Pros & Cons 1999

Framed for crimes they didn't commit, two small-timers are headed up the river without a paddle. Now, the only thing that can bail them out is a case of mistaken identity. It's the hysterical prison comedy that's so funny, it's criminal!

Pros and Ex-Cons 2005

In this shoot-'em-up from Down Under, two ex-con assassins take down the wrong target and all hell ensues. With their covers about to be blown -- and their target alive and kicking -- the guys need to make things right fast or more heads will roll.

Varsity Blues 1999

In small-town Texas, high school football is a religion, 17-year-old schoolboys carry the hopes of an entire community onto the gridiron every Friday night. When star quarterback Lance Harbor suffers an injury, the Coyotes are forced to regroup under the questionable leadership of John Moxon, a second-string quarterback with a slightly irreverent approach to the game.

The Way To The West 2003

The film is a combination of documentary and fiction. A woman from the former Soviet Union, Irina, comes to Greece in search of a better life and falls victim to the sex slave trade (trafficking). She wanders around Athens in search of a friend of hers who has disappeared. Her story unfolds through a series of personal confessions. During these moments of reality, Irina is in some way present as a sort of "suffering angel" who comments on the aftermath, indirectly linking the present to the past, the real to the imaginary

The Pros & Cons of Breathing 1993

A group of guys hang around a Los Angeles bar lamenting their failed Hollywood lives, while a perky bartender (Joey Lauren Adams) tries to cheer them up.

Pros and Cons: A Fantasy Football Movie 2013

Jack will do anything to win his league - even take out his opponents players. Jack Snow is a family man obsessed with winning his high stakes fantasy football league. He's a huge fan of fantasy football and professional football, but his wife forbids him to play. Steve-O, Jack's friend, convinces him to play one more time. Jack keeps it secret from his wife and son. He must take home the league championship in order to win the $60,000 payout.

Rapala Pros' Secrets for Catching More and Bigger Fish 2004

Whether you're planning a saltwater or freshwater fishing trip, this instructional program has the tips and advice you need to succeed. Learn how to properly maintain and tune your lures, read depth charts, troll effectively and clean your fish. As experts such as Ron Shara and Al Lindner share their years of experience, viewers can see their techniques in action thanks to incredible underwater footage.

Increase Your Average Secrets of the Pros Advanced Bowling Techniques

The Increase Your Average Secrets of the Pros DVD Collection is a new series of coaching videos produced exclusively for USBC members. "Advanced Bowling Techniques" -- covers various aspects of bowling, including the physical game (stance, approach, release, etc.), lane adjustments, spare shooting, mental game, equipment and practice drills. Instructors include professional stars Chris Barnes and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, and Team USA coaches Rod Ross and Kim Terrell-Kearney.

Prosperity 2017

Prosperity follows a new generation of companies that are "doing the right thing and deserve our attention (and money)."

Prospect 2018

A teenage girl and her father travel to a remote alien moon, aiming to strike it rich. They've secured a contract to harvest a large deposit of the elusive gems hidden in the depths of the moon's toxic forest. But there are others roving the wilderness and the job quickly devolves into a fight to survive. Not to be confused with the 2014 short film with the same name by the same directors.

Witness for the Prosecution 1957

When Leonard Vole is arrested for the sensational murder of a rich, middle-aged widow, the famous Sir Wilfrid Robarts agrees to appear on his behalf. Sir Wilfrid, recovering from a near-fatal heart attack, is supposed to be on a diet of bland, civil suits – but the lure of the criminal courts is too much for him, especially when the case is so difficult.

Prosti 2002

Ditas is a new recruit in the whorehouse of Xedes and was handled by the pimp Nonoy. The number one rule in the house is never to be intimate or fall in love with each other. However, Nonoy was captivated by Ditas' beauty and personality that the two eventually had a relationship. Soon after Xedes learned of their grave offense, she fired Nonoy and the two got into a heated argument and fight that would later on meet its tragic ending.

Prospect 2014

Prospect is the unusual coming-of-age story of a teenage girl on a toxic alien planet. She and her father hunt for precious materials aiming to strike it rich. When the father is attacked by a roving bandit, the daughter must take control.

