Playlist : 01. War Of Kings 02. Hole In My Pocket 03. Superstitious 04. Scream Of Anger 05. Last Look At Eden 06. Second Day 07. Firebox 08. Sign Of The Times 09. Praise You 10. The Beast 11. Ready Or Not 12. Girl From Lebanon 13. Nothin' To Ya 14. Let The Good Times Rock 15. Rock The Night 16. Days Of Rock 'N' Roll 17. The Final Countdown

A Spectre Is Haunting Europe 2013

Berlin, a summer in the age of neoliberalism: the spectre of the soviet avant-garde is haunting the city. A young Georgian contract-worker is surprised to find the ghost of the Russian revolutionary poet Vladimir Mayakovsky in his kitchen. At the same time, his friend Kasimir inherits a big fortune, but what shall he do with all this money? Framed by a travel through time leading to Flaubert's 19th Century und the shooting of a revisionist melodrama for German television, the film follows the adventures of these three characters in contemporary Berlin. A suprematist digital comedy about the transmission of emancipatory energies.

Europe, the Dream

Europe, the Dream' a documentary about three adolescents who are/were living in Patras, Greece: Andreas, a young Greek, Ali Reza, a refugee from Afghanistan and Abdulla, a refugee from Syria; they are each dreaming of a great journey to Europe, and, with all their hopes and fears, they are struggling to make this happen as they see it as the only solution for their lives.They don't consider Greece as Europe! The two refugees have in fact managed to reach their destinations: Ali Reza in Sweden and Abdulla in Austria.Andreas is still in Greece. He wants to study and work but his family has day to day problems which have been heightened by the Greek financial crisis. Will these three young men be able to realize their dreams or these dreams will be thwarted by the difficulties and complexities that exist in today's Europe.

Birth of Europe 2012

This 3 episode series details the epic story of the origin of Europe - a place with a surprisingly diverse nature stretching from the snowy far north to the coast of Africa. Defined by volcanoes, ice ages, the collision of continents and even asteroids, the legacy of human history masks its awe-inspiring geological past. Born in the early days of the Earth, Europe is constantly being affected by the powerful forces of Mother Nature. It was forged in the fire and crushed by the collision of continents, carved by water and fire.

American Mormon in Europe 2006

From Rome to London, Paris to Berlin, uncover what people know about Mormons. Jed and Daryn packed up their camera and went across the pond to discover how much people from all over the world know on the subject. This collection of man-on-the-street interviews brings the misunderstandings of an entire continent to your living room.

Lights Out in Europe 1940

This pulse-pounding documentary from the leftist filmmaker Herbert Kline traces the rise of Hitler up to the very brink of WWII. The commentary, written by James Hilton and read by Fredric March, urges American viewers to abandon neutrality and enter a conflict about to explode.

Europe After the Rain 1978

Dada came out of the craziness of World War One. "The birth of Dada was not the beginning of art but of disgust." Surrealism tried to systematize Dada's anarchy into an artistic blend of Freudian psychoanalysis and Marxist provocation. In the interests of conquering the irrational, Salvador Dali opened exhibitions dressed in a diving suit, Marcel Duchamp turned himself into woman, Benjamin Peret assaulted priests, and Yves Tanguy ate spiders. Andre Breton, nicknamed "the Pope of Surrealism", led an inspired gang of artists, lunatics and writers. By the 1950s they were denouncing each other for betraying the movement, but their ideas had infected Hollywood, advertising agencies and were turning up as TV humor and album covers.

A Spectre Haunts Europe

Set in an imaginary land where the threat of revolution spurs the Emperor to seek exile in one of the most distant parts of his realm. There he meets Elka, the daughter of a revolutionary who has been banished here due to his confrontational activities. The two fall in love but meet a violent end when the revolutionaries, led by Elka's father, destroy the palace.

Eminem : All Access Europe 2002

All Access Europe is a video album released by Eminem in 2002. The album contains segments of Eminem's live performances during a European tour intended to promote The Marshall Mathers LP. The album includes live guest appearances by Dido, Marilyn Manson and Xzibit.

Made In Europe 2007

Stories of Turkish people living in three European cities Madrid, Paris, and Berlin. Most are illegal immigrants, and while seeking for permits or living in hide outs they go through life dealing with humiliation, insecurities, betrayals, self-pity. The stories reflect the schizophrenic nature of the immigrant world, which turns the movie into something more than life in Europe.

Europe to the Stars 2012

To celebrate its 50th anniversary year, ESO in 2012 released the documentary Europe to the Stars — ESO's first 50 years of Exploring the Southern Sky. The movie tells the story of ESO — what scientific discoveries it has been making and how it designs, builds and operates some of the most powerful ground-based telescopes.

