Source Code 2011

Decorated soldier Captain Colter Stevens wakes up in the body of an unknown man, discovering he's involved in a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train. He learns he's part of a top-secret experimental program that enables him to experience the final 8 minutes of another person's life. Colter re-lives the train incident over and over again, gathering more clues each time. But can he discover who is responsible for the attack before the next one happens?

The Source 2011

A comedy/drama set in a village and centered on a battle of the sexes, where women threaten to withhold sexual favours as long as the men refuse to install a water pipe.

Highlander V: The Source 2007

The world is falling into chaos. As he roams a crumbling city, Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander, remembers happier times before the love of his life left... Hopeless and alone, MacLeod finds his way to a band of immortal companions, including his mysterious friend Methos, and a mortal, Watcher Joe Dawson. Together this small group sets out on a quest to find the origin of the first Immortal.

Leatherface 2017

A young nurse is kidnapped by a group of violent teens who escape from a mental hospital and take her on the road trip from hell. Pursued by an equally deranged lawman out for revenge, one of the teens is destined for tragedy and horrors that will destroy his mind, moulding him into a monster named Leatherface.

The Shaman's Source 1990

Three Ojibway Natives race to find a mystical ancestral spring before a ruthless industrialist claim it.

Never Say Die 1939

Bob Hope is being stalked by a predatory widow who is a widow of wealthy husbands many times over. Martha Raye is a Texan heiress who wants to marry her boyfriend Andy Devine, but her father is determined that she marry into royalty. To solve both their problems, Martha Raye and Bob Hope decide to marry, but will they ever find love together?

The Source 1999

Traces the Beats from Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac's meeting in 1944 at Columbia University to the deaths of Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs in 1997. Three actors provide dramatic interpretations of the work of these three writers, and the film chronicles their friendships, their arrival into American consciousness, their travels, frequent parodies, Kerouac's death, and Ginsberg's politicization. Their movement connects with bebop, John Cage's music, abstract expressionism, and living theater. In recent interviews, Ginsberg, Burroughs, Kesey, Ferlinghetti, Mailer, Jerry Garcia, Tom Hayden, Gary Snyder, Ed Sanders, and others measure the Beats' meaning and impact.

The Source

Baku in Azerbaijan, the site of the world's first oil well, is once again becoming a focus for foreign investors eager to exploit the country's vast oil riches. "Source*" traces the pipeline from our commuter highways back to this surreal and sinister landscape on which our way of life depends, where cows graze on polluted land and children play in toxic gunge. With three quarters of the population living under the poverty line, the country's post-Soviet government is promising oil will return Azerbaijan into a real country, a prosperous and flourishing "New Kuwait". But between big oil companies like British Petroleum and the corrupt government lining their pockets, what does this mean for ordinary people of Azerbaijan? Is this "liquid gold" more of a curse than a blessing for this troubled country?

La Source 2012

In La Source (pronounced lah-soos), Haiti water does not come easily. Each day, villagers of this small, rural community must choose between enduring a long, treacherous walk to retrieve clean water or drink contaminated water from a nearby river. For over 30 years, the villagers have attempted to address this problem by constructing a means of channeling the water from a natural spring in the mountains, but with limited funding and an unsupportive government their attempts to provide clean water were to no avail. Since he was a teenager, Josue Lajeunesse, along with his brother Chrismedonne have dreamt of remedying this problem for their people. In 1989, Josue moved from La Source to New Jersey where he found employment as a custodian at Princeton University. His custodial work and second job as a taxi driver, which total close to 20 hours a day, allows him to send money home to La Source so that he and Chrismedonne...

The Source Family 2011

A feature documentary film set in Hollywood, examining a radical experiment in '70s utopian living. The Source Family were the darlings of the Sunset Strip until their communal living, outsider ideals and spiritual leader Father Yod's 13 wives became an issue with local authorities. They fled to Hawaii, leading to their dramatic demise.

The Source: Tasmania 2009

Filmed by Nick Reygaert in stunning widescreen format, this is a captivating portrayal of what it means to fly fish in Tasmania. The people, the scenery, the weather, the rivers, the lakes, the wilderness and the inevitable hunt for trophy trout. Strap yourself in for a breathtaking ride through Australia's fly fishing wonderland - Tasmania Watch anglers battle giant sea trout in the wild rivers of Tasmania's West Coast, stalk massive tailing trout in crystal clear highland lakes, marvel at the hidden beauty of rainforest creeks and experience a great hatch on Tassie's fabled lowland rivers. More than a century ago the first trout to ever be successfully transported into the Southern Hemisphere were hatched in the Salmon Ponds Hatchery in New Norfolk, Tasmania.....therefore when it comes to fly fishing downunder Tasmania is THE SOURCE.

