents" strand. It was preceded by Wild Down Under in 2003 and followed by Wild Caribbean in 2007.

Storm Over Europe 2015

This series deals with the mass migration of Germanic tribes at the very beginning of European history, when Rome raced toward collapse.

Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood 1995

The origin of European cinema, from its infancy as a novelty created by French inventors Auguste and Louis Lumière to its flourishing as the pinnacle of film-making in the silent era and as a serious commercial contender against America.

Danube: Europe's Amazon 2012

This comprehensive cinematic portrait of Europe's second-longest river presents scenes of breathtaking beauty along the banks of the Danube and investigates the tension between humans and nature, civilization and wilderness. Dams and power stations alternate with sections of natural wilderness along this mighty river, which flows through great cities such as Vienna and Budapest.

The Ottomans: Europe's Muslim Emperors 2013

It was the world's last Islamic empire - a super-power of a million square miles. From its capital in Istanbul it matched the glories of Ancient Rome. And after six centuries in power it collapsed less than a hundred years ago. Rageh Omaar, who has reported from across this former empire, sets out to discover why the Ottomans have vanished from our understanding of the history of Europe. Why so few realise the importance of Ottoman history in today's Middle East. And why you have to know the Ottoman story to understand the roots of many of today's trouble spots from Palestine, Iraq and Israel to Libya, Syria, Egypt, Bosnia and Kosovo.

The European Side 2004

Avrupa Yakası (eng. The European Side) was a popular Turkish sitcom created and written by Gülse Birsel and produced by Sinan Çetin which aired on ATV Turkey from January 11, 2004 to June 24, 2009. It was recorded in Plato Film studios in Nişantaşı district of Istanbul. The series was not adapted from any foreign TV series, so Avrupa Yakası is utterly original.

European Journal

European Journal is a weekly Deutsche Welle news program produced in English. It is broadcast from Brussels, Belgium and primarily covers political and economic developments across the European Union and the rest of Europe, as well as issues of particular concern to Germany. The program is currently presented by British journalists Cathy Smith and Jim Gibbons. In North America, European Journal had previously been available on the now-defunct Newsworld International network. It is currently aired in New York City on CUNY TV and on some PBS stations.

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