Hot Shots! 1991

Recruited to join a top-secret mission for the Air Force, a renegade pilot finds himself coping with an incompetent admiral and a carefully selected squadron of flyers who are either inept or half-blind.

Hot Shots! Part Deux 1993

Topper Harley is found to be working as an odd-job-man in a monastery. The CIA want him to lead a rescue mission into Iraq, to rescue the last rescue team, who went in to rescue the last rescue team who... who went in to rescue hostages left behind after Desert Storm.

Body Shots 1999

The Los Angeles club scene is a place of booze-fueled decadence and debauchery. In a night full of possibilities, eight 20-somethings take to the clubs seeking good times, companionship and maybe a little sex. But in the harsh light of the morning after, their worlds are thrown into a spin of confusion when hungover Sara accuses hard-partying Mike of date rape. Loyalties are tested as each among them is forced to take sides.

Parting Shots 1999

Harry Sterndale, a failed photographer, is told that he has only three months to live due to him getting cancer. After thinking things over he decides that since he is dying anyway that he will kill or destroy all the people that has ever crossed or hurt him during his entire life. So Parting Shots becomes literally the shots fired by Harry when he knows he is parting this earth. After all, he will be dead anyway long before he can come to trial and get his just desserts from society. Harry even falls in love with Jill and hires an assassin to kill him in style. However there is just one small problem with Harry's master plan - the cancer diagnosis is totally inaccurate and now he's got a hitman on his trail and several policemen want to talk to him over some murders...

Big Shots 1987

Following the death of his father, a suburbanite runs away from home and winds up on Chicago's South Side. After being mugged, the boy befriends a young hustler and, after stealing a gangster's car, the two embark on an adventure down south in search of the hustler's estranged father.

Shots Fired 2018

Four Angels return from a failed mission to assassinate Ronald Reagan in 1981, and learn that their failure will have dire consequences on the future of humanity. Our current administration was never supposed to happen.

Deadly Shots on Broadway 1969

An FBI agent is killed by the mob after making off with five million in gold bars in a robbery gone bad. Agent Jerry Cotton is called in to bring the gang to justice and find out where his dead pal hid the missing gold.

Hot Shots 1956

Sach and the gang (Bowery Boys) baby-sit a bratty TV star (Philip Phillips).

Shots in the Sky 1958

Upon returning home at war's end, a young lieutenant discovers that his family has been murdered by the Nazis. It's all the handiwork of a treasonous "Chetnik," who during the war worked against the partisans on behalf of the Germans. In bitter retaliation, the lieutenant sets about to decimate the Chetnik's family. He stops short, however, when he realizes that the sins of the fathers are not always passed down to the innocent children.

Self Shots 1967

Self shots are the optical Biographie of an unorthodox film producer. Director, cameraman and actor in a person, he directs the camera against itself. It plays with her, throws her into air, races over the meadows, films its movements, his face and his hands and demonstrates thereby its adventurous relationship to a 16 mm camera. Not an action thus, but filming becomes the action. The Godard' Bonmot of filming as ' truth 24 times in the second ' made Mommartz in his films conscious like hardly another. (Wilfried Reichart Kölner Stadtanz 4.1.68)

Two Shots Fired 2014

One early morning, at the beginning of a very hot summer, Mariano, a sixteen-year-old teenager, returns home, jumps into the pool and does some laps with a stopwatch. Then he gets out and mows the lawn, where he accidentally cuts the mower’s power cord when he runs over it. Set on fixing it, he goes to find tools but stumbles across a gun that he brings back to his room to shoot himself twice. But Mariano survives: one bullet just grazed his head and the other one, he believes, is stuck somewhere inside his body even if the doctors can’t find it anywhere, nor any exit wound for that matter. The only aftereffect he seems to have is a mysterious double-note when he plays music with his friends, which according to him is probably the result of the bullet still being inside him. But Mariano’s impulsive act will have other consequences on the people surrounding him…

3 Shots 2011

An evening get-together of a group of vampire friends takes an interesting turn when an unsuspecting human visitor arrives.

