Nano 2017

In the near future, nanotechnology administered into the bloodstream can sync with computer apps to augment the human genome. A new law mandating and regulating this once elective procedure meets resistance from hacktivists who are conspiring to thwart the impending roll-out of "Nano version 2.0."

King Dick 1973

Little Dick, the well-endowed dwarf servant of Master Limpcock is being pursued by Nymphomania, an ugly witch who must have 69 orgasms to turn herself beautiful again.

Little Man 2006

After leaving the prison, the dwarf criminal Calvin Sims joins to his moron brother Percy to steal an expensive huge diamond in a jewelry for the mobster Walken. They are chased by the police, and Calvin hides the stone in the purse of the executive Vanessa Edwards, whose husband Darryl Edwards wants to have a baby. Percy convinces Calvin to dress like a baby and be left in front of the Edwards's house to get inside the house and retrieve the diamond. Darryl and Vanessa keep Calvin for the weekend and decide to adopt him, while Walken threatens Darryl to get the stone back.

Nano Man: Utility Fog

A military funded nanophysicist believes he possesses a mysterious meta-material created by another intelligence. Extraterrestrial Nanotechnology from a UFO landing site.

The Red Dwarf 1998

Lucien is a dwarf, who works hard in a large legal office. His only friend is trapeze circus artist Isis. One day he gets the attention of singer Paola Bendoni and falls in love with her.

Nanook of the North 1922

This pioneering documentary film depicts the lives of the indigenous Inuit people of Canada's northern Quebec region. Although the production contains some fictional elements, it vividly shows how its resourceful subjects survive in such a harsh climate, revealing how they construct their igloo homes and find food by hunting and fishing. The film also captures the beautiful, if unforgiving, frozen landscape of the Great White North, far removed from conventional civilization.

Nanophany 2003

3’00” | DV | Colour | 2003 | Brazil Screening Format: DV Filming Format: Super 8 Original Soundtrack: O Grivo Directed, Photographed and Edited by: Cao Guimarães Soap bubbles bursting. Flies jumping about. The beating of micro- phenomenon pulsed by a toy piano.

7 Days 2015

In a farming village north of Tokyo, a man lives with his aging grandmother and works day after day at a cow shed that looks like a relic from another era. Their routine repeats in tune with nature, portrayed tranquilly and persistently in black and white without words.

Nanou 1986

A British girl falls for a French man while on vacation.


An introduction to the strange new world of Nanoscience, narrated by Stephen Fry. Where and what is nano? How will it shape our future? Nanoscience is the study of phenomena and manipulation of materials at the nanoscale, where properties differ significantly from those at a larger scale. The strange world of nanoscience - it can take you into atoms and beyond stars.

Nanook Taxi 1977

Ningiuksiak, an Inuk who lives in the settlement of Cape Dorset, is on a hunt with his family. On his way back to Cape Dorset, Ningiuksiak's snowmobile breaks down. Since he does not have the money to fix it he decides to leave his family and fly to the town of Frobisher Bay to make some money. Ningiuksiak's cousin in Frobisher Bay, Ashoona, a somewhat urbanized Inuk who makes his living as a construction worker or as a cab driver, has drifted away from hunting and the traditional way of life of the remote settlements. Ashoona takes Ningiuksiak in hand and helps him to get a job driving for the Nanook Taxi Company. Increasingly unhappy and bewildered, Ningiuksiak takes to spending his money on liquor and his time in seedy nightclubs. One night, half-heartedly trying to show that he is having a good time, he looks up and sees his wife. She has come to take him home to Cape Dorset.

The Little Polar Bear: Nanouk's Rescue 2003

In The Little Polar Bear: Nanouk's Rescue, Lars and polar pals Greta and Robby find themselves trapped in an ice station, the with human team fast approaching. After a daring escape, Lars comes upon the homesick husky pup Nanouk, whose hair-raising howls and super sense of smell help them find his family and some delicious sausages! Now Lars is free to return home but something is wrong...he can't stop thinking about Greta. Could Lars be in love? All his arctic chums have special friends, even old Sophocles, who helps Lars learn the best way to let a little girl bear know you like her - just tell her!