A Source of Inspiration

The Washington National Cathedral presents a documentary about the life and times of Hildegard von Bingen

From Source to Poem 2017

Rosa Barba's 35mm epic From Source to Poem is an audio-visual investigation into the nature of cultural heritage, shot in the Library of Congress' space-like preservation campus in Culpepper, Virginia, where advanced technology co-mingles with nitrate film and magnetic tape.

The Source of the Secret 2008

The Source of the Secret is a provocative look at the teachings of The Secret through the eyes of some of the world's leading and most influential teachers, authors and thinkers. Oral Roberts, John Bevere and Dr. Ben Johnson all make an appearance and discuss their thoughts on what The Source of the Secret can bring to each of our lives. Through their insights, you'll be encouraged to look beyond The Secret to the actual source of its core principles. A better life really does lie within your graspbut to find it, you must discover the Source.

Hot Source

Hot Source is a Nine Network Australian, Canadian and British television program, aired on Channel Nine at 4pm on weekdays. The series targets the demographic of school-aged children to the age of fourteen. The show has gone through a number of hosts with Miranda Deakin and Dave Whitehill with it from beginning to end. Both have moved on to Saturday Lifestyle show, Saturday Afternoons.

Source One Television

Source One Television is a national Christian Music news program featuring Christian artists from the Contemporary Christian, Christian rock, Christian Pop, and Christian Soul genres. The shows airs on the Faith TV network, which broadcasts on Sky Angel channel 9708. Source One Television is also developing a web channel to broadcast its content. Source One Television is developed and produced by Paul Matadeen and a team of freelancers. Photographers interview Christian artists at Christian concerts, Gospel Music Week, and The Dove Awards. The program airs in multiple markets and rated as available in 1.2 million households.

WWE Straight To The Source 2017

Immediately following tonight’s Monday Night Raw, a brand new WWE Network show – WWE Straight to the Source with Corey Graves, will air on WWE Network at 11:06 p.m. ET. Read more at

Reliable Sources

Reliable Sources is a weekly show on CNN, focusing on analysis of the American news media. It was initially created to cover the media's coverage of the Persian Gulf War, but has since also covered the media's coverage of the Valerie Plame affair, the War in Iraq, the outing of Mark Felt as Deep Throat, and many other events and internal media stories. From 1992 to 2009, it was broadcast as a stand-alone program, but on January 18, 2009, Reliable Sources became a segment during CNN's new Sunday morning political program State of the Union with John King, although it remained hosted by Kurtz and retained its timeslot. In January 2010, after John King left the show, Reliable Sources was re-spun off as its own show, moving back one hour in the process. Reliable Sources reviews the coverage of the news stories of the past week by the media, in addition to news about the news media behind the scenes, all with a constantly changing group of online, print, and broadcast journalists. The segments also feature some one-on-one interviews with journalists taking part in a news event or covering a story, such as Bob Woodruff after his return to ABC News in February 2007 after his severe injuries in Iraq on January 29, 2006.

Raak Boon 2: Roy Ruk Raeng Marn 2014

Jay interns for Ton's funeral company as an embalmer, people who prepare bodies for funerals. When Ton's father passes away he leaves behind the inheritance to his son, his best friend and Jay. Jay takes care of her sick mother who is diagnosed with cancer, and her trouble-maker brother. As Jay works with an uncle, her teacher in embalming, she finds a box called Raak Boon in his desk. Jay finds out that the Raak Boon fulfills wishes to chosen few, if they help three ghosts fulfill their last desires. The uncle talks about his experience of wanting his wife to get better from ovarian cancer and Ton's father who wished to live longer. Because of this, Jay hopes that the box will choose her to have a six sense so that she can wish her mother well, but her uncle warns her that if she does not fulfill the timeline to help each ghost that the box will kill her. Through many misunderstanding Ton ends up firing Jay, but eventually rehires her because the people who hired were to scared of dead bodies. Through later events Ton's Uncle Pisai tries to take over the company, and Ton catches him in the act of embezzling money from Ton's company. But because of Ton's mother, the case is dropped, until Ton's mother is in a coma state and Jay ends up dead for a period of time. Pisai ends up learning about the Rark Boon box because of an evil spirit that wants to save the box, when Jay announces that she wants to wish for the box to be destroyed. Will Ton stay dead? Is his mother going to survive? Who is the evil spirit?

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