Mug 2004

A day in the life of a mugger on the mean streets of London.

Mug 2018

Jacek loves heavy metal and his dog. He converts the country lanes outside his door into a racing track and bombs down them in his little car. When he and his girlfriend Dagmara take to the dancefloor, everyone runs for cover. He enjoys his existance as a cool misfit in an otherwise stuffy environment, and keeps his muscles toned working on a building site close to the Polish-German border where the world’s largest statue of Jesus is being constructed. But then his life is thrown badly off course by a terrible accident at work that completely disfigures him. Eagerly followed by the Polish media, Jacek becomes the first person in the country to receive a face transplant. He may be celebrated as a national hero and martyr, but he no longer recognises himself in the mirror. Meanwhile, the statue of Jesus grows taller and taller. Whilst events around Jacek come thick and fast, the film never loses sight of the bigger picture and instead brings things even more into focus.

Mug Town 1942

Steve Bell, Tommy, Pig, Ape, and String are run of town. Steve, while hopping a freight card and trying to avoid the brakeman, is killed. The boys meet Steve's mother, Alice Bell and Tommy is given a job in the storage garage which she owns jointly with Mack Steward. Steve's brother Don Bell is working with some gangsters by tipping them off on valuable merchandise that can be hijacked. Pig, Ape and String overhear Don's plans to use Tommy as the fall guy in the next hijacking.

The Great American Mug 1945

This John Nesbitt's Passing Parade short takes a look at the typical American barbershop throughout the years.

The Other One's Mug 1979

Martial Perrin is the president of a right-wing political party which is gearing itself up for a forthcoming election. When he learns that a notorious criminal named Kraus has escaped from prison, Perrin panics and goes into hiding. His deputy, Constant, hires Perrin’s cousin, Gilbert, an actor who is a perfect double of Perrin, to replace him. What Gilbert does no know is that the killer Kraus is bumping off the people who were implicated in the affair for which he was arrested, and that Perrin is next on his list.

Mughal-e-Azam 1960

Set in the 16th century AD, the movie brings to life the tale of the doomed love affair between the Mughal Crown Prince Saleem and the beautiful, ill-fated court dancer, whose fervor and intensity perpetrates a war between the prince and his father the great Mughal Emperor Akbar, and threatens to bring an empire to its knees.

Muggers 2000

When two medical students find themselves dangerously indebted to a sadistic loan shark, they become embroiled in an illicit black-market organ transplant scam in order to save their lives. 'Muggers' is a twisted, hilarious, pitch-black comedy about friendship, poor choices and the drag of student debt.

Mugguru 2011

Three unemployed friends kidnap JP, an affluent man, in a bid to make some quick money. But, they end up helping him instead. He then offers them jobs in Malaysia and his three daughters in marriage.

Mugaraasi 1966

What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.

Mugshot 2014

Originally a law enforcement tool, the mug shot has deviated from its fundamental purpose as a source of criminal identification. It has been sensationalized through celebritydom, exploited by the leniency of freedom of information, and has captivated the attention of the art world. Mugshot explores the personal stories of those whose lives have been transformed by these iconic photographs.

Mugabo 2017

Mugabo is an experimental short film about a young girl's return to the idealised homeland, a journey to a place full of borrowed memories. Director Amelia Umuhire, a Rwandese filmmaker living in Germany, also directed and produced the fictional web series Polyglot about the lives of young black artists in Europe.

Moondru Mugam 1982

A sincere police officer is killed by a liquor dealer. Years later, his twin sons set out to avenge their father's death.

The Miller's Beautiful Wife 1955

A lecherous governor of Naples in 1680 lusts after the wives of several peasants, particularly after the miller's wife Carmela. The miller himself plans to avenge his honor by seducing the wife of the governor.

Irandu Mugam 2010

Irandu Mugam is a political film with social message.It is a double hero subject with Sathyaraj and Karan playing the roles. The female leads are Anika and Suhani.

Thugs with Dirty Mugs 1939

Killer and his gang are robbing every bank in town in numerical order, except they skip the 13th National Bank. The police are unable to catch them, despite their predictability (and their endless sight gags). Finally, they get help from an unlikely source: the guy in the front of the theatre who sat through the picture before. They capture Killer, and he gets a long sentence, which he has to write on the blackboard 1,000 times.

Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam 2008

When the Kalakar Theatre Company, a theatre group in Goa, attempts to stage a political drama, the local authorities close down the play and force them to perform a more traditional play, a stage version of Mughal-E-Azam. The company then discovers that an underworld don is engineering a bomb blast to shake confidence in the Indian government. The drama company forms a plan to save the entire city from the blast.