Low in Europe 2005

Told through van ride conversations, backstage banter, hotel room chats and late night revelations, LOW IN EUROPE is an illuminating portrait of a group making music at the height of its powers.

Cruise Western Europe

Laze aboard a cruise ship to various ports of call in Western Europe, a destination that, no matter how popular, always offers delightful surprises to travelers. The journey includes a discovery of Belgium's artistic treasures; a ramble through France's wine country, Bordeaux; a spell in romantic Seville; a step into movie majesty in Casablanca; a tour of exciting Lisbon and majestic London; a deluxe introduction to unparalleled Paris; and more.

War In Europe 2012

Offering a vivid depiction of America's World War II campaign in Europe, the series employs war footage taken from the U.S. Army, Navy and Coast Guard, the British War Office, the National Film Board of Canada and captured Nazi materials. The program highlights strategic sessions with Allied and Axis power leaders and generals. Narrated by Westbrook Van Hoorhis and Hugh James.

Greetings to Europe 2012

This eccentrically satirical film essay is an ode to the glories of life on Greece’s isolated and ruggedly beautiful Mani peninsula. Filmmaker Alevras throws down the gauntlet to Europe, demonstrating--with tongue in cheek and a few solo musical numbers--the superiority of Greek philosophy.

European Journal

European Journal is a weekly Deutsche Welle news program produced in English. It is broadcast from Brussels, Belgium and primarily covers political and economic developments across the European Union and the rest of Europe, as well as issues of particular concern to Germany. The program is currently presented by British journalists Cathy Smith and Jim Gibbons. In North America, European Journal had previously been available on the now-defunct Newsworld International network. It is currently aired in New York City on CUNY TV and on some PBS stations.

European Closing Bell

European Closing Bell is a television programme aired on business news channel CNBC Europe from 5pm to 6pm CET, and from 11am to 12pm on CNBC World in the United States. The programme is presented from London by Louisa Bojesen. The show covers the last half hour of trades in the European equity markets, and reports on the day's final numbers and top stories as the markets close at 5:30pm CET. As the major European markets are electronic, no actual "closing bell" is rung - nonetheless there is a countdown on the CNBC Europe strap and video wall until the close of trade. Other regular segments include a daily "Guest Investor" and a technical analysis slot. Prior to 26 March 2007, the programme ran for two hours until 7pm CET. The second hour of the programme was of a slower pace, offering a more in-depth look at financial and political events. During major European trade fairs and political events such as EU summits and elections, European Closing Bell was often anchored live from these events. Many of these features were incorporated into the extended Europe Tonight after its relaunch on the same date. Prior to June 2003, European Closing Bell was known as European Market Wrap. The theme music for the programme is the same as that used by the U.S. version of Closing Bell.

European Poker Tour

The Pokerstars European Poker Tour is a series of poker tournaments similar to those in the World Poker Tour, created by John Duthie, winner of the inaugural Poker Million tournament. It began in 2004 as part of the worldwide explosion in Texas Hold 'em popularity. The EPT is sponsored by and part owned by PokerStars and taped by Sunset + Vine for television broadcast across Europe. In seasons 1-3, the most significant difference between the competing poker tours was the buy-in and its effect on the prize pool, with the EPT featuring buy-ins about half the size of the WPT. This changed in season 4 when the buy-in for most EPT events was increased to €8,000.. At 2007 exchange rates, this is approximately equal to the US$10,000 which is the buy-in for most WPT events. Furthermore, the final table is made up of 8 players, as opposed to the 6 player final tables popularised by the WPT. For the first couple of seasons, Duthie commentated for the show alongside Colin Murray. Since the middle of Season 3, James Hartigan has been the lead commentator, with professional players Greg Raymer, Daniel Negreanu and Victoria Coren providing analysis. Hartigan also presents the live webcast from each event. The TV show was first hosted by Caroline Flack, then joined by Natalie Pinkham. Seasons 4 and 5 were hosted by Kara Scott, while Seasons 6 and 7 were fronted by Michelle Orpe. Since Season 8, there have been four different presenters with Kristy Arnett, Sarah Grant, Laura Cornelius and Lynn Gilmartin, with commentators James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton presenting the TV shows.

European Market Watch

European Market Watch was a business news programme aired on CNBC Europe between 10 am-noon CET. The programme was originally based on the CNBC U.S. morning programme Market Watch, which was later replaced by the programme Morning Call. Just like its US counterpart, European Market Watch presented viewers with the latest market information and in-depth analysis of the stories making business.

