Our Daily Bread 1934

John and Mary sims are city-dwellers hit hard by the financial fist of The Depression. Driven by bravery (and sheer desperation) they flee to the country and, with the help of other workers, set up a farming community - a socialist mini-society based upon the teachings of Edward Gallafent. The newborn community suffers many hardships - drought, vicious raccoons and the long arm of the law - but ultimately pull together to reach a bread-based Utopia.

A Good Turn Daily 1983

A boy scout tries to make the world a better place and as a result he transcends into other persons, not famous and very famous. Will it make a change?

My Daily Routine 2011

It is all in the title. MY DAILY ROUTINE is a playful visual diary of filmmaker David Lowery's days, from waking in the morning to turning in at night, when his racing mind refuses to let him sleep without working over a new creative project or reading until the wee hours. It is also about the frustrations of creative work and the lure of distraction as a self-employed filmmaker and editor-for-hire in a plugged-in world. Narrated by the filmmaker and illustrated in hand-drawn sketches, it plays out like a mock slide-show (complete with the projector hum and click of changing images) by way of a tutorial. "I made MY DAILY ROUTINE at a point where I was just really frustrated with where I was and I wasn't even making things," explains Lowery. "There was a lot of red tape I was trying to cut through with other projects, but I really wanted to make something. This film is what I wound up making." - Sean Axmaker

Our Daily Bread 2006

Welcome to the world of industrial food production and high-tech farming! To the rhythm of conveyor belts and immense machines, the film looks without commenting into the places where food is produced in Europe: monumental spaces, surreal landscapes and bizarre sounds - a cool, industrial environment which leaves little space for individualism.

The Daily Dweebs 2017

The Daily Dweebs is a pilot episode of an animated series revolving around the pet Dixey and his shenanigans in 1950's American suburbia.

Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai 2017 Daily Songs 2018

The 2017 installment in Crypton Future Media's annual "Magical Mirai" concert series, this concert was held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. This concert was unique, as the set list varied depending on the day of each performance, resulting in three slightly different set lists for the event. Bonus Tracks: (1)Saihate (2) Melancholic (3) Remote Control (4) Electric Angel (5) Fire◎Flower (6) Kokoro (7) Luka Luka★Night Fever

Daily Fare 2014

Widow Susan moonlights as a resort masseuse, her second son Junior is into lapu-lapu fish-raising, while her daughter Lota and husband Dudut are into wine-making. A daily fare, 'resiko' treat, has become a threat to the family's fight for survival.

Shiva Rea: Daily Energy - Vinyasa Flow Yoga 2009

Restore energy, strength, and balance every day with world-renowned yoga teacher Shiva Rea. Offering seven 20-minute practices, this program will help you fit yoga into your busy life every day without having to repeat a workout. Practicing yoga daily, even for a short time, can be more beneficial than a long, intense practice once in a while. By tuning your workout to your needs each day, you'll acquire balance, composure, and tranquility in your life. On a stressful day, try one of the lunar programs for relaxation; when you need to be at your best, opt for an energizing solar practice, or put the two together to build stamina and sculpt long, lean muscles. With the customizable Yoga Matrix, you can choose from more than two hours of yoga to create endless possibilities for longer practices. Open your heart, ignite your inner fire, and experience the transformative effects of daily yoga with one of the world’s most inspiring teachers.

Recommended Daily Amount 2017

One man who is battling mental health and chronic pain issues, eliminates caffeine and lowers sugar for 30 days to see how it affects his condition.

El periscopio 1979

Gemser plays one of a pair of sexy bisexual nurses living in an apartment building one floor up from a middle-aged couple and their son Albert, who is only too happy to have the randy rug-munchers in the apartment above: whilst gorgeous Gemser is getting it on with her equally luscious lover, Albert is busy putting his new science project—a periscope—to good use by spying on the lingerie-wearing lovelies. Meanwhile, Albert’s mother is being even naughtier than her precious boy, sneaking off for some extra-marital sex while her hair-obsessed husband is at the salon, having his follicles tended to.


Jonathan loves chocolate. One day he steals the last remaining chocolate in the jar. When his stepmother catches him and his brothers ostracize him, he decides to run away.

Daily Lives at Daisy Lodge 2013

The story of Bear, Acorn, Prawn Fritter, and Reading Glasses, or Specs, who live in a flat called Daisy Lodge from summer to a winter morning. And it continues to someday when we look back today.

A Day's Bread 1969

The film depicts the life of a truck driver Sucha Singh and his wife Balo. Balo has to get Sucha Singh's food ready every day, walk a long distance through the fields and wait for him on the highway as he drives past the village. He leads an independent life, playing cards with his friends and spending time with his mistress, and comes home only once a week. However, he expects his wife to play the traditional role of a devoted wife. One day Balo gets late, trying to save her sister from the advances of a lecherous villager. Sucha Singh is angry, and drives away without his food. She decides to wait for him until nightfall.