Iru Mugan 2016

A disgraced RAW agent Akilan (Vikram) is recalled by the agency to track down a crazy scientist and a cross dresser Love (also Vikram), who has discovered a deadly new drug ‘Speed inhaler’.

The Mugger 1958

A police shrink tries to identify and capture an elusive mugger that scars his female victims before stealing their purse.

Mugguru Monagallu 1994

Mugguru Monagallu is a Action comedy based movie in which, Prithvi, Vikram and Dattatreya (Chiranjeevi in triple role) are the sons of Ranganath and Srividya living in a village. Ranganath goes against Sarath saxena in an incident and is killed by him. Srividya who is pregnant with twins is separated from prithvi thinking that he is killed in escaping from the goons and delivers twins in a temple. The temple saint adopts one son who is childless and srividya is left with vikram who becomes ACP. Dattatreya is a Dance master. The story revolves on how the brothers unite with one another and also with their mother and take revenge on Sarath Saxena.

Muggsy 1976

Muggsy was a Saturday morning live action television program that aired on NBC in 1976-1977.

Maggie Muggins

Maggie Muggins is a Canadian children's radio and television series which began on-air live as a fifteen-minute program on CBC Radio on New Year's Day, 1947. The highly popular radio program engaged children's imaginations, with its continuing cast of unique animal puppets and human characters. Maggie Muggins moved to CBC Television to air between September 29, 1955 and June 27, 1962. Maggie Muggins is a freckle-faced girl in a gingham dress, with her red hair pulled back in two long pigtails who had adventures with many human-like animals and her neighbour Mr. McGarrity, who constantly worked on his garden. The television series was adapted from previous media including radio and print.

Doktor Mugg

Doktor Mugg is a Swedish television series, named after the programs title character. The series takes place in the fictitious town Dasseborg and revolves around toilet humor, mugg and dass being colloquial terms for toilet in the Swedish language. Other important main characters are Kapten Filling and Walter Closett. The series has been shown on Sweden's TV4 a number of times, as a part of children's programming. It has also been released on DVD.

Infinite Ryvius 1999

Infinite RYVIUS is a 26 episode drama/sci-fi series produced by Sunrise. The series also refers to a manga. The character and mecha designs in RYVIUS were created by Hisashi Hirai, who later went on to act as character designer for Gundam SEED. The series is also noted for its music, a blend of western R&B/hip-hop music with J-pop vocals. This is evident in the opening song, "dis–", performed by bilingual Japanese-American singer Mika Arisaka. Most of the vocal songs were composed by M.I.D, and the thematic background instrumentals by Katsuhisa Hattori.

Lovers in Bloom 2017

Moo Goong Hwa is a former boxer. After the death of her husband, she has raised her daughter alone. She now works as a police officer. Meanwhile, Cha Tae Jin is an elite police officer who graduated from the police university. He is full of justice.

Arcadia of My Youth: Endless Orbit SSX 1982

Arcadia of My Youth: Endless Orbit SSX is an animated television series created by Leiji Matsumoto. It's the sequel to the 1982 animated film Arcadia of My Youth. However, like many of the stories set in the Leijiverse, the continuity of the series does not necessarily agree with other Harlock series or films. The series premiered just as the Gundam craze began in Japan. Mobile Suit Gundam ushered in a new era of more realistic Sci-Fi anime that made the fantasy and melodrama of Captain Harlock seem outdated. Therefore, the series suffered low viewer ratings and was ended after 22 episodes - half of what was originally planned.

Blade of the Immortal 2008

Blade of the Immortal is a Japanese manga series by Hiroaki Samura. The series is set in Japan during the mid-Tokugawa Shogunate period and follows the cursed samurai Manji, who has to kill 1000 evil men in order to regain his mortality. The manga was originally published in Afternoon from June 25, 1993 – December 25, 2012. A 2008 anime adaption was produced Bee Train and Production I.G. Also in 2008, the novel Blade of the Immortal: Legend of the Sword Demon was released in the United States by Dark Horse Comics.

Tank Knights Portriss

Tank Knights Fortress is a Korean-Japanese co-produced animated series by SBS Productions, Dong Woo Animation and Daewon Media of South Korea in partnership with SUNRISE, NAS and Bandai Visual of Japan. This animated series being broadcast and shown in the Philippines and Taiwan. It also has an array of original merchandise such as on-line games, toy figures and audio CD soundtrack.

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