Paint Your Wagon 1969

A Michigan farmer and a prospector form a partnership in the California gold country. Their adventures include buying and sharing a wife, hijacking a stage, kidnapping six prostitutes, and turning their mining camp into a boom town. Along the way there is plenty of drinking, gambling, and singing. They even find time to do some creative gold mining.

The War Wagon 1967

An ex-con seeks revenge on the man who put him in prison by planning a robbery of the latter's stagecoach, which is transporting gold. He enlists the help of a partner, who could be working for his nemesis.

Wagon Master 1950

Two young drifters guide a Mormon wagon train to the San Juan Valley and encounter cutthroats, Indians, geography, and moral challenges on the journey.

Wagon Ho! 2012

The Once-Lers are told by the owner that they can sit on the wagon and that it had better not move. They and the donkey nod in agreement. The Once-Lers try to get the donkey to move. He won't move. The small Once-Ler taunts the donkey with what looks like an apple in front of him on a long pole the he's off. Did they get the wagon back in time? Yes, but what transpired from start to finish?

Lunch Wagon 1981

Three women start a lunch wagon business but run into stiff resistance from a competitor.

The Last Wagon 1956

When a handful of settlers survive an Apache attack on their wagon train they must put their lives into the hands of Comanche Todd, a white man who has lived with the Comanches most of his life and is wanted for the murder of three men.

Wagon-Lit 1989

A story of a four seemingly random vagon lit passengers whose fates are unexpectedly interwoven.

Wagon Train 1940

In his first starring Western for RKO, young Tim Holt must not only carry on his father's freight business but also hunt down his murderer. A certain Matt Gardner (Cliff Clark) wants to corner the freight business to Pecos and persuades young Zack Sibley's wagon master (Wade Crosby) to switch sides. Zack also earns the enmity of Gardner's son Coe (Malcolm McTaggart), who takes umbrage to the youngster's flirtation with pretty Helen Lee (Martha O'Driscoll). It all comes to a head during a food shortage in Pecos, a near-disaster that persuades the wagon master to switch sides once again. When the dust settles, Zack learns that old man Gardner is actually Carl Anderson, the man who murdered his father.

Little Red Wagon 2012

With nothing more than a blazing spirit of philanthropy and his beat-up red wagon, Zach sets out to help homeless children in America. In the process, he sweeps his fractured family - and ultimately the entire country - along with him.

Utah Wagon Train 1951

Rancher Rex Allen receives a summons from his uncle. an old time frontiersman, that he is in trouble. The uncle has been hired to lead a modern-day band of adventurers on a wagon train retracing the route taken by their ancestors 100 years ago. Before Rex can talk to his uncle, the uncle is murdered, and Rex sets out to find the killer and the motive by taking his uncle's place as the leader of the wagon train.

Berth Marks 1929

The story involves Stan and Ollie as two musicians attempting to travel by train to Pottsville (presumably Pennsylvania, a very popular vaudeville performance location). It was only their second sound film, but a silent version was also made for cinemas at the time that were not equipped to show talkies.

Bandwagon 1996

Tony gets fired from his job. He's not really sad about this because he prefers writing songs and playing the guitar. He meets the drummer Charlie and they decide to start a band, although Tony is afraid of playing in front of other people. He can't even play in front of Charlie. They find another guitarist, Wynn, who enjoys fishing if he's not playing the guitar. The final member of the band is Eric, the bass-player who is often unpredictable in his actions. They name the band Circus Monkey and want to get famous and rich. However, after some successful gigs, they begin to realize what all the big music and show business is about

Wagon Wheels 1934

Wagon Wheels is a 1934 remake of 1931's Fighting Caravans, using stock footage from the original and substituting a new cast headed by Randolph Scott and Gail Patrick to replace the earlier film's Gary Cooper and Lili Damita. The western movie was directed by Charles Barton from the Zane Grey novel "Fighting Caravans."

The Covered Wagon 1923

Two wagon caravans converge at what is now Kansas City, and combine for the westward push to Oregon. On their quest the pilgrims will experience desert heat, mountain snow, hunger, and indian attack. To complicate matters further, a love triangle develops, as pretty Molly must chose between Sam, a brute, and Will, the dashing captain of the other caravan. Can Will overcome the skeleton in his closet and win Molly's heart?

Wagon Trail 1935

The son of Sheriff Clay Hartley, of the frontier town Elder, has gotten into bad company and hangs out with an outlaw gang in which, Collins, owner of the Golden Rule Saloon, is the secret head. Sheriff Hartley suspects him, but has been unable to gather the needed evidence. Collins instructs his gang, including young Hartley, to hold up the stagecoach on its return trip from Missionary Flats and take the cargo of gold dust it is carrying. Sheriff Hartley is notified of the planned holdup by one of his deputies who has been spying on Collins, and organizes a posse. A deputy-sheriff is killed in the ensuing gunfight between the lawmen and the outlaws, but Deputy Joe Larkin, pursues and captures Clay Hartley Jr. The latter is quickly tried and convicted of the killing of the deputy, and sentenced to be hung. Sheriff Hartley has only a few hours to prove his son was not the killer. He enlists the aid of Collins' step-daughter, Joan, who is in love with Hartley's son.

Wagon Heels 1945

Porky leads a wagon train into "Injun Joe Territory," and finally comes up against the fearsome Superchief. But Sloppy Moe, a survivor of a previous Injun Joe attack, knows something about him he won't tell... until the very end.

