The Hard Corps 2006

An Army veteran assembles a team of bodyguards to protect a former boxer. Complications arise when the boxer suspects his sister may be romantically involved with the bodyguard.

Les Corps purs 2017

Axelle, an escort in Brussels, hires a silent, simple-minded driver to take her from hotel to hotel. As the nights go by, these two lonely souls, each hiding behind their own armor, start to open up to each other.

Esprit de Corps 2014

Many have been aspiring for the position of Major Mac Favila, who is every cadet's ideal officer considering he is sharp, snappy, witty, and most of all, the most masculine among the school's many officers. Private Abel Sarmiento, who was abused when he was a child and Cain Fujika, a Filipino-Japanese whose mother worked abroad as a japayuki are the top contenders for his position.

Body to Body 2003

Laura Bartelli is a stripper in a French bar. She retires after a moody landscape architect named Marco Tisserand asks her to abandon her life and share his. However, after her red Volkswagen runs off the road en route to the rendezvous, she ends up scarred and comatose in a hospital. Marco stays at her bedside.

Foreign Body 2018

In the turbulent aftermath of the Tunisian revolution, young Samia flees her homeland. She braves hostile seas in the crossing to France, but once there she finds that her struggles have only just begun. With no friends, no family, and — most crucially — no immigration papers, Samia has to figure out how to make a life and a living in a foreign land. She meets a young man, Imed, and soon finds work in the employ of the elegant Leila. But her presence in Leila's middle-class household triggers a shift in its dynamics, and soon Samia is enmeshed in a web of sexual tension.

Nine Dead 2010

Communication is the key to the survival for nine strangers who have been kidnapped by a masked gunman and told that one of them will die every ten minutes until they discover how they are all connected. Who of the nine lives and who dies?

It's Not About Love 1998

Raoul Peck directed this French-German-Haitian drama set in Manhattan where medical examiner Chase Dellal (Geno Lechner) isn't happy with the diminishing aspects of her life: Not only does she face political pressures to soft-pedal her testimony, her marriage to a judge (Bob Meyer) is collapsing. Suddenly, new options appear after deposed Haitian politician Dimitri (Jean-Michel Martial) re-enters her life. Playwright Israel Horowitz has a role in this film as morgue cop Timothy.

Corps Etranger 2011

Arnaud is a young man of twenty. Following the death of his mother three years ago, he has dropped out of his studies and taken refuge in food to fill the void. He now weighs 177 kilos and lives with his father, with whom he quarrels constantly. Arnaud has reached the point where he has decided to undergo a stomach reduction operation

This Is My Body 2001

Gifted student Antoine goes against his family’s wishes and accepts the lead role in a controversial director’s film. He learns that the role had previously been offered to a young man who committed suicide after an on-set affair – and events conspire to draw Antoine towards the same lover.

The Body of My Enemy 1976

Francois always despised the textile barons who ruled his local town. But he fell in love with the family heiress Gilberte. Ten years ago, he would have married her. Now only hatred holds them together. Francois is accused of murder. A hooker and a football star lie slaughtered. He thinks he has been framed by the mob. Going underground, he finds that the trail leads all the way to the top - to Gilberte's family. He needs friends. And friends are hard to come by in his town.

Spy Corps 2006

Liz is a high school student who is nearly paralyzed with fear. It doesn't help any that the boy she likes has a little secret... he is a member of the Reserve Spy Training Corps, a training program for high school students who want to pursue a career as a spy. Her dealings with him force her to face her fears... and overcome them with the Word of God.

Corps étrangers 2013

The first of a trilogy, this animated media film embraces novel production and broadcasting methods to embrace a non-narrative, open form. FOREIGN BODIES was created using video light painting and modern medical imaging (CT, MRI, cryosection), generating a mythical landscape of transparent bodies, and instilling a sense of strangeness that our own bodies can sometimes inspire.

