The Ballad of Lefty Brown 2017

Aging sidekick Lefty Brown has ridden with Eddie Johnson his entire life. But when a rustler kills Eddie, Lefty is forced from his partner’s shadow and must confront the ugly realities of frontier justice.

The Last House on the Left 2009

A group of teenage girls heading into the city hook up with a gang of drug-addled ne'er-do-wells and are brutally murdered. The killers find their way to the home of one of their victim's parents, where both father and mother exact a horrible revenge.

My Left Foot: The Story of Christy Brown 1989

In this true story told through flashbacks, Christy Brown is born with crippling cerebral palsy into a poor, working-class Irish family. Able only to control movement in his left foot and to speak in guttural sounds, he is mistakenly believed to have a intellectual disability for the first ten years of his life.

Elvis Has Left the Building 2004

Harmony had an encounter early in life with the young Elvis, and can't seem to shake his influence. Now a Pink Lady selling cosmetics, she seems to inadvertently bring harm to any Elvis impersonators she encounters. After a bizarre car accident leaves a slew of them dead, Harmony goes on the run from the authorities, hooking up with a downtrodden ad exec who has Elvis troubles of his own.

The Left Handed Gun 1958

When a crooked sheriff murder his employer, William "Billy the Kid" Bonney decides to avenge the death by killing the man responsible, throwing the lives of everyone around him into turmoil, and endangering the General Amnesty set up by Governor Wallace to bring peace to the New Mexico Territory.

The Left Hand of God 1955

A man in priestly robes, seemingly the long-awaited Father O'Shea, arrives at a little-frequented Catholic mission in 1947 China. Though the man seems curiously uncomfortable with his priestly duties, his tough tactics prove very successful in the Seven Villages, as around them China disintegrates in civil war and revolution. But he has a secret, and his friendship with mission nurse Anne (an attractive war widow) seems to be taking on an unpriestly tone.

The Girl He Left Behind 1956

A young man is drafted and goes through the rigors of basic training, ultimately discovering the experience is also character-building. Director David Butler's 1956 film stars '50s teen favorites Tab Hunter and Natalie Wood, with supporting roles played by Jim Backus, Jessie Royce Landis, Murray Hamilton, Henry Jones, James Garner, Alan King, Ernestine Wade, David Janssen and Raymond Bailey.

The Leftovers 1986

A close-knit group of orphans and their father-figure, Max, try to keep their home from being shut down. Helping them out are a single mom and the elderly butler from Max's aunt's mansion, where Max grew up.

Left of the Dial 2005

A documentary look at the troubled first year of liberal talk radio start up Air America and its slate of hosts, including Al Franken, Rachel Maddow, and Marc Maron.

The Last Days of Left Eye 2007

Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes was the hip-hop voice of TLC, the best selling female R&B group of all time. On March 30th, 2002, Lisa decided to document her life. She filmed at a mysterious spiritual retreat deep in the jungles of Honduras, but 26 days later, after a tragic accident, she was dead and her unedited tapes were left behind. Last Days of Left Eye is the re-imagining of the film Lisa never got to complete. Revealing private moments from Lisa's journals and home movies, along with highlights from her celebrated career, this film is an intimate journey into the soul of a talented and still provocative young artist. Directed by Lauren Lazin, Academy Award nominated director of Tupac: Resurrection (2005, Best Documentary Feature), Last Days of Left Eye has screened to sold-out audiences at film festivals around the world.

Left by the Ship 2011

Robert, Jr, Charlene and Margarita are Amerasians: the sons and daughters of Filipina sex workers and American servicemen stationed at the Subic Bay US Naval Base, once the largest outside mainland USA.When the Base closed in 1992, thousands of Amerasian children were left behind. Unlike Amerasian children from other countries, Filipino Amerasians were never recognized by the US government. Over the course of two years, we followed the lives of our four Amerasian, as they struggle with discrimination, family problems and identity related issues, trying to overcome a past they are in no way responsible for.

The Original Left Behind 1994

Leading biblical scholars and religious experts discuss the implications of the Rapture, when prophecies predict that Jesus Christ will return to Earth and his true believers will be transported to meet him.

