The Hate U Give 2018

Raised in a poverty-stricken slum, a 16-year-old girl named Starr now attends a suburban prep school. After she witnesses a police officer shoot her unarmed best friend, she's torn between her two very different worlds as she tries to speak her truth.

10 Things I Hate About You 1999

Bianca, a tenth grader, has never gone on a date, but she isn't allowed to go out with boys until her older sister Kat gets a boyfriend. The problem is, Kat rubs nearly everyone the wrong way. But Bianca and the guy she has her eye on, Joey, are eager, so Joey fixes Kat up with Patrick, a new kid in town just bitter enough for Kat.

Hate Story 2 2014

A young photographer from Mumbai uses her mind to play games with a prominent Hindu rightist leader.

Hate Story IV 2018

Tasha, who aspires to make it big in life, catches the eye of two womanising brothers, who promise to make her a star. Yet her hidden intentions may prove deadly for the duo.

Hurricane Bianca: From Russia with Hate 2018

After winning over the staff and students of Milford High School, chemistry teacher Richard Martinez aka Bianca Del Rio sent her nemesis Vice Principal Deborah “Debbie” Ward to jail in a flawlessly executed plan. When Debbie is released from jail, she conjures up a scheme to do away with Bianca Del Rio once and for all, by luring her on a dangerous journey to Russia to accept a teaching award and cash prize.

Hate Crime 2017

As a killer is executed for murdering a young gay man, two sets of parents struggle to deal with the consequences of fear and repression.

I Hate Kids 2018

Nick Pearson is a life-long bachelor who is finally settling down. On the brink of his wedding he is surprised to find he has a 13 year old son who has come to find his him through the help of a psychic. The problem is Nick can't stand kids and would happily send the boy back to live with his biological mother, except that no one has any clue who that might be. Having nowhere to turn Nick must hit the road with the boy and the neurotic, inept psychic to track down dozens of his disgraced ex-flings to whom he must ask the awkward question - with very mixed results.

I Hate Valentine's Day 2009

A love story set in Manhattan, where a florist who abides by a strict five-date-limit with any man finds herself wanting more with the new restaurateur in town.

Hate 2011

Loscar, a dangerous and manipulative guy, seeks to call the attention of the media to carry out his dark ends.

Some Kind of Hate 2015

When a troubled teen is subjected to severe bullying, he accidentally conjures the vengeful ghost of Moira Karp. Once a teenage girl pushed to suicide, Moira is now an unstoppable force on a mission of gruesome retribution. But when she goes to far, he must prevent her from spiraling out of control in this passionate and vividly violent supernatural thriller.

The Japanese Wife Next Door 2004

An outrageous and insanely over the top erotic (‘Pinku’) movie that delights in breaking several taboos, in the unique way that only a Pinku movie can! The story starts with office worker Takashi, who shares a drink one night with two women (Mina and Sakura). Fate intervenes and he subsequently ends up marrying Sakura (played by busty JAV Idol, Reiko Yamaguchi). The newlywed couple move into Takashi’s family home (shared with his sister, father and grandfather), but Sakura’s nymphomaniac sex drive soon starts to cause tensions. When Takashi starts to falter in his marital duties, Sakura turns to the rest of the family in order to satisfy her nympho lust…. Trivia: This movie was followed by a sequel (The Japanese Wife Next Door – Part 2) which features the exact same cast, but follows Takashi’s fate if he had married Mina (the other woman he shared the drink with that night) instead.

I Hate Luv Storys 2010

Simran loves love stories, with her ideal job and perfect boyfriend, she lives a blissful and dreamy life. However, things are rudely interrupted by Jay's cynicism on sentimentality.

I Really Hate My Job 2007

'Every day is another day closer to the day I'll never have to do this again.' Five women, one restaurant, one night, one birthday, one breakdown. Then the phone rings. A famous actor is coming for dinner. I Really Hate My Job is the story of an evening in a café in London's Soho.

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate 1996

Nightclub manager Darnell Wright is a perpetual playboy who is almost as devoted to his job as he is to the pursuit of beautiful women. After he sets his sights on the ultra-classy Brandi Web, he launches an all-out assault to win her heart. Ultimately, charm, lust and passion prevail, but Darnell learns the hard way that when you play, you pay. Brandi is much harder to get rid of than she was to get--especially when she realizes that she has a rival vying for Darnell's affection. When he finally decides to call it quits, Brandi becomes an obsessed femme fatale stalking the new love of her life.

