htr2b: Transformation 2012

Is all scientific research for the good of mankind? An amazing June night. A peaceful mansion surrounded by forest, where a happy family prepare for a dinner. Human guinea pigs, modified to become a real weapon escape an illegal clinic appear in the same forest. A family who has bonded instinctively together in order to protect each other from harm, or genetically altered, callous humans. Who will survive the onslaught?

Transformation 2016

Documentary about a group of transgender teens and young adults struggling to find the resources, safety, and confidence to express their gender identity.

Transformation 1959

The pointillist score accompanies changing line, form, and color to create an animated film painting, achieved through the exploration of spontaneous abstractions. Utilizes evolving changes style, technique and rhythm.

Transformation 2018

A poetic examination of the impermanence of rolling clouds, of droplets on a window, and reflections on large bodies of water in the ever-shifting cycle of precipitation.

Elastic Transformation 1909

A woman enters a room with a man. She creates a duplicate of him and changes his personality by throwing his clothes from one man to the next.

Woman Transformation 2007

Kamei mixes humour, drama and, in this occasion, bits of horror to visualize the physical transformation in yôkai that the three main actresses undergo. Mihiro Iwasaki (Anri Ban) is a model extremely preoccupied by how others look at and think of her. Then, her nails start growing disproportionately until they become killing weapons. Michiko Yamane (Mariko Miyamitsu) is an unsociable university student and part-time worker in her early twenties only crazy for a hobby. At night she becomes a rokurokubi (female yokai with an extremely long and flexible neck). Finally, Mana Saeki (Haruki Ichikawa) is a last year junior high school student with a very bad character and very distrustful of all her friends, who metamorphoses into a nopperabo (yokai without face).

Mustang: Journey of Transformation 2009

Lost in time, the Himalayan Kingdom of Mustang is one of the last sanctuaries of authentic Tibetan Buddhist culture. But, long isolated by geography and politics, the people struggle to survive and the center of their culture, the fifteenth century monasteries and the art within are dangerously close to collapse. Mustang - Journey of Transformation, tells the compelling story of the efforts to rescue this ancient place from the brink of extinction and help spark a cultural renaissance. Storytellers include His Holiness the Dalai Lama; the King of Mustang; and Luigi Fieni, the chief art restorer.

The Transformation 1996

Ricardo was once "Sara," a homeless HIV-positive transvestite prostitute living in the underbelly of Manhattan. Today, he's a churchgoing, married man "saved" by a Dallas ministry. He has renounced his homosexuality, but is his conversion complete? The Transformation, a film by Susana Aikin and Carlos Aparicio, features astonishingly candid interviews with Ricardo, his friends, and members of his church, and raises provocative questions about sexual identity and self-determination.

Woman's Transformation (Nyupang) 1990

Darma (Sonny Dewantoro) decides to marry a snake after it transforms into a woman named Sandra (Sally Marcellina). Darma's happy with this arrangement as it has made him very rich as every time he sleeps with his wife, the scales that Sandra sheds change into money. However, the requirements Darma has to meet in connection with his marriage are very difficult to fulfill...

The Great Transformation 2001

Beppe Grillo 2001 tour with the Show "LA GRANDE TRASFORMAZIONE" {The Great Transformation}

The Transformation of Mike 1912

Mike breaks into an apartment to steal an old man's money, not realizing it's his girlfriend's father. When he discovers whose apartment it is, he begs her for forgiveness.

Danses cosmopolites à transformation 1902

A short dance film in Pathécolor, also know as stencil colouring. The editing cuts correspond with the dancers' costume changes. More about stencil colouring at

Transformation by Holding Time 1976

First of three versions of Transformation by Holding Time, films with the duration of one film reel in which the screen is gradually filled with Polaroids, made in one shot from one angle, without editing. In this version, the film camera registers the filmmaker who is on a moor taking Polaroid pictures of the film camera.

Operation Transformation

Operation Transformation is an Irish health and fitness programme. The show is a cross-media event broadcast via radio, web and television on RTÉ 2fm, RTÉ.ie and RTÉ One since 2008. Prior to this it had been limited to radio but has since expanded onto the web and television. The fifth series, which began in January 2012, is hosted by Kathryn Thomas with the radio element provided by RTÉ Radio One's The John Murray Show. Initially presented by reporter Evelyn O'Rourke, the event saw six hopefuls, selected by Gerry Ryan on his radio show, attempt to reshape their lives as they are supported and guided by a panel of experts in the fields of fitness, nutrition and psychology in order to reach their individual goals. O'Rourke performed the role of "cheerleader" to her companion Gerry Ryan's "ringmaster". There are weekly updates on television, daily updates on radio and a 24/7 live webcam on a dedicated site within RTÉ.ie for a period of seven weeks. Each year the event culminates in a grand finale, in which the six contestants present their new selves to their loved ones and the viewing and listening public. Gerry Ryan himself said on air that he was two stone lighter following the 2008 event than he was before it began. Several politicians took part in 2010. Gerry Ryan died suddenly in 2010, so the show ended up in the hands of Kathryn Thomas and RTÉ Radio One's The John Murray Show from 2011 onwards.

Joseph Campbell - Transformations of Myth Through Time 1982

Through the Joseph Campbell: Transformations of Myth Through Time course students will learn a great deal about the mythologies that human beings have created over the centuries from a man who made the study of those mythologies his life's work. What makes Joseph Campbell particularly captivating is his ability to make those mythologies relevant to the lives of people living today. Joseph Campbell, as author, scholar, teacher, and storyteller, is an inspiration to people of all walks of life the world over. This course consists of 14 hour-long programs selected from over 50 hours of Campbell lectures and is introduced by "THE HERO'S JOURNEY," an award-winning biographical film. Through these programs and the accompanying specially prepared academic materials, students will gain a deeper understanding of mythology's role in human history. The Joseph Campbell: Transformations of Myth Through Time course is a significant resource for the study of mythology. The course draws from classic and recent scholarship about the mythology of the world. Leading scholars have worked to integrate the series with several print components into a rounded course of study that promises to stimulate and challenge faculty as well as students.

The Cosmopolitan Prayers 2004

Koto unknowingly seals away the Sun Goddess Amaterasu, and now she is in a different world and can't return. Meeting priestesses who combat the evil in this strange place she learns that Black Towers throughout the land keep Amatersu sealed away and are guarded by evil monsters. Koto must now find a way to help defeat these monsters and return the world to the way it was.

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