The Silence of the Hams 1994

The federal agent Joe Dee Foster is currently investigating a serial killer, helped by doctor Animal who is isolated in a maximum security jail.

Prospero's Books 1991

An exiled magician finds an opportunity for revenge against his enemies muted when his daughter and the son of his chief enemy fall in love in this uniquely structured retelling of the 'The Tempest'.

Prostitute 1980

Prostitute is the tale of two women: Sandra, an ambitious but naive Birmingham working girl who moves to London with the hope of securing wealthier patrons, and Louise, her social worker friend, who is fighting to change the antiquated and hypocritical prostitution laws. As both strive to achieve their goals, a cold dose of reality dashes their hopes, and the built-in biases against women in society are unmasked.

Emmanuelle and the White Slave Trade 1978

While attempting to interview an elusive gangster, photojournalist Emanuelle notices a man pushing a girl in a wheelchair through the airport. Later, in another country she sees the same man and the girl up and walking. Intrigued, she does a bit of investigating and uncovers an organization dealing in the buying and selling of young women. She goes undercover into the organization but finds that getting out again could cost her her career...and her life.

Pros and Cons 1991

Pros and Cons is an American television series that ran on ABC in the USA in 1991–1992. It is a revamped version of Gabriel's Fire, which aired on ABC the previous season.

Pros vs. Joes 2006

Pros vs. Joes is an American physical reality game show that airs on Spike TV. The show features male amateur contestants matching themselves against professional athletes in a series of athletic feats related to the expertise sport of the Pro they are facing. For its first three seasons, the show was hosted by Petros Papadakis. Since Season Four, it has been co-hosted by Michael Strahan and Jay Glazer. The first two seasons were filmed at Carson, California's Home Depot Center, which was referenced in aerial shots.

The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros 2017

A special event spun off from MTV's long-running reality game show, The Challenge. In the six-week event, ten Challenge greats will compete against ten professional athletes.

The Real Estate Pros 2007

The Real Estate Pros is a television series which airs on the TLC network. Each episode stars Richard C. Davis and his crew from Trademark Properties of Charleston, South Carolina as they purchase and renovate a piece of real estate. Most episodes include the listing price of the purchased property, estimated cost of the renovation, and the market value of the "flipped" property; however, one episode showed Davis renovating a quadplex owned by his company, in order to justify increased rents. The series premiered on April 21, 2007 titled The Real Deal. The first episode of The Real Deal was "A Home Run For Trademark", a special centering around the relocation of the Shoeless Joe house, while at the same time helping to renovate the life of a current Major League Baseball player, Josh Hamilton. In June 2007, The Real Deal was renamed The Real Estate Pros. At a recent fundraiser event in Charleston, Richard C. Davis, who heads Team Trademark, said he "intends to document the lodge’s rehabilitation as part of the real estate company’s reality series, due to air on TLC in April". The show had a five year hiatus.

Parking Wars 2008

Parking Wars is a reality television series which airs on the A&E television network. The program follows traffic enforcement employees as they ticket, "boot," and tow cars as part of their parking enforcement duties. The show began airing on January 8, 2008. The seventh season premiered October 6, 2012.

Learn from the Pros

Learn from the Pros was a television program sponsored by the online poker website Full Tilt Poker, which aired on Fox Sports Net a number of times during each week. It was hosted by Chris Rose. Each episode opened with Rose discussing an element of poker strategy with a professional poker player associated with the Full Tilt site, usually Howard Lederer. The discussion was illustrated with footage from one or more hands from Poker Superstars or another FSN-televised poker tournament. The point was further illustrated by the play of a mock hand by actors, once showing the play without following the tip and once following it. Tips ranged from such basic points of strategy as starting hand selection to more advanced plays like semi-bluffing and slowplaying. In another segment, Rose hosted a roundtable discussion among several pros like Annie Duke, Phil Hellmuth, Mike Matusow, Daniel Negreanu and others. Initially the pros expanded on the tip of the episode, relating personal experiences with the play and sometimes illustrated by another videotaped hand in which one or more of the pros was involved. The final segment returned to the pros and may have touched again on the tip of the episode or ranged to another unrelated topic.

