A History of Israeli Cinema 2009

A History of Israeli Cinema is the result of years of researches, studies, documentation, screening, interviews, some recorded, some to learn, to understand, to unfold. Actors, thinkers, producers, filmmakers, professors, critics negotiated to build a narrative that remains fragile and incomplete. It is the process rather than the result that is shared here.

American History 1992

American history, from Columbus landing and found that George Bush becomes president. College Film by Trey Parker.

Facing the Judgment of History 1965

An extended interview with Vasily Shulgin, a right wing Russian politician and member of the pre-revolutionary Russian parliament, who later, in Europe, set up an anti-Soviet military force during the Second World War. Captured by Soviet forces in 1945, he spent the next couple of decades in prison. The interview takes him through his life, with archival footage, in order to prove him "historically wrong," but the wily Shulgin often gets the upper hand on his Soviet interviewer - causing the film to be shelved shortly after its release.

The History in the Gaze 2011

The film portraits the stage previous to the outbreak of the Mexican Revolution, from the end of Porfirio Díaz´ government, the social volatility, the ephemeral government of Madero and the presence of the working class in the figures of Villa and Zapata, until the signing if the Constitution of 1917. All of this through moving images, filmed during those events mainly by the Alva brothers, filmmakers of that time. Those images let us perceive the contradictory and shuddered glance of the people of that period.

History of a Committed Cinema 1983

History of a Committed Cinema is a primer for the Nicaraguan audience to what they are watching on the screen. A critique of Western & Hollywood cinema, it outlines the difficult technical, cinematic, and political tasks confronting INCINE (Instituto Nicaragüense de Cine) as it strives to build a native film industry.

Western History 1971

A thumbnail History of the Western World, all centered around the basketball court. - Canyon Cinema

UFC 100: Making History 2009

UFC 100: Making History was a mixed martial arts event held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on July 11, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event included two championship bouts (Heavyweight and Welterweight) and a fight between the two coaches of the most recent season of The Ultimate Fighter reality series on Spike TV.

Unnatural History 2014

Theo Valasquez's abandoned acoustic research in the Rangipo desert is narrated through fragments of an unfinished TV documentary. Meanwhile, the silence of the desert tells its own story.

Play History 2012

"Play History" concerns the historical development of a particular landscape and the social, political and economic implications that inform it. Told from the perspective of a wandering narrator, who has arrived in Newcastle-upon-Tyne by accident, the film is a rumination on the interconnectedness of things.

Unnatural History 1959

Are animals human? Or vice versa? This is the question asked by a professor, Dr. Beest Lee, who appears on a stage in a theater to give a lecture and show a film about the human-like qualities of various cartoon animals, among them a beaver who "damns" a troublesome river, a groundhog who uses technology to predict the coming of spring, and a dog who scolds his neglectful master.

History Lessons 2000

A montage of film clips and stills calling all lesbians to come out and celebrate who they are. In a trilogy of experimental documentaries, director Barbara Hammer rewrites history by inserting lesbians and lesbian imagery throughout educational films, newsreels, medical footage and more from the past century.

Hysterical History 1953

An amusing look at American history, starting with Columbus' discovery of America, and touching on the formation of the original thirteen states, the Gold Rush, and several other important events. The cartoon ends with the song Yankee Doodle Boy, presented as a singalong.

History Rocks

History Rocks was a non-fictional, educational television program shown on The History Channel. Each episode explains eight historical events, arranged by decade, through multimedia presentations consisting of photographs, archival footage, popular music and pop-up trivia. Six episodes were produced, with two focusing on 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. At one time, the History Channel website discussed a fourth special on the topic of Sex, but the official History Rocks' website at the History Channel no longer mentions it. Although the show was originally hosted by Meat Loaf, subsequent airings of the videos edited Meat Loaf out and removed his segues between videos.

History Makers

History Makers was a Canadian historical television series which aired on CBC Television in 1970.

Crash Course Film History 2017

Beginning April 13th, join Craig Benzine (the internet's WheezyWaiter) for 16 weeks of Film History right here on Crash Course. He'll look at the history of one of our most powerful mediums. Film has the ability to communicate with images, entertain, move us, frighten us, and so much more. From A Trip to the Moon to Captain America: Civil War, the history of film is really a history of humanity and Craig will do his best to lead us all through it. Additional segments of the Film course will be Production, hosted by Lily Gladstone; and Criticism, hosted by Michael Aranda.

Atheism: A Rough History of Disbelief 2004

Atheism: A Rough History of Disbelief – known in the United States as A Brief History of Disbelief – is a 2004 television documentary series written and presented by Jonathan Miller for the BBC and tracing the history of atheism.

History vs. Hollywood 2001

History vs. Hollywood is a television show on the History Channel in the United States. On the show, experts are interviewed on the historical accuracy of a film that is based on a historical event. For example the movie The Last Samurai was featured in one episode in which military historian Geoffrey Wawro, professor of history at the University of North Texas, and director of the university's Barsanti center for military-history, compared the movie with the actual events. On the show the expert guests discuss the factual accuracy of the film as well as the everyday objects that a person of the particular time period would have seen. In some episodes an expert or the host will go on a journey to the actual historical sites depicted in the film, or interview someone who witnessed the event firsthand. In each of the more than dozen episodes both expert guests and filmmakers will discuss the historical accuracy of the film dramatized. The series was first released in 1999, and had been produced on a semi-regular basis continuing through at least 2005. The program was conceived and created by producer Steven Jack who also directed a majority of the episodes. Although the hour long programs were made for television most episodes were shot on 35mm film which heightened its authentic looking recreations and aided in earning critical praise for its efforts to both entertain and educate.

Sex: An Unnatural History 2011

When the pill was released in Australia 50 years ago it signalled a sexual revolution. Or did it? We like to believe we are more sexually liberated than our parents or grandparents, but are we? Sex: An Unnatural History is factual series exploring the last 50 years of Australia’s sexual landscape. Presenter Julia Zemiro brings her wit, intellect and humour to each episode starting with an exploration of why we started having sex and how we became hardwired to monogamy.

Peabody's Improbable History 1959

The cartoons are about Peabody, who is the smartest being in existence. Peabody has accomplished many things in his life as a business magnate, inventor, scientist, Nobel laureate, gourmand, and two-time Olympic medalist.[4] Peabody becomes sad and lonely and decides to adopt his own human son. In an alley, he meets Sherman (voiced by Walter Tetley), a bespectacled, red-haired boy. After saving Sherman from a group of bullies, Peabody discovers that Sherman is an orphan and decides to adopt him. After a court appearance and a talk with the President and the government, Peabody becomes Sherman's new guardian. Mr. Peabody tells Sherman not to call him "Daddy" and to call him by his name, "Mr. Peabody", or, when speaking informally, "Peabody". Believing that boys need running room, Peabody invents the WABAC time machine as a birthday gift for Sherman. He and Sherman go back in time to see a Roman speaking in Latin; Peabody adds a translator circuit to the machine so that everyone seems to speak English. They see the Roman again and learn that he is a used chariot salesman. Their next trip is to see Ben Franklin flying his kite that proved lightning was electricity, but Peabody and Sherman discover that they cannot interact with the past. Peabody makes some more adjustments, turning the WABAC into a "should-have-been machine". This causes past events to seem distorted and anachronistic and famous people to behave out of character. Each of the cartoons usually ends with Mr. Peabody making a bad pun.

The History Man 1981

Adaptation of Malcolm Bradbury's satirical novel about 1970s greybrick campus life.

The Worst Jobs in History 2004

The Worst Jobs in History is a British television series hosted by Tony Robinson on Channel 4. The second series was shown in March 2006 on History Television in Canada, then in April 2006 on Channel 4 in the UK. The first season is also shown with some regularity on History International. Tony Robinson tries his hand at each of the jobs, ultimately nominating which one he thought was the worst in each programme.

Europe: A Natural History 2005

Europe: A Natural History is a four-part BBC nature documentary series which looks at the events which have shaped the natural history and wildlife of the European continent over the past three billion years. It debuted on UK television on BBC Four in February 2005, and was repeated on BBC Two in September the same year. The series was broadcast in some other territories as Wild Europe. The programmes featured extensive use of CGI to bring to life extinct species, and show how the European cities of today would have looked at various points in the past, when the climate was very different. Europe: A Natural History was a co-production between the BBC Natural History Unit and the public-service broadcasters of Germany and Austria, ZDF and ORF respectively. The executive producers were Walter Köhler, Mike Gunton and Reinhard Radke. The music was composed by Barnaby Taylor and performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra, and narration for the BBC broadcasts was provided by actor Sean Pertwee. The series forms part of the Natural History Unit's "Continents" strand. It was preceded by Wild Down Under in 2003 and followed by Wild Caribbean in 2007.

Reel History of Britain 2011

Reel History of Britain is a 20 part series being shown on BBC Two, presented by Melvyn Bragg and about the history of modern Britain; through the eyes of people who were there. It was shown from 5–30 September 2011. The programme is a social history documentary, charting the course of the twentieth century through archive film, plus interviews and recollections of key events that have taken place in the last one-hundred years, since the advent of moving film. In each episode, Bragg goes to a different place in the UK and shows people film in a 1950s Ministry of Technology mobile cinema, then gauges their reactions and captures them on film.

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