Talk Louder 2018

Actor Jernej Šugman escaped the images of war and violence. He spent the night in his car somewhere along some dirt road. He wakes up at dawn to the sound of citizen Goran Šalamon singing a love song. Meanwhile, citizen Sara Dirnbek has arrived to work and is trying to wake up with a cup of coffee. The world is upside down. We are gripped by fear. Obsessed with security. How do we love if we are hungry? Talk louder.

Talk Radio 1988

A rude, contemptuous talk show host becomes overwhelmed by the hatred that surrounds his program just before it goes national.

Talk 1997

Birger is old and retired from work, but he still goes back to work since he has nothing else to do. Back home he gets a rare visitor: a girl from Hare Krishna recruiting new members.

Pillow Talk 1959

A man and woman share a telephone line and despise each other, but then he has fun by romancing her with his voice disguised.

Something to Talk About 1995

In one of her best-ever roles, Julia Roberts is Grace, whose reaction to the infidelities of Eddie (Dennis Quaid) turns the lives and loves of the people around her into something like falling dominoes. Robert Duvall, Gena Rowlands, Kyra Sedgwick and others in "the year's best ensemble of characters" (Jack Matthews, 'Newsday') co-star in this juicy, truthful story written by Callie Khouri

Smooth Talk 1985

Based on the short story, "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been", by Joyce Carol Oates, this film chronicles 15-year-old Connie's sexual awakening in the Northern California suburbs. Her experimenting begins to get out of hand when the mysterious Arnold Friend takes an interest in her.

Never Talk to Strangers 1995

Sarah Taylor, a police psychologist, meets a mysterious and seductive young man, Tony Ramirez, and falls in love with him. As a cause of this relationship, she changes her personality when she begins to receive anonymous telephone calls.

Straight Talk 1992

Honest and straightforward small-town Shirlee Kenyon chucks her boyfriend and heads for Chicago. Accidentally having to host a radio problem phone-in show, it is clear she is a natural and is hired on the spot. But the station insists she call herself Doctor, and as her popularity grows a local reporter starts digging for the truth. Problem is, the more he is around her the more he fancies her.

We Need to Talk About Kevin 2011

After her son Kevin commits a horrific act, troubled mother Eva reflects on her complicated relationship with her disturbed son as he grew from a toddler into a teenager.

Talk to Me 2007

The story of Washington D.C. radio personality Ralph "Petey" Greene, an ex-con who became a popular talk show host and community activist in the 1960s.

Don't Talk to Irene 2017

When Irene gets suspended, she must endure two weeks of community service at a retirement home. Following her passion for cheerleading, she secretly signs up the senior residents to audition for a dance-themed reality show to prove that you don't need to be physically "perfect" to be perfectly AWESOME.

Talk, Talk, Talk 2007

The movie revolves around Mitsuba, who studies traditional art of rakugo. Rakugo is a form of comical story telling, sometimes referred to as sit-down comedy. Even though Mitsuba is mediocre at best, he ends up teaching three students.

The Talk of the Town 1942

When the Holmes Woolen Mill burns down, political activist Leopold Dilg is jailed for arson (and murder; one man was lost). Escaping, Leopold hides out in the home of his childhood sweetheart Nora Shelley ...which she has just rented to unsuspecting law professor Michael Lightcap.

If These Walls Could Talk 2 2000

The stories of three lesbian couples -- who live in the same house at different periods of time -- who are at a crossroads in their lives. In 1961, Edith loses her lover, Abby, to a stroke. Linda and Amy struggle with feminist issues in 1972. And, in 2000, Kal and Fran try to have a baby with the help of sperm donor.

Sweet Talk 2013

A blocked writer and a troubled young woman who meet over a phone-sex line go on a journey together.

Terror Talk 2018

When a virus outbreak causes widespread panic, a doomsday prepper retreats into his new house, believing that he's safe from the dangers outside, but soon discovers that his house is haunted by terrifying ghosts and.

People Will Talk 1951

Successful and well-liked, Dr. Noah Praetorius becomes the victim of a witchhunt at the hands of Professor Elwell, who disdains Praetorius's unorthodox medical views and also questions his relationship with the mysterious, ever-present Mr. Shunderson.

The Talk 2012

Boris is desperately trying to recollect the events of the last three days while he is charged with manslaughter.

Blunt Talk 2015

A British newscaster moves to Los Angeles with his alcoholic manservant and the baggage of several failed marriages to host a sanctimonious talk show.

The Talk 2010

A panel of well-known news and entertainment personalities discussing current events, pop culture, contemporary issues, family, celebrity and the trending topics of the day.

Small Talk 1996

Small Talk is an American game show hosted by comedian Wil Shriner and produced by Reg Grundy Productions that aired on The Family Channel from September 30, 1996 to January 3, 1997. The series aired as part of an original game show block, alongside The New Shop 'Til You Drop, Shopping Spree, Wait 'Til You Have Kids, and The New Family Challenge.

Open Talk

Open Talk Azerbaijani: Açıq söhbət is a weekly topical debate ANS TV television program in Azerbaijan. The show typically features politicians from two political parties as well as other public figures. Open Talk is presented by Sevinj Osmanqizi. It is usually recorded about 24 hours prior to transmission, but has been broadcast live.

