Foundation 2017

Music video for Camera Directing at University Carlos III of Madrid

The Foundation 2015

A portrait of a site and its multiple layers of existence, The Foundation takes place around Tom of Finland’s Foundation in Los Angeles, exploring the multiple layers, sub-communities, interpersonal relations, and erotic and artistic imaginaries that this site hosts, promotes, and projects.

The Foundation 2010

After many experienced EnduroCross: The Movie, ShotMaker Productions rolls out with the sequel, The Foundation. Follow us on an adventure of the 2010 EnduroCross series. Go behind the scenes of EnduroCross as The Foundation documents the factory teams from the board rooms, all the way to the practice track. See Poland's Taddy Blazusiak and America's Geoff Aaron battle it out for the 2010 EnduroCross championship. In the Foundation DVD... See every pass, crash, and win of the 6 round

The Foundation of Criminal Excellence 2018

Imants Veide is writing a script about con artists and their schemes. Together with his friend Harijs Kuharjonoks he's trying them out for real for greater authenticity, but gets too entangled in real criminal schemes. More and more colorful characters appear on the horizon, but Imant's main adversary on the road to criminal excellency is his Neighbour, a true iron lady with balls bigger than all those involved combined.

Untitled (Generali Foundation Vienna) 2015

Philipp Fleischmann develops special cameras designed to formulate specific relations between the material of the footage (16 or 35 mm film) and the object of the recording. For instance, in his 2013 project “Main Hall,” he deconstructs the main exhibition hall of the Viennese Secession, filming the exhibition architecture with 19 individual cameras and thus creating images that show the view of the exhibition space onto itself. Fleischmann’s recent work, “Untitled (Generali Foundation Vienna)" identifies the film camera as a spacial object-form by itself. Correlating with the history of artistic interventions on site, the object is placed in the former exhibition space of the Generali Foundation at Wiedner Hauptstrasse 15, Vienna, and provided with a cinematographic view.

School Is the Foundation of Life 1938

Seventh form pupils at a grammar school in Přívlaky are preparing for a secondary school sports competition. Class creep Krhounek gives the class teacher Lejsal a copy of the seventh form’s magazine Roar. Most of the teachers insist on severe punishing the culprit. The author does not own up and consequently the whole class is punished by being banned from taking part in the schools competition. The most gifted pupil, Benetka, rather sharply criticises the school in a homework essay on a subject of his choice. The strict Czech language teacher is convinced Benetka is the author of the school magazine. Benetka denies the charge but his expulsion from school is proposed anyway on account the views he expounded in his essay. Eventually, Boukal, the author of the school magazine comes forward and admits to writing it. The pupils are allowed to take part in the contest and thanks to Benetka they win. In the meantime however the teachers vote to expell him.

The K Foundation Burn a Million Quid 1995

Former members of the techno music group The KLF Bill Drummond and Jimi Cauty after forming a new "art collective" named the K Foundation burn 1 million UK pounds of their own money in a shack on the Isle of Jura while being taped by their roadie, Gimpo.

The Catherine Wheel: Twyla Tharp Dance Foundation 1982

Seamlessly blending elements of movement and music, Twyla Tharp choreographs a rock 'n' roll dance spectacular, set to a score by former Talking Heads front man David Byrne. Adapted for television by Tharp from the original Broadway production, this memorable performance showcases the talents of dancers Sara Rudner, Jennifer Way, Tom Rawe, Katie Glasner, Raymond Kurshals, Shelly Washington, Christine Uchida and John Carrafa.

Tae Bo 2004 Capture the Power Foundation

You've got the will...Tae Bo 2004 is the way. The one-and-only Billy Blanks shares his electrifying spirit in the next evolution of his complete fitness system. Tae Bo 2004: Capture the Power. This total-body rotational system will transform your body, and the amazing results will build confidence and ignite your energy.

Lifting a Wagon from a New York Foundation 1903

The scene is an excavation pit at an unidentified New York City construction site. A crew of six men can be seen shoveling dirt into a four-wheeled wooden cart. Then a full cart is slowly lifted out of the pit to street level by a steam-powered crane. These carts are similar in design to those shown dumping rubble at the end of the film New York City Dumping Wharf. Advertisements and campaign posters can be seen on the exposed wall of the building in the background.

Rocking the Foundations 1985

Australian documentary about the New South Wales Builders' Labourers' Federation, 1940-1975. Foundations Of Programming [fundamentals] 2014

This course provides the core knowledge to begin programming in any language. Simon Allardice uses JavaScript to explore the core syntax of a programming language, and shows how to write and execute your first application and understand what's going on under the hood. The course covers creating small programs to explore conditions, loops, variables, and expressions; working with different kinds of data and seeing how they affect memory; writing modular code; and how to debug, all using different approaches to constructing software applications. Finally, the course compares how code is written in several different languages, the libraries and frameworks that have grown around them, and the reasons to choose each one.

Ken Ham’s Foundations - Always Ready 2011

1 Peter 3:15 says that we must always be ready to defend the truth of the Bible. But does the idea of being “ready” make your heart beat fast with fear? In these two segments, Ken Ham shares proven ideas and the basics of apologetics to affirm the truth of the Bible in our modern age. This presentation will embolden you to share your faith with others! Foundations Of Programming [object-oriented design] 2014

Most modern programming languages, such as Java, C#, Ruby, and Python, are object-oriented languages, which help group individual bits of code into a complex and coherent application. However, object-orientation itself is not a language; it's simply a set of ideas and concepts. Let Simon Allardice introduce you to the terms—words like abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism, subclass—and guide you through defining your requirements and identifying use cases for your program. The course also covers creating conceptual models of your program with design patterns, class and sequence diagrams, and unified modeling language (UML) tools, and then shows how to convert the diagrams into code.

Ken Ham’s Foundations - Death the Enemy 2011

Some ministers tell their congregations that death is our friend. But God designed a perfect world—no death, no pain. Adam’s sin brought death and suffering. Our world is now in need of restoration, and Ken shares the story of the agonizing death of his brother, a pastor and loving father, to illustrate that death is our enemy, and one day it will be vanquished!

The Foundation 1984

The Foundation is a TVB television series, premiered in 1984. Theme song "In Dream Several Sorrow" composition and arrangement by Joseph Koo, lyricist by Wong Jim, sung by Michelle Pau, and the sub theme song "I Cannot See My Tears Flow" composition and arrangement by Joseph Koo, lyricist by Wong Jim, sung by Michelle Pau.

The Foundation

The Foundation is a Canadian television sitcom, airing on Showcase in the 2009-10 television season. Created and produced by Michael Dowse, the show stars Mike Wilmot as Michael Valmont-Selkirk, the crooked and corrupt director of a philanthropic foundation. The cast also includes Martin Sims, Rebecca Northan, Yvan Ponton, Paul Spence, Michael Sinelnikoff and Martha Burns.

Better Life Foundation 2016

A documentary crew follows a group of five passionate NGO workers and a reluctant volunteer, trying to make the world a better place.

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