Timeline: The History of WWE 1995

The WWE would soon feel the explosion as what has come to be known as the second boom period. But in 1995, those benefits could not yet be reaped. Business was down, The B shows were cancelled. What could turn this around? Vince hoped it would be a group of guys working at the top of his card...a group that became known as the clique. Kevin Nash will take us back to '95 when the clique was formed, and he was given the strap. But was he REALLY Vince's 'guy?' Join Kevin for a journey into this pivotal year as the clique solidified their stranglehold on the WWE.

The Beatles: A Magical History Tour 2010

This is the candid and unabridged story of the Beatles as told by the insiders who worked, recorded and toured with the group from the Hamburg days to the bitter end. Featuring a meticulously researched and a comprehensive array of inside sources, here at last is the whole uncensored story of the life and work of the Beatles.

Liverpool FC - The Official History 2002

Liverpool FC The Official History takes you on an exciting journey through the complete story of Liverpool Football Club through the years, from their creation in 1892 ending with the summer of 2007 as the club enter a new and exciting era. Fully revised and updated, it charts all the highs and lows right through to the present day, Liverpool FC The Official History looks through the achievements, most memorable dates and key moments in the reign of its legendary managers; it follows the glorious seventies during which the club won 6 Championships, 2 UEFA Cups, 2 European Cups and 1 European Super Cup, the eighties' continued the success story and the new millennium bringing glory back to Anfield under the shrewd guidance of Gerard Houllier. Also included is Liverpool FC winning the Champions League in one of the most famous comeback games in football history in 2005, and the FA cup win against West Ham in 2006 - all this under the guidance of Rafa Benitez.

Robert Newman's History of Oil 2006

Stand-up comedian Robert Newman gets to grips with the wars and politics of the last hundred years, from WWI through to the 2003 invasion of Iraq; but rather than adhering to the history we were fed at school, this show places oil centre stage as the cause of all commotion. This innovative history programme is based around Robert Newman's stand-up act and supported by resourceful archive sequences and stills with satirical impersonations of historical figures from Mayan priests to Archduke Ferdinand.

The Tube An Underground History 2013

This programme looks at the origins, development and running of the London Underground "Tube" system. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of The Tube, London Underground are organising for an old Metropolitan steam loco to haul trains along the first section of line to open, the Metropolitan Railway from Paddington to Farringdon, and at Farringdon they are preparing for a royal visit by Prince Charles and Camilla.

The History Channel: Army Ranger School

The Army Ranger School video is a 1-hr documentary of Ranger School class 10-00, which follows that group from RAP through the graduation. Although it skips some days for the sake of brevity, the essence of the school is captured well (at least insofar as someone who hasn't done it can tell). It included interviews with many RIs and students throughout the course. It also has good footage of the Darby Queen, mountain phase, etc. Memorable moments in the documentary include a field expedient surgery to treat a Brown Recluse bite under one soldier's eye; a soldier falling asleep and prematurely triggering an ambush by squeezing the trigger in his sleep; several soldiers being kicked out for losing weapons; footage of soldiers being told they would be recycled in Florida; and plenty of shots of soldiers "droning."

The Complete History of the Green Bay Packers

History of the Green Bay Packers explores the rich and mythical story of this proud franchise, from its founding days in the Green Bay Press-Gazette building, to its most recent NFL Championship amidst the glitz of New Orleans, to its becoming one of the most beloved sports teams of the new millennium. *The Ice Bowl is generally regarded as the most dramatic game in NFL history, and yet does not fully exist anywhere on network videotape. Utilizing its unique resources, NFL Films painstakingly reconstructed the game and all its subplots from whistle to gun. Thousands of feet of film were catalogued to piece together the game, much of it never broadcast previously. 2 Disc DVD set includes: The Complete History of the Green Bay Packers; The Ice Bowl; Special Features: Packers Follies; The Lambeau Leap; Packers Fans; Lambeau Field; Willie Wood; Super Bowl XXXI; Weather Theater; Willie Davis; Don Meredith.