How To Talk Australians 2014

An eight-part online miniseries released in 2014. The series looks at Australian culture and language through the eyes of the teachers and students of the fictional 'Delhi College of Linguistics.

Talk Soup

Talk Soup was a television show produced for cable network E! that debuted on January 7, 1991, and aired until August 2002. Talk Soup aired selected clips of the previous day's daily talk shows—ranging from daytime entries like The Jerry Springer Show and to celebrity interview shows like The Tonight Show—surrounded by humorous commentary delivered by the host. Although Talk Soup poked fun at the talk shows, it also advertised the topics and guests of upcoming broadcasts of them. Despite this several talk shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show refused to allow clips of their shows to be shown on the series. During its run, Talk Soup was nominated for five Daytime Emmy Awards, winning once in 1995 for Outstanding Special Class Program. It remains the only E! show to ever win an Emmy. A show based on it, The Soup, now airs weekly on E!. The show frequently poked fun at actors Randolph Mantooth and Mario Van Peebles. Also featured was a womanizing Argentine sock puppet named Señor Sock that had bought several Thighmasters because he was madly in love with Suzanne Somers.

Alf's Hit Talk Show 2004

ALF's Hit Talk Show is an American cable television talk show that aired on TV Land in 2004 for seven episodes. The host is the puppet character ALF, of 1980s television fame. At the beginning of each show, ALF is introduced by his "sidekick", Ed McMahon. The show ran in a 30-minute block and featured guests such as Drew Carey and Joe Mantegna. Prior to the series' debut, Entertainment Weekly described ALF's Hit Talk Show as "a one-shot, a lead-in" for TV Land's marathon of the original ALF sitcom.

Talk Show the Game Show 2017

A hilarious mashup of two beloved television formats that pits comedians and celebrities against each other for the title of “Best Guest of the Night.” Celebrity guests become contestants as they compete in various talk show-inspired challenges and are judged by a comedic panel who awards points and roasts their performances.

Talk About

Talk About is a game show produced in Canada for CBC, which bears some similarities to the board game Outburst. Originally produced for CBC for the 1988-89 season, it was later picked up for American television syndication, airing from September 18, 1989 to March 16, 1990, with repeats later airing on the USA Network from June 28 to December 31, 1993 and on GameTV from January 3, 2011 to 2013. Taped at stage 40 of CBC's Vancouver studios, the show was hosted by Wayne Cox, with local radio personality Dean Hill as announcer.

Baby Talk 1991

Baby Talk is an American sitcom that aired on ABC from March 8, 1991 until May 8, 1992 as part of ABC's TGIF lineup. The show was loosely based on the popular Look Who's Talking movies and was adapted for television by Ed Weinberger. Amy Heckerling created original characters for the series while using key creative and script elements from Look Who's Talking, which she had written and directed. Weinberger served as executive producer during the first season, and was replaced by Saul Turteltaub and Bernie Orenstein in the second season.

Leisure Talk

《大城小聚》,是加拿大新時代電視製作的一個清談節目,逢星期一至五 加拿大溫哥華和多倫多時間晚上18:20在新時代電視播出。 節目在1998年8月啟播,內容是報導、邀請,內容包羅萬有。每集請來溫哥華和多倫多城中名人或藝人討論熱門話題。前半年於溫哥華錄影,而後半年則於多倫多錄影。

Johnny Talk

Johnny Talk was a show that aired interstitially between regular programming on the NickToons digital cable channel. It featured five minute interviews with actors and artists who worked on various shows seen on any of the Nickelodeon channels. It was written and produced by Doug Lawrence and was hosted by an individual named Johnny whose face was never seen. The gag is that the entire interview was conducted in the bathroom, and there were challenges like "Name that Nicktoon", "Guess how many tiles," and "Decorate that Plunger." Johnny Talk on IMDB

Loose Talk

Loose Talk was a British youth-oriented chat show that ran for two series on Channel 4 in 1983. It was presented by Steve Taylor, along with a different guest presenter each week. It was notable for giving Ian Hislop his first break in television, however he regretted the experience as he picked it as one of his pet hates for the comedy show Room 101 in 1994. In an infamous clip, he provoked a confrontation with a 'tired and emotional' Tom Waits on the show, whilst an alarmed Steve Taylor looked on, apparently unable to control the argument. Jonathan Ross worked as a researcher for the show and Eighties pop-soul singer Sade made her first ever television appearance on it.

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk is a Singaporean Chinese drama which will be telecast on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp Channel 8. It made its debut on 2 April 2012. This drama serial consists of 21 episodes, and will be screened on every weekday night at 9:00 pm. This serial is a spin-off to the popular 2007 drama Mars Vs Venus. Award-winning director Chong Liung Man replaces Li Ning Qiang as executive producer of Pillow Talk since the latter has retired. The scriptwriter for both shows remain unchanged. On the other hand, cast members are largely different. Only Pierre Png remains as Huang Biren and Jesseca Liu have left MediaCorp while Tay Ping Hui was busy filming Rescue 995 and Unriddle 2.

Soap Talk

Soap Talk is a television talk show on SOAPnet hosted by Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway. It debuted in 2002 and ended in 2006. The reason for the show's cancellation was due to SOAPnet expanding their programming away from a soap opera-related focus.

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