My Sister, My Writer 2018

Suzuka Nagami is a beautiful third-year middle school student who has excellent grades and is the student council president. She wrote a novel about a little sister who dotes on her older brother, and the novel wins a light novel award. After they discuss the matter, Yuu is the one who debuts as a proxy light novel author instead of Suzuka, under the pen name Chikai Towano.

The Nano Revolution 2012

Nanotechnology provides groundbreaking solutions to problems in our world, at a scale 80,000 times smaller than a human hair.


La Grande Chasse de Nanook/Nanook's Great Hunt was a 1996 French/Canadian animated series of 26 episodes. It was co-produced by Elma Animation, Medver International Inc., and TF1, in association with Mediatoon. The series was created and produced by Serge Rosenzweig; the directors were Franck Bourgeron, Marc Perret, and Stéphane Roux; the executive producers were Paul Rozenberg, Dana Hastier, and Lyse Lafontaine; the writers were Françoise Charpiat, Sophie Decroisette and Serge Rosenzweig; music was by Xavier Cobo and Michaël Dune. The series first aired in France on Wednesday September 3, 1997, on TF1's TF! Jeunesse. It also aired in Canada in French on Mondays at 8PM on Télétoon, and in English on Teletoon on Thursdays at 4:55PM. A 70 minute special titled Nanook: le grand combat/Nanook - The Great Combat was produced in 1996 as well. The special was directed by Gérald Fleury. In February 2000, APTN started airing Nanook on Saturday mornings in Inuktitut. It was the first animated series to be aired in Nunavik dialects.

The New Adventures of Nanoboy

The New Adventures of Nanoboy is a Asian/American animated series produced by Scrawl Studios Pte. Ltd in Singapore and Agogo Entertainment Limited in Hong Kong and distributed by Cookie Jar Entertainment. The show began airing on Starz Kids and Family on December 20, 2008 with 26 half-hour episodes that were in production. On March 9, 2013, the show also made its American debut on the Saturday morning kids block Vortexx on The CW.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha 2004

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha is a Japanese anime television series directed by Akiyuki Shinbo, with screenplay written by Masaki Tsuzuki, and produced by Seven Arcs. It forms part of the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series. The Japanese Association of Independent Television Stations broadcast thirteen episodes between October and December 2004. The series is a spin-off of the Triangle Heart series and its story follows a young girl named Nanoha Takamachi who decides to help a young mage named Yūno to recover a set of twenty-one artifacts named the "Jewel Seeds". Masaki Tsuzuki adapted the series into a novel, which Megami Bunko published in August 2005. King Records has adapted several soundtracks and drama CDs from the series. A sequel to the anime series titled Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's produced by Seven Arcs premiered in Japan on October 2005, broadcast on Chiba TV. A film adaptation of the anime series, also by Seven Arcs, was released in theaters on January 23, 2010, accompanied by a manga series which was serialized in Megami Magazine between November 2009 and March 2011. Geneon Entertainment licensed the anime series for English-language dubbed release in North America at Anime Expo 2007. Due to Geneon switching distribution labels between September 2007 and July 2008, Funimation Entertainment distributed the series approximately one and a half years after the announcement of the licensing. Many production-credits for the English-language dubbed release were missing.

Seven Days of a Daddy and a Daughter 2007

This home comedy tells the story of Kyoichiro and his teenage daughter Koume. One day, the two ride a train together after visiting Kyoichiro's mother-in-law. He sees it as a chance to get to know his daughter better, but he ends up getting more than that - by some mysterious force, both Kyoichiro and Koume end up with their mind in the other's body! Unfortunately, they have no choice but to swap lives, pretending to be each other at school and work.

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