Cooking History 2009

Interviews with military cooks from various European armies. The heroes of the film are Peter Kerekes military cooks from all over Europe. Men aprons over their uniforms always influenced the mood and performance of soldiers and their wooden spoons stirred up history. The film is based on recipes from the Second World War to the war in Chechnya, from France, the Balkans, and Russia. [44 KVIFF 2009]

History Channel: Gods and Goddesses 2006

History Channel Presents Gods and Goddesses review For countless generations before Biblical times, tales of gods and goddesses were passsed down by storytellers and interwoven into traditions and philosophies. History Channel Presents Gods and Goddesses DVD Join The History Channel for this fascinating journey to discover the truth behind these compelling mythological tales. History Channel Presents Gods and Goddesses movie This History Channel program delves deep into the stories of the Greek Olympian pantheon. History Channel Presents Gods and Goddesses video In addition to thoroughly exploring the myths and traditions, GODS AND GODDESSES visits archeological sites, interviews experts, and speculates on the relevancy and continually changing perspective on the Greek myths.

The History of Aviation 2009

Normandy, 1905. The picnic is finished. A group of middle-class people in their Sunday best, get ready to go home. There is one last photo to be taken, but somebody is missing

All the Way Home: A History of The Corrs 2005

All The Way Home tells the complete story of the Corrs' rise to fame, in the words of the band and their long-term manager. Includes demo material, their first gig and rare snapshots of the band plus interviews and promo videos

The Pixar Shorts: A Short History 2007

The story of Pixar's early short films illuminates not only the evolution of the company but also the early days of computer animation, when a small group of artists and scientists shared a single computer in a hallway, and struggled to create emotionally compelling short films.

The Hidden History of Egypt 2002

Egyptians were famed for their extravagant building techniques and extraordinary gods, but what about the ordinary citizens? How did they lead their day to day lives? What did they do for entertainment? Did they believe in their gods? Discover astonishing facts that throw new light on our understanding of the Ancient Egyptians.

The True History of Billie the Kid 2018

Billie visits her ageing father in jail, revealing that her childhood in his care was not as safe and happy as he might have believed. Will she get her revenge?

Meltdown: The Secret History of the Global Collapse 2010

The story of the bankers who crashed the world, the leaders who struggled to save it and the ordinary families who got crushed. The CBC’s Terence McKenna takes viewers behind the headlines and into the backrooms at the highest levels of world governments and banking institutions, revealing the astonishing level of backstabbing and tension behind the scenes as the world came dangerously close to another Great Depression.

The Days That Made History 2008

Reenactments of some of the most crucial historical episodes in French history such as the last day of King Henri IV of France before his murder by the fanatical catholic Ravaillac, or King Louis XVI's failed attempt to escape revolutionary Paris.

How Earth Made Us 2010

In each episode, geologist Iain Stewart describes how a certain geological force played a determinant part in human history. Culture may render people less dependent on nature, it still interacts with it, and actually increases the importance of such natural resources as minerals and fossil fuels.

Moguls and Movie Stars 2010

Each installment focus on a different era of American movie history, from the invention of the first moving pictures to the revolutionary, cutting-edge films of the 1960s.

The Legend of Yang Guifei

The Legend of Yang Guifei, also known as The Secret History of Concubine Yang, is a Chinese television series loosely based on the romance between Consort Yang Yuhuan and Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty. The series was directed by You Xiaogang and starred Yin Tao and Anthony Wong as the couple. It was first broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV from April to May 2010.

Warship 2001

The evolution of the modern naval warship, from the days of wooden vessels under sail to today's nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, submarines, and missile cruisers.

NBC Sunday Night Football results

The following is a detailed list of results and scores from National Football League games aired on NBC under the game package NBC Sunday Night Football. The list includes both regular season and post-season game results, both produced by NBC Sports, from the 2006 NFL season to the present. The NFL instated a new "flex-scheduling" policy in which the NFL could choose a game to be aired in primetime on NBC based on the team's current performance and record. Previously, ESPN broadcast Sunday night NFL games from 1987-2005. Starting with the 2006 NFL season, NBC was awarded the rights to air Sunday night primetime American football games, as well as the rights to air two Wild Card playoff games from the first round of the NFL playoffs. In February 2009, NBC concluded their third season of the game package by broadcasting Super Bowl XLIII and the 2009 Pro Bowl from Honolulu, Hawai'i. The game package also includes broadcast rights to the NFL Kickoff game and Pro Football Hall of Fame Game.

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