Rodney Yees Daily Yoga 2011

Master Instructor Rodney Yee brings five distinct new practices developed specifically to take you through the week, enhancing your life along the way. DVD INCLUDES: Day 1: BUILD THE FOUNDATION (20 minutes) Focusing on body alignment and form, this practice serves as the building block and foundation for the rest of the week. Day 2: ENERGIZE (20 minutes) This practice burns calories while increasing stamina and endurance to leave you energized throughout the week. Day 3: STRENGTHEN THE CORE (20 minutes) Designed to get you through the mid-week hump by focusing on strength, using your body s core to get centered physically and mentally. Day 4: CLEAR IT OUT (20 minutes) This practice helps detox the body, resulting in a feeling of lightness and clarity. Day 5: CALM DOWN (20 minutes) Leave the week s stress behind. A gentle restorative practice relaxes the body and clears the mind, allowing you to recharge for the week ahead.

Light Licks: Daily Camera 2011

LIGHT LICKS are a series of films, which are made frame by frame often by flooding the camera with enough light to spill beyond the gate into the frame left unexposed. LIGHT LICKS are ecstatic flicker films inspired by jazz and mystic visionary practice.

Daily Politics 2003

Daily Politics is a British television show launched by the BBC in 2003 and presented by Andrew Neil and Jo Coburn. The programme takes an in-depth look at the daily goings on in Westminster and other areas across Britain and the world, and includes interviews with leading politicians and political commentators.

Daily at Dawn 1981

Daily at Dawn was an Australian sitcom that screened in 1981 on the Seven Network. The series was written and produced by Gary Reilly and Tony Sattler, the team behind other popular Australian comedy series such as Kingswood Country, Hey Dad..! and The Naked Vicar Show.

Daily Lives of High School Boys 2012

Join Tadakuni, Hidenori and Yoshitake as they undergo the trials and tribulations of life in high school. Each episode presents the boys and their classmates in unique situations that you may or may not have faced in high school yourself.

The Daily Show

The Daily Show is a lifestyle magazine show which aired on the RTÉ One television channel in Ireland, and which debuted as part of RTÉ's autumn/winter season 2010. It followed Four Live (Irish TV series), presented by Maura Derrane. Presented by Dáithí Ó Sé and Claire Byrne, The Daily Show began on Monday 20 September 2010. It ended on 2 March 2012 due to budget cutbacks at RTÉ.

The Channel Four Daily 1989

The Channel Four Daily was a breakfast television news magazine produced by Independent Television News, in collaboration with other independent production companies for Channel 4. The programme was the first breakfast programme for Channel 4, broadcasting between 06:00 and 09:25 each weekday morning. The first edition of the programme was broadcast on 3 April 1989, with the last edition being broadcast on 25 September 1992. Conceived as a television newspaper, output was based heavily on news and current affairs. Also, a number of bite-sized feature segments lasting between 5 and 10 minutes were slotted around the news output and were shown several times each day. These included a business programme, Business Daily - which had been on air as a lunchtime programme since October 1987 - sporting discussion, lifestyles, arts and entertainment, Countdown Masters - an abbreviated version of Countdown - and a cartoon slot called Comic Book. The Channel Four Daily failed to gain enough viewers and the last broadcast was shown on Friday, 25 September 1992. It was replaced with the relatively more popular programme, The Big Breakfast from Monday, 28 September 1992.

Comedy Ka Daily Soap

Comedy Ka Daily Soap is a comedy show that started on August 16, 2010 and finished on 7 October 2010, on the last day of the show krushna has officially announced that after few months, season 2 will be aired on TV definitely. The show mainly focus on Krushna. they do parodys and mimicries of famous characters. Host ⁕Krushna guests in the show ⁕Bharti ⁕Sudesh Lahiri ⁕Kapil Sharma ⁕Parvati ⁕Paresh ⁕sooraj ⁕VIP ⁕Rajeev ⁕Salooni ⁕and many other actors from "chota parda", from Hindi dramas.

FYI Daily

FYI Daily is a daily entertainment news round up broadcast on ITV2, and occasionally on ITV3 and ITV4, it airs mid-way through films. It is on air for 60 seconds and airs a maximum of twice a day. Prior to 2010 it was simply branded as Entertainment News.

The Daily Habit

The Daily Habit is a sports telecast airing on Fuel TV hosted by Pat Parnell. The show features personalities in the world of extreme sports, including surfboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding and more, as well as other personalities from entertainment and popular music. The Daily Habit began airing on October 3, 2005. Its seventh season began airing on September 1, 2011.