European Market Wrap

European Market Wrap was a business news programme aired on CNBC Europe. The programme was originally based on the CNBC U.S. programme Market Wrap, which was later replaced by the programme Closing Bell. The show followed the final moments of trade across Europe and went on location to reporters who gave the action from their respective areas. Throughout the show, US market updates were also included. Like its US counterpart, European Market Wrap was eventually replaced by European Closing Bell.

European Soundmix Show

The European Soundmix Show was an imitation talent competition held yearly from 1996 to 1999, with two special shows in 2001 and 2002. The show was an international version of Joop van den Ende's "Henny Huisman Soundmixshow", which was aired on Dutch television the first time in 1985. Various European countries competed with one participant each imitating a famous artist, and most often, the participant was the winner of the national competition the same or the previous year. Some participants were, however, chosen internally by the national television company, without any pre-selection. The winner was chosen by a jury vote. Every country sent two jury members, which together awarded their top-4 countries 5, 3, 2 and 1 points.

European Parliament Report

European Parliament Report is an Irish Television programme broadcast on RTÉ One and RTÉ News Now. It is produced by RTÉ News and Current Affairs. The programme airs weekly on Sunday nights at around midnight usually after The Week in Politics. The programme features reports of recent happenings from the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The programme is filmed from inside the European Parliament buildings and usually features a panel of guests discussing the recent proceedings in parliament. The programme is presented by Ray Colgan.

European Inventor Award 2017 2017

From inventions like a drug to fight Lupus to a sponge for massive oil spills, these inventors have changed our world.

European Inventor Award 2016 2016

From designs for transistors made of paper to artificial organs for the body, these inventors have changed our lives across the world.

Annihilation: The Destruction Of Europes Jews 2015

Seventy years after Auschwitz’s liberation, this documentary film collection sets out to examine a story whose roots begin before the dawn of the 20th century - a story which is still being played out today. Divided into 8 episodes, the films will travel back to the roots of the genocide. Our central question is not “Why…?” but “How were Europe’s Jews destroyed?” How was such a crime conceived, implemented and carried out, first in Germany and then across Europe. The Final Solution is inexplicable unless one takes into account the participation of all of the regime’s sectors, its entire social structure. For the destruction of Europe’s Jews was not the work of a little group of hardened criminals. An entire society took part. On their own scale, each link of the chain applied normal procedures to an exceptional situation, either mechanically or out of love for work well done, applying the jewels of ingenuity to define, classify and transport, as if – despite the language’s camouflaging intent – nothing separated the “Final Solution” from business as usual. Our goal is to thoroughly explore the causes, functioning mechanisms and ultimate consequences of this horrific event on an international level, making it relevant for today’s viewers. We are all too aware that memories dissolve over time, and that with its passing both the younger and older generations tend to push historical facts up to the attic of antiquities where Hitler, Napoleon and Christopher Columbus lay side-by-side.

The Death of Yugoslavia 1995

The Death of Yugoslavia is a BAFTA-award winning BBC documentary series first broadcast in 1995. It covers the collapse of the former Yugoslavia. It is notable in its combination of never-before-seen archive footage interspersed with interviews of most of the main players in the conflict, including Slobodan Milošević, the then President of Serbia. Norma Percy won the 1996 BAFTA TV Award for 'Best Factual Series' for the documentary. However, it has been argued that it presents a potentially slightly biased point-of-view; for instance during the trial of Milošević before the ICTY in The Hague, Judge Bonomy called the nature of much of the commentary "tendentious" (partisan).

Dancefloor Chart

The Dancefloor Chart is a chart show on MTV Europe that played the ten most popular dance songs in Europe. It plays all different kinds of genres, from trance to house, garage to techno, breakbeat to drum and bass etc. It used to be a top 20 chart, but was reduced to a top 10 in 2004. The show was cancelled in July 2010 but continued to be broadcast on MTV Europe with a different compilation method up until its termination in August 2012. As of January 1st, 2013 the Dancefloor chart is back on MTV Europe - Every Tuesday. The show would also air in the UK on MTV UK and MTV Dance, although usually featuring a different chart. It has more recently been replaced with The Official Dance Chart.

Exodus: Our Journey 2016

A terrifying, intimate, epic portrait of the biggest movement of people that Europe has seen since World War II.

Foreigners out! Schlingensiefs Container

Foreigners out! Schlingensiefs Container, alternately named "Wien-Aktion", "Please Love Austria—First European Coalition Week", or "Foreigners Out—Artists against Human Rights", is an art project and television show from 2000 that took place within the scope of the annual Wiener Festwochen. It was conceptually designed by Christoph Schlingensief and directed by Paul Poet, and was styled as a mockery of popular TV program format Big Brother. It was critically aimed both at certain forms of television entertainment and at a latent xenophobia still thriving in the whole world.

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