L.A., I Hate You 2011

The lives of an action star wannabe, a frustrated family man, and a guilt-ridden boyfriend, intertwine in three tales of sex, violence, redemption, murder, and unthinkable twists all taking place in the City of Angels; Los Angeles, California.

I Hate New York 2018

New York, post 9/11: Armed with a home video camera and no script, the director delves into the private lives of four women artists and transgender activists from the city’s underground subculture, filming their lives over a period of 10 years. Little by little, their testimonies reveal fragments of their pasts, their experiences and their struggles for an identity of their own. A series of revelations transform the viewer from feeling like an intruder to being invested in their destinies.

Hate Story 2012

Journalist Kavya Krishna loves tycoon Siddharth - who uses and abuses her. How far will Kavya go to get revenge?

She Hate Me 2004

Fired from his job, a former executive turns to impregnating wealthy lesbians for profit.

I Hate Christian Laettner 2015

He made perhaps the most dramatic shot in the history of the NCAA basketball tournament. He's the only player to start in four consecutive Final Fours, and was instrumental in Duke winning two national championships. He had looks, smarts and game. So why has Christian Laettner been disliked so intensely by so many for so long? Maybe it was the time he stomped on the chest of a downed player, or the battles he had with his teammates, or a perceived sense of entitlement. But sometimes, perception isn't reality. "I Hate Christian Laettner" will go beyond the polarizing persona to reveal the complete story behind this lightning rod of college basketball. Featuring extensive access to Laettner, previously unseen footage and perspectives from all sides, this film will be a "gloves-off" examination of the man who has been seen by many as the "Blue Devil Himself." - Written by Anonymous

I Hate My Body 1974

The brain of a male engineer is transplanted into a female’s body. He soon finds it very frustrating to cope with the daily sexist discrimination most women deal with. For example, he is surprised when no one will hire a female engineer. When he is faced with dealing with female sexuality, he quickly begins exhibiting lesbian tendencies.

Love/Hate 2010

Modern-day underworld characters Nidge and John Boy wrestle for control of Dublin's illicit drug trade in this forceful crime drama.

Hate Thy Neighbor 2017

With the far-right on the rise around the world, comedian Jamali Maddix goes on a tour to confront groups spreading hate across the world.

10 Things I Hate About You 2009

Outspoken Kat Stratford couldn't be less like her sister, super sweet, yet kinda conformist Bianca. The only things they seem to have in common are being new at school and their overprotective dad.

Love and Hate Crime 2018

Documentary series about hate crime in the US told through murders with elements of love and passion as well as prejudice. Each film tells the story of one unfolding case.

I Hate My Teenage Daughter 2011

I Hate My Teenage Daughter is an American sitcom that ran on Fox from November 30, 2011 to March 20, 2012. It aired at the 9:30 pm /8:30 pm timeslot after The X Factor. The series stars Jaime Pressly and Katie Finneran. On May 10, 2012, Fox canceled the series. The six remaining episodes subsequently aired in Australia and New Zealand.

I Hate My Job 2004

I Hate My Job is an American reality television series about young men abandoning their careers for the chance to pursue unfulfilled dreams. The show was hosted by Al Sharpton. It was shown on Spike TV from 2004 to 2005.

I Hate My Kitchen

I Hate My Kitchen is a renovation reality television series airing on DIY Network. The series began airing sometime in early October 2010. DIY Network announced a new season, hosted by licensed contractor James Young, starting in October, 2011.

I Hate Hollywood

I Hate Hollywood is a Canadian television series, which premiered on CHCH-TV and in syndication in May 2012. Hosted by Ed the Sock and Liana Kerzner, the series is a satire of entertainment news shows such as Entertainment Tonight. The series was originally slated to premiere in 2010, but was delayed by financial difficulties at the producing station.

I Hate Being Single

I Hate Being Single is an American comedy web series created and written by American director Rob Michael Hugel and funded by Kickstarter. The series is broadcast on the internet and premiered on Blip on January 1st 2012. So far, two seasons have been created. I Hate Being Single surrounds the life of Rob, a 20-something who struggles to find his place in the confusing world of friends, relationships, parties, and dating in Brooklyn. The cast is made up of NYC comedians from the Upright Citizens Brigade.

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