Shree 2013

Shree, an ordinary man, works at a telecom company. In love with Sonu but cannot marry yet as need to make some basic money. Randhawa, a wealthy businessman, in his ceaseless pursuit of power, has zeroed in on Shree as his last guinea pig. Shree is the last piece of puzzle of a scientific experiment, devised by a brilliant scientist, supported by commissioner of police and funded by Randhawa.....

Shree 2002

Shree is a 2002 Tamil action film directed by Pushpavasagan which stars Suriya in the title role, with Shrutika and Gayatri Jayaraman in supporting roles. The film met with a poor response, critically and made poor business at the box office .

Shree 420 1955

Wearing torn Japanese shoes, English trousers, a red Russian cap, and a Hindustani heart, orphaned Ranbir Raj comes to Bombay to make his fortune. He pawns his gold medal, gambles with the money, loses everything, & the balance is pick-pocketed. He ends up on the beach, meets with Vidya Shastri, a teacher who runs a private school, and both fall in love. Ranbir gets a job in a laundry. When he goes to deliver some clothes to Maya, she notices that he has a way with cards, gets him to accompany her to a casino of sorts, where he wins Rs.20000/-, which unfortunately is pocketed by Maya. Then a rich industrialist, Sonanand Dharmachand, approaches Ranbir, hires him to work for him, and soon Ranbir is on his way to a wealthy life. Vidya gets a first hand look at this wealthy life, and decides to break up with him. Sonachand teaches Ranbir that in order to make money one must never discriminate between the rich and poor...

Shree Ganesh 1962

After giving birth to Bhagwan Shri Kartiyeke, Devi Maa Parvati forms a child-human image from clay, adopts him, and asks him to guard the house and not let anyone in while she bathes. The child refuses to let anyone in, including Bhagwan Shivji himself, who beheads him. When a tearful Parvatiji pleads, Shivji brings the child back to life with the head of an elephant, and names him Gajanand, and assures him that no one will make fun of him.

Shree 5 Ambare 2014

Ambar (Saugat Malla) and Kali (Keki Adhikari) meet and fell in love in their childhood on street. Ambar is left along in the street when Kali is taken away by a guy. She became a prostitute and lived a comfortable life while Ambar nourished his desire to become a king in the society.

Bhagwan Shree Krishna 2005

Snehlata, Ranjeet Raj and Manhar Desai star in this epic melodrama that depicts the life of Lord Krishna, a benevolent prankster known for his uplifting miracles. The film tells Krishna's stories, including his mission to save humanity from Mathura Naresh Kans, the journey from Mathura Nagari to Pandavas Hastinapur, and the Aatmam -- the salvation of Lord Vishnu's earth-bound avatar. Dhrikant Soni and Narayan Rajgor costar.

Tirupati Shree Balaji: Bhakta Annamayya 1997

This religious epic follows the spiritual awakening of mystic composer Annamayya, who's first motivated to write a song of praise after visiting a temple. His devotion is put to the test when he vows to fast until he comes face to face with God, an act of faith for which he's rewarded with a blessed meal of prasad. As his fame as a singer spreads, Annamayya eventually becomes a true incarnation of the holy Nandaka Sword.

Shreelancer 2017

Shree, a Bangalore-based freelance copywriter who is in his mid-20's struggles to cope with the self-doubts about his artistic abilities. Whilst, he continues to work for small-time ad agencies, he is quite frustrated about the fact that the world doesn't understand and give respect to freelancers that they deserve. Unable to concentrate at home, he visits various cafes to find his peace and works from there. Addicted to his cell phone and the social media, Shree's worldview is shaped by what he reads online, not having traveled much in the "real" world. As fate would have it, Shree gets an invitation to attend an all-expenses paid trip to a college friend's wedding, which changes his life forever. Shreelancer is a contemporary take on the life of a freelancer in today's time.

Shreemaan Aashique 1993

Kalidas and Suman Mehra would like their only son to be like the rest of young men, have fun, mingle, stay late nights, and have a girlfriend. But he, Dushyant Kumar, is different, he is pious, worships a lot, sleeps by 8 pm, and is up at 4 am to begin his day by prayers, abstinence from all viles, especially women. Dushyant is influenced by a heart-broken Professor Vishwamitra, who failed in his love relationship with Gayetridevi, and as such has organized several male youth, and made them take a vow of celibacy. Kalidas sends his son to Mannali, where he meets with a young woman by the name of Shakuntala (Shaku), and both fall in love. When he returns home, he intends to introduce Shaku to his parents, seek their blessings and get married, but finds his life in turmoil when he sees Vishwamitra holding hands and romancing Shaku. When Vishwamitra finds out that Shaku is interested in Dushyant, he takes a vow to create misunderstandings between the two lovers, and thus marry Shaku.

Shreeman Funtoosh 1965

Shreeman Funtoosh is having a bad week, to say the least. First, a run-in with a scientist's invention turns him into an iron man. Then, as the scientist tries to cure him, a mishap turns him into a shrinking man. All this, and the only thing Shreeman wants to do is get back to normal so that he can be with his beloved Meena. Kishore Kumar, Kumkum, Anoop Kumar, Jeevankala and S.K. Shyam co-star in this entertaining blend of sci-fi and comedy.

Sreekrishna Parunthu 1984

Kumaran Thampi, a wizard, is not able to keep his vow of celibacy. This keeps getting him into many troubles, most of which are lethal.


Shree is a Hindi language supernatural soap opera that airs on Zee TV channel. The series premiered on December 22, 2008 and airs every Monday - Thursday at 10:30pm IST. The series is produced by J.D. Majethia of Hats Off Productions, and stars Wasna Ahmed as Shree and Pankaj Singh Tiwari as Hari in the main lead.

Dwarkadheesh – Bhagwaan Shree Krishn

Dwarkadheesh – Bhagwaan Shree Krishna was a television series based on the adult life of the Hindu deity Krishna. It began airing on July 4, 2011 on Imagine TV at the 8 pm slot and was stopped abruptly midway with the shutdown of Imagine TV in April 2012. The series intended to show Krishna as a valiant lover; a master strategist; and an ideal brother, father, son, and king. Renowned composer Ravindra Jain composed the title song as well as music for the initial episodes. Afterwards the composer was replaced by music director-duo Sunny Bawra and Inder Bawra. The serial is produced by Sagar Pictures who are well known for their devotional serials of Bhagavan Ramachandra and Bhagavan Krishna: Ramayana and Sri Krishna respectively.

Dwarkadheesh Bhagwaan Shree Krishn

Dwarkadheesh Bhagwaan Shree Krishn is a television series based on the adult life of the Hindu deity Krishna. The series intends to show Krishna as a valiant lover; a master strategist; and an ideal brother, father, son, and king.

Shree Adi Manav

Shree Adi Manav is a television comedy series aired on SAB TV since 25 September 2009. The concept of it is just like the concept of film Tom, Dick, and Harry, with one blind, one deaf and one mute leading character. "Shree" is "Blind", "adi" is "Deaf" and "manav" is "Mute".

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