Floating Bodies 1997

A Japan where time stands still; men and women bound to their land and their work; bodies floating in thermal springs... shown through the eyes of a painter (inspired by the characters in Sôseki's novel "Pillow of Herbs") where these references give a free interpretation to the images, so that we make the journey in search of temporary solace. The traveller has understood that "everywhere it is difficult to live" (Sôseki) and tries to make a picture from real things so that, through the act of painting, he no longer suffers.

Corps inflammables 1995

Juliette loves Bruno, but he does not notice. Perhaps because he is mad about Corinne, and Corinne is not aware of it. She does not seem to love anybody, but she has an affair with Luc. Luc is gay, and he wonders how to tell Bruno he loves him.

Clash of the Corps 2016

Go inside the competitive world of Drum Corps International and follow rivals, The Cadets and Blue Devils as they battle it out for the championship title. Who will win?

Alien Defender Geo-Armor, Kishin Corps 2004

October 1941, as the second World War threatens to destroy the civilized world, an unforeseen complication suddenly occurs. An alien invasion! Despite the sudden appearance of these extraterrestrial aggressors, the Axis and Allies continue their destructive conflict. Only the Kishin Corps and their giant Geo-Armor Robots (a.k.a.: Kishin), developed from a captured alien robot soldier, stand between the Earth and total annihilation! A teenager, named Taishi, suddenly finds himself at the center of a struggle over a mysterious black attaché case entrusted to him by his father, Professor Tokamura. The case contains the controlling mechanism for one of the giant Geo-Armor Robots, and the Japanese Kanto Army, the alien invaders, and the Kishin Corps all want to recover the device! Between the spies, the armies, the aliens, and the Giant Robots, Taishi is in for an epic adventure—if he can survive it!

Lewis & Clark - The Journey of the Corps of Discovery 1997

Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery tells the remarkable story of the entire Corps of Discovery – not just of the two Captains, but the young army men, French-Canadian boatmen, Clark’s African-American slave, and the Shoshone woman named Sacajawea, who brought along her infant son. As important to the story as these many characters, however, was the spectacular land itself, and the promises it held.

Corpse Princess 2008

Corpse Princess is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshiichi Akahito. Premiering in Monthly Shōnen Gangan on April 12, 2005, the series centers around the "Corpse Princess" Makina Hoshimura, an undead girl who is hunting down 108 undead corpses in order to gain entry into heaven with the help of a secret society of anti-corpse Buddhist monks. Feel and Gainax partnered together to adapt the series into a thirteen episode anime series. The first season, Aka, premiered on AT-X on October 2, 2008. A second season, Kuro, aired between January and March 2009. The anime is licensed for North American distribution and release by Funimation Entertainment, which has already started releasing the episodes in subtitled form as Shikabane Hime through various online distribution companies and through its own website. The series made its North American television debut on the FUNimation Channel on November 15, 2010.

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls 2013

One rainy night after a school festival, a group of students from Kisaragi Academy decide to perform the "Sachiko Ever After" charm, which will unite them forever as friends. Once the ritual is done, a sudden earthquake transports them to Heavenly Host, a torn down elementary school. Unbeknownst to Satoshi and his friends, however, is the horrific past behind it which culminated in its demolition. As they look for each other and try to escape from Heavenly Host, they soon find out their lives are at the mercy of those affected by that same bloodied past.

Makeruna!! Aku no Gundan! 2017

The "Evil Corps," led by Don, are on a mission to conquer the universe. They set out to invade Earth first, but they struggle as some quirky Earthlings stand in their way. Eventually Don's plan to invade Earth becomes distorted...?!

Special Armored Battalion Dorvack 1983

Special Armored Battalion Dorvack is an anime series aired from 1983 to 1984 in Japan and Hong Kong. There were 36 episodes. Other loosely translated names are "Dorvack", "Dolbuk", "Special Powered Armor Troop Dorvack", "Special Machine Army Dorvack", "Machine Corps Dorvack", "Armored Trooper Dorvack", "Tokusou Kihei Dorvack", "Comando Dolbuck", "Dolbuk, Defensores de la Tierra".

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