Children of the Left 2014

Children of the Left speaks to the legacy of Communism in the Middle East, North Africa and beyond, which led many families, the artist’s included, to flee their homes. In Iraq, communist parties presented the greatest opposition to Saddam Hussein. The film is a kind of historical and political cartography infused with personal biography, accepting the inheritance of a historical and political struggle that is contradictory, ongoing, and displaced.

The Garden Left Behind

The Garden Left Behind traces the relationship between Tina, a young Mexican trans woman, and Eliana, her grandmother, as they navigate Tina's transition and struggle to build a life for themselves as undocumented immigrants in New York City.

Hooks to the Left 2006

Based on the journals of Nail, a male hustler who reentered the prostitution ring after 10 years in a relationship, Todd Verow's experimental documentary (shot entirely on a cell phone camera) examines the changing landscape of male prostitution. Nail's narrated journal entries accompany dreamy and abstract imagery shot all over the world. Verow also explores how the Internet has shaped the sex trade.

The Leftovers 2014

When 2% of the world's population abruptly disappears without explanation, the world struggles to understand just what they're supposed to do about it. The drama series 'The Leftovers' is the story of the people who didn't make the cut. Based on the bestselling novel by Tom Perrotta, 'The Leftovers' follows Kevin Garvey, a father of two and the chief of police in a small New York suburb, as he tries to maintain some semblance of normalcy when the notion no longer applies.

When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions 2008

When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions or NASA's Greatest Missions: When We Left Earth in the UK is a Discovery Channel HD documentary miniseries consisting of six episodes documenting American human spaceflight, spanning from the first Mercury flights through the Gemini program to the Apollo moon landings, the Space Shuttle, and the construction of the International Space Station. It was created in association with NASA to commemorate the agency's fiftieth anniversary in 2008. It first aired on June 8, 2008, and concluded on June 22. Each airing consisted of two hour-long episodes. The miniseries was released on DVD on July 10, 2008, and was released on Blu-ray disc on August 12. The third episode, "Landing the Eagle", was re-aired on July 20, 2009 for the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. It featured improved images from the moonwalk.

The Best of... What's Left of... Not Only... But Also 1990

Pete and Dud reunite after 20 years apart to introduce a six part trip to memory lane. Of all the material from their 1965-1970 television shows which had not been wiped by the British Broadcasting Corporation, the two of them selected their favourite sketches and routines to be broadcast once more for the benefit of an entirely new generation.

Goodbye to Goodbye 2018

Young-Hee lives alone at an apartment. She has separated from her pilot husband Sang-Jin, because he had an affair. Meanwhile, Jung-Hyo is pregnant, but her boyfriend wants her to have an abortion. Jung-Hyo goes to Young-Hee’s apartment and tells her she will stay there until she gives birth. Young-Hee is her boyfriend's mother. Living together, Young-Hee and Jung-Hyo fight with each other, but also come to understand each other.

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 2018

A detective thinks about quitting his job. He takes on a female university student murder case that was disguised as a suicide. The detective becomes obsessed with solving the case. He has a young sister and she meets a man. The man does not remember when he was little. He is not a good person, but she has sympathy for him. The detective tries to push the man away from his younger sister. The detective suspects that the man is somehow involved in the female university student murder case. The man and the detective's younger sister fall in love.

The Left Wing Gang 2009

In 1989, seven radical left-wing activists were charged of being behind a series of the most professional robberies in the history of Denmark. The many millions stolen in the gang's activities were transferred to the terror organization PFLP with the aim of supporting anti-Israeli Palestinians. The assumed leader of the gang, Jan Weimann, never revealed his double life to his wife or friends, and police superintendent Jørn Moos, who was in charge of the investigation, staked his career to catch the gang members.

Hundred Million Stars From the Sky 2002

The down-and-out detective Kanzo Dojima (Sanma Akashiya) is thinking about hanging up his job. A mysterious man named Ryo Katase (Takuya Kimura). No one seems to know what's going on in the heart of this lonely guy, what he believes in, what he really loves. Then these two men meet by chance one day. The story takes an unexpected turn of events concerning a murder case. Maybe the two of them should never have met. And then there's Kanzo's sister Yuko (Eri Fukatsu). What will the relationship between her and Ryo be like?

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