Wagon Tracks 1919

Buckskin Hamilton guides a wagon train across the wasteland, caring well for the pioneers he escorts, but hoping to solve the murder of his brother by one of the travellers.

Red Wagon 1933

Adapted from Lady Eleanor Smith’s novel, this 1934 feature tells the story of Joe Prince, an orphan child of circus people who, after many struggles, achieves his life-long ambition of owning a circus.

Wagon Train 1957

Wagon Train is an American Western series that ran on NBC from 1957–62 and then on ABC from 1962–65, although the network also aired daytime repeats, as Major Adams, Trailmaster and Trailmaster, from January 1963 to September 1965. The show debuted at #15 in the Nielsen ratings, rose to #2 in the next three seasons, and peaked at #1 in the 1961–62 television season. After moving to ABC in the autumn of 1962, the ratings began to decline, and Wagon Train did not again make the Top 20 listing. The series initially starred veteran movie supporting actor Ward Bond as the wagon master, later replaced upon his death by John McIntire, and Robert Horton as the scout, subsequently replaced by lookalike Robert Fuller a year after Horton had decided to leave the series. The series was inspired by the 1950 film Wagon Master directed by John Ford and starring Ben Johnson, Harry Carey Jr. and Ward Bond, and harkens back to the early widescreen wagon train epic The Big Trail starring John Wayne and featuring Bond in his first major screen appearance playing a supporting role. Horton's buckskin outfit as the scout in the first season of the television series resembles Wayne's, who also played the wagon train's scout in the earlier film.

Bandwagon 2011

Emma Caulfield takes you on a life-changing journey of self discovery in this satirical comedy about helping an off-color actress make her way to fame.

Party Wagon

Party Wagon is an animated television movie created by animator Craig Bartlett for Cartoon Network. It was made to be a pilot for an animated series that Bartlett was making for Cartoon Network after he left Nickelodeon. However, the series was later scrapped. Little information of this series exists on the internet for this movie.

Wanderly Wagon

Wanderly Wagon was an Irish children's television series which aired on RTÉ from Saturday 30 September 1967 until 1982. Wanderly Wagon followed human and puppet characters as they travelled around Ireland visiting interesting locations, rescuing Princesses and generally doing good. The original premise of the show expanded to follow the characters to magical lands of Irish mythology, and into outer space. Don Lennox and Jim O'Hare came up with the idea of Wanderly Wagon when Lennox was giving O'Hare a lift home from work. O'Hare was recalling a recent family holiday spent on a horse drawn caravan in County Cork. Lennox became the first producer of Wanderly Wagon and O'Hare designed the wagon, the flying Sweet shop and the show's costumes. Various episodes were written by Neil Jordan, Carolyn Swift, Pat Ingoldsby, Martin Duffy and Frank Kelly, who also played several characters on the show. The Wagon itself could fly. Using chroma key special effects, the Wagon was shown hovering in midair, landing in various magical lands, and even traveling underwater. The original wagon used in the series can now be seen in The Little Museum of Dublin on St. Stephen's Green in Dublin. The series developed a tradition of transmitting a Christmas Day show from a Dublin children's hospital every year.

Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey 2017

Seven men and women board a pink bus in search of true love. On a journey through Asia with strangers, their goal is to return to Japan as a couple.

Bandwagon 1960

Bandwagon is a half-hour music program featuring traditional dance music, most notably polka, performed in front of a studio audience dancing along. The program is produced and broadcast by KEYC-TV in Mankato, Minnesota. The show is currently in its 48th year, making it possibly the longest-running televised music program in the world. The first music show on KEYC aired on November 21, 1960; the title Bandwagon was added on March 30, 1961. In the past, the show was sponsored by John Deere, and aired as the John Deere Bandwagon; later it was sponsored Randall's, a defunct Midwestern supermarket chain, and similarly titled as Randall's Bandwagon. The show does not currently have a title sponsor. Earl Lamont was the original host of the program. Chuck Pasek, began hosting the program in 1961. Dick Ginn, who worked for Randall's and was involved in their sponsorship of the show since the 1970s, joined Pasek in hosting in the early 1990s. Following Chuck Pasek's retirement in 1995, Tom Goetzinger began co-hosting the program. The format of the show is simple: the hosts introduce the band for the week, who typically perform a number of music selections throughout the show, interspersed with breaks for hosts to announce upcoming events in the area and for advertisements. At one point, the hosts typically interviews the band leader, who names all the members of the band, and tells viewers where to purchase their recordings. During one performance, sometimes referenced as the roll-up selection, features submitted birthday and anniversary announcements of viewers rolling-up over the screen.


Bandwagon was an Australian television variety series which aired on Melbourne station HSV-7 from 1959 to 1960. Produced by Joy Youlden, the series aired live on Tuesdays at 9:30PM. Performers on the series included Michael Cole, Graeme Bent, Heather Horwood, Joy Grisold, Diana Bell, Judy Banks and Judd Laine. The 3 September 1959 edition of The Age compared the series unfavourably to its main competition, the popular In Melbourne Tonight on GTV-9. The writer for the newspaper felt that although the cast of Bandwagon were "quite adaptable to the TV medium", they were let down by the scripts and music choices.

Bandwagon with Bob Francis

Bandwagon with Bob Francis is a Canadian music variety television series which aired on the CBC between September 21, 1972 and June 21, 1973 then February 13 to March 28, 1975. The show was hosted by Bob Francis who presented big band music performances. Bob Francis sometimes performed as vocalist and trumpet player Guido Basso also performed. Aubrey Tadman and Garry Ferrier produced and Barry Cranston directed.

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