Angels and Insects 1995

In Victorian England, wealthy patriarch Sir Harald Alabaster invites an impoverished biologist, William Adamson, into his home. There, William tries to continue his work, but is distracted by Alabaster's seductive daughter, Eugenia. William and Eugenia begin a torrid romance, but as the couple become closer, the young scientist begins to realize that dark, disturbing things are happening behind the closed doors of the Alabaster manor.

The Insects' Christmas 1913

A Father Christmas ornament climbs down from a decorated tree, and goes to the forest. There he creates and decorates a Christmas tree for the forest creatures. He then invites all the insects, along with a friendly frog, to come and enjoy the gifts he has prepared, and to celebrate Christmas.

Incredible Insects 2015

Incredible Insects A captivating world of creepy crawlies exists all around us. And they are the biggest group of animals in the world, outnumbering humans 200 million to one. Thanks to millions of years of evolution, these invertebrates not only survive in almost every landscape known to man, but also thrive by means of fascinating, and sometimes bizarre adaptations. There's the Bombardier beetle that squirts a boiling hot liquid from its anus, the Assassin bug that turns its victims into soup, and the Parasitic wasp that lays her eggs inside her victims, until her young are ready to eat their way out. We end off with the biggest bugs on the planet: the Atlas moth with a wingspan of over 20 centimetres, the Hercules beetle that can carry 850 times its own weight, and the Giant centipede - big enough to catch flying bats from midair!

Six Insects

The behaviour of ants, wasps, and other insects as enacted by humans.

Insects in the Backyard 2011

In the absence of their parents, Johnny and Jennifer are being brought up by their "big sister" Tanya, an overdressed transvestite who eats and smokes too much and causes both kids endless embarrassment. It's a situation ripe for problems (actually, more complicated than I've made it sound), and Tanwarin's debut feature - as director, writer and star - explores those problems with unbridled determination. Both kids mess up their pursuit of romance, in the ways that teenagers do, and both look for ways to break away from the family home and become independent. For Johnny, this entails going into male prostitution, which is as much an attempt to erase his own self-esteem as a way of earning some fast bucks. Jenny makes other mistakes, but both of them wind up deeply dissatisfied. And Tanya? When Johnny catches her trying to seduce one of his buddies, things start to go downhill for her too.

The Age of Insects 1990

The Age of Insects follows the metamorphosis of a young delinquent forced by his parents to undergo dubious "orthopodization" treatments from an insect-obsessed doctor.

Edwardian Insects on Film 2013

In 1908, amateur naturalist and pioneering filmmaker Percy Smith stunned early cinema goers with his footage of the juggling fly. Hailed as the father of Natural History film, Smith was a hugely influential visual pioneer, inventing many techniques that are still used today. Being both a genius and an eccentric, we follow his life from his earliest films, to the collapse of his house from his mould experiment to his ultimate suicide. We also meet Natural History icon Sir David Attenborough, who was so amazed by Smith’s films in the 1930s that they inspired him to get into natural history.

Threshold 2003

Alien seeds hitch a ride to earth in a space shuttle crew and begin to grow. When their numbers reach the Threshold amount they will be an unstoppable swarm.

Jonny Quest Vs. The Cyber Insects 1995

The evil Dr. Zin has genetically modified household pests into disturbingly large insects that he calls assassinoids, fearless and devoted warriors that will carry out his plan for world domination. Team Quest, headed by internationally respected scientist Benton Quest, is Earth's only hope. When the good doctor becomes Zin's captive, the stakes - and the action quotient - grow higher. Enter Jonny Quest, Dr. Quest's bright, excitable, imaginative and heroic young son, ex-special agent Race Bannon, Jonny's child genius pals Hadji and Jessie (Race's daughter), their robotic pal 4-DAC and bulldog Bandit to complete the job of vermin extermination before it's too late. Your quest for colorful animated excitement ends here with this high-tech feature-length adventure based on the beloved Hanna-Barbera series.

Dokumushi: Toxic Insects 2016

7 strangers are locked up in building. There is nothing to eat in the building. They see a big stock pot, a butcher‘s knife and a watch to count 7 days. The 7 strangers are locked in the building for 7 days and they have to kill each other until there is only 1 person left. The 7 people go insane due to hunger and stress.

Cinematic Titanic: War of the Insects 2011

The bugs shall inherit the earth! Or so says Annabelle, the hottest, the sexiest, and by far the craziest psycho blonde chick to hit Japan since WWII. Deeply embittered about the whole man's-inhumanity-to-man thing, she enacts a diabolical plot to unleash a swarm of mutant insects on the world that will destroy all living creatures except creepy crawlers. Ensnared in all this madness is a philandering island-hopping bug collector and his compliant and slightly pregnant wife, a humorless doctor from the mainland, and a United States airman named Charlie, whose way of starting a conversation is to hysterically scream "Genocide!" and then go off his rocker like the dedicated military professional he is. If you want to watch a story where everybody gets their nuclear holocaust on in the grand tradition of radioactive Japanese monster movies, this is the film for you!

The Sound of Insects: Record of a Mummy 2009

The incredible story of how the mummified corpse of a 40-year-old man was discovered by a hunter in one of the most remote parts of the country. The dead man's detailed notes reveal that he actually committed suicide through self-imposed starvation only the summer before. Liechti's film is a stunning rapprochement of a fictional text, which itself is based upon a true event: a cinematic manifesto for life, challenged by the main character's radical renunciation of life itself. (

Sound of a Million Insects, Light of a Thousand Stars 2015

35mm negative film stock was buried under leaves near the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. The abstract flurry of activity on the surface of the filmstrip translates the energies of the radioactive site. Disordered marks and traces, representing the imprint of time between sunset and sunrise on the night of June 24th 2014, blend into the green and blue tones of the light-exposed emulsion.

Minuscule: The Private Life of Insects 2006

Minuscule—the private life of insects is a French-made series of short video animations giving "a bird's eye view of insects' day to day existence, distorted through a burlesque, yet poetic lens". The characters are computer-modelled in 3D and set against natural scenery. Each animation has a self-contained and usually humorous storyline. The audio is a combination of genuine insect and ambient recordings with artificial sound effects. The various protagonist insects often perform anthropomorphic activities, displaying ironically portrayed intelligence, enjoyment and, sometimes, pathos. The background settings are generally of rural France, and include farm houses, fences, cars, road surfaces, drains, gutters and garbage bins. In Season 1 episodes, humans appeared only peripherally and large farm animals were the main reluctant witnesses to the variety of insect, spider and mollusc activities. Some Season 2 episodes depict more explicit interaction with humans. Production of a feature film was commenced in March 2012. The feature film titled Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants, was released on January 29, 2014.

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