EP Daily 1997

EP Daily is a daily news television show that covers movies, TV shows, comic books, collectibles and gadgets. Created and executive produced by host Victor Lucas, and his Vancouver, British Columbia production company Greedy Productions Ltd, EP Daily has been a staple on airwaves since its debut in September 1997.

Anderson Cooper 360° 2003

Anderson Cooper 360° is a television news show on CNN, hosted by the American journalist Anderson Cooper. It is also broadcast around the world on CNN International. 360° is broadcast live from CNN's Time Warner Center studios in New York City, airing from 8:00 pm ET to 9:00 pm ET. The program covers a number of news stories of the day, usually through live or taped reports from the network's correspondents. The coverage can also include analysis from experts on the issues, commonly featured in or after the taped reports.

Daily Planet 1995

Daily Planet is a television program on Discovery Channel Canada which features daily news, discussion and commentary on the scientific aspects of current events and discoveries. The show first aired as @discovery.ca in 1995. It was renamed to Daily Planet in 2002. The show relaunched in high definition in 2011. As of June 2012, the hosts are Ziya Tong and Dan Riskin. Daily Planet airs on Discovery Channel Canada, Monday through Friday at 7 p.m.EST as of September 4, 2012.

HypaSpace 2002

HypaSpace was a weekly entertainment news program about the world of science fiction and fantasy, created by and shown on Space, a Canadian cable television station. It had daily and weekly segments. The television show covers movies, television, books, comics and community events. The show has HypaSpace daily shows and HypaSpace weekly shows which sums up the week of news. The series was casual and irreverent. HypaSpace was produced by Simon Evans and Michelle Dudas. There were 260 episodes per year, excluding the first year, which started in May, and the sixth year, as the daily shows were pulled around mid-December with only the weekend edition airing. The daily segments stopped being produced in mid-December 2007, which meant that in its last year, the show had only 26 episodes. There were approximately 1480 episodes of the show. In May 2005, Kim Poirier took over hosting the show, joining original host Jonathan Llyr, now a reporter for the program. Poirier left the show in July 2007. Segments of HypaSpace aired interstitially between Space programs. Llyr hosted the show whenever Poirier was on a break or was ill. He also hosted the HypaSpace podcast, which started on October 7, 2006. Mark Askwith then took over as the host of the podcast.

Crime Watch Daily

Former NBC News fixture Chris Hansen leads a team of correspondents on this series that explores the world of crime, mystery and drama through real-life criminal cases. Hansen brings to the show a modified version of a long-running segment he did at NBC. In "Hansen vs. Predator," he helps bring down predators who use social media to target children. Dirty politicians, financial scammers and celebrities are also targeted by Hansen's investigations. Hansen anchors the show from the streets of New York City, while most of the correspondents are based at the Los Angeles newsroom.

The Daily Rundown 2010

The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd is an hour-long weekday morning political talk show on MSNBC aired live from 9:00 to 10:00am, hosted by NBC Chief White House Correspondent and Political Director Chuck Todd. The show premiered on MSNBC on January 11, 2010, and features news, interviews, and analysis relating to politics from the MSNBC Washington D.C. Bureau. The show is billed as showcasing the depth and experience of the NBC News Washington bureau, led by Todd. The show primarily focuses on the top political stories of the day. From launch until June 2011, Todd was joined by then White House correspondent Savannah Guthrie. Guthrie left on June 3, 2011 in preparation for her new role as a co-host of NBC's Today Show. Since her departure, Todd anchors the broadcast alone.

Fast Lane Daily

Fast Lane Daily, sometimes referred to as FLD, is an Internet-based video newscast about the automotive industry, created by Emil Rensing, a founder of Next New Networks. Fast Lane Daily is part of AutoStream, Inc.. Its first episode first aired on February 17, 2007. FLD is currently hosted by Derek DeAngelis and runs daily, Monday through Friday. Alex Roy, JF Musial, and Leo Parente have now moved to the DRIVE channel. Past FLD hosts include Tinabeth Piña, Alex Gizela, Carrie Milbank, Michael Spinelli and Ray Wert of Jalopnik.com, Gumball 3000 veteran Alex Roy of Team Polizei, Richard Owens of Supercars.net, and Bullrun rally driver Ashley Van Dyke. As of April, 2013, FLD has over 130,700 YouTube subscribers and has shot over 1,500 episodes, one of the highest episode counts for an internet show. Historical view count for FLD on YouTube stands at 167 million as of April 2013. On December 20, 2010, FLD aired its 1,000th episode. Most of the clips in the episode were recorded at the Nürburgring when the crew took a trip to Germany during Halloween of the same year. Unlike most episodes, which are normally 5 minutes in length, the 1,000th episode ran for over 20 minutes and was the first one in high definition.

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