ProStars 1991

ProStars is a Saturday morning cartoon show produced by DiC that aired on NBC from September 14 to December 7, 1991.

Prospects 1986

Prospects is a British television comedy drama series that was written by Alan Janes and originally shown on Channel 4 in 1986. Created by Euston Films who had a pedigree of producing successful, gritty drama such as The Sweeney and Minder, it followed the exploits of two East End 'geezer' characters - Jimmy 'Pincy' Pince played by Gary Olsen and Billy played by Brian Bovell and their trials and tribulations of making a living in London's Isle of Dogs. Comprising 12 episodes Prospects - with a comic slant, dealt with many of the major issues affecting British society at the height of the "Thatcherite" '80's including unemployment, crime, poverty, regeneration, social change and racism. Prospects gained a cult following and ratings wise it performed well above expectation for Channel 4. At that time Channel Four received a large subsidy from the rival commercial network ITV in exchange for the right to sell airtime; this gave ITV a significant input into the management of the station. The success of Prospects and the fact that it was produced by a subsidiary of the ITV network's largest station Thames Television meant it was moved to a 9pm prime-time repeat slot on ITV in the Spring/Summer of 1987. This fuelled rumours that the network wanted to develop Prospects into a long-running comedy drama series. However despite seeing potential ITV declined the opportunity to develop it beyond the original first series.

Prospectors 2013

Prospectors follows a group of miners searching for the rarest gems in order to strike it rich. They risk life and limb daily as they face extreme climates, weather and other perilous conditions in every step of their pursuit.

Die ProSieben Märchenstunde 2006

Die ProSieben Märchenstunde is a television movie series that has been produced since 2006. It features characters that are exclusively portrayed by German and Austrian comedians and actors. The series is shot in Prague. The screenplays have - amongst others - been written by Tommy Krappweis, Erik Haffner and Norman Cöster who came up with the stories of Bernd das Brot. Additionally, they are directing and have cameo appearances. Many actors use their respective dialect. Die ProSieben Märchenstunde was nominated for the German Comedy Award in the category Best Comedy in 2006. It is also broadcast on Austrian television channel ORF, which is co-producing the series, airing the programme as Die ORF Märchenstunde.


Prosperity is a Singaporean Chinese family drama produced by MatrixVision, revolving around the lives of three sisters having their own families. It made its debut on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp Channel 8 on 10 January 2010 and ended on 11 February 2011. This drama serial consists of 22 episodes, and was screened on every weekday night at 9.00 pm. This drama had made its rerun from 29 December 2011 and ended on 31 January 2012, at 5.30p.m.


Prosperity is a series of four one-hour dramas for television from director Lenny Abrahamson and writer Mark O'Halloran. Prosperity features "four powerful, moving and funny stories set on the same day, with each episode examining the life of a single character." The series first aired on 3 September 2007 on RTÉ, and was produced by Ed Guiney and Catherine Magee for Element Films. The series was nominated for six Irish Film and Television Awards in 2008 and won two, for Directing and Script.

The Knights of Prosperity 2007

Eugene Gurkin has dreamt of opening his own bar for years, but his dead-end job as a janitor won't even fund a bottle of booze. In a serendipitous moment, he catches an episode of "E! News" and his passion is ignited. Soon Eugene recruits a group of average joes into his gang, The Knights of Prosperity, for a heist to finance their dreams. The initial target: rock icon Mick Jagger's super-luxe Central Park West apartment.

Budding Prospects 2017

In 1983, three hapless guys from San Francisco are lured from their sex and drugs lifestyle to the countryside to grow marijuana. They find themselves stuck in a run-down cabin in the middle of nowhere, with harsh and unfriendly growing conditions, nosy neighbours, dangerous locals, and menacing law enforcement.

The Outcast 2015

Set in post-war Britain, ten year-old Lewis Aldridge is grief-stricken as he struggles to cope with the death of his beloved mother. Left under the care of his emotionally distant father Gilbert, whom he barely knows and who quickly remarries, Lewis is forced to bury his feelings.

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