The Sentinel 2006

A secret service agent is framed as the mole in an assassination attempt on the president. He must clear his name and foil another assassination attempt while on the run from a relentless FBI agent.

The Sentinel 1977

A commitment-shy New York fashion model moves into an old brownstone apartment, meets her weird neighbours and discovers she’s sitting on the gateway to Hell.


A science-fiction film where a man wakes up in an empty field and discovers that he’s being chased by a flying drone, which sets off a desperate race for survival.

The Last Sentinel 2007

No emotion. No fear. No pain. They were the perfect soldiers to protect civilization until the drone police became the perfect enemy. With little hope left for mankind, Tallis, an electronically enhanced soldier, rescues a survivor from a failed resistance mission. She will have to learn to fight and think like a machine for the final battle to save the human race.

Sentinel 2099 1995

The Crew of a Sentinel unit (a 30 ton walking tank) is sent on a desperate mission to protect the flank of a retreating army from alien invaders.

The Iron Detective: Sentinel 2016

When business is slow for private detective Alex Calibourne, aka Iron Joe, he takes on a body guard position for a sultry nightclub singer. The animated first half of a two-part anthology.

Auton 2: Sentinel 1998

Two years have passed since the Nestene creature vanished from UNIT's top secret Warehouse... Suddenly and without warning the Nestene strikes, once again using Autons as its deadly foot soldiers. As mysterious UNIT operative Lockwood struggles to unearth the Nestene plan, he finds himself drawn to remote Sentinel Island. There, the population have been caught up in a bizarre frenzy of religious activity. Lockwood is joined by Natasha Alexander, a new scientific advisor with her own, sinister agenda. To defeat the Nestene menace they must both face the terrifying power of a creature from before the dawn of Mankind...

The Sentinel Asleep 1911

A lost film. A Napoleonic soldier doing picket duty is visited by his sweetheart. He is nearly exhausted from his long vigil and loss of sleep. The meeting is an affectionate one and the girl offers to bring him food and drink, and steals away. The soldier lies down and is soon sound asleep. Napoleon, himself, has an attack of insomnia and is walking about inspecting the sentries. He approaches the post vacated by the soldier. Angry he is about to prod the sleeper with his sword when he takes compassion on him, shoulders the musket and paces the beat. The girl returns with the food and, not recognizing the great commander, fondles him, thinking he is her lover.

The Sentinel 1992

After spending some time with his diplomat father in Germany, a young French medical student returns by train to Paris to resume his studies. He is puzzled by the harsh treatment he receives from customs at the border but doesn't begin to understand why until he gets home and discovers a mummified head in his luggage. He suspects that someone at customs put it there, but is not sure. Instead of reporting the meandering body part, he decides to investigate it using the tools he has as a medical student. It appears to be the head of a Russian who died somewhere in Asia.

Robotech II: The Sentinels 1988

Robotech II: The Sentinels was an attempt to continue the original 1985 Robotech television series. The project was cancelled in 1986. The aborted Sentinels series would have followed the ongoing adventures of Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes and the rest of the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) during the events of The Robotech Masters and The New Generation series.

Thunderbirds 2004

Dangerous missions are the bread and butter of the Thunderbirds, a high-tech secret force employed by the government. Led by Jeff Tracy (Bill Paxton), the Thunderbirds are at the top of their game, but their nemesis, The Hood (Ben Kingsley), has landed on their island and is attempting a coup by using the team's rescue vehicles. He'll soon discover that the Thunderbirds won't go down.

Guyver: Dark Hero 1994

Sean Barker became the unwilling host to an alien bio-armor known as the Guyver. A year ago he destroyed the Kronos Corporation, an organization of mutants who want the Guyver. Now he is trying to find why the Guyver unit forces him to fight and kill evil.

Sentinels of Silence 1971

Sentinels of Silence is a 1971 short documentary film on ancient Mexican civilizations. The film was directed and written by Mexican filmmaker Robert Amram, and is notable for being the first and only short film to win two Academy Awards.

La sentinella della patria 1927

This documentary features Friulian landscapes (Eastern Alps, steps, valleys, lakes, alpine countries, lagoon); monuments and traditions of the various cities of Friuli (Aquileia, Grado, Cividale, feudal castles, Gemona, Venzone, Spilimbergo, Pordenone, Sacile, Udine, Palmanova, Passariano); folklore (festivals, costumes and picturesque ceremonies); the footsteps of the war (the home of the Alpine Right, first fell, the war cemeteries until you get to aspects of quiet rural places already devastated by the guns).

Sand Tigers - Sentinels of the Deep 2011

Dive with the endangered and fearsome Sand Tiger shark and you'll see why adventurers travel from all over the globe to swim side-by-side with these graceful and magnificent creatures. Explore the sunken wreck of the Papoose (a tanker torpedoed during WWII by a German U-boat) where divers literally get nose to nose with dozens and sometimes even hundreds of Sand Tigers.

The Sentinel 1996

The Sentinel is a Canadian-produced television series that aired on UPN in the United States from 1996 to 1999. It premiered on March 20, 1996, and ran for 65 episodes. The series later reaired on Syfy.

The Life and Times of a Sentinel

The Life and Times of a Sentinel is a 2011 Hong Kong historical-fiction television drama produced by Television Broadcasts Limited, with Leung Choi-yuen serving as the executive producer. Set in the late 17th century, during the early years of the Kangxi Emperor's reign over Qing China, the drama stars Nip Dor-po, a third-grade imperial bodyguard. He is used by both the Kangxi Emperor and Prince Yu to pit against each other, conflicting Dor-po's loyalty for both.

Space Sentinels 1977

Space Sentinels is a Saturday morning animated series produced by Filmation which debuted on the American NBC network on September 10, 1977 and ran for thirteen half-hour episodes. The series has been called "ahead of its time" due to its racially diverse cast of main characters. In this series, the Roman mythological figures Hercules and Mercury are joined by Astrea, a character created specifically for the series, to form a superhero team to protect mankind. The complete series was released on Region 1 DVD on August 22, 2006, along with the complete series of The Freedom Force.

Thunderbirds Are Go! 2015

Remake of the hit 1960s television show. In the 21st century, Jeff Tracy, a former astronaut, amasses a colossal fortune and decides that he must use it to benefit others. His answer to this desire is to create International Rescue, a unique private emergency response service equipped with customized designed vehicles and equipment that enable the organization to react to any crisis whether it be in sea, air, land, or space. Jeff's five sons volunteer to operate as the pilots and field agents, as well "Brain" who acts as the teams engineer. In addition, Jeff's friend, Kyrano and his daughter Tanusha aka Kayo (based on the original series Tin-Tin character) agree to be the support staff. In addition to the field team, IR also maintains an intelligence network with Lady Penelope and her ex-con chauffeur, Parker as the chief agents in this arm.

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