Best Shots

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off meets The Secret of My Success, as two crazy cousins try to outwit their boss and the mob, and take their best shot at becoming rich and famous, in Doug Lodato’s wacky Best Shots! Electronic laser guns, banana statues, scavenger hunts, flying beer and, of course, chicken pot pie with Cheeze Whiz are all part of this wild adventure, where no work and all play is the motto of the day! Join the denziens of Generation X for an all-out crazy adventure as Tom and Trip, two cousins with nothing in common but trouble, take their best shot at making a buck in the real world. When Tom’s banana kingpin uncle freezes his trust fund, he is forced to battle a corrupt boss and the mob just to get a paycheck. Meanwhile, Trip must devise a plan to win back his wayward girlfriend. But for Tom, whose cooking advice has always been “Heat, add Cheeze Whiz and eat,” it’s just another day.

Cheap Shots 1988

The owner of a sleazy hotel, along with his friend, decides to videotape a room that is rented by a sexually active couple. Inadvertently recording their murders, the men are soon faced with a dilemma as the killers come looking for the tape.

Shots Fired 2012

Shots Fired is an action/comedy about two totally opposite detectives, who are forced to become partners and work the biggest case of their careers. Kevin Payne, an overly aggressive, burned out, thrill-seeker, has cost the city millions in damages as a result of his heroics. Marcus Banks, a weed-smoking, self-hating alcoholic who not only has gotten his captain / uncle reprimanded on several occasions, but his fellow officers shot while on duty. Both of these men have different values and agendas, but they have to somehow coincide in order to solve the murder of world renowned scientist John Mangenelli Sr. Shots Fired is a non-stop action/ comedy that will leave people at the edge of their seats.

80000 Shots 2002

80000 Shots is a German film directed by Manfred Walther. It was released in 2002 and had its premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival. In breathtaking speed, 80000 SHOTS is a documentary about the reconstruction of Berlin's Potsdamer Platz. This 53 minutes' film, shot in timelapse between 1990 - 2000 had its première at the Berlin International Film Festival 2002.

Eight Deadly Shots 1972

Small-farmer Pasi shoots four policemen who have come to arrest him for raged drunkenness. Rest of the movie is a long flashback examining the events that finally leads to the tragic shooting. As time goes by, Pasi sinks gradually deeper and deeper into the poverty, gets into trouble with both police and tax officials while family arguments grow more and more serious. Based on a true story,

Shots Fired 2017

A media storm sets off when an African-American cop kills a white teenager in a small North Carolina town.

Little Big Shots 2016

A comedy-variety series showcasing young musicians, singers, dancers and every form of wunderkind in the country. Harvey goes toe-to-toe with them in conversations and interviews, with hilarious results.

Big Shots 2007

Four friends are at the top of their game...until the women in their lives enter the room. Lines between boardroom and bedroom blur when these competitive but dysfunctional CEOs take refuge in their friendship, discussing business, confiding secrets, seeking advice and supporting each other through life's surprising twists and turns.

Hot Shots 1986

Hot Shots was a short-lived Canadian television drama series, which aired on CBS in the United States in 1986, and CTV in Canada in 1987. The series, produced by CTV for the CBS Late Night block of crime drama series, starred Dorothy Parke and Booth Savage as Amanda Reed and Jake West, crime journalists for the tabloid magazine Crime World. The cast also included Paul Burke, Clark Johnson, Heather Smith and Mung Ling. Only twelve episodes of the show were produced. Its producers went on to create Diamonds the following year.

Golf Shots

Golf Shots is a 30 minute news-magazine style golf program on Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia. The program airs Sundays at 6:00PM with repeats Sundays at 5:00AM.

Small Shots 2001

Small Shots is an American reality TV program about two young filmmakers traveling across the country, going to small towns and using real people to make short movie spoofs. It was shown on The New TNN.

Little Big Shots 2017

Australian version of the comedy-variety show where children take to the stage to showcase their passion and blow you away with their talent.

Calling the Shots 1994

The work of television reporter Maggie Donnelly sets off a terrifying sequence of events in her private life.

Little Big Shots 2017

British version of the reality competition that shines the spotlight on some